^^| VK 30.01 (P) Support in Ensk. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. is this tank playable now?

  2. Going live in roughly 1h30min from posting this vid, check me out at http://www.twitch.tv/circon it’s monday, so time for more world of tanks! 🙂

  3. Sebastien van Tiggele

    wow I’m early, let’s make a joke

    T-34-2 stock grind
    (~40 K xp with a 85 mm on TIER 8)

  4. lol why is on that picture VK 10.01 P ? 😀

  5. “support” ?

  6. That bounce from Sherman off KV1 to Circon´s tracks at 4:07 though =)

  7. German tier 6 meds confirmed OP. At least VKP and VKM. Nice buff WG 🙂

  8. Got ya beat circon I’ve already 3 marked it

  9. Since when is this thing so fast?

  10. Sidescraping with this tank is bad idea. Its turret is front mounted, so if you peek at enemy to shoot them they will shoot you back in your frontal plate.

  11. Leaves the KV-3 to die, then bitches that he got no help.

  12. So the Easy 8 actually bounced the shot off the KV-1’s ass and tracked circon. Rasha armor: trolls you even when on your team.

  13. what mods you got on board circon???

  14. damn I love the VK 30.01P 😀 my first 3 gunmarked tank <3

  15. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    I know this is a stupid question, but where can I find the crosshair that he uses?

  16. im non stop in t8 battles with my vk.. epic wg vodka programing

  17. Just 3k dmg, i thought u had skills…

  18. cdc gun on a tier 6?

  19. Your opinion about the Sandbox 3rd iteration soon?

  20. 0:20
    Does Circon have geese as pets somewhere?
    I swear it sounds like a couple of geese just made a sound.

  21. The VK 30.01 tanks are so underrated! I love my VK3001D, it is my most played tank. They are such a well-rounded tank and can play many roles in a match. 50.4% win rate with a 72% Mark of Excellence rating in 761 battles.

  22. Was that your girlfriend laughing in the back ground? lol

  23. You’re really making up for mistaking the VK 30.01 P as a heavy tank back during the patch notes video, huh? Thanks for all this showcasing of this awesome beast of a tank.

  24. I love this little tank.

  25. I liked the vk 3001 pre buff. had over1000 average damage in it.

    Guess this is just more reason to play it.

  26. I´m taking also this tanks to grind tree,.. previous was a .. in the a… at least this one has a bit of mobility and quite good gun for heis tier.. but tell me if you are taking this one up too I just wait.. impossible for me to play it as good as you do! 😉

  27. As a lowly orange noob, Circon gives me hope that I might become competent one day

  28. I just got this tank and I can see the potential. Do you think it could be clan skirmish battle tank. I know most people roll Cromwell’s, looking at other options for our clan.
    Thanks for the awesome content

  29. I really am dumbfounded that a KV-3 only got one successful shot off on a city map while being top tier.

  30. 04:08 Did the M4 bounce the KV and tracked circon? 😀

  31. Too bad that KV-3 didn’t get more XP for the effort since he was a factor.

  32. Is that a VK 30.01P BOUNCING shots? Did they buff it or something? The damn thing was the size of a bus and not as well armored when I played through it.

  33. I liked the vk 30.01 p even before the patch. Kinda wish I still had it now.

  34. 4:05 Ricochet shot hits the KV-1’s turret, and bounces into Circon.

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