VK 30.01 (D) – Clearing out arty scumbags!

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Source: SirCircon



  2. ralph isyoutubing

    *reads title* *sits back, opens up a soda and bag of crisps , enjoys the shit out of the video*

  3. Nice memes

  4. Ммм. My favorite tank in 6 teer.

  5. Circon stop. You re making me want to buy this tank

  6. 3:09 Circon tundra Kappa

  7. Can you upload your ss of your settings Circon ?

  8. 14-1 in just under 4 minutes. im sure 30 people had fun

  9. Abdullah Mohammed Ali

    Even in 9.17.1 arty can’t have peace. #FeelsGoodMan

  10. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    this tank is currently my credit grinder, then people just ruined my game and so, couldn’t grind much credit…

  11. You’re playing my fav t6 medium. But I quit the game. 🙂

  12. Vulgar_Display_Of_Power

    lmfao, see a notification for Circon upload, see Title of video and sits back with a coffee and a big smile on my face before i even start watching.

  13. 1 dislike from Bishop driver

  14. shoot APCR at bishop da

  15. yeah nice game in my top played tank, im not any unicorn but who want try to check this http://wotreplays.com/site/3488149#karelia-nvkl-vk_30_01_d

  16. what place is that ship flag? looks like a ship from uncharted waters game o_O

  17. Satisfying memes are satisfying

  18. Circon please play some more Japanese Tygah. That’s probably one of my favorite Circon memes.

  19. Sees title, Likes…

  20. have a nice day scrolling hooman


  22. please man watch this game you wont believe the crazy shit in it

  23. Man, I have this tank stock right now and it is painful. I’m gonna go work down the E50M line just to get the equipment for this.

  24. Arty players remind of the type of kid that burns ants with a magnifying glass for fun.

  25. Kalle Kumpulainen

    almost 1600 average xp with patriot. average mastery per game for 120 games? how? 😀

  26. in sircon games germans speak english, french speak english bla bla bla..

  27. Circon I have gotten a burdas medal before; the one where you kill 5 arty in a match. It was pretty crazy

  28. How about the VK (P)? 😀 love to see more of it.

  29. Spread the news people! #StopCastratingOurTierTenLightTanks

  30. Where can i find these enemy teams that just sit still and let you shoot them over and over.

  31. You’re a badass, but your videos are BORING…
    do some tank revues, talk tactics. DO IT! Expand your horizons.

  32. ridiculously good with tanks bro

  33. We are going to see some dank 1 vs 59 meme gameplay when frontline gamemode goes live

  34. boring! get A real job limey slime.

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