VK 30.01 (D) – German Cromwell?

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  1. Zvonimir Ćatipović

    Last time I was this early Circon had a will to live.

  2. I for one would love a suped up Chi-Ri, thats actually one of my favorite tanks. At the very least I would be happy if they let me use the autoloader with the stock turret so the tank is a bit faster. I also had the worst luck when I was grinding through the 30.01p and I finished it a month before they buffed it, wont lie I was pretty salty.

  3. First Jingles, now Circon? Great morning for me 😀

  4. this tank is better than the cromwell IMO

  5. i threemarked this beast pre buff and now it is even better

  6. Whenever my friends go Cromwell, I take this tank out with them

  7. This tank stock : Urgg


  8. If you do play player unknown I wouldn’t mind seeing it on youtube just sayin’ 🙂

  9. VK 30.02 M VI 38 – 26 – 12 – 1263,87 1,79 1,82 3793,26 68,42%

  10. Grinding up this line at the moment – glad I have something to look-forward to 🙂

  11. why so many gold rounds?

  12. When I was in a clan, I got given shit for driving it in place of a Cromwell…..despite it only falling behind in mobility by a small amount.

  13. Chi-Ri 2 same tank but with 4 guns
    Balanced because can’t pen anything

  14. Syahareen Sha Rani

    German Cromwell Nice title xD

  15. You really are a jerk of players, more in the few clips I see that block other for a couple of DM …

  16. missed alternative name for the chi-ri 2… the Chi-Ri-Ri

  17. Unless you would give Chi Ri II postwar 90mm then it would be hard finding good gun (3 round 90mm autoloader would be nice doe). Hmm.. It could be a fun premium

  18. he could’ve at least try to angle the frontal hull armor… it could bounce a lot of shells if played right…

  19. ur best wot player in the world,do a video with t43 or kv 13

  20. Circon: What about Chi-Ri II

    WG: Hold my beer

  21. German Cromwell? you must be drunk… cromwell goes 72kmh and im pretty sure it has better power to weight than that… cromwell needs to be slapped with a huge nerf, it does a better job than a 13 75 (t7 light) … how sad is that?

  22. +SirCircon did you know after you made comments on the new patch regarding arti, they now actually made a micro patch so you cant play arti platoon xD thx <3

  23. YES! German Cromwell! Less DPM, and slightly less mobility, but in exchange, it gets less accuracy bloom, better accuracy, better shell velocity, and sloped armor.

  24. Look at the VK 30.02 D as well! It’s almost like a tier 7 cromwell with its current speed and DPM.

  25. Chi-ri Kai with 3 shot short 8.8 kappa

  26. Hey Circon, if I may offer some feedback: I think uploading vods from the stream is fine, but it could be really cool with a little bit of editing to talk at either the end or start of the video. For example, the VK 30.01D is a very good but underplayed tank that could make for a very interesting and engaging conversation topic, with the gameplay showing off what it can do– like those crazy accurate shots on the Tog.

  27. I’m not sure how or why but for some reason I went down the line and got the VK 30.02 M instead of this tank and wow it was a big mistake. I just had a match on this same map with similar MM and the results were terrible. I don’t think having the 30.01D would have won the game but at least I could have relocated easier. The 30.02 M is just so sluggish it’s painful.

  28. i was in a match against u in swamp..u were playing that tank !

  29. I’m pretty sure I have some of those sekrit documents for the CHi-Ri 2 on my pc.

  30. The best tier 6 tank is T-34-85M :=)

  31. Actually Chi-Ri II should be a tier 12 prem with a 12 shot 152mm derpgun.

  32. I had this tank and I really liked it!

  33. Timothy Taliercio

    Although this tank sucks ass in my opinion, i got my first rasenai heros medal in it

  34. Blocking the Tog was a dick move Circon.

  35. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Chi Ri 2 With autoloading 88 l 56 with like 3 shells in the mag and 3500 dpm, 😀 would be nice…

  36. Florian Schiemann

    My clan uses purely german tanks – to counter Cromwells we usually use the VK 30.02 M because of the higher health pool and bounce chance. Once in a while we’ll use VK D’s if we need to bum it around an open map really fast.

  37. Fucking hate this tank. Shit gun handling.

  38. VK 30.01 (D) is so underrated

  39. You are all mobility freaks. How about the Firefly, it may lak mobility but it is a hell of a good support tank.

  40. Not even close to a cromwell…

  41. Mine has a concealment trained crew. I use it from range before going in. I dissected KV2s without them spotting me. Very good comparison.

  42. Circon in 1080p? f*king glorious!

  43. I would enjoy you playing other games as well. I watch you for you and not for the dead, shitty game.

  44. I had so much fun with this tank. I remember soloing a T20 and a Tiger (both evidently awful players) in this tank. Tiger didn’t even pay attention to me and just drove lol, T20 tried to kill me but this tank just gets crazy lucky with bounces

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