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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Vz. 55. The 0 Czechoslovakian heavy, the Vz. 55, is coming soon to the game here’s my first look at all we know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. Its worse in every way than kranvagen except a bit more dps with loaded gun. I would love to see better and better tech tree tanks to finally get on the reward tank levels just ask yourself what can a heavy tank with 300 pen do against object 279e if 340 pen tanks cant deal with the armor well.

  2. worthless

  3. Eh, imma get it… I put too much of the exp crew books into czech crews.

  4. QB you are always so fast on providing good and well structured infos about upcoming tanks. Good job as alaways.

  5. basically the Vz.55 will be a better heavy then the Rinoceronte. gg

  6. I think this tank will be very powerful in the right hands!

  7. Vz.55 ->implies 1955
    -Has addon composite armour modules from Soviet T-55AM and T-62M tanks from the 1980s

  8. I’m glad the wg added 300 hp, because 1800 for a heavy tank X level is really not enough. As a Czech, I can’t wait for the tank to come into a game. Thanks QB for this video 🙂

  9. I think that this 2.5sec inter-clip and being a bit of bourrasque at tier X will be a fun and exciting experience so its good that overall it’s worse than Kran.

    • Has to be balanced out so as not to become this crazy overpowered running everywhere shooting everyone tank as bourrasque is.

  10. I just wondering if they receive a gun rammer?

  11. Kristijan Vrtarić

    I would like to see how it would be tier 8?

  12. Petrus Lamminmäki

    10:52 gun hammer in this tank are you ok QB?

  13. You ever thought about starting a clan? I know your a pretty busy guy but it would be sweet to run some clan war matches with you leading the strategy!!

  14. Will Steam launch of WoT be covered?

  15. Professor Awesome

    my god, the tank looks more like a T90 than any Czechoslovakian tank

  16. I think this heavy tank will work in harmony with the TVP T 50/51.
    Since both of them have good top speed and autoloaders with high burst potential in a short amount of time.
    It will probably play similar to the TVP, but with much better armor and a bit lower damage potentail per magazine.

    If you do a platoon with one player being in the Vz. and the other in the TVP, then you can do some serious magic with these for sure.

  17. poor penetration ….shit

  18. It all depends on those hidden statistics

  19. @QuickyBaby well it wont be too hard to spot which gun enemy Vz.55 use(if you can see it). Guns look different.

  20. single shot tanks are becoming more obsolete by the day.
    just how long ago was it that WG stopped giving a shit about the game?

    peace (from the UK)

  21. Oh boy, that’s like a snack for my JagdE100

  22. another made up tank……

  23. Klaus!

  24. Lost me with the 25 second clip reload and the pathetic HE performance. Good review of a sad tank.

  25. Looks pretty good, i love my kran and I’m all up for trading some things for a 2.5 intraclip reload with that big boi alpha

  26. every tier 10 should have 2 gun choices, not the boring tier 10 playstyle we have now. would be exciting to 1v1 and not know what gun your opponent is using, and vice versa.

  27. I think we need to accept that the Kranvagn was overbuffed and shouldn’t expect other tanks to compete. If anything, the Kranvagn probably needs to be nerfed. Also, the single shot gun is going to have an even higher DPM since you can use a gun rammer on it, compared to the autoloader. Looks interesting to me.

  28. I’m not getting a tier 10 this year. Not tech tree at least

  29. I can’t wait

  30. dieter van bogaert

    do we need god like new tanks? now that is only when releasing russian and clan war vehicles 🙂

  31. we know it, the rhino is terrible we know it

  32. Milos MilicTROB204

    WoT us getting closer to composite armor, since its plain obvious that that HT has add on composite armor like T-62M1.

  33. id look into comparing this to the bourrasque gun

  34. Now that I think about it, I got into Wot when Pewdiepie made a vid about it

  35. Yeah, it’s not super op.
    Looks good tho

  36. Max De Kleijn De Kleijn

    The stats look better then I tought very happy with it kinda 277 ish tank very cool

  37. Can we stop calling it “Czechoslovakian” Its “Czechoslovak” just like its “Slovak” and “Slovakian” isnt a word. I don’t know why wargaming keeps using it wrong but Czechoslovak is the correct demonym. My family is Slovak and gets annoyed at this on the regular.

  38. Seems like a balanced tonk

  39. It’s trash

  40. I’m czech, the “VZ” means “Vzor” aaaand that means mark. So just like chief Mk.6 lmao

  41. Thomas Koutsoukis

    As a Bourrasque fan, this vehicle seems to be nice and balanced (as long as the hidden gun handling statistics are decent) and scratches an itch that many players have when it comes to tanks. That being, good mobility, short but deadly bursts of damage, and some armour if possible.
    I believe the vehicle looks fine as it is, and if it is to be tweaked, it should happen to a small degree.

  42. looks like this tank runs pretty fast

  43. Thanks QB! At least this looks better than the Fiat.

  44. Should have done the Obj 277 in the E column

  45. Didn’t they say the dpm should be equal with or without the autoloader?

  46. This tank needs to be fixed, we don’t need another rino.

  47. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if WG made some of these new tech tree tanks a little OP so that players can put those reward tanks in their place.

  48. I spent my tier 6 token on the skoda t25 (I’m Fairly new) so i could have this

  49. Single shot gun has better RoF + you can put gun rammer on it,so it is probably better for a heavy tank,especially in 1v3/1v4 fights

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