VK 4502 ausf. B review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Richard Komendanchik

    So quick, I might just be lightning

  2. front armor needs nerfing.

  3. Nice one Foch (as always).

  4. Well this tank is stronger than the Maus now; almost the same DPM with the
    same gun, better turret armor (or at least it’s not the primary weak
    point), lower tier combat, and quite a bit more speed. Considering it was
    probably the most useless tier 9 tank in the game since release, it
    deserves its time in the lime light. Probably would have been better if the
    E-75 wasn’t in a class of its own, but hey at least they’re getting to it. 

  5. Worst nightmare for me is seeing this tank in any of my tier VII or VIII,
    because I still don’t have any tier IX 😛 it’s impossible to pen him
    frontally, perhaps his cupola but that’s one shot out of ten. It probably
    should get nerfed.

  6. I want to hug you

  7. SirFoch you could review VK 45.02 K (t10 premium), ha?

  8. What does Foch say at the start of the vids? Hello? :p

  9. Can we talk about that ISU at 12:47? He’s complaining that the VK B is OP
    when he’s using an ISU with the BL-10 spamming HEAT… There’s a reason you
    bounced off his side with HEAT, dickhead. Any variaton of high explosive
    (HESH, HE, HEAT) don’t pen spaced armour, and tracks count as spaced

  10. don’t curse kid

  11. Well, most German heavies have the armor concentrated at the front, unlike
    many Russian tanks like the ST-I, IS-4, KV-1 etc.
    And you still can’t use it easily because you have to hide that lower plate
    like all the time.
    This one at least can.
    If it has support so it can’t get flanked and it’s driver realizes what he
    has to do it’s formidable.
    Still, another tank that relies on armor and falls victim to premium ammo
    unbalancing the game.
    The moment it comes up again a stat padder it gets HEATed like no tomorrow.

  12. Tier 11 Thanks for balancing this game! :)

  13. Will you ever rant about scumbags like you did about lights?

    I want to feel your bitter and sour voice when talking about them.

  14. That was one of the craziest games that I have seen on Mines, however, it
    was still thoroughly enjoyable and a superb review to boot!


  15. Quote of the day “arty takes dump on you” lolz

    Damn clickers, get clicked! 

  16. 6.50 was the best advice you can give to anyone driving a slow heavy tank.

  17. this time is so small.

  18. Great review !

  19. LOL the Chi Ri got a kill…what a rockstar :D

  20. front armor OP

  21. can you make a video about the French tier 7 tank destroyer the amx ac mle.

  22. Seeing this good match and considering the incoming IM for heavy tanks
    where you need to do 14k combined own/blocked dmg … SirFoch made 11-12k
    dmg. How can they think 10% of the players can achieve such results?

  23. Is it just me, or does he always say ‘ladies and mentlegen’ at the start?

  24. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum

    I can’t find your intro song on youtube :'( 

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