Viewer spotlight x2! // Maus / “Tis a silly tank”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

What’s this? Some Maus , and they’re not mine? Well, I just don’t know what the world is to, but I suppose I must grudgingly acknowledge that other people do occasionally also play it sometimes…

Thanks for CaptainCake and Barbakhan for sending these in!


World of Tanks free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    I R wondering…. what resolution do you play at and what is the resolution
    of your recordings :O+ i genuinly had fun with my 110 and it’s 122 in tier
    10… did cost loads of heat though :P

  2. can you stop uploading in potato resolution please or sort out your
    compression. 720p looks more like 240.

  3. Nice vid Jedi! I want to see you playing the ARL V39!

  4. Ok every1 says balance because T92 Killed an E75 with 60-70mm top armour hmm
    Do u not think a steel and explosive projectile which weighs 163+Kg (360lb)
    would not nuke any vehicle it “actually Hits” and I mean hits not splashes
    beside or near for Heavies well OK Guess again.
    Even AP would not bounce off the flat surface (well who knows with WoT RNG)
    and “if” it did bounce the energy of the actual hit transferred to the Tank
    would be enormous let alone the module damage. LOL

  5. No Maustery pun? Much disappoint.

  6. I know it gets looked down on “by artillery mostly” lol that was funny good

  7. I think that little slip near the end revealed Jedi’s *top secret* game
    concept submitted to WG.
    “World of WarTOGs – featuring players in silly tanks chasing down AI
    controlled African wildlife”

  8. Just saying 122-44 is premium. You said that line at the end of the first
    replay. Lol, classic Jedi.

  9. Great title on this one.

  10. On the 2nd reply what the hell is the T54 and WZ-131 doing wasting rounds
    on the Maus? lol

  11. oh that poor 110…. The 110 grind is one of the most brutual ><

  12. thedetectorist 108

    yay its the maus!! this and the pz4 hydro are my pride and joy in my garage

  13. Dood Maus is such an awesome tank

  14. The only downside of being in a Maus is that you are not in TWO Mouse.

  15. Su-122-54 got 440 alpha, same gun as on the ST-I and IS-8, just
    significantly better stats.

  16. Is it normal to bounce arty and HE in the Maus?

  17. Maus ftw!
    I feel sorry I went for E-100 first, should have gone for the Maus in stead.
    Although, need credits to buys E-100 ^^
    Think I researched that God awful VK.(A)… That grind will be interesting .

  18. Is it just me, but in the 1st game when the Maus was capturing the base it
    said that there was 2 in the base.

  19. 110 is indeed a horrid stock grind. 175mm pen gun aside, the soft stats are
    more or less the same as the IS-6, but the reload is way slower with the
    stock turret. And the stock turret is like butter vs the IS-6. It’s the
    worst tier 8 grind I’ve had the pleasure to do so far IMO. Even the
    Caernarvon can’t beat it. Or the stock T32 turret. At least that gets a
    decent gun with it.

  20. By the way, Jedi, E1 fires APCR as premium ammo, not HEAT.

  21. Well we’re about to get an *entire tree* of Mauses….Meeces?

  22. I was getting worried that there hadn’t been any Maus content in a
    while…At least for now the withdrawals have stopped :)

  23. Under 200 club, how tough are we? :)

  24. First! Wait do we do this anymore…

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