Viewer spotlight x2! // T2 Light / “Kobayashi Maru”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Sometimes, you just have to channel your inner James T. Kirk… or possibly Buzz Lightyear, although frankly that sounds like a lot less fun.

Thanks to The_Gungan_With_Class (hah!) mynameispuffs for sending these in!


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. First comment and different mic setup?

  2. stronku… T2 light fun little tonk

  3. i do not agree with forcing a draw, you were outplayed either by the team
    or by your own play, coincide the defeat do be a jerk…

  4. I’ve got the tamado yoshiu medal on my elc while I was platooning with tier
    8s, way back when I didn’t have my own tier 8 tanks unlocked and bought

  5. Poorly played in the capcircle by the AMX 38. At the time he lost his cap
    points the last time he ought to have driven out of the cap and circle
    around to get the T2 by surprice.

  6. I did the same thing with my 13 90 against two enemy E100s (they were
    caping, I spoted them and shot them in tracks untill the time ran out) and
    I agree you shouldnt let enemys win if u can make a draw.

  7. +PointyHairedJedi
    Holy Crapo thanks for using my replay!!
    As for why I kept looking down its because at the time of the replay is was
    a TOTAL idiot at the game playing on a crappy laptop on minimum graphics.
    Looking down meant my FPS increased allowing me to play a bit better. I’m
    still an idiot now (900 wn8 or less I think) but with a new pc my game is a
    lot better I feel. 7.7k dmg in an IS4 at one point 🙂
    But I digress! Thanks for using my replay (that I totally hadn’t forgotten

  8. lmao it was like watchen old people have sex xD

  9. i do understand the notion that you wouldn’t want to “just” give up and
    hand the other team their victory, but since in this game, as you say, it’s
    all about winning, you dont actually get anything from a draw. there was
    obviously nothing else for him to do anymore to get a victory, so just do
    the nice thing and end it.

    he could for instance have gotten his defender points and then just let the
    other guy blow him up – pretty sure he would still have gotten his ace
    tanker and the defender.

    the way he decided to draw it out was just mean and an unnecessary waste of
    i do agree with omri arielly on this: outplayed by the team or himself,
    then just concede.

  10. Love the Star Trek reference. So one tank can make a difference…depends
    on the tank and how it’s equipped too. When it’s 1 vs 1 clearly one team is
    not better than another. Never give up period- I think that can make a
    difference in lot’s of WOT battles even when RNG is kicking your butt!

  11. In the second game, if i get in this situations in my pz1c, i just go for a
    ram- gets me some damage, sometimes a draw and always the lolz ^^

  12. Never Give up! Never surrender!

  13. i have one of these i bought it when i saw a youtube video featuring one
    and i was amazed by the speed and got one. i dont regret it because this
    tank can be a lot of fun but in comparison to these games my games look
    like shit.

    also i have had this happen to me but i got lucky and was able to duke the
    light tank driver in to coming out too far and then i got lucky and took
    out his engine and track so no matter what he repaired he could get out of
    that situation. i do have to sa6y though i would have let the guy win
    because i have drawn out games before and felt guilty for it afterwards.
    although i will do it if theres a cocky douchebag on the enemy team who i
    just want to say screw you to. if the rest of the enemy team thinks im a
    douchebag i tell them to blame their douchebag for it because i would have
    given them the win if it hadnt have been for that asshole. so i can see why
    people would be split on this issue for me at least its situational but if
    i was the t2 i would have given them it.

  14. Ahh… if only the AMX38 had bounced a shell off the dead tank in the cap
    for the kill. That would have been epic! :D

  15. Completely the right thing to do, how is it even debatable? He played for
    the defender medal and the experience.

  16. I’d say ‘puffs did the right thing. Sticking it out to the bitter end is
    the right thing to do. Which is part of the reason I think the penalty for
    arty suiciding should be a kick in the gnads.

  17. Regarding the second game: since there was no way to win and a draw and a
    defeat are identical in pretty much all regards, all he achieved was waste
    8 minutes of everyone’s time.

  18. omg please go back to the old mic! I love your videos, please!!!!

  19. mynameispuffs shall BURN!
    no one likes that guy, that guy who denies the victory of the enemy team
    even if he doesn’t get more xp or credits for it. he is an asshole and
    that’s it !

  20. The last replay is, sorry for saying this, a make of jerk, because draw is
    loss for everyone and not giving a half match guys more xp is jerky, dont
    like it, my opinion though!

  21. If the AMX had retreated out of the cap circle and broke contact he could
    have flanked round out of proxy spotting range. The T2 would have had to
    guess which side he would appear at and the AMX would at least have had a
    chance of getting a shot.

  22. MrImmortalityPrince

    Nah second one is a bit of an asshole ish move. You already lost and you’re
    dragging the other team down.

  23. isn’t the gun on this a 50 cal? or am I thinking of something else

  24. In my opinion the AMX 38 could have won that game if he drove away more
    then 50 metres and then go more then 50 metres left or right from that
    house, puffs woudn’t be able to spot him because he has to be behind that
    house and he had a broken engine so he coudn’t escape from amx forever. So
    the Puffs did the right and amx didn’t, and in my book there’s nothing
    wrong with that draw.

  25. “Yes, that’s a pillar”. It was amusing to see someone use 3rd person too
    much since I often zoom in too much. This tank does look like fun. I might
    buy one next time on sale. But it does seem a bit strange to buy a t2
    premium since it isn’t going to make much xp or credits.

  26. I’m sorry, but if you want a win, you gotta come get it.

    I’m never going to hand over a win in any circumstance that I can think of.
    That said, it goes both ways, I don’t ever expect an enemy player to hand
    me a win.

    Also, Puffs easily could have died if he made a mistake or if the AMX 38
    had been a little smarter (pulled out of view range, wait till he dropped
    off visual, and then come back in and surprised him).

    If my team can’t win, I want to make sure yours cant either.

  27. If you are goona go with “he should have left the cap because one team
    deserved to win”…if anything, puffs deserved to win. He was bottom tier,
    5 kills, good deal of damage. The AMX only 1 kill, and little damage. So
    the AMX should have left with that logic. That being said, I *never* give
    away a win. I would much rather draw out the game then lose. If the enemy
    can’t win on their own, then they don’t deserve to. It’s that simple.

  28. I literally cannot even watch the Puff game, don’t wanna be mean
    but….c’mon man, just bloody aim! And learn to use WASD! Please!

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