Waffenträger, Mirny-13, British Wheeled Tanks and More in World of Tanks Roadmap 2023

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Source: DezGamez

The Future of World of in 2023 – British Wheeled Medium Tanks, The Waffenträger , Mirny-13, 2023, Steel Hunter: Reborn, New Statistics and More!

The second roadmap video 2023 is live and this they mainly focus on different events are coming to World of Tanks in 2023, like Waffenträger, Steel Hunter, Frontline, Arcade Cabinet and more. Also, more information about the British Medium Tanks.

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Many tanks!


  1. Not as much new content shared as last time, mainly focusing on old/new events, but what do you think about it? What are you most excited about?
    Have a beautiful weekend, Legends!

  2. I dunno, like 5th or something?

  3. I’m still waiting for the Czech TD line and they’re already introducing two new lines before that – Jap TDs and Wheelie Britts.

  4. the camguy/editor is the definition of the whole company retar…incompetent as f, why did he keep on switching cameras but didn’t tell the person in front of the cam where to look.

  5. Highly doubt she ever played the game. That’s kind of the problem. The people deciding and talking about the decisions shouldn’t be the complete opposite of 95% of players. We need a chubby gamer guy. He would be much more believable

  6. So fast Dez

  7. Goood no need facing new ebr sith

  8. Not enough players in steel hunter, so they added bots. lmao

  9. Just fix the f***ing matchmaking being T+2 and I would be happy enough. It’s always a a f***fest in lower tiers being 2 shotted by f**ing t+2 tanks just “having fun” with full crews and smurfing, if you are not even going to address that unfair matchmaking at least fix the unbalance of 20k-50k battles players vs 200-1k battles, where it’s just a steamroll teamwipe 90% of the time

  10. All garbage but that’s all they have since they canceled the best update that was ever going to hit this game. at least the CC’s unicums are happy.

  11. honestly when we look at the characteristics of rank 8 we realize that in reality, the Med wheels are not so OP as the French ebr on paper. I can imagine rank 10 and I hope it will be fairly balanced compared to the ebr 105.

  12. Interest rate is currently at 4.75%(8th rate hike since March last year) Inflation at 7% and mortgage rates is at over 7.5% but yet minimum wage remains the same and my retirement portfolio has suffered tremendously these past years, so my question is how do senior citizens retire and live off such unstable economy. The long term game is obviously not for me at this point.

  13. She is hot,, oh it’s about the game!.

  14. its possible for wheeled vehicles. Wheels on the right side reverse and wheels on the left side drive forward same as a tank.

  15. Dieter Von Hellstrom

    I love Mirny 13. Will come back to the game just for that game mode.

  16. Three stripes for best WTR tiers like 3 Adidas stripes on a gopnik tracksuit. Figures.

  17. 9:55 – Wheeled mediums will bring a sum total of nothing at all to the game. They’ll just be XP pinatas. Why worry or even bother to track them when any shot that hits will pen? Unless they introduce an over-penetration mechanic (where shots pass right through without causing much damage) to give these some survivability they will simply not be utilized when another medium with armor will do the job better?

  18. My guy has never seen a skidsteer frontloader

  19. How many German Accent you need ?


  20. Go play with war thunder its here for years 😀

  21. Fix bugs would be awsome, MM fixes too. But no, lets pump oy more stuff to buy.

  22. Its so unrealistic, that its even possible to do that IRL

  23. It’s a little weird a wheeled tank with light armor have the “same” speed than the b c 25 t, it will at least have 5 or 10 km/h more than that, because the concept of the wheeled armored vehicles its the speed over the defense

  24. So no info about japanese heavy tanks

  25. Not even have speed lol

  26. “Will be interesying for better players, so in short, under avg stats

  27. Who wants wheeled tanks? This isn’t world of armored vehicles. Also WG has yet to fix problems with wheeled French tanks after how many years?

  28. I haven’t logged in since they announced the disaster they had planned. Maybe I’ll consider it now to show WG they did the right thing.

  29. mediums with light armor is my favourite class beside lights, so good news for me.

  30. The question is how are their guns? Because there are plenty paper mediums that make up the downsides with amazing gun.

  31. AMX-10 RC when

  32. Łukasz Skowroński

    Aleksandra? Where is Igor?! We want Igor!!!

  33. didnt think wheeled tanks were coming for british thought it might of been Cheiftian Heavy line as now we have 2 premium that are not Clan wars

  34. All these events are dead to me, they are all grind fests which I find no joy in playing. The British light tanks are a big nothing burger, though this is better than them being like the EBRs.

  35. Me when WT E100 : yaaas

  36. I have only one word: why?

    Why more wheeled vehicles? It’s already excruciating having a stupid, trolling clown car driving around the map in circles, spotting everything everywhere, being unable to be stopped in place and being too fast to shoot them in the tiny hitbox they have, but now they add even MTs?

    Oh well, I will continue playing World of Submarines and camp with my Maus inside my base, I guess. 🙂

    • … that’s why you watch the whole vid and see their increased hit box, lower speed, higher speed penalty before commenting lol

    • @Danh I watched the entire video. The game is called World of Tanks for a very good reason: it’s about TANKS, not LEGO CARS!

      It doesn’t matter if they have bigger hitbox than the EBR, because as long as it has wheels that absorb 100% of your damage, no matter of the caliber of the gun and the type of ammunition (HESH from FV4005, HEAT from Jpz E100), it’s bullshit, unbalanced and stupid. Simple as that.

  37. I know that most people at WG are not native English speakers but they could have at-least tried to make it sound like they are not just robots reading from a script.

  38. female senior game designer = game is crap. thanks. thats all i had to see.

  39. Killing STEEL HUNTER …… Uuuuuggh ! like WTF WG ? when they get something right have to change it 🙁

  40. Steel hunter changes just seem to make the mode more noob friendly, no idea if thats good or bad

  41. When Will ranked battles return?

  42. We dont need more wheeled vehicles…just nerf EBR omg

  43. So she who making hulldown become meta game ?

  44. Evildarke Evildark

    So they do know what’s wrong with the EBR but lazy to fix it well done woooorgaming..

  45. Please make the ebr have the same speed drawback than the brits

  46. The guns have to be insanely good because you are asking to be nuked by HE as soon as you are spotted. Or they need to have good camo.

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