Viewer spotlight x2! // T28 HTC / “Steel Calibre”

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Still a comparatively rare sight on the battlefield, the HTC the second of the personal tanks – and though it’s far from being a great machine, it too can have its moments of glory. Thanks to Shadowfighter93 and M3mph11s for sending these in!


is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here:

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website –

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. Caitlyn Jenner approves this video.

  2. the dpm sucks? it is better than the T32, which I adore…:-)

  3. I want this thing so badly.

  4. HTC has wider gun traverse than all the Brit TD’s…
    Hmmm, me thinks you my be wrong there old chap (have the new additions
    slipped your mind?)..

  5. It’s the high THC tank. :)

  6. Federation of the World (swedishkaiser)

    WG would not give away a good tank for free? Well T-55 A is pretty good.

  7. I call the mini turret “nipples” thus calling the tank the “The Nippletank”

  8. 9:32 Turret traverse….. Caption guy, I guess you were feeling lazy there?

  9. I wonder if the new dynamic platoons thing will enable a bunch of people to
    finally make more progress on those personal missions. I’ve had all of the
    ones in the first set completed with honors for months, except for the ones
    which require platoons (and above). Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope that
    us mere peons can advance now?

    • Miska Kopperoinen

      +Brian F You didn’t search platoons from the general chat? I did most of my
      platoon missions like that. Takes a bit of time and the general platoonmate
      quality is at times dubious, but you should wait that from random teams
      anyways. However, I agree that the new dynamic platoons make it WAY more

    • +Miska Kopperoinen No, I’ve never platooned in WoT. I usually only play
      about 30-60 minutes at a time, so going through all the hassle of finding a
      platoon for a couple of matches just doesn’t make sense.

    • +Brian F do you not read patch notes? platoons are NOT required anymore

    • +mightymasochist Wait, what? I totally missed that! YAY!

  10. Man I love this thing, if only by virtue of how ugly it is. Thanks for
    posting one of the few, if only videos showcasing this fat bunker thing!

  11. Dude, the HTC is insanely Troll…. This video didn’t do it the justice it
    deserves. And even though it doesn’t earn more credits it still has +50%
    crew xp as far as I know.

    Also, unlike the KV-5 it is relatively easy to hide all your weak spots.
    Don’t sidescrape with it, frontscrape!

  12. Is this a foreshadowing of WOTs having Orc tank crews? Then those weird
    Orcey Tanks with 13 guns and rockets and skulls hanging from them. I give
    up, there is no historical aspect to WOTs. It is becoming just a shooter

    • Miska Kopperoinen

      +Martin Collmer You know, T28 HTC is significantly more historical than T28
      Prototype and even carries some slight similarities to T28, which the
      project later became, for example in suspension. Sure, it looks extremely
      strange, but so do T28 medium (Which fought for example in Finno-Soviet
      Winter War) with its 3 turrets and massive hull and M3 Stuart (Widely used
      USA light tank) which was equipped with 5 (Seriously, the vehicle has more
      weapons than crew members) machine guns, of which 2 in awkward positions.
      And then there is M3 Lee… You should really post this to WTE-100 replay.

    • +Miska Kopperoinen Was one ever built? Let alone ever see action?

    • +Miska Kopperoinen Oh yeah, I won’t really quit WOT, but it does stretch
      the limit for me.

    • Miska Kopperoinen

      +Martin Collmer Most of the tanks in WOT saw limited action, if any. The
      T28, which was the epitome of USAs superheavy tank program, still stands on
      Aberdeen proving grounds. It, as I already mentioned, is a follow-up
      version (Not the only earlier/prototype version in the game, Centurion
      comes to mind) of HTC with many similarities in shape of lower hull, roof
      and suspension. As far as I know, one mock-up of HTC was produced before
      the blueprints were redesigned, but that’s already more that can be said of
      many other tanks. As I said, you would be better off commenting to, say,
      E-75 video. That project was also really considered, but no mock-ups were
      made, no tanks were made and naturally thus they didn’t serve on

    • +Miska Kopperoinen Whatever

  13. Once I got raped by a platoon of two in this tank. My Jadgpanther can’t
    even pen their side armour…

  14. Hey, it’s a racecar compared to the T28 and T95. It’s got armour. And it
    looks very silly. I like playing it. :)

  15. I didnt know that HTC produced tanks, cool.

    • +Shermingtan Which is the exact reason I have nicknamed these things to
      Androids. “fuck, ammoracked by an android”

  16. Hooray, I’m famous…. 😉 I used a toolbox in this match due to a 80% crew
    without any skills thus far, switched to Binocs in the meantime ofc 🙂 The
    tank itself grew to me, if it get’s top tier MM, it is a real monster!
    Thanks for featuring my replay, Jedi 🙂 (Oh and it is indeed “Memphis” but
    this name was already taken, when I created the account)

  17. It’s not that bad of a tank, no idea why but I’m having fun with it. Also I
    disagree with you Jedi about the reward tanks – T55A and Obj.260 seem
    pretty damn good to me(I don’t have them yet so I might be wrong). And btw
    great channel Jedi ^^

  18. Never thought that it would be shown that fast… 🙂

    btw jedi, in the description it’s Shadowfighter93…should be 97

  19. 60 degrees is more than enough to poke the heavily armored nose around a
    corner keeping both MGs hidden and still put the damage down.

  20. Thanks for sharing these replays. I have been wondering about the T28 HTC’s
    performance and in-game characteristics.

  21. BornToDrive1500E

    About that St. Emil, you hate it to bits when you drive it, but when you
    fire that monster gun, you forgive it for its flaws. It has one of the best
    guns at tier 7. I hated it while grinding the first gun and when I got the
    second gun, I also hated it. I started really to like it in the last 30K
    xp. It is a good tank in my opinion. SirFoch made a review of it and my
    opinion is about the same.

    • +BornToDrive1500E Agreed, it is painfully slow. But that top gun when it
      hits with a average 231 pen and 490 damage can really hurt. I only fired
      the 15 rounds it carries once, and that was the last game in it before
      unlocking the RHM Borsig

    • +BornToDrive1500E Awesome alpha dmg + 15 deg. of gun depression ain’t too
      bad and it got some mobility buffs in the latest patch. And it has a
      ”honest” alpha gun…unlike some SU-152 buttholes that fire gold ammo
      with their derp gun for 700 dmg at tier 7, cause balance!

  22. The htc doesn’t look very exciting… I’ll get it but looks kinda bleh. 

  23. Ugh, one mission away from this. TD-15, we meet again…you really need
    some juicy, dumb targets to shoot.

  24. O and also keep up the good job on your videos pointy

  25. That tank looks weird but cool

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