VK 30.02 D goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

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  1. 99% of us would be yelling I GOT A RADLEY >:O

    Foch is like “I ended up with a Radley-Walters :P”

    Fuck you Foch for the pro casual plays :P

  2. Any chance on doing a cast with the VK 30.01 P ?

  3. These replays are even better when Foch is driving tanks that we don’t see
    that much often now, love it, keep up the good work Foch !! :D

  4. pls add dmg counter.

  5. loved this tank even pre buff

  6. this video made me angry more than anything… all those misses and
    bounces… wtf foch?

  7. I actually love this tank!

  8. come on foch play e5

  9. 145 pen, just enough to bounce off ISes all day. Tier 7 mediums are a joke.

  10. Thanks for playing one of the ‘less-popular’ tanks!

  11. OMG, Foch firing APCR

  12. was that the most gold ammo foch has ever fired in “abc goes ham”?

  13. Fuck arty

  14. love the way you hit 3/4 of your snapshots…wish it happens to me :D

  15. one of my favourite tanks, you can outbrawl all the other T7 meds with
    impunity. It’s the ultimate Cromwell wrecker.

  16. Rainbow Assassin

    Fly away

  17. Another GR8 video.
    If you struggle with mods, try to use OldSkools ProMod.

  18. Chicken tank! I LOVED it, even with the good old 132 pen. Mobility is
    awesome, RoF is awesome, wtf more would you want :D

  19. Holy shit didnt know this thing has such an insane reload..

  20. No strim today Foch ? :(

  21. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Foch using premium ammo? On a hill!? No, it can’t be! 😀
    T29 really didn’t need that armor buff

  22. one of my favorites. yes it sucks but when it works it works.

  23. First! Lol!

  24. Mihailo Pisanjuk


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