^^| VK 30.01(P) WHAT THE F. (World of Tanks.)

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  1. Thanks for tuning in as always, live tonight 17:00 – 00:00 TANKS AND BEERS! 😀 http://www.twitch.tv/circon http://www.twitch.tv/circon http://www.twitch.tv/circon

  2. do the VK3001D, best tier6 med IMO

  3. Can you make it go 60 km/h? (except downhill) 😉

  4. life is 42 -_-

  5. nice carry for the vk…very beautiful and remind me wayyy back during vk3601h was medium tank in old patch, having great time with that tank

  6. welcome to the meme factory………..and “mums” the word

  7. Games that make you wonder what you’re doing with your life.

  8. You call this bad?
    You wont call this game bad after you visit SEA

  9. Is this tank good, I am on the Pz 4 h now, and really want to get up the line, but I want to know if it is actually any good.

  10. You like this tank sirc xD. You play with tier 6 cause tier 10 rip your ass or what ?

  11. I got 2k base exp in my IS-3 after a 6.4k battle with 7 kills and 2k assistance

  12. I don’t know how you can keep your calm with these morons on the team. I would have at least tried to communicate with them, probably realise they are Polish or Czech and don’t speak a word of English and furiously started to spam the map.

  13. 6:22 IS collecting all of his brainpower to enter sniper mode at 20m distance

  14. I have to rebuy my vk

  15. that Click Bait is awesome lol

  16. SirCircon drinks during: 0:01 0:37 8:19 8:27 and 8:36

  17. Good game now circ will reward himself with 2 beers

  18. You should do a compilation of your biggest fails/ lol moments

  19. Im in tears .. guts hurt , Best video Ive seen in months .. thanks for lols !

  20. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    lmao how do you only have 1 mark on this thing still

  21. NA server player base in a nutshell

  22. wellllll.. that was interesting 🙂 .. good 4 u man 🙂

  23. snowisthebestweather

    Seeing 1 team this bad isn’t uncommon, but seeing two teams this bad going against each other? That’s a special treat. Emphasis on special.

  24. Before the match “I cannot compete with the Comet or any of these tier sevens” lol – failed platoon. That was a great match – thanks:)

  25. I love this tank

  26. I thought that it was very nice of the enemy to line up so they could be killed.

  27. WTF!!?? er


  29. WTF summarizes the typical current WoT gameplay well.

  30. contaminatedfilth

    Lmao I bought this tank and 3 marked the other day after seeing how good it was

  31. What the foch is this?

  32. You’re really loving the VK P, huh?

  33. The VK 30.01’s are the best all around T6 Mediums in the game!

  34. It’s the Circbeard that gives him the powa to carry!

  35. More Vk P memes
    Nice memes nice memes

  36. That confuzzled look at the end… like you expected a proper team or something haha – made me lol

  37. Блажо Ђуровић

    That last IS. Guy needs to learn to use his A/D keys.

  38. why don’t i ever face enemies like this

  39. …..whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  40. Seeing Circon playing makes me realize what pleb i am 🙁

  41. Dejan Arandjelovic

    gg but fucking farming 3-marking gameplay, boring

  42. The amount of fail in this game is even for WOT standards amazing. On both teams actually.

  43. That’s why I can’t take my ace tanker. I love that tank. A43 and vk rule the t6 medium tanks (cromwell for you).

  44. Alexander Stoyanov

    VK P strong

  45. >1700 base xp = top kek

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