Viewer spotlight x2! // Super Pershing / “Fallen hero”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Would you believe, I even used to like this tank, once upon a time – but you know how it , some bright spark decides they’re going to do a gritty reboot, and somehow things just aren’t the same after that…


is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. Ah, Wargaming, making terrible choices for many years now.

  2. Just another example about the scamming WG. Rip off people’s money and then
    steal back a portion of what they sold you. Prove me wrong and list MORE
    examples of premium tank buffs as opposed to nerfs!
    What?? Can not?? What a surprise…
    WG is a criminal scamming company. Look forward to Armored Warfare. At
    least Obsidian doesn’t have a scammer reputation such as WG does.

  3. Nice change to see a replay where someone is fighting their way out of a
    bad situation – way more interesting (and useful to us average joes) than
    just watching another ubercum go out with perfect matchmaking and dominate
    everyone without making any mistakes.
    More like this please!

  4. Pointy, the twin spring/cylinder thingy on top is the ‘counter weight’ for
    the long 90 mm. The extra (spaced) armour on the turret face isn’t, and
    it’s front of the gun pivot point anyway so if anything it only adds weight
    to the gun.

    Anyway, the historical SP didn’t have the spaced armour ‘cheeks’ in front
    of the turret, it just had the flat rectangle directly in front of the

  5. I think it’s a great tank. The frontal armor is awesome (even better than
    most of the tier 8 heavies). The gun performance is not bad. It have a low
    pen, but it’s accurate enough to shot the weak spots. Yeah it’s slow, but
    with good map awerness it’ not a problem.
    Keep up the great vids Jedi ;)

  6. How can +PointyHairedJedi say “Doing the wrong thing and getting a win out
    of it” without Caption guy leaving a comment… *sad panda*

  7. I had an SP on Xbox but you really need to fight tomatoes who don’t know
    your weakspots, otherwise you are relegated to being a long range ‘bait
    tank’ and your gun isn’t much use for that anyway.

  8. Hey Jedi, got a serious statement for ya. Thanks for making videos. :D

  9. By far speshing is not the worst tier 8 premium ive played, that honor goes
    to the inaccurate bbq money bleeder, the 112. Speshing really relies on
    luck in the same way the kv5 does, its just about avoiding being shot in
    your many weakspots.

  10. Jedi i think i read its possible that wg will be offering the sell for gold
    option again when its reworked to hd because apparently the armour can get
    even worse.

  11. I have the SP on xbox and love it.
    It would be great to have another 5kph speed and slight rate of fire

  12. What do you mean conqueror turret isn’t that bouncy…

  13. I have a love/hate relationship with my Super Pig. I miss the old armour
    and it seriously needs a gun buff.

    Sometimes it performs though. I have a replay from 8.1 on El Halluf where I
    blocked almost 11k damage. Doesn’t happen too often though. ;)

  14. You entitled to your own opinion Jedi and thanks for sharing it! Personally
    I like the SuperPershing, having never played it prior to being nerfed I
    have no fond memories I suppose! I can see about sending a few replays if I
    have some good games if you like?

  15. What is so special about doing 3k damage in a superpershing? i have done
    5k+ damage with it 

  16. I think all tier 7 meds should only meat Tier 8.

  17. Sigh the day I do over 3k damage and get a 5k patrol duty in my super is
    the day Jedi uploads a super vid. Ah well. 

  18. jedi are you gonna do a vid bout T32? cause i cant remember last time ive
    seen somone do a vid about it[i had a amazing game in my t32 3,300 dmg i
    like my t32]

  19. In second game the M103 was the real MVP.

  20. Want a Premium T8 Medium Tank ?
    Buy the Panther 88 (Very good gun)
    Why not STA-2 and AMX CDC ?
    STA-2 : Not so good pen
    AMX CDC : No armor (T7 arty can 1 shot )
    Don’t buy Super Pershing too slow to be a Medium,and the armor is not good
    either !

  21. The Super Pershing before its armor nerf and before the pre-8.6 accuracy
    buff was a force to be reckoned with. It could, quite literally, sit in
    the open at medium and long range front toward enemy and bounce nearly all
    incoming fire. The BL-10 was not a sure pen on the front of a SP, let
    alone anything else at tier 8.

  22. Pfff! Superpershing? You might do well against ALL kinds of tanks,

  23. Got to be honest with you. I have the Super Pershing. I play it because
    it’s a sexy looking tank. That’s undebatable ;)

  24. I never played the SP before the nerf, I got mine from the missions last
    year, but I do like it. I can only guess that before the nerf it was
    really, really good.

  25. I don’t get why this tank gets so much hate, sure it’s not as good as
    before… but I bought it about a month ago and I love it!

  26. Ivo van der beek

    Jedi, do you answer this?

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