^^| VK 30.01 (P) BACK with a VENGEANCE. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. i am bored and circon video appears – couldnt have had been better 🙂

  2. I’ve been struggling a lot with this tank. Is it because I’ve been trying to use the 88?

  3. my favourite tier 6 medium, but with recent buffs it’s slightly OP

  4. Ah my baby such a beast

  5. Have you tried the E50 with the 8.8 L100 yet?

  6. 😀 this thing is so good I’m so happy my baby got buffed but the Cromwell will always be better

  7. I remember back in the day when the 30.01 (P) was considered one of the shittiest tanks in the game… Oh how they grow up…

  8. Love this tank with that alpha

  9. snowisthebestweather

    *so proud*

  10. I didn’t even know this tank existed. Never see them.

  11. VK 30.01 p is easy to play in my first 30-40 battels ive got first gunbarell mark in it.

  12. What do people think of the new Russian premium?

  13. Circon, beat me. I 3 marked mine in 80 battles

  14. Love the map as well, but ain’t every map better without arty?

  15. my favorit tank, thanks circon! played over 1300 games in it and i realy like it. dont know why but its sooooo nice with that alpha

  16. man watching these replays of old tanks i used to play gets me wanting to play said tank

  17. Youtube IS proud of you..!

  18. where did he got his server crosshair from? cant find a 9.17.1 version of it and i’ve been searching since patch 9.17.1 :/

  19. I really do like this tank before the buff. Now i can’t wait to try it. 😀

  20. The rate of fire on this thing, though.

  21. Just picked this VK up. Appreciate your vid and tips. TY…

  22. finaly this tank,favorite tier 6 besides kv 85

  23. how did you get one?

  24. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I´m proud

  25. I come to youtube when i miss your streams 😀

  26. Sometimes I struggle to get that 3,5k in tier 9 tanks, yet alone in a German tier 6 medium

  27. Thank you for showcasing it right away. You more than made up for forgetting about this tank when you were checking the changes on the German Mediums.

    Heavy tank gun on a medium chassis!

  28. From which country do u come?

  29. Dr porsche should have produced this instead of the tiger p which failed

  30. The stock grind on the tank is still shit

  31. i remeber this tank. it was my first tier 6. is sucked stock but was awsome fully upgraded.

  32. the vk.30.01 P was the first ever tank that I 3 marked.

  33. Are you going to 3 mark the 30.01 and the new german tier 8 and 9 heavies?

  34. patrick vannostrand

    Nice meme

  35. Is this tank tank better than the Skoda T40 now? That’s so weird. I thought WG’s policy was that all premium tanks would be better than their tech tree equivalents.

  36. @SirCircon I don’t care if you shoot prammo. Only triggered little snowflakes really care.

  37. Next, do the VK 30.01 D, The German Cromwell!

    It’s almost just as fast as the cromwell, but it doesn’t have an awful bloom.

  38. You guys know why with the VK D and VK P at tier 6 get such a hate?
    cause cheap players using 50% crews and play it stock

  39. We are indeed very proud that no premium was used in the making of this video …

  40. I just finish grinding this tank like 2 weeks ago. I need to say, its good. I expect much less from this tenk.

  41. I enjoyed this tank before the buff. something confortable about it.

  42. circons camera shakes a little when he fires.. can any1 please tell me which graphic setting is he using for this? thanks


    the 88mm l/56 has a weird accuracy like no other gun sometimes shells just disappear

  44. It’s the chat that amuses me. Immature fanboys, arguing over crap statistics, in a bid to catch the eye of their ‘demi-God’.

  45. They are spamming Redshire on NA server right now. Frankly I’m sick of this map I never want to see it again

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