VK3002 (D) review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used:
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. First comment!

  2. Loved that tank, but it is really shit;)

  3. Hey foch, Love ya. Keep being awesome and halarious. Btw could we ger an
    IS-7 review?

  4. Could you do a AMX 13 90, lorrain 40t review? Or maybe batchat re-review or
    Deathstar re-review? Would be nice with the new format.

  5. Good video, as always.

    What does Foch say in his intro exactly? I know it’s like ‘ladies and
    gentlemen’ (or at least it sounds so), but what exactly does he say?

  6. Maksymilian Reviews and Tutorials


  7. u have game on SSD?

  8. Like 50% of your replays on YT i had allready seen on either your or
    Circon’s streams. Don’t know how to feel about that :P

  9. Hmmm, paper, cheese or shit. Which would be better? Oh, oh, I want cheese
    please. :P

  10. +TheFochYou Running out of tanks to review? Not even close man. There are
    plenty that have been rebalanced over the years that you could take a
    second look at.
    Do you do premium tank reviews too?

  11. Even on one of the worst penetration at the tier 7 foch still uses AP and
    not APCR…just respect

  12. Good you are reviewing “not so popular” tanks…. GJ

  13. 14:35 enemies pushing in one direction… 😀 LOL… 1D fan spotted. JK!

  14. 11:08 “you can just tear them a new asshole” lol

  15. emil had a stock gun and that doesnt have 200 pen. i know u know but still

  16. This tank is a monster while top tier. The ratie of fire combined with the
    alpha does miracles on t7 battles.

  17. You are to good and make this look easy mate….when is NOT!!!
    Keep it up :)

  18. This was the game from yesterday stream with circon and that was his 2nd
    game in it?
    btw nice vid

  19. Mediums should be inferior to their equivalent tier heavies. That’s the
    intention. They’re flankers. They attack distracted opponents. They work in
    groups. 1vs1 fights against alert and full HP heavies of the same tier is
    stupid. Of course you should lose (unless there’s a massive skill gap
    between the players).

  20. Tier 7 is a great tier for me because i seem to rarely get tier 9 games,
    spent 3 days grinding the T-43 (for the mission) and got my first tier 9
    match on the second day. and was playing 20-30 matches a day. Same when i
    got T-29 i literally didn’t get a tier 9 game until after i elited the

  21. So its accuracy is utter shit right now?
    Image how bad it will be in 9.4 (next patch?!) where Vodkagaming nerfs
    accuracy in general….. R.I.P. for this tank (and many others

  22. I did the whole grind with the 7,5. The low pen on the 8.8 was just too
    unreliable to get through the bigger tiers for me. It’s an ok tank overall,
    didn’t feel painful to get to the indien.

  23. haha “accuracy was pretty damn horo-scious”

  24. Nice review , thanks

  25. I absolutely LOVE the vk3001D, the tier 6 in this line. Got like 600 games
    or smth in it. This one(2D) i hated.

  26. you changed Clan SirFoch ?? 

  27. I played more games in that tank to unlock Indien Pz. than I played in the
    Indien Pz. and all of my other tier VIII:s before I unlocked the tier IX
    after. Says something about it…

  28. My favourite t7 <3

  29. If you are running out of tanks to review, do some map strategy videos.
    There is definitely a lot of maps I still struggle with positioning. 

  30. TheMusicFanForEver77

    A little anti- QB video 🙂 The comet has same shit pen and worse alpha as
    well. -12 depression? Who cares! :D

  31. This thing actually has one of the highest average WN8 among my tanks…
    (3400) It only took me 36 games to “grind” through it and I also think it
    was quite fun. Ran it with the short 88 as well and worked out great for
    me. :)

  32. I like the way u use the words ‘shit’, ‘asshole’, ‘fuck no’. Keep them
    coming bro. Best reviews on the fckin internet, keep them coming.

  33. i did a game in this tank with 4000 damage with the 7.5 cm l42, dont know
    how i did that

  34. you gotta love this tank with the 88 in tier 7 and 8 games but your a a
    scout in tier 9 games

  35. Jingles brought me here originally but I love your straight reviews and
    phrases pretty funny – and love your playing style you make it look so
    easy. Still have no idea what you say at the start of every vid though
    haha. Ladies and mentalgen? Hahha. Thanks Foch.

  36. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    They should give this tank preferential MM. That would help with its

  37. In tier 9 matches, you sometimes feel as if driving off the cliff would be
    the best decision with this tank…

  38. i preferred this to the comet and the t20. for me the best tier 7 meds are
    either the t43 (its quick and has the armour of a kv1 so its actually
    really good at sidescraping) or this because this tanks can shred tier 8
    meds. ive one vs oned indien panzers, cent 1s, pershings and even tiger 2s.
    watch out for the t-44 though their rof and damage can wreck you and thats
    one tank that will give you a run for your money.

  39. This tank surprised me. With the short 88 it was fun to play. With the
    75 is was a worse version of the vk 3001(D).

    Thinking of re-buying it.

  40. When u get i tier 9, u remember why u love the comet again.

  41. The tier 6 variant 30.01D is a great tank. Great all-rounder.

  42. They should give it the Tiger 1’s 88mm but with worse soft stats. That
    would make a great tank.

  43. i also prefer t6 VK 30.01 D thou 02 D is nice tank and was fun to grind
    thru. thou the gun on it can be really painful no matter which you use

  44. Nice, finnally some games where you didn’t manage to maintain an advantage
    over your enemies all game, playing really well, but you fought for it, as
    you were most of the time behind 🙂
    Really enjoyed the gameplay!

  45. I hate this tank, not enough things this tank does better than the comet.
    And i don’t like tanks that depend on MM so much. I have been stuck on this
    tank towards getting the Leo1 for so long now :(.

  46. What do you think abour loading HE vs the soft german TDs (like at the st.
    Emil in the 2nd game)? Is it too inconsistent or is it a better

  47. I used that front scraping trick alot xD

  48. It might have been useful to show just a clip of a t9 game to drive the
    point home. I’m still amazed how well you angle so quickly for each

  49. Is there actually any real popular Tier VII medium tank? 

  50. Foch, can you tell me, why did you leave RDDT, please? Im just curious, so
    someone, or even you, could tell me, if its not a secret. Like your vids,
    keep up good job, mate! Tono13

  51. Excellent info, . . thanks Foch

  52. Please give us a VK3002 (D) review. said NO ONE EVER!!!

  53. oh and that t28 is actually a fast well armored tank its not even close to
    being trash!

  54. I got so frustrated with this tank that i went from the L70 to the L56
    88mm..nope still not happy, so i said what the heck…i’ll give the derp
    gun a go, from then on i had lots of fun. I never claimed not to be weird,
    now did i?

  55. Note: the VK30.02 is also uguu~kawaii~ as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I mean, just
    look at those cute little side boxes! 

  56. MrImmortalityPrince

    Dat 50 100 in the first match…

  57. Runing out of tanks to review? You could review a lot of British tank. Do a
    Caernavon, Black Prince or Comet review. Or even better do a review of a
    tank I always assumed you absolutely hated – the AT 15 !!! Why hated?
    -because of the obvious AT 15 weaknesses and I remember the T28/T28 Prot.
    ”Rage” reviews, two even slower TDs, but with higher alpha guns than the
    AT 15. I personally think that it’s hilarious with that RoF at tier 8.

  58. Stefanos Papagiannakhs

    at last 😀 <3

  59. I agree with your choice of gun. I have also tried some games with the
    howitzer and it’s a blast! With your game sense and map knowledge you will
    be able to get behind people and derp them a new asshole! 

  60. i’ve had this tank for awhile, mostly collecting dust in the garage. But it
    did perform well against lower and same tier tanks. It is complete shit is
    tier 8 and 9 dominated mm

  61. “the armour is made of paper.. or cheese.. or shit” frigging laughed my ass

  62. i went through this tank and the panther simultaneously and this thing was
    way less frustrating. The pen might be shit but the alpha is so much more
    satisfying than the panther. You have some workable armor and some speed to
    actually flank. If you are careful, this tank can be a beast.

  63. same thing with the comet. when I’m top tier I really love it but when I’m
    in a tier 8 match I’d rather play tetris…

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