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  1. Can we get another T92 (alien tank) gameplay last time we saw you play with it was 4 years ago

  2. Forget the thing he was using in the video I want a video on what was in the thumbnail

  3. Please play the leopard a1a1 and the g91 with atgms not hydra!!

  4. The speed is what makes you jump the hills not the horsepower. That’s why the Italian gocarts can do the same. The horsepower would only be good if you would stop on the slope and try to start driving up slowly. But because of the increased slip it is of no use anymore.

  5. plhy daily make a new plane video pls

  6. 11:04 MO POWA BABY

  7. German Tonk

  8. your local ONI operative

    they should put a normal leopard turret on it as well,making it three guns

  9. On 4:10 there is a tank flying out of the air

  10. His name (01100110) just means F in binary

  11. Its been 4 years since you played the British Swingfire……I’m calling it, NO B@//Z. You won’t play it in a 10 kill challenge vids.

  12. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    It’s a twin shooter from Hell!

  13. DM33 with L/44 120mm in 8.3 so nasty

  14. that seems like a vehicle you just could play in third person

  15. 120MM guns : muhahahahahah
    Engine : aahhahahahahahaha
    Transmission : nein nein nein nein help me

  16. Attempt 409 pls play the Type 94 spaa

  17. “legal cocain” phly where’d you say you live again? i think i need to move

  18. Your playing as God

  19. Zeus The Feisty Dog


  20. What about Podzol?

  21. now where you have played the old and rusty Centurion you might have a look at the Ultimative Centrurion the STRV 104 #6

  22. Vincent Conscience

    The background music was perfectly choosen !

  23. Here the big missile come

  24. Please play the sturer Emil #5

  25. Attempt #2 to get phly to play leopard a1a1 with this current meta

  26. So war thunder now has double barrelled memes nice when are ruski double barrelled memes happening

  27. Hans when hes drunk in the factory.

  28. It needs a quadruple 20mm turret.

  29. It’s sad I think it’s removed from the game I want it but I can find it

  30. as jeremy clarkson would say it
    i believe in speed and power
    power and speed solve many things

  31. German guy, unveiling his new tank destroyer design: “It’s a battleship turret, but on tracks, and with a powerful engine.”

    Germany’s generals: *NOD IN WONDER*

  32. Next please T-64a hulldown position
    Why? M1A2 can’t penetrate T-64a’s turret

  33. What leo model is the vt1 made out of?

  34. Lol he watches donut media

  35. it’s more cancer than 5G… lol

  36. German engine flex initiative

  37. The R3 of top tier

  38. Is this how to artificially inflate a tanks price?

  39. phly this entire video: haha forbidden leopard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  40. Please play this thing in arcade

  41. The only thing that makes this vehicle balanced is how broken and crappy hull aiming is.

  42. ”Legal Cocaine” pls share your source with us xD

  43. Why doesn’t Phly have over 1 million subs yet. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SUBSCRIBE TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE WAR THUNDER YOUTUBERS

  44. N.T.F Agent [REDACTED]

    The nemesis of tonk

  45. the germans apparently invent the mammoth tank

  46. *Sees thumbnail pic*

    *T O N K*

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