Vz. 55 – Master Class – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Vz. 55 is the ultimate damage dealing heavy in World of ! Here's how to master it!


0:22 The Elephant in the Room
1:03 A choice of guns?
1:29 How good is it?
2:12 Crew
3:12 Field Mods
3:53 Game 1
12:49 Game 2
17:47 Game 3
24:16 the 3 game!
29:12 Results
29:46 Conclusion


  1. This nerf sucks! Average players don’t do 8k+ damage so is not ok to nerf it and the base of this game is average players

    • Absolutely agree.. and if it has to be nerfed no matter what, do one of them – aim time, or 2.5 sec burst. And 2.5s is insanely huge compared to 2…

  2. kinder su pri ze

  3. Spending so much time to finally buy the VZ55 and than learning that WOT will nerfe it. Like so many times. WOT you get both middel fingers up. And if I had three middelfingers you even got three. Changing the rules While gaming.

  4. Watched your stream when getting the 3rd mark

  5. First of all, the preferential RNG can be seen…plus you are subjective…just like when it came to the T57 heavy nerf which has now declined a lot…there are plenty of stupid nerfs that have no point.. but what to do, you have to convince us that we need this nerf nothing more… watch the video yourself and be objective! All the best!

  6. can we get a master class on the jagdpanzer e-100?

  7. Quickbaby flexing with Vz 55 while the autoloader gun is still good. :’D

  8. I’m really happy I’ll be able to teach you something for once😌😉 since it’s my line of work😂 a bulldozer usually comes after the wrecking ball to push away the debris after the wrecking ball knocks it all down

  9. Not again, whenever i finally unlock meta vehicle (F2P player) it gets a nerf in the next patch. First Kranwagen, now Vz. 55… Wargaming please go eat a bag of phaluses.

  10. WTF happen 12.58 ! that last shot never hit on BC-25T !

  11. They will ruin vz55 like they ruined the kran

  12. Broken, should be nerfed harder, but ideally wg should not release such overpowered tanks in the first place.

  13. Qb said to do 0 damage one game and then you can do 9000 next game

  14. Please can you do a cs-63 master class

  15. I always want to go this hard but I’m just an average player.

  16. True hard mode would be to let it be nerfed and then immediately try to 3 mark it.

  17. mastercard class

  18. I’m sick of grinding for tanks and field mods, just for wg to nerf them

  19. GG – Awesome 3. MoE 🤑

  20. Still waiting for the M3 Lee masterclass.

  21. Weird comparison to a Jagpanzer there, this thing on top of everything also has a better gun outside raw penetration

  22. Everytime I’m about to get a new tier 10 after a painful grind the nerf the tank -.-

  23. i still do way better in the t 57 heavy

  24. Now do it on blitz, it is totally different, trash in blitz

  25. odd you do this pre nerf…

  26. Exactly intra clip nerf honestly makes this tank look like other autoloaders and destroys it

  27. W 12:57 ten drugi strzał jakiś taki dziwny

  28. It doesn’t need to be nerfed. Its not that op.. I have it barley play it wasn’t that impressed. The EU server seems to have a lot of potato’s to feed off from too.

  29. This is my main tank the vz.55 even if they nerf it i still do good got 8k+ damage in games with it. QuickyBaby has the same set up as i do.

  30. Michael Schoenecker

    Quickie You have no Shame! You know WOT is 90% Bots just scamming the few players left

  31. oh really it has a quickybaby crew. that’s insane

  32. カツラギアキヨ

    WG going to defend yourself anyway by pushing common sense and taking sides from public opinion, saying that you’re still strong and you’ll be fine, right?

  33. I kinda feel like they should limit its speed and leave the gun

  34. Great vid qb! As always I love watching you shoot tanks 🤟🏼😂

  35. I think nerfing it is bad. Why can’t free to play players have a good tank. After it’s nerfed only premium/ reward vehicles are at the top

  36. Thank you so much for this master class sire quackybabs! This tank is my first tier 10 tank since playing this game for 6 years on and off and I just unlocked it 4 days ago😂. Your videos always give me the power to go back to playing this game.

  37. Great video qb, could you do the obj. 430U next?

  38. What do you think char futur 4
    Having 4 second before you can shoot the next shell. I feel like it should be 3 seconds

    • Absolutely not. It’s already all in all better than the tech tree tier 9 BatChat, almost even the tier 10. Definitely doesn’t need a buff to the one thing that the tech tree variants do better.

  39. 12:56 how did the second shot on that batchat hit, my guy got robbed of his hp

  40. I feel that these masterclass videos are a missed opportunity.
    I think that they would be more interesting if they focused more on masterclass gameplay instead of masterclass setup.
    How to know when to retreat.
    Map awareness.
    When to flank or not.
    Overcoming difficult situations.

    And so on.

  41. To say that “it’s hard to get the 3rd mark on a tank” only because the tank that has high MoE requirement compared to other tanks is simply a false statement.
    High MoE requirement only proves how strong a tank is, not how hard it is to get the 3rd mark.
    Why? Because a tank like Vz.55 is so broken that it’s very easy to do huge amount of damage.
    Take the Object 780 for example. The tank is very well-balanced but its MoE requirement is even higher than the Vz.55, because all the people who plays it are very good at the game.
    That’s why its MoE requirement is so high and that’s what makes it hard to get the 3rd mark.
    There’s a reason why the Vz.55 is among the tanks that have the most 10k+ battles in the game.
    Because it’s just THAT EASY to do A LOT of damage.
    When I was grinding mark for it, I did tons of 7k+ without much effort. Some battles was 8k+ and I didn’t even notice how I got such results.

    • I constantly said TECH TREE tank. The 780 is a reward vehicle and ofc will be much harder.

    • ​​@QuickyBaby Techtree or Reward doesn’t matter for the statement that you made.
      The tank clearly has the highest MoE requirement among all Techtree HTs but it doesn’t require the highest skill to get the 3rd mark, and that’s the point.
      I would say the T110E5 with only ~4.3k is even harder to get the 3rd mark.

  42. Actually, your first version of “Mauerbrecher” was closer to the correct way.
    GJ 😃👍 Greetz from Germany

  43. when u pay wargaming hahaha

  44. Another tank that has no business being in the game. This game needs a proper purge. Adding the French tech tree was the first mistake, it was all downhill from there. Autoloaders? OUT! Autoreloaders? OUT! Wheeled vehicles? OUT! HT faster than med? OUT! Med faster than light? OUT! LT has better armor then med? OUT! Med has better armor than HT? OUT!

  45. i used to be good at this game back then but it all change when covid came all the internetcafe shop got closed and i cant play the game i dont have a personal pc 😢

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