^^| VK 45 03 Preview

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. Christos Segkounas

    Way overpriced as expected.
    People will still buy it though because they want a German heavy crew
    trainer or just because they think they would like to play it.
    Lowe is still more expensive and too damn slow for most people to enjoy.

  2. You got a test account with this tank and you didn’t get all crew skills?
    QB got Test account 09 and he had all of them..

  3. ay circon as expected you done your share and more 07 mate bogan1

  4. Best wot streamer going around, been a follower for years now. Miss them
    dream team days, so much fun, filthy casuals 🙂 Keep doing what your doing
    mate, we all support you!

  5. they sure are getting their moneys worth out of those tank models they just
    keep recycling and farting out.

  6. pay more for tier 7 heavy tank than a tier 8 medium, GG wargaming

  7. Your videos are getting better and better Circon, thanks for making them.

    Also, I really appreciate your opinion on this vehicle.

  8. I love the 4503, every time i see one it dies and I get a kill, just dont
    trade 1 for 1 and shoot the turret, youll be fine

  9. SirCiron please do you think prokhorophka map is ggod for heavy tanks when
    there is 2 arty???? where should heavy tanks go ?

  10. Stealthy Icytail

    this what amx m4 should be

  11. TheBorderlandsGuy

    So this thing is the french tier 7 that traded a little maneuverability for
    the ability to sidescrape. Neat

  12. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Seems like a more mobile stock VK 45 02 A with Tiger P DPM and tier 7 MM. I
    mean I won’t get it for credit income. I have the B2 and Lowe for crew
    training to. So if it’s the NA price on EU it’s a no go indeed.

  13. “If you really hate playing the Lowe…-”
    Yup, that’s me. I waste a lot of money collecting premiums but I really
    only dislike the Lowe and the STA-2 post-nerf/buff/change. Just having the
    option of playing this thing is such a breath of fresh air.

    The lowe is alright and all, but the DPM just feels wrong, and the sheer
    slowness of it makes it not fun. I like the armor and i like the gun but
    it’s too slow to actually be enjoyable to play regularly. It also costs
    55$, which is insane when you consider that it’s more than an IS-6 or an
    FCM. The lowe and the STA-2 are probably the two premiums i’d actually
    refund/exchange if given the option.

    STA-2 more because i feel like it’s just worse than a CDC/Mutz/M46
    KR/Panther 88 now. It still has bluh gunhandling, it’s not fast, it doesn’t
    have armor, and it doesn’t even have DPM anymore. It’s not ‘bad’ but i
    don’t enjoy playing it at all.

  14. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Circon I’f followed Qb and Jingles for a while now and I’m glad I checked u
    out, I rlly like ur opinion about the games,… and I’m glad ur this
    honest. Let’s hope ur channrl gets big and keep up the good work!

    ps Amazing ur dutch, I’m Flamish!

  15. WG pricing was already fucking retarded, and now they are increasing. WG go
    fuck yourself.

  16. #ViewrangeSaturation

  17. Yeah it’s $36 for just the tank and slot. The Mutz is only $4 more lol. I
    still think it’s a good tank but it’s pretty expensive.

  18. do you have a new mic? or different settings?

  19. sovelis holimion

    i love the roof in heavy zone cuz artillery

  20. what is to dislike about this video why is it disliked by that one person

  21. what song is that at the end?

  22. This thing is $46.58 in Canada

  23. Enjoyed the rental on the NA server, much better then I expected. Agree
    that the price is too high; if it gets added to the tech tree and goes on
    discount for gold I’d consider it.

  24. Calm down guys, WG just needs more money to improve their game ^^ kappa,

  25. Go Circon! Keep up the good vids!

  26. The problem is it’s tier 7 and tier 7 is almost as bad as tier 6 in +1-2MM.

  27. They love to put pig price for NA and they love to put new tanks there for
    somereson maybe cuz they pay more for the shit :D

  28. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Shame about the pricing. Just being tier 7 should result in a discount.

  29. I love the honesty. Can’t imagine QB telling WG to fuck off. But then you
    wouldn’t say that to your employer, right guys?

    Nah, you’d give a positive review whilst making passive aggressive comments
    towards lesser players, ok guys?

  30. Circ review, yes please :)

  31. Roderik Bösensell

    Really nice video man!
    Nice casual commenting, I like the style.

    Meer graag!

  32. What do you think about the recent price increase of their premiums? The
    lowe is now almost 50€

  33. Kroxigorman or Dom

    I dream of a day when the EU server doesn’t get things last

  34. Nice review. Thanks n

  35. vk 4503 or is-3a…which one?

  36. Reasons to play this over the tiger I : None?

  37. “It’s a heavy tank! Therefore, higher price!”

  38. Literally everyone thinks it’s overpriced, I hope they will adjust the
    price a bit. But it’s a good point about the 30% discount, at 5400 gold it
    may be worth it .. but still.

  39. Really nice review circon, the format was great, talking about the tank
    stats in the game, and not just reading a list 😉

    One thought I have is to include clips of you dealing with high tier tanks
    as well, like IS-3s, to understand better about how this deals with high
    tier heavy tanks. A little bit more effort I guess, but I think that will
    truly show the memes this tank can perform ;)

  40. will you make videos on replays of your subs or you’ll only do the replay
    casts with your own replays?

  41. Live now at twitch.tv/circon :)

  42. So no limited MM? With that it would be worth 30€. And Muis in the
    background ;)

  43. It gets sloping it’s much better than it seems i feel like most people are
    getting the impression that its’ armor is the same as the normal tiger I
    because it gets 100mm of armor as well.

  44. this thing is on sale at SEA server, but i feel it is overpriced

  45. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    will this tank meet Tier9?

  46. will they ever reduce the fucking mm to +-1?

  47. You get a test account and use a small repair kit? o.O

  48. Nice to seeing you posting videos again. Keep it up for us average players

  49. first

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