VK 45.02 A review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. lol ,thumb up before I watch it !

  2. Good video

  3. “Hello ladies and middlegen..” ?? 

  4. love you!

  5. Do you have Twitch ?

  6. I haven’t started either of the german heavy lines which one is more fun
    like whole-line wise

  7. this is my most favorite T8 ht! its just so great to play it as a amored
    medium and faceroll other t8s with its great dpm and gun. never understood
    why people disliked the tank :/

  8. Its shame VK4502 is overlooked, and not having attention is deserves.
    Doesnt have the name among players: muhaha Im IS3/Tiger2/110, fear me!

    Let pubs underestimate this nice tank and gather tears

  9. “That ISU is slightly afk” :P

  10. Richard Komendanchik

    Please do a t32 review. I feel like it has all of the same qualities of
    this tank with better armor, making it more flexible

  11. Good to see you back, sir.

  12. I gotta agree with you, the VK 45 A is a very nice tank. The great
    maneuverability was a very pleasant surprise when I got the top engine, and
    I instantly felt comfortable with it, even without the 10.5cm gun or the
    top turret. Sure, it’s not as good at straight up brawling as the other
    tier 8 heavies, but its mobility makes it more adaptable than the others.
    It really feels like a well armored medium tank.

  13. I really can’t understand how a player like you can praise a tank like this
    when there’s competitors out there such as the T32, IS3 and even 110.

    It’s just a weaker version of the Tiger II, it has better mobility but
    that’s only usable against tier 7 or lower and it’s useless in tier 9 and
    10. It literally can’t use anything to do well in tier 9 and 10, as opposed
    to its counterparts.

    Sure, it’s good once every full moon when you are the only tier 8 in the
    game and can roflstomp Easy8s and SU100s…

  14. Dear Foch: I am a newer viewer, and have picked up on the fact that you
    hate arty. Why is this? So many people seem to hate it… (I play the s51

  15. Tiger2 has the same aiming time as vk4502a-2.3sec, and the fact your
    frontal armour is so much better on tiger with 8degrease of gun depresion,
    tiger2s gun dpm was buffed so its difference is minimal, maybe a 100-150
    and ha ing 25mm more penn, i dont see why would you take vk over tiger2,
    for mobility? just take a medium tank…

  16. hears foch complain about soft stats, remembers a comment on ftr that said
    even though the panther 88 has better soft stats and turning the panther 2
    will be the more mobile of the two because its not the whole story as said
    by storm. So not do they totally lie about hp/t even the soft stats arent
    the whole story… 

  17. Most people seem to underestimate how important a tanks mobility actually
    is.After all a tank lives on a combination of its gun and mobility.

  18. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    Nice video, Foosh! Kappa
    All right, sorry.

  19. People don’t like this vehicle as it requires a higher skill level to use
    All those talking about the Tiger II highlight the point. They talk about
    better armour and gun, but the best players play in a way that their most
    effective armour is not being shot in the first place.
    A Tiger II is powerful IF in a good defensive position with muppets feeding
    themselves to it. Its relative lack of mobility means it can in no way flex
    the way this vehicle can, and that’s what the best players do. They read
    the battle, make good trades, don’t get shot and get where they need to be
    when they need to be. This vehicle will do all those things better than a
    Tiger II.
    And, no, I don’t have one. But I don’t need to have one to understand
    Foch’s point of view nor to understand why many people won’t understand it.

  20. What is the received damage mod used in this video please ? (with the log
    in the left bottom of screen)

  21. The VKs front armour is as strong as a löwe and got the tiger 2s turret.
    And the mobility as a IS8 i think.

  22. nice review, but… WHERE THE HELL IS “DUUUUUUH”?!

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