VODKA Waffenträger? – WHAT IS THIS? LOVING THE UNLOVED #6 (War Thunder)

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VODKA Waffenträger? – WHAT THIS? LOVING THE UNLOVED #6 (War Thunder)

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  1. My favorite tank t34 85 is almost completly unloved in world of tanks but im not sure with war thunder.

  2. Was that baron in the second game?

  3. omg phly that background music hehe Thunderking is playing the same sometimes

  4. “Firefly mk 1” I think it’s called, the first firefly in Britain.

  5. kostantinos tempelis

    Hax, phly hax, you all saw that xD

  6. Remove kebab at 1:50

  7. #LovingTheUnloved Take out the A-36!

  8. Remove Fascist Armor

  9. How do you change the scope?

  10. take the 162 next (take 1)

  11. You should play the…Tiger 2 look it up most videos about it are old, or they are not serious challenge videos

  12. Loving the Unloved: fly out the boomerang either one would be fine…NO ONE PHLYS IT

  13. Daniel Vedberg Sekulic

    the “SU-OP.”

  14. Phly,
    Dew it.
    You won’t,
    You scared.

  15. Dude jagdpz 4-5

  16. Su100p more like su10op

  17. I’m sorry but how to can you see these tanks that looks like a fucking spec/pixel on your screen wtf

  18. ATTENTION!!! Sir Steven old boy! Pull your head from your buttocks! I say! Most displeasing. Anyhow, I will be informing you that those pesky scums whom underestimate the almighty brutality of the British will soon succumb to our iron fist! Scrabble out the most underrated vehicles by far! The marvelous Charioteer and the impeccable and fear instilling purr and blistering of 4 Hispanos of the Tempest II. Say we put a splendid show eh old chap!

  19. the french toast is this tank. when played well it’s incredible! xD

  20. Whats up with balkan music? 2:00


  22. Yo Phly play the matilda or 3 inch gun carrier for the next episode of loving the unloved

  23. Love the unloved Ju 88 C-6

  24. Attempt Numbero Uno

    Now for the British Durps, take out the royal durp plane, Mosquito Mx 18, and the the royal butt tank the Archer

    Bit late but lets hope

  25. hadeysflame119 neko

    Phlydaily the Russian smk needs more love

  26. Love the unloved the British independent. I never see it when I play tier 1 tanks. Good luck Phly. Attempt #1

  27. Phly next loving the unloved play the m48

  28. Phly could you do a ‘unloved little brothers’ challenge where you use the panzer iv’s little brother panzer iii m and the hs 129 b3’s little brother hs 129 b2 with the 30mm?

  29. Flamingo

  30. Alasdair Gillespie

    B-17 needs some love

  31. German Sherman??? if not…Archer

  32. Okay, this is serious. Black Prince please. He is deserving some love for sure. Also a nice test for you patience my friend 🙂

  33. Serbia Stronk.

  34. Plays russian tank, adds Serbian song hahah

  35. Is this tank premium ?

  36. Thing looks wicked cool. Play the F4U4b!

  37. To rodjace! 😀

  38. Firebrand baby battleship

  39. Comrade Stalin believed phly had become too powerful and guided the shell into the tenk

  40. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    One rare tank: the Hetzer

  41. How do you set the gun to the range you found?

  42. my freaking m10 gmc is so good take out a tank 15 is real

  43. Naradhipati Andaru

    How do you do that with the scope again? Ive seen people do that before but i dont know how..

  44. Sorry for dumb question, but how did you do that thing with aiming in 3:33 ?

  45. How about Amican M2a2

  46. How did he measure and set range?


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