VK45.02 B / Redshire / “Have you tried killing it with fire”

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There’s a game currently in beta called “Evolve” where you get to play either as a monster, or one of a group of hunters… but why bother with that when you can just play the VK B in instead?


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any.tv/SHL9q

Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds


  1. Yay first :3

  2. No one cares about people who are first or second.
    Sometimes i really hate the youtube community.

  3. Nice one Jedi thanks for the cool upload bro!!!

  4. That premium consumable called brain, is really a rather uncommon one ^^

  5. This is not a complaint or anything its more of a question. Why is the
    video atleast for me like its behind some blurry thing? If anyone know what
    i mean? its not as crisp as Jingles vids for example? Just wondering !

  6. Vk 4502 B never used to scare me, when I see one now I’m like “Nope” and
    just drive in a different direction.

  7. “battered, bruised, but not unbroken”
    -jedi 2015

  8. Aw i thought the video would be about how difficult it is to set someone
    fire for the mission. yesterday i had 57 battles and broke 17 engines….no
    fire. Then idk where fuel tanks are.

  9. Jedi, i seriously hope you’ve already planned to get a sixth sense crew on
    the M3 Grant.

  10. Funny how those tomatos allways think cap as fast as possible in a good

  11. I wished this tank was buffed when I played it.

    I’ve developed a hatred of it, despite the fact that it may be better now.

  12. “Battered, bruised, but NOT unbroken” derping again PHJ :D

  13. While on the subject of tracking… In my deathstar down to AP shells. See
    an AMX 13 90. Fully aimed at his side. Fire. Critical hit just takes his
    track without damage. I mean the 183mm shell is about the size of ELC…
    The kinetic force should just flip the AMX.

  14. Jedi will you miss the vk b when its switched for a maus prototype? or are
    you excited for the maus prototype? (from what i remember i think it may
    have a 15cm cannon with like 200 pen will way less than the regular maus
    with less engine power and have its turret mounted frontally but i may be

  15. Twerp 103… 

  16. Nice MoE man! And GG to Snooze and you, Circon sucked huehue

  17. I need this tank. Don’t get me wrong I love my M103 for it’s damage output,
    gun handling and mobility, but it is just so shit against other heavy tanks
    and TDs, because itw weakspots are so big, and so soft, and even its
    strobgest armor is just adequate. When an IS3 shoots up, at your upper
    glacis, and it still rips through; despite the outrageous angle, you know
    that all that armor is doing is slowing you down. The turret roof gets
    overmatched by every non medium tank gun tier 9 up, and most tier 8 heavies
    and TDs, and the sides are only 44mm thick so good luck reliably
    sidescraping. Tracks eat shots bu not enough to save you. Basically M103 vs
    this or an E75 is painful. I prefer tier ten matchs because then M103 can
    actually play its roll as a support heavy. Top tier there is an expectation
    to tank shots, which is just a quick death by other heavies and artillery
    in a tank with 37mm thick turret top armor, visible from the front, which
    you cannot hide as it is huge. Reward? Sexy hd model and the T110E5

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