Viewer spotlight x2! // SU-76I + T95E2 / “A rare pair”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Courtesy of viewers LanManFM and iownthenoobs, today we get a chance to look at some more recently added tanks that you’ll be hard pressed to find on the battlefield, though for rather differing reasons.


is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. 72nd comment!!!!!!! No H8

  2. Lololololololo 27th viewer Hehehe 

  3. what is your mod pack?

  4. wow those guys at the start just wen’t full retard when that timer got to
    0, O_o

  5. Hi world!

  6. T95E2 looks like they put an American turret on a British hull. So cute :3

  7. Alexander Yordanov

    250 APCR >>>> 250 HEAT.

    If they are similar in pen, APCR always wins.
    258 APCR would require at least 290 HEAT for it to be somewhat balanced :P.

  8. I have the su-76i 😀 i am verryy happyy! get easy 8 killls top gun
    masterbadge this tank is verry op en good!! Love itt reallyy <3 #comment?

  9. The Recruit a Friend program info for those interested:

  10. Jedi, where’s Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds? I haven’t heard them in
    your two latest videos D:

  11. I would like to beat the shit out of that T18 at the start, mainly cos i’m

  12. If World of Warships is even half as good as World of Warplanes….War
    Gaming is doomed…..I mean players, bitch, moan and complain about
    artillery in World of Tanks now….Imagine those same folks playing World
    of Warships which I’m reasonably certain, as in real world naval surface
    combat, will be a game of naval artillery until the level or levels of
    aircraft carriers is/are reached….God help us all if submarines firing
    torpedoes are included in the game. Oh wait, dive bombers and torpedo
    planes would be what? Airborne artillery…..Maybe War Gaming should just
    stick to tanks and add tiers 11 and 12.

  13. the T95E2 looks pretty nice

  14. My cruiser 4 lauhs at more or less all T3s (beside the Pz1c), this one too.

  15. I have an SU76i 27 games so far and averaging 601 dam per battle and 3
    kills average. It’s op. 

  16. What’s the mod that shows crew xp gained?

  17. It’s so easy to get ace tanker with su85I I did 1600 in pz s35 but got only
    1 class 😛 

  18. If WG wants more wot players and other guys to come back they need to make
    an arty free mode that’s it.

  19. Mr Pointy Haired Jedi, never, under any circumstances, believe that
    Wargaming’s shell penetration and damage statistics are based on logic and
    historical accuracy.

    To them it seems entirely reasonable to give a 105mm gun 390 damage, when
    that is the same damage as a 122mm gun! Clearly they have not noticed the
    seventeen millimeters of caliber difference.

    If you still need convincing, it is completely downright fucking illogical
    (excuse my french) for premium HEAT and APCR shells to do the same amount
    of damage (or in the case of the ARL 44 with the 105mm, MORE damage) than
    the equivalent caliber AP shell. This is because in real life, there is
    significantly less penetrating shell matter in the case of HEAT and APCR
    ammunition types.

    These are just a few cases where the shell stats are noticeable stupid.

    If Wargmaing ever choose to base their shell damage and pen stats on actual
    logic, this game will immediately become infinitely better, as it will have
    nerfed prem ammo damage and therefore make armor and being slow all the
    more worth while.

    And for all of you that complain that this would stuff up game balance,
    then it to can be solved with logic: put the tanks at tiers where it is not
    overpowered, or buff/nerf other stats (reload, accuracy etc.) to make the
    logic not overpowered.

  20. WG wants people back? Fix artillery. Or gut it from the game, entirely.
    Honestly I don’t think there are all THAT many players who would quit over
    arty getting ripped out, since most arty players I’ve seen also have
    regular tanks. And the ones who would? They’re the dedicated scumbags who
    feel glee over ruining other players’ enjoyment. Fuck them. Because right
    now arty is nothing more than a “fuck you” button for a bunch of skill-less
    hacks to dump on people actually trying to play the damn game instead of
    sitting back and camping like a wanker.

  21. I saw that the su-76i was available, and i though “oh fun a new cheap tank
    i can buy!”. I was an hour too late and i have been bummed because of it
    since. xd

  22. i cant send you replays xD
    i`m doing something wrong i think -,-

  23. They are still selling Su-76i on chinese server. 

  24. I watched the first five seconds of the video without reading the title and
    I saw the tier and thought “What the hell? An SU-85 in a tier three match?”
    But then I read the title and the name of the tank. 

  25. I managed to get one of the SU-76i’s on NA server.

  26. Richard Gustafsson

    You forgot that the su76I has preferencial MM. That’s what makes it OP

  27. Richard Gustafsson

    For the guys saying that su76I is still being sold on Asian server. The
    game is not run by WG so they can have a inbalanced game to themselves :P

  28. I don’t think the majority of people are nearly as interested in war ships
    as they are in tanks. There’s just a coolness to tanks for a lot of people
    from seeing them in movies, in other games etc.

    I think a lot of the power creep in WoT in recent time has caused quite a
    few people to get annoyed with the game. You mentioned on example yourself.
    The M48. It’s not bad or anything, but every time WG adds something new,
    they seem to think it has to be better, which leaves the old tanks in a
    tough place. The same is the case for the E100 for example. It still works,
    but the tank was nerfed back in the day (armor wise) and since then
    everything new just seems to get better, so the nerf probably wouldn’t have
    been needed today at all.
    It’s frustrating to a lot of people to spend a long time grinding XP and
    credits to get a tank and then just see everything new be better. That
    makes the effort seem like a waste of time.
    I think that’s one of the cases where you can easily see that WG never
    really had a big game before WoT. They don’t seem to understand the
    balancing part at all. Of course they want people to be interested in newly
    added tanks, but it shouldn’t be because they’re simply better. It should
    be because the dev. is competent enough to make them interesting for people
    to play. Sure, make them better at *some* things and weaker at other
    things, but they just seem to add more and more crazy shit.

    The same goes for the doom cannon of the 183, the gold ammo for credits or
    all the autoloader “spam” these days. Autoloaders weren’t really much of an
    issue for most people when only a few French tanks had them, cause the
    French completely lacked armor to balance it out.. And then we have things
    like T57 HT now. How could they possibly think that was a good idea?
    Especially since they seem to really want to get more into esports. Without
    any clue how to balance a game, that simply won’t happen. They can add new
    and fancy CW maps all they want, but it won’t change a thing. Balance the
    fucking game first if you want a hope in hell of getting WoT esports
    popularized. :|

  29. It seems a bit like the gun is comparable to the Japanese Tier 8 (STA-1).

  30. +PointyHairedJedi Good point about grinding the American medium line…
    Buuuuut! You got the FV4202 – which IS worse than the M48 in basically
    every way that matters! Sure the M48 has issues, but not nearly as many as
    the 4202!

    Sure the Action 10 MIGHT end up a great tier X med, but wasn’t that
    supposed to happen, what, 3 patches ago?
    I mean WTF WG! We need a Premium French med, the Brits need their
    replacements – and MANY people want the AMX 30 line added to the French as

    But what does WG do? Make some INSANE OP tier X reward tank, and quite a
    few other gift and reward tanks!

    I KNOW I will not be buying ANY more premiums until there is a GOOD Russian
    and French premium med! And my brother is just getting plain old PISSED OFF
    that he is STILL stuck with his “useless POS” – his words (and mine) of a
    tier X medium – the FV4202 just sitting there taking up garage space, he
    refuses to play it anymore! Oddly enough, he LOVES his M48 for pub matches,
    and I have played all of his tanks (as he has played ALL of mine) – I can
    see why he likes the M48, I actually get along with it pretty well myself!
    Ofc it is not as good as our E-50Ms (he got an E-50M after playing 25 or so
    matches in a row and falling in love with MY E-50M!)

  31. The WG was really retarded with the SU-76I… that tank was in the gift
    shop 6 hours, not even a day… WG you are soo silly….

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