Vlog 1 The Role of Gaming Communities in Society by Sir Havoc || World of Tanks

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Source: Sir Havoc

Vlog 1 The Role of Gaming Communities in Society by Sir Havoc || World of Tanks

Hi guys welcome to a new series where I make Videos all about things I think worth a mention. This week is the role of Gaming Communities in Society.

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  1. I know what you are talking about. I met alot of great people playing World
    of Warcraft years ago. And we did meet every yeah at least once although
    that meant driving over 600 kilometers. It is great if you manage to find
    such a group of people that are more than just “people you play a game
    with”. Still i think you still should learn to not let your “real life”
    fall apart because of it, but you should not be afraid to enjoy what you do
    as a hobby and the people you are doing it with.
    Also it is great if we get more positive communities online, because many
    people online are toxic and i think it is a great thing to be different and
    try to do better for the own community, but also for the gaming community
    as a whole.

  2. Hi havoc , here is my experience , i am algerian and i play WOT with
    Europians , and i made frienship with them for 2 years we spent long time
    togather in the game having fun , talking about everything including game ,
    religion , life in my contry and thiers, education , almost every day , it
    was awesome .

  3. You know a lot about what I think about this topic already. I am glad you
    are Vlogging, now! In my community, =VX9=, we treat each other like
    family, and it has helped me in my personal life get through a few rough
    spots. I wish I could do more for you and =VX9= in return!

  4. Who the hell neg’d.

  5. strangely enough, i experienced the same thing when i was a moderator on a
    minecraft server, i was really able to connect with a lot of the players
    seeing them online everyday. When the server was shutdown I felt like I had
    lost something forever.

  6. Well said! correctly stated, gaming communities are “real” I met up with
    some members of my clan at Tankfest 2015 and proud to call them friends,
    not mates or buddies, but friends. Comming form a 24yr soldier that says

  7. I made some real bonds. People I’ll trust with my life if it came down with

  8. well done boss,excellent work.I hope a lot of those nasty world of tankers
    who send crappy messages because you have had a bad game take note,you do
    not know peoples circumstances so be nice and be positive it will help you
    as well.
    enjoy your games no matter how you play them.


  9. Great job making a great point. If you are fortunate enough to find the
    right clan for you or just meet certain great players it makes a huge
    difference. Often times the player base is way too toxic but when you log
    in to relax from regular life its great to see / chat with people who are
    nice or funny, whatever.

  10. Hear hear! Many years ago, I did some basic social work training, but I
    have never used it either professionally or in a formalised volunteer role.
    But shortly after joining my first WoT clan, I got handballed the internal
    role of ‘mediator’, and given my own closed TS channel on the clan server.
    I’ve mentored younger fellas over the years, and listened to mates as they
    talk through the heartache of failing relationships and the death of loved

    I try to explain to non gaming friends that our communities are like the
    people you can find in your local corner pub. The only difference (in my
    mind) is they play darts or pool, whilst we jump into client. I’ve meet
    some great folk in the clans I’ve been in, and being part of those
    communities has been a positive for me. Sometimes I’ve jumped into TS, just
    to be part of the convo. When you’re just one of tens of thousands on a
    server, it’s nice to have a bunch of mates that you can have some fun with.
    With my current clan, we’re not that precious about which game we play,
    what’s more important is with whom we do it.

  11. Funny you put this video up. My clan just had a meet up.

  12. Sir Havok…forgive me if you’ve already said this. How does one join your
    community to learn better WOT skills? I belong to a clan and do not want to
    leave it, but would like to learn more about playing better.

  13. I tried to get in a UNI but they no let me b/c I am 11…. :(

  14. Seriously, the internet and gaming has created a self centered society. 2
    people will sit in the same room and not talk, but text each other. I have
    seen people who apply for jobs at my company, who cannot deal with a real
    person. Yet they have hundreds of fake friends via facebook. Not to mention
    the health concerns of people parking their arse in front of a pc 6-12 hrs
    a day. Just saying.

  15. I share that feeling and sentiment Pete, and I am so proud to be part of
    THAT kind community, ty mate for sharing this video

  16. Havoc that was Wonderful good job bro ;)

  17. Right on SirHavoc, What you did and what you clan/community did is what
    makes this world a better place. Giving without the care of something in
    return. My wife and I stopped at a local convenience store one day and as
    we were waiting there was lil girl (may 3yrs old) peeking in the ice cream
    chest, just seeing the young mother pay for her stuff we knew she didn’t
    have enough to buy her lil ones an ice cream. So my asked if we could, of
    course I said yes. The look on the lil one’s face at getting her ice cream
    made it worth it.

    Little acts of kindness and put others before our selves is what we need to
    have go viral. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Look forward to see more!

  18. Brilliant video pete sums up everything perfectly bro ?


  19. lol 3 people dislike something so positive perhaps they need a whip around.
    nothing dislike about guys that help out and support each other

  20. Jonas Offermann Martins (ThePacaray)

    I was planning to join QSF but after this video, i think i changed my mind
    and maybe i’ll join havock’s community. 

  21. 11 months ago I had to sell my ps4 due to hard ships in my life with
    surgery’s an other things , I live out in the middle of no were at the
    time. I tell you what I miss my friends , my gaming , and it feels like a
    massive hole is now in my life. gaming community’s are a family , a
    brotherhood .

  22. Krusty: (sobbing) Even theApplause-O-Meter is crying. Oh, God, that’s
    battery acid! Oh! Ooh! OW!

  23. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    They are viable and they take time to build. My own channel community has
    taken nearly 6 months to build and put together but they are slowly turning
    into a group of pure awesome people. I believe they are an alternative to
    our drab world where we feel we make no impact and don’t actually hear or
    have a community to talk to and this is something that really helps us all
    feel like we have a place to belong. More over, I find that clans that
    build their clans as a community rather than a bunch of people who play
    games together, result in them being much more successful at retaining

  24. Well done brother

  25. Nice one, Boss!

  26. I couldn’t say it better. Nice vLog. Be true to you and the others.

  27. Sir Havoc THX for keeping it real… it means so mush to me.

  28. I couldn’t say it better. Nice Vlog.

  29. From experience communities which start small and grow slowly tend to be
    the more balanced communities because then there is the time to get to know
    everyone which generally builds respect, then the people who join further
    down the line find they have to conform to that level of respect or find
    themselves ostracized.

    Having said that, while I have come across fund raisers for community
    things, this is the second time I think where I have come across something
    like this for the benefit of a single community member to ease their RL
    struggles and it left me humbled and buoyed that I was able to contribute
    in a small way.

  30. On the thumbnail your mouth looks hella funny XD

  31. Dan Priddy (GovMule)

    We do what we can when we can for a Brother in Arms and in need.
    @ Mr. State the Xbox/face book/brain dead Generation started long ago you
    should probable study up on the progression of society. The generation
    before blamed TV the one before that blamed Radio and before that Talking
    pictures …. Need I go on.

  32. well many people think these new generations are braindead as george said
    and that is partialy true but many many people i know are very capable of
    being succesful. I am now 15 years old and i spend quite some time playing
    games. And i have great goals in my mind for which i am prepared to work
    hard for, and many of my friends are also prepared to achive their goals.
    But i worry for the generations after us because from what i saw now in
    primary school i wouldnt say it is looking good. Just one more thing i
    remember when i was in 6th grade we saw 9th graders as “gods” but when my
    generation reached 9th grade they treated us like we were nothing. Thank
    you for taking your time and reading this 🙂 .

  33. You are just such and amazng guy doing an awsome job.

  34. Only 34, Pete? Just a Babby… I’m TWICE your age…. See, it’s true, Wot
    Uni will take anybody…..
    Hoplite_steel (W-Uni)

  35. Hey Pete and thank you for putting this up in this way. I’m fortunate to
    have got to know you since Nov last year and I’m well aware of the tireless
    work you do behind the scenes! I haven’ t been surprised by the response
    from within the community because I’m fortunate and proud to be a part of
    it. Just how good could things become if more communities follow the lead
    of HAVOC X? I must also add that whilst I wasn’t surprised I was moved both
    by the response from within the community and this video. Thanks Pete and a
    massive HYPE to all in HAVOC X

  36. wow…..how nice pete, the world would be some much of a better place if
    there were more people like YOU…..

  37. Very relevant vLog. and well worth the time it takes to watch it. Well Done
    , Sir!!!

  38. feel free to comment on anything i may have left out of add meat to the
    bones below

  39. James Pyle (NewYears1978)

    Thumbs up :)

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