VODKA FUELED ONE SHOT MACHINE (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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VODKA FUELED ONE SHOT MACHINE (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. for some reason, i hate phly starting to love the soviet even more

  2. British bias Grant 1, Cromwell RP-3 and Avenger mk.1

  3. Christi_infinitul 01

    Comrade we need the MiG-9 . We know it’s nerfed but OP remains in our vodka

  4. Phly….Phly… know not the strugglebus of AA until you play the 72 K
    GAZ MM flak truck. Hope you enjoy having gun shot off by 7.7 MGs :D

  5. T-10M and PE-8 please

  6. 16:50 that`s the bias there boys, if you don`t approve then fk off with
    your semi historic stalin bullshit

  7. “Super Pershing or Pershing for Freedom.”

  8. Comrades! Stalin has had enough of the Reich bastards, fuel up the vodka in
    the vodka tanks and unleash the bias at full power according to secret
    Dokuments. Bring out the t10m and il28, show the bias, and the might of

  9. Cyka Blyat Plywood, comrade :3

  10. How the hell can you get 11 kills and your team lose… it seems

  11. Please play the t50 it’s great at low tier

  12. GO TO 18 MIN WHEN HE SHOT THE PANTHER. shots left side of tanks turret.
    goes into right side lol

  13. Russian bias to the max

  14. Xx Yodathedestroyer xX

    Phly you have amazing hearing, at full volume I couldn’t hear that panzer!

  15. T34-100 is Cancer!

  16. Dicker max.

  17. The Matilda is a great British heavy. I have
    learnt how to play it with world of tanks and so I want the King of war
    Thunder to play it.

  18. play as t17 armoured car for britain

  19. Who else is burned out on Warthunder?

  20. Pz IIIb and the HE51 …go back to the roots :D

  21. Yesterday a friendly T34 scare the shit out of me in realistic and i 1shot
    him with KV1 ;-; He was really mad, in russian…

  22. try a extreme low tear

  23. T-32 for stronk gulag

  24. Tiger and Hs 129 B-2 the cat and the duck

  25. The SU-100 vs MAUS

  26. good game

  27. $45 t-26 @ 2 tiger$

  28. play Jagdtiger .never saw anyone playing that

  29. For The Hero Brother Iosef Stalin – 2 (Revenge Of Hero Brother) and IL – 10

  30. bring in the German KV-2 for the motherland and the fatherland!!!

  31. play the tiger 2 and the me262 with the 20 mil for the fatherland.(say
    everything in a german accent)

  32. I vote the Fatass Combo – Sherman Jumbo (either) and TBF Avenger.

  33. Cromwell and typhoon with 500kg bombs

  34. t34 is bullshit from start to finish. if you could put the t62 turret on
    the god damn thing and it would break the game

  35. Isaac “GEWH TF2” Clarke

    The Twin Towers of stalin (AKA KV-2 and KV-2 ZIS-6)
    or the trampolines (T-34 q940 and T-34-57).

  36. Play in pz 3 j1 please

  37. lol not every day you get killed by AAA? dude AAA gets more kills than any
    other tank. :p

  38. Bismarck hongkong (Comet Of Penzerland)

    Garmen KV2,such a fun history….

  39. “LOOK AROUND THE BLOODY CORNERS!” – Me screaming at German players through

  40. TheMiniStar TheMiniStar

    A6M2 Reisen japanes BANZAI!!!!

  41. Maus and a stealth bomber

  42. Play the t34 85 and boomer you chose

  43. Muhdirfan Bin suhaimi

    the tiger 1 on snow

  44. Muhdirfan Bin suhaimi

    please m4

  45. The armoured M18 or Cromwell I, take out the Cromwell I

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