Waffentrager Event, BP Season 9 with Expiring Boosters, WZ-111 Model 6 | World of Tanks News

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Battle Pass Season 9, New Expiring Personal Reserves, New Tank WZ-111 Model 6, New Tier 8 Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Return of The Waffentrager . World of Tanks Auction Results.

00:00 Introduction
00:47 BP Season 9 Start
01:45 Reward Tanks
02:45 Changes to Personal Reservers
07:45 Return of The Waffentrager
08:55 WZ-111 Model 6
12:02 Auction Poll Results
14:50 Conclusion

In today's video I am coming to you with more news about World of Tanks, such as Battle Pass season 9, new tank WZ-111 Model 6, the Return of The Waffentrager event comeback and more.

What do you think?


  1. What do you think about all of the topics covered in todays video?
    Here are the timestamps for your viewing pleasure:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:47 BP Season 9 Start
    01:45 Best Reward Tanks
    02:45 Changes to Personal Reservers
    07:45 Return of The Waffentrager
    08:55 WZ-111 Model 6
    12:02 Auction Poll Results
    14:50 Conclusion

    • I take breaks from this game, sometimes extended breaks of a year or two. I have a couple hundred XP, free XP, credit, and crew boosters accumulated over the years, and to hear that ill be losing all them?!?? WG is so out of touch with your player base. This makes me sad and upset my ingame items are being taken away from me for no reason!

    • i kinda hate the changes of personal reserves.

    • I got about 600 boosters – so yeah, theyre out to prevent situations like mine happening again

  2. Really, they’re killing TWO specific targets with that expiration-restricted boosters. (1) the hoarders, and (2) the casual players. Sorry for y’all casuals, guess your enjoyability in this game will plummet down again.

  3. Opinions:

    1) YAY season 9 and the vehicles

    2) Expiry on boosters is fuckin buuuuuulshiiiiiiiit. Not everyone can get on every day to use them.

    3) YAY Waffentrager event

    4) WZ-111 m.6 …I mean, at least it’s China. USSR lite.

    5) Auction too much too soon. Poll results were dead-on accurate. Dumb as fuck.

    Good review!!

  4. World of Scams. The Return of the “Waffentarget” has been “returning” for the last few events for some time now.

  5. I have a crap ton of boosters because I don’t play more than one or two battles so I don’t use them to waste them

  6. The addition of the expiration on boosters just makes me less likely to buy them

  7. since Wargaming has nerfed credit making –
    including for premium tanks –
    it is difficult to make credits –
    and even more so if you have to fire gold ammo
    and without boosters – just fuggetaboutit…
    Thanks Wargaming !!!

  8. Ha.. Iove the constant cheaters I see at T5. I is amazing. I wish I could shoot any enemy tank no matter weather they are spotted or not… Shill more. Disgusting..

  9. there try to find a way to take free stuff back and stop people from hording the boost

  10. We do know the WZ-111 6 turret at least. It’s TNH T Vz. 51 turret just slaped there like in WoT Mercenaries.

  11. a comment to the gameplay in the back:

  12. The only time I use boosters is during credit grind in frontline or when I get free premium time.

    And when I am grinding stock tanks. Other than that, my boosters remain untouched

  13. I always thought being a Russian company, they always seemed a little unethical with everything that they did, I just feel now they don’t care who knows it. (having a Hungarian father has nothing to do with my opinion lol even though to this day we are reminded about what Russia stands for.

  14. I think tier XI is coming. They prepare the field for this…

  15. Sickening news about the upcoming changes to the Personal Reserves, as usual Wargaming are changing things that aren’t broken and ignoring things that urgently needs fixing (e.g. One-sided MM). Yes I hoard a load of Personal Reserves and I used them randomly.

    And I did not make a single bit during the auction event. There’s enough of premium tanks. It’s sickening.

  16. i like turet. armor of lor 50 and i like the speed and gun

  17. The only improved booster that they will want is the 100%credit and thats never been seen i think…
    Sow it will be ez to know what to use before expired !!!

  18. The WT event from last year was bullshot for Belgian players…
    The event was in game so you could not make a friend buy them for you…

    I missed out on the sweet Emil 19something… Okey i knew about the Torn but still it aint autoloading

  19. Its sketchy with the boosters. Its a cashgrab, they are milking even harder, I am a bit mad. But thats what you could expect :/

  20. The booster changes only screw over newer players… Yet another way WG is giving more in-game advantages to established veteran players. If you have hoarded these boosters you don’t care about the changes.

  21. Hey its my first comment, u said that the battlepass ends with this 3 tanks yes? But what happens to the ppl that havent even finished the normal standart battlepass that was supposed to last until 1. January ?

  22. Killing the game slowly…

  23. The entire community is against the booster change but they will still make the change because they dont care about the community, they will abuse the game until it dies, they already show this with the OP shit they add and now they make changes like this which do nothing but fuck over their long term players. Fucking shit company.

  24. Looking at last year, the WZ will be in the loot boxes that will be available during the WT event. I bet on this!
    As for the boosters, I didn’t like/used the 2 hour ones that much. As for hoarding them, I didn’t do it but I ended up with 200 of those, 100 of the other ones, 190 of the credits ones and so on, just from their missions or battlepass. They gave a lot of them so… people have them!

  25. Don’t see the point with the booster expiry. If you are not using them all quickly and have a load saved then you are hardly likely to rush out and buy new.

  26. Its a tier X armor

  27. I have loads of boosters, years worth. Ridiculous change to stick expiration date on them.

    I would also personally have liked to see them changed to no. of battled active, so like one booster is active for 5 battles, instead of time based.

  28. Because WG loves to hurt the players
    Especially the leech players

  29. Depending on how they store boosters in their database, this could be a change to reduce the variations of data in certain data structures that may not be performant to deal with when there are heaps of different ones. As well as simplifying the code in some parts of the game for better maintenance.

    As long as my hoard of boosters I have (many years old account) don’t expire I don’t care.

  30. LordFrieza_NA_Server

    WG needs to stop coming out with new Premium tanks and upgrade the older Premium tanks. Take the WZ-111 & t34-3 both tanks only have 196 pen on std rounds that is weak and out-dated for todays meta.

  31. So… all it means is that I will still not buy booster bundles, no loss…
    The return of the Waffletrager is a crap event.


  32. oh good, i have over 5k personal reserves atm. i was thinking, i could never use them all, in my life time..lol

  33. i have about 1900 boosters, but im constantly using them. cant get rid of them

  34. The booster expiration changes are garbage. I sincerely hope they scrap that change immediately.

  35. So will Cobra’s price stay at 24 tokens since it’s going to remain as the spotlight tank?

  36. The booster change is bad, one day we will have boosters with 3 day expiration day, just like in War Thunder…..

  37. i have if you add all boster in my depot roughly 2400 but i never play 1h n a row XD so i dont use them

  38. Killed off in every time I played it they hit soft spot on the move

  39. With the expiration date on booster, i am not sure to buy BP anymore. I often haven’t time to complete the paid BP. (1 Season). WG force my to became a free2pleyer, i cant stand that monitization any more.

  40. I always forget to use boosters. They can add expirations however they want, I’m not buying booster packs anyway xD

  41. Good review wot did not show price on bidding so how much was every one paying

  42. WG has a track record of making really poor decisions, I’ve come to expect nothing better from them.

  43. if there is no RNG boosters and Winrate boosters. this is just dogshit, not going to solve the communist casino

  44. Booster expiration is the worst idea, I have more than 300 boosters and it is not possible to use all of them XD

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