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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Lansen. Today I’m playing THE tank any viking would choose to play the T8 Swedish Lansen!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. QB i want too see if you can make the T44 with the 122mm work in t10 using AP. Actually scratch that, I challenge you to do this. 175 pen vs t10

    Lansen has 208 pen with 320 alpha and a good gun? Who need gun when you have 122mm boomstick on T44 comrade? Pen? Whats that? 175 is all you need? Accuracy? You dont need it, .42 is perfect. Aim time? Russian tank doesnt aim, 3.2 sec aim time is perfect. DPM? 2016 all over again? DPM is the most use… actually that the thing that sucks the most in that tank, has a 15.2 sec reload ( a Defender has 15 with 440 alpha and the same accuracy and aim time while having 230mm at worst of frontal armor lmao).

  2. Germany❤❤

  3. Got this tank from the black market for credits and I loved it so much it allowed me to go down the udes tree with a great crew.

  4. Of you ever go play this tank on console it has a completely different gun

  5. master of the light timothy

    Quickybaby can you do games that you don’t see??

  6. YUP kinda a benchmark. The trophy tanks should have a minimum. Standard. That. Flaming is. I have coupons. For stuff I had. Already
    Lots of. Questions. Very. Enthused
    At. Options. Brutish lights I’d love after the. X grind

  7. just put up the raw video of tech tree show case, i would watch that

  8. I always bound when I shoot at this tank.

  9. Haven’t we seen the second game before?

  10. how do you removed the bushes?

  11. I like the idea of analyzing the “worst” battles. I think this can help newer/worse players understand how some mistakes happen, and what they can do.

  12. Dude, you are way to good at this game, it truly is fun to watch, cheers!

  13. Good postiton but it was more then lucky! The centurion was the only point why the game was not over in 60 sec for you.

  14. I love this tank too

  15. Quickybaby can you pls play minecraft once more?

  16. Hey man where do we get shirt’s? Do you have kids size?

  17. I love my Lansen, it’s so great.. 😎
    Primo Victoria is just a bus compered to Lansens size & speed. Been trying to get my
    friends to get it so this vid can help.

  18. Quickly baby I’m sure you won’t see this, but I just got my first tier X tank! I’m so excited, been playing for 7 years but never took the game seriously enough to actually grind. I prefer French light/medium tanks, so I got the AMX 30 b

  19. Udes 14 5 vs lansen C
    Edit: like for udes and comment for lansen

  20. what about chines t-34-2

  21. What are all if your settings?

  22. In real world arty will shit you in those positions. You cant use them.

  23. Challenge: Try not to refer to your team by doing that ☺ 07:40

  24. Imagine if the lansen had 300mm of turret armour

  25. I got the drugen lancen c

  26. My wot is not working and web too. Anyone same problem???

  27. Swedish pagans!

  28. Wait 6:55 sealclub against our own tites?????sounds abit like it

  29. As a Norwegian, im triggered

  30. Quicky baby how do you feel about the new style of M48 Patton

  31. Good idea with making some video from not the best battles. I think your bloopers/Best Moments series is extremely popular and we all know why: they are funny, we all have this moments when you try your best and do everything right, but you are being denied by RNG or whatever you want call 100% aimed and impossible to miss rounds going straight to the dirt. Obviously it feels good to have great game and than show it but really, it doesn’t happen that often, c’mon, I have seen your twitch 😉 you are just a human like the rest of us 😉

  32. If you think this tank is good, WOT console has a version with the centurion 7/1 gun

  33. My pershing is crying watching this. 320 alpha, higher pen, better mobility. WG please buff the pershing

  34. Nice vids like the info about the tanks and how to play different maps 🙂

  35. Can’t buy it anymore.

  36. Maciej Żurowski

    The Lanscen C with 7-perked crew and bond eq is a beast!

  37. One of your preferred tanks at tier 8 med? You have only played 10 battles in it! And 2 of them are in this replay, and presumably 1 or 2 when the tank was introduced… So, not really

  38. Yes! Worst games + post game analysis. Best way for us to learn.

  39. The Lansen is my favorite second only to my type 59. It consistently rings in 4k+ damage games at 1052 avg exp per battle and a 64.5% w/r. To the point where I have uploaded a number of “How to carry in a Lansen” replays. I teamed up with a 279e in one battle and we completely cleared an entire side of a map together. One of my most memorable games ever.

  40. pls dont forgett the good camo

  41. Free to play, because you don’t shoot premium ammo?…..that is a premium tank, you have to purchase with cash

  42. Mieluş Alexandru

    One thing he always forgets to mention is you need a NOT totally clueless team to make any kind of play.

  43. One good idea would be to do a double game video like this one and show the “how to and how not to” of a map and tank! 🙂
    As a player who is not constant i find myself in those situations many times XD

  44. QB 65% -70% of the time you play against the biggest idiots in the game because of a mastercard!

  45. In frontlines i once got to a position that lets me shoot into the side of the enemy team with my Lansen, i ran out of ammo and had to pull back for more. I had little over 9k damage from that engagement, the Lansen is a great tier 8 Leopard essentially.

  46. BigFist OSmashem

    This is my favorite tank

  47. Can you try VK B plz

  48. 9:48 “free-to-play-Baby”, playing in a premium….

  49. Standard rounds work? No real need for premium rounds? Imagine that. Further proof that premium rounds are the most unnecessary game mechanic in the game and should be removed or only available for gold again.

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