VK4503 Contest Winner // “That’ll do”

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Contest Winner // "That'll do"">

Source: PointyHairedJedi

Despite an extra , there haven’t been quite so many entries as I’d hoped – but, enough to pick out a winner, so congratulations to XrN1 for his entry!


World of Tanks is a free-to-play online, tank battle game – you can sign up here: http://play.any./SHL9q

For more information on the Specialist Global Tank Academy training clan, check out their website – http://www.sgta-clan.com/


  1. 5:02 Black Prince has ~130 mm more DPM than Tiger P while having 30 mm less
    pen and lower alpha. In fact, sub 2k DPM on that gun on tier 7 tank is
    simply “shit”… no other words to describe it. Even Challenger has 2.4k
    raw DPM (it goes over 2.7k with rammer and vents) and it doesn’t help it
    Fun fact: TOG II* has the same RoF as Black Prince.

  2. Had I only knew there were only 4 entries! I learned about the contest the
    day before it was supposed to end, and I though there is no chance now, and
    no point to go and by the tigers again :)

  3. SuperShermanTanker

    I could have very technicaly qualified even though I’m in NA because I have
    my main NA account that has a tiger P and a bunch of other tanks up to teir
    8 and I have been working on my EU account grinding up the french TD tree
    so I could have had just played my Tiger P on the NA accound and would have
    been able to (if I even won) had the prize just be summitted to my EU
    account to help me get credits to be able to afford those higher teir
    french TDs also I kinda didn’t check jedi’s channel in the past few weeks
    so sadly I missed the contest

  4. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    making it only for the tigers was the right choice though

  5. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    I saw the contest but I thought it was too close to the close for it….
    and I’m on the wrong server. sorry man :/

  6. i woulda liked to have entered but… i’m NA. i even have a 60% w/r in both
    the tiger p and tiger 1 so i would have had a fighting chance to own that
    vk… good vid regardless..

  7. Donisin 도니신

    pity I don’t have a tiger tank :(

  8. Dang! Did not know there even was a contest, have even seen all your latest
    content 🙁 so sad. Maybee next time you can put it in the title? :D

  9. there really isnt a community team here on sea @pointyhairedjedi, you would
    have more lucky trying to contact Tanitha, who is the head admin for SEA

  10. again with another wargaming contest unrelated i didnt know about it or i
    would have entered

  11. Five days of travel to cover a country the size of the state of Oregon.

  12. Admiral Anderson

    Steve has gone from the KV-1 to the Ferdinand;)

  13. Honestly, I did not know there was a contest. Then again, it’s good that
    you reward people who watch everything you put up

  14. archer reference? archer reference.

  15. totally missed that contest. Since I have bought the VK 45.03 on day one
    though I guess I wouldn’t have needed to win it ;)

  16. The Ferdinand must have been driven by Steve!

  17. Oh god. I’ve just started grinding the maus, just to do HT15 for the obj
    260, and my god I hate it with passion. It’s decent against tier 7 and
    below IF it isn’t a good player shooting at you, but totally worthless
    against good players and higher tiers. The tiger and the IS or IS2 is soooo
    much better. :)

  18. PCWarMachine.com

    That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

  19. carlitosskater89

    The thing that killed me out of the contest was to play it alone, latelly I
    only play with my brother and we get awesome results (I just went to 56%
    WIN rate), but when I go solo,I got super crappy teams (I manage to do my
    1,5k damage, but that’s it…).

    So, yah, maybe, if next time we can do it in platoons…

  20. Aww man, only 4, I am grinding the Tiger at the moment but assumed I’d be
    no where near able to compete with the better players and so didn’t think
    to enter. Damn. Next time!!

  21. I think the Ferdi running away from the T25/2 showed the downsides of
    having a platoon on your team, they ignore others (and what is probably the
    right thing to do) to go and help their friend. He was going away from the
    T25/2 but towards his platoon-mate T28 who was having a few ISU-152
    problems at the time.

  22. Hello! That was me in the Tiger (P)! Thank you PHJ for the contest! And
    thank you every good player who didn’t enter this contest :D. Thank you to
    the IS-6 on my team for having a great game as well, and I guess I have the
    thank the arty and even the Ferdi who finished the game with a victory.

    I took some dmg from the T29, he exposed his full side armour earlier, and
    I kind of underestimated him afterwards, should have been more careful.
    Same with the T25/2, thought I could be cheeky and kill him off quickly,
    but no 🙁 . I had no idea that it was going to be a high xp game, I just
    kept watching, with the Ferdi being a slow tank, and the T25/2 to be every
    slightly faster, I went to look for the remaining fast tanks that could
    possibly be of help with spotting and there was this ELC. I didn’t say
    anything in chat but … yeah… I was thinking “NOOOOOO ELC move!”. With
    the ELC making a fatal mistake I thought the game was lost, but arty
    managed to deliver.

    This is my second replay win in two months. Both times with a replay where
    I thought it was not going to be good enough for a win. I previously won a
    Type 59 in SirHavoc’s T5 contest with a 9 kill in a T-34, which you can see
    here: https://youtu.be/-1MkJIWZCnA?t=9m45s

    As for the low number of entries, PHJ, I have to say this contest was a bit
    below the radar. I’m not sure if it was on purpose.
    I am following quite a few channels and while I do watch some videos I
    often skip intros and barely read descriptions.
    I learned about this contest via Facebook, I believe it was WG who posted
    about winning a VK 45.03 with a link to your VK video. The title of your
    video does not suggest that there is a contest. By the time WG posted your
    video, a week had already gone by.

    Even though it was not advertised more prominently, with nearly 6k views I
    would have expected more entries as well.

    Fellow tankers, learn from my experience, send in your replays even if you
    think you weren’t good enough to win. There might be many better players
    out there, but they aren’t necessarily entering awesome contests like
    these. 🙂

    Thanks again PHJ.

  23. Ehm…did not even notice that you had a contest running. How could I miss
    that? Did you hide it in a CK II video or what? ;)

  24. LOL, didn’t even know there was a contest +PointyHairedJedi :D

  25. almost beat him, but well, congratulations to the winner.

  26. lol I love you guys! you’re the 2nd youtuber calling the travel stressful
    🙂 mostly like it because I actually relate to it :)

  27. if anyone could tell us what the ELC was thinking it would probably be

    wow… I think I just channelled Caption Guy ;)

  28. if it had have been tier 7 russian heavies i would guess youd have gotten
    hundreds of entries lol

  29. honestly i was planning on entering but the game just started pissing me
    off it kept trolling the shit out of me and i had to stop playing before it
    drove me nuts

  30. My god. That hit on the ISU was literally the only damage the Ferdinand
    did. I think he deserves all of the criticism you were going to level at
    him. Oh, and I didn’t submit anything (I DO have a Tiger P I’m grinding)
    because I’m from NA. Sorry Jedi.

  31. Lucky winner! I love the look of the new premium, purty tank.

  32. I was hoping to buy the Tiger I back before the end but I didn’t have the
    time to grind the credits for it D:

  33. hmm, am i really the only person here so far?

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