^^| VK 16.02 Leopard 3rd Mark Highlights

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Source: SirCircon

The potato memes.


  1. hahahhahah fuk me that was a good compilation

  2. The accidental tk by Conway though xDD

  3. Hahahah the rage and troll is too damn much :D:D loved it

  4. The screams are real. :-P

  5. I want more of this it’s just beautiful.

  6. seriously the best streamer ever. Wish you would upload to youtube more.
    This stuff is gold! :)

  7. Loved it! 😀
    GG, WP!

  8. “i’m gonna ram this Stug into the cromwell” … i fucking DIED.. lmao.

  9. crueldarknight123

    Skoda t24 is lighter than the leopard? HA RAM HIM!

  10. Everything about this is fantastic as always. Keep it up meme lords
    @SirCircon @eeelliottt eeelliottt

  11. Haha! Comedy gold!

  12. 8/8 memes m8 but needs more ensk

  13. omg this is great xD

  14. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    Yo circon.. this was honestly hilarious.. i watched the stream and all.. it
    was fun.. but this compilation was hilarious xD may the circ4th be with you

  15. DeutscherDummer

    Did I hear Ol’ Dirty Bastard in there ? :D

  16. Circon Why? Just why??

  17. This is the best thing I’ve seen in over a month that’s made me laugh this
    bad XD
    Thank you sir

  18. The Conway TK in the end was the best :D

  19. great video, but when we gonna see the map tactics memes mr. circon, sir?

  20. Please do more of these, this is class

  21. Holy shit that was awesome

  22. Steven Ribberink

    This is the most fucking hilarious video i ever watched

  23. Had a great laugh hahah, made me rebuy the Leo again. WG should sponsor you
    just for that hahah.

  24. Laughed my ass off…

  25. Oh boy, I miss this stream so much. If only I didn’t have to work so much.

  26. RageModeCirc is the best Circ

  27. Hilarious! More VK 16.02 Leopard Plz!!

  28. Michael “Black Baron” Wittmann

    Spoiler: Circon was in fact on something.

  29. Amazing style of video <3 you need to make more of these

  30. Smoke weed …….

  31. and those are the non-muted memes

  32. Loving this new video format style Circon. Keep up the fantastic work!

  33. i can’t belive i’ve missed these memes live :(

  34. This type of video is GREAT! Loved it. You need to make (get eeelliottttt
    to make) more!

  35. Mike TheMetalborn

    This is Gold

  36. that laugh though XD

  37. this was GREAT! do more of this :)

  38. That was awesome and glorious :D.

  39. By the far the funniest video you made. You should keep doing the same
    drugs you did to make this.

  40. EinherjerZombie

    Hilarious. Good Joob on the 3rd.

  41. the memes were great!
    laughed big time

  42. these videos are fucking amazing circ, please do more :D

  43. and here we see the devolution from ‘having fun’ to ‘contracting AIDS of
    the brain from random battles’. a common process in nature

  44. best circ video ever :D

  45. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    I never have this much fun in wot :D

  46. This was fucking amazing editing Circon, great Memes!

  47. A video with only dank memes? I felt like getting a box of beer for free.

  48. what day did you try and 3 mark the leopard?

  49. dank memes lol

  50. I think alcohol was involved in some of these clips.

  51. Giacomo De Nardo

    I’m really lmao, you are the best circon don’t forget it :D

  52. Really liking the new editing methods, Circon!

  53. Balc0ra's Gaming

    The most uninspiring tank to 3 MOE when you look at the barrel after all
    that work… and need a microscope to see them.

  54. This is pretty professional already @Circon 🙂
    How much time did you need for producing this?
    – theenemy

  55. this is frickin hilarious 😀 xD

  56. Vaas Montenegro

    The fucking meeeeemes

    Great new format btw. Would you recommend the Leopard 16.02? I got the Leo
    1 fucking ages ago so I played the scout leo even further back and can only
    remember dick ripping. Maybe I was doing something wrong

  57. not sure if circon loves or hates the leopard. maybe this just showed the
    progression of him starting off loving it then ending off hating it.

  58. hahahahaha amazing video ;)

  59. I havent laughed this much ever

  60. This shit was fucking hilarious

  61. Great video Circon. More please! :)

  62. this is hilarious lmao

  63. Rip that Stug :'(

  64. Rip that Stug :'(

  65. great vid! props to you

  66. Nicolas David (NicaEM)

    So much salt and dick in this video

  67. The memes were almost too much for me

  68. Kostas Karadimos

    Aaaaaand…no fucks given.

  69. all those editings were worth it :D

  70. Isn’t this a regular leopard, not the tier 10? Might need a title change
    lol. Nice vid anyways!

  71. aka. “6 minutes of Salt” ?.. ;)

  72. that was one of the most entertaining videos ive ever watched xD

  73. Anton Liljekvist

    Your title is so misleading. Just saying.

  74. Martin “Shifty” Watson

    I love these video types, 10/10 meme compilations :D

  75. Admiral Anderson

    You need to do more of these:D

  76. This kinda funny video, I mean laughing and that kinda stuff, is way more
    entertaining than without it.. not that the other vids arent entertaining

  77. 3 Marks in 68 battles gg

  78. Cunicularius 639

    Love the 1602!

  79. Justin Marciniec

    5th Comment.

  80. This video is fucking brilliant Circon xD More, please!

    And I’ve got to say, you’re becoming this awesome combination of Mario and

  81. I need to learn to ram more… I’m not ramming enough :P

  82. Mememaster elliot back at it again with the dank memes

  83. I’m live playing this SAME GAME on twitch.tv/circon by the way i know,
    amazing! :O

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