VK45.03 Goes ham

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Source: TheFochYou

I over on twitch 5days a week so come check me out!


  1. The Tiger IIs comment in the end is really telling … “Cap is cap and not
    shoot and kill.” I can’t tell how often my team lost this map because they
    decided to cap when almost all enemy tanks were still alive. All the
    capping tanks just sitting in the cap, being flanked from all directions,
    unable to return fire …

  2. you’re the man Foch!

  3. Anther great one Foch, thanks

  4. This video sounds like you are in the bathroom or toilet but GG anyways.

  5. *Pfff sandbox under NDA. What a retarded fucking move, eat shit WG.*

  6. foch is like 10 of your earth gay

  7. I actually really liked the black prince. Of course, that was before this
    tank was introduced, but with a bunch of angling and side scraping I would
    frequently take on tier 8s and had this fun time shitting on a full fat
    jagdtiger with the aforementioned scraping.

  8. Gordie Geymuller

    Didn’t stream today?

  9. I don’t think anyone would have said you’re a gold noob when it comes down
    to just you and the O-Ni… Please sometimes its OK

  10. Dat O-NI. tried shooting through 3m of solid ground. wish i was this
    optimistic :D

  11. “He’s not very bright”………Lmao!!………..Mr.Foch, that’s why we play
    and laugh W.o.T? Lmao…….playing this game is my comedic relief. Beats
    Big Bang Theory hands down. GG

  12. Loved that dialogue:
    Fishburn82[322] (T-34/100): “-its a win anyway”
    onepiece54[DL44] (Tiger I): “-you can’t know”
    Fishburn82[322] (T-34/100): “-he is one of the best players in the game
    again (against) a total ******”

    lol’d too hard

  13. can you always talk about how to approach on the particular map in general.
    would be very helpful because i am still unsure on some of them. (consider
    what a top/ and what a bottom tier should do)

  14. do another Foch Rant!!!

  15. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Hoes and ham <3
    Can we get some wine and cigarettes too, please? :-)

  16. love it how he always starts with: hello ladies ammentleman

  17. Hoes ham! Fuck yeah

  18. Hoes are love, hoes are cheap. :D

  19. “Now you see me loading some APCR to help me deal with this japanese
    superheavy since I can feel the pressure is on.” – some random youtuber
    that occasionally congratulates arty on their great shots.

  20. i remember a day when credit earning with premium tanks was better

  21. I didnt think the VK45.03 could go ham.

  22. Again, my hats of to Foch and just that reason, almost every other player
    would have loaded gold, i would have too.. But not Foch. He is genuenly one
    of the best players there is. Like fishburn there said…
    Keep up the good work Foch, do not ever change, it is obvious that even
    without the gold you own almost every game, and that is honourable thing!

  23. Sandbox on NDA? But QB streamed it yesterday 😀 Btw nice vid!

  24. hoes for life

  25. Holy shit, over 83 million credits… HOW??!!

  26. The only place I see this tank played well is on you tube.Its nothing but
    something to farm damage from on the eastern NA server from what I’ve seen.

  27. want to see you go JAM in T54 light weight

  28. first!!!(883rd really). also foch what do you think of the changes in the

  29. Respect for not loading gold, most important reason why I watch this

  30. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Feel free to upload some Overwatch 😉
    Saw you playing with Circon. Good stuff

  31. Wait, so is the sandbox NDA or not? I’ve seen forum posts, blog posts, and
    QB talks about it like there won’t be an NDA. I’d love to hear your take on
    it Foch.

  32. might want to check your last tweet Foch if you haven’t already haha :P.

  33. The Tiger was such a salty noob :D

  34. Alexander Bakker (Alex)

    That O-Ni was another level of bad.

  35. lol, you can just say it, in general most of tier 7 plays is noob.

  36. NOICE

  37. Hoes ham

  38. Dem hoes

  39. IS-3A sale on NA today, yay!

  40. First

  41. Vk sure is a hoe.

  42. furst

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