Vk 28.01 105 mm – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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The VK 2.01 with the 105 mm is BACK as this 2021’s well deserved reward! Here’s a full of this classic German light tank!



  1. This will be given to everyone, for free, who logs in this Thursday the 25th of November after 09:00 CET that has registered their account BEFORE 01/01/2018. If you haven’t been playing long enough you’ll, most likely, have to wait till the November 3-4 years after your account was created!

  2. Imagine playing a tank thats HE dependent after the nerf.

  3. Outdated stats for this thing. First they nerfed HE shells, and then they roll out this tank, supposedly reliant on HE gameplay… “solid logic”. Of course, 53 mm of HE will often be sufficient to penetrate lower tier paper armored LTs, and so will 64mm of AP and HEAT rounds of 104mm pen. But it will be quite helpless against more or less armored tanks even at lower tiers, needless to say against tier 8s. In order to be “HE” style, adjusted to the current realities, they should have given it, say 64 mm of HE penetration, AP rounds could be 104 mm and HEAT rounds somewhere around 155-165 mm.

  4. Maybe it’s me, but this tank doesn’t seem all that exciting. Never played it back in the day, so don’t really have a comparison, but using the derp gun on the Pz IV H hasn’t been all that fun after the HE nerf, and having the same gun a tier higher (albeit on a different type of tank) doesn’t sound good, especially for a F2P player like me.

  5. Next year marks 5th year of Well Deserved Reward, could we get the SU-122-54? any guess?

  6. QuickyBaby are you going to make a rewiev of the Premium tank Panzer IV hydrostat
    Its a rare tank

  7. I’m gonna use this tank to complete my LT missions! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

  8. Does this applied only to pc or console players too?

  9. Pls bring back 59-16 with autoloader, M41 with autoloader

    Come on, it’s good back then

  10. I am a super hellcat player , But Iwill stay my hellcat in garage for a while.

  11. Before it was nerfed VK 28.01?

  12. Man, I was hoping so hard that the Super Chaffee would be done like this, I literally only played the old Chaffee for years when I started playing WoT

  13. how do I get this now?

  14. Easy 8 with the 105mm is better. You should play it sometime!

  15. Guess it was the best, IT WAS REMOVED. We SHOULDN’T praise wargaming for removing something and re adding it back as a reward.

  16. i tought they would put free to play tier 8 premium, but not such a thing.

  17. “Hey, we recently nerfed derp tanks, so here’s a derp tank!”
    Classic Wargaming.

  18. I agree. As soon as I checked the number in Tank gg, I felt that it was the best annual reward I’ve ever received. It’s not op, but it’s definitely have a strength.

  19. The tank plain sucks with thr 75mm. I owned and sold it. It’s far too weak against anything it comes up against, has no armor, and no camo.

  20. The HE nerfs killed one of my favorite tanks for when I just wanted to derp…the PZ IV H with the 105mm was so damn nice for those moments

  21. Konstantin Chernoskutov

    This will be nowhere close to what it used to be, due to the HE nerf. You used to be able reliably damage heavy tanks like E-75, shooting pretty much anywhere, as HE used to *almost* always do some damage. The tank still might be fun to play vs Tier 6, we will see…

  22. First tank that I got an MoE on.

  23. So what the t49 with the derp used to be?

  24. That moment when tier 6 light is better than a tier 8 light

  25. WG could tell u the date of that game. 😀

  26. I still want to see the original T49

  27. This, the Sherman, and Pz iv with deep were awesome to play.

  28. WarGaming: Nerfs HE, making it either amazing when you pen or useless when you can’t

    Also WarGaming: “You’re Well Deserved Reward is a 105mm DERP GUN TANK!”

    The audacity of WarShaming knows no bounds

  29. We really need that old VK high exp replay to see , would be so funny to watch vk2801 taking down e 100 , lol

  30. VK 28.01 with 105mm Gun: MAKE TIER 6 STRONGHOLDS FUN AGAIN! Yeeeehaaaa! 🙂

  31. That Cromwell made me laugh. 😂😂😂

  32. It’s really interesting, how my two favourite Content Creators can have so extremely different opinions about this tank…
    Skill hates this tank with all his heart 😉

  33. So glad they re-added this tank, can’t wait to be reunited with it! Just need the old VK30.01H back now 😛

  34. OH … good old memories.
    vk28.01 was a beast in team battles, 7/42 format, space for manoeuvring, ranked MM …

  35. Notapopularytbersus

    This is like a reunion

  36. How will it fair against a defender.

  37. Can i sell these vehicles so i get them once again?

  38. *sets up KV2 with bond turbo and pure gold spam* hehe boi

  39. So yeah, they nerf HE to hell then give us a tank with a derp gun. Well deserved reward my ass. I’m still salty they nerfed the KV 2 in the mix after I got my Ragnarok. Whatever, I’m done with WoT at this point but it still makes me angry on principle.

  40. Its like playing a derp M4

  41. 75mm gun on this tanks isnt bad, but derp was more fun. It has gun values comparable to tier 6 medium, its reasonable fast, it has one of best if not best viewrange at this tiers and decent camo.
    Its still, in my opinion, one of best lights in the game.

  42. Guys, is there an update QB modpack? looking to return but im not sure, i miss a lot of things

  43. Got my first tier 8 kill with one of these, on Karelia. Stalin 3 driver was tunnel visioning on our Tortoise, giving me the chance to slam 2 H.E.A.T. rounds up his jacksie. Boom!! Strange that I still remember it.

  44. First of all: Thank you Mr.QuickyBaby for making so much and great Content on Youtube. Me, with an office job and family at home, is it nearly unpossible to watch/rewatch the Twitch Streams. Its everday a pleasure to hear your voice 😀
    With watching the live Plays on YT and your comments to your actions, your hints of good positions in the game (Map Berlin, Center in the Riverbed nearby the destroyed Bridge = Godlike; i know it from you! 😀 ) i became since then (in my opinion and feeling) a better player!
    My last struggle to get the best out of the tank with the equipment will also be gone one day with watching your videos 🙂

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!11!!!1 🙂

  45. I uninstalled this game like 30 times. Always due to stupid mechanics when you shoot RHM with HE into enemie RHM and do 0 damage cause hit in gun when you have mission to get 2 kills in first 4 minute of battle and you already killed pershing and 20 seconds left and you have 30s reload…

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