VK45.03 Review. Is it worth the gold?

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Noisemaker by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
specs: Asus Z170 Pro LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Lachezar Nikolov

    Is it worth buying the Sta2 after the changes to the vehicle or wait for
    the panzer Mutz?

  2. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Is it just me or is this an enormous slap in the face to all Panther 88

  3. Considering German optics was best of all in WW2, its pretty stupid have so
    long aim times. Game is game, but where is ballance?
    Last time they buffed top gun accuracy on Tiger II by whoping 0.02!!!!
    Great success! Problem solved…

  4. Prick in Pepperoni’s arty. Ha Ha Ha!

  5. The French Bastard

    better than most T7 heavy tanks…..considering how bad a lot of tier 7 are
    that just means it’s decent

  6. This tank is way better than the Tiger because of the aim time and
    dispersion. The armor is better than the Tiger’s, too. They need to give
    the Tiger these same soft stats because there’s no reason for this tank to
    be so much more accurate than the Tiger.

  7. and people are saying tiger2 should be attier7….you clearly dont know how
    OP that would be, well anyway i have a 5 crew skill tiger2 crew and thats
    gunah go in this tank!

  8. I really hope that they will buff german tanks

  9. if this means that the lowe can get buffed to be as competitive as the
    tiger 2

  10. This is what the AMX M4 should be.

  11. I just wanna know why it has a t9 turret with a randomly determined armor
    that’s t5 level of bad. makes no sense.

  12. The “premium tank are worse than their regular counterparts” time is long
    over. It is not necessary anymore. Old premiums had mostly preferentiell
    MM, so WG made them slightly worse than the regular tanks.
    Also the VK is not really P2W. The tank is just like a german heavy should
    be. It only appears to be so good because its direct competitor, the Löwe,
    is an overpriced piece of garbage. I am also glad that we finally got an
    88mm which does not have potato stats.

  13. It has been a long time since WG released a interesting tank. Be certain
    they try everything to fuck it up.

  14. Thx for info, now arty players know how to click better.

  15. Still IS and IS2 B and T29 are better. Is it better than Tigers? I guess it
    is. But I prefer Tiger 1 anyways due to DPM.

  16. Maybe this means WG will finally buff german heavies (and mediums).

  17. Well OFC it’s better than the Caernarvon because War Gayming hates the
    mid-tier Brit heavies. No mobility and armour that’s useless because every
    fucktard and their mother spams gold the minute you show up. The 17 pdr.
    gun was FEARED during WWII but in this it’s just a fucking joke just like
    the KwK 36 was feared but it’s just a fucking joke here. Way to go War
    Gayming you fake russki cunts.

  18. Thomas Anonymous

    before i watch, no?

  19. I have to say this looks a lot like pay to win. It seems clearly catered
    towards the german market as this is the first competitive german heavy
    aside from the E75 and is totally overpriced. Seems like WG found some new
    ways to farm money. I wouldn be surprised to see OP but overpriced premiums
    from other nations soon too.

  20. I’ve bought it. Ace tanker required 1517 XP lolololo

  21. Only when I got to the last 2 minutes I realized that this is not a slow
    medium but a reasonably mobile heavy.

  22. So price aside – is this better than the Berlin IS-2?

  23. For a Tier 7 Tank it seems pretty good

  24. Nice review, but what about that turret front? surely if you ever need to
    be hull down you will just get smashed?

  25. Wargaming is not goign with the Premium slightly worse than the same tier
    regular tank anymore for a while now. CDC, T54mod1, 90mm buldog, all tanks
    better than their silver counterparts. They saw that it makes a profit to
    sell Overperforming vehicles in warships and quickly started integrating
    the same principle in WOT.

  26. This seems to me like wargaming going full pay2win. The price is nuts, it
    just doesn’t make enough credits to be worth it as a premium, but if you
    can pay it, you will get one of the best tier 7 heavies.

  27. Richard Gustafsson

    I don’t mind premiums having some good stats if their turret is cheese with
    mediocre mobility

  28. jacco doevendans

    better than russian is-2?

  29. Moe Dali (Addicted2Trance)

    Was waiting for this review for a week. Thanks for uploading Foch.
    I’m buying this tank today. Glad I didn’t buy the Lowe yet. This one suits
    my play style quite well. I don’t like slow tanks. I’m more into fast
    accurate flanking tanks. So this one should be interesting.
    Will you be making a video on the 59 Patton?

  30. I wouldn’t get my hopes up, it’s just probably the balancing departament
    proving us wrong – they are not braindead, there was no brain to begin with.
    And I still don’t know how Foch doesn’t recognize the T29 as the
    roflstomper on tier 7.

  31. 07 fochy nice work as always fuk ya

  32. Thanks for the honest words. Cheers!

  33. taking bets on how long it will take before it gets nerfed

  34. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    At the endit is more worth the gold than the loew?

  35. so basically it’s a faster tiger with angled armour and with a better gun?

  36. what do you think of yogcast playing wot

  37. I’m first, you got a problem? Come at me ?

  38. So early

  39. I Made You Read This

    Jonas is a slut.

  40. Hello metalgen!

  41. Second Love you foch!

  42. Ok.

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