Waffle Makers, SPAA and VIP Tanks! | War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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My friends, War Thunder found its way back to my channel with a banger. On the top of some “HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE AND EPIC GAMEPLAY” (Kappa), I also have a bonuses for you, if you haven’t tried out the game before. 🙂

I really did enjoy a little trip back to memory lane. 🙂

I hope you do too!


  1. I actually had A LOT of fun making this episode, hopefully it shows in the episode! Lots of action and some editing. 🔥
    How many War Thunder players we already have here?! 🙂
    Have an absolutely fantastic day, beautiful people! ❤

  2. Looks like wot 8 years ago

  3. Wait I started to play as well

  4. What about rng at war thunder? I really bored that luck factor at wot. Wot is not about skill anymore. Maybe they will add a dice in game and we can see how much we lucky today

  5. Next episode: DezGamez vs PhlyDaily

  6. Dez playing WT awesome 😀
    Both games are great, good to see CCs playing it 😀
    Wish to see the other way too, Dollar or Phly playing World of Tanks 😀

  7. Warthunder adds are very misleading, they portray it as a modern tank / helicopter / aircraft game, when in reality you start with pre WWII tank and planes and it will take you thousands upon thousands of games before you progress to what is advertised. Unless you PAY to skip of course, see a trend here?

  8. Nice dez

  9. geef me gratis abonees pls dan ben je pro

    Play the tier 1 premium italian tank whit derp bullets its kills everyone in 1 shot pls reaf

  10. Actually fun fact dez
    The range of the vehicles’ age goes even beyond the 1990’s
    The “newest” vehicle currently in game is the type 16 which entered service in 2016
    That’s pretty dope if you ask me

    • Ehhh, the way they implemented BRs between WW2 and post war isn’t very clean. Making 1945 tanks irrelevant with new, extremely powerful ammo.

    • @Appletank8 ye the low tier sweedish heat makes armor basically useless

  11. I really want to play war thunder but potato pc 🙁 i played it for years but now i can’t really run now. I love that game but i like world of tanks more tho

  12. michaelmyers764

    more please

  13. Wild Bill Arizona

    WoT is way better on events and give-a-ways, but WT Realistic is more fun to play. I hope you do more WT videos!

    • If my vision isn’t basically based on movement, I’d enjoy WT. Unfortunately, I die to tanks sitting in a shadow 10 meters away.

  14. AThrowableKnight

    Is your War Thunder account password DezGamez123?

  15. looks cool, but I just can`t see the enemy 🙂

  16. If you are going to do any more War Thunder videos, try the American M3 Lee tank. It is 10000% better than the WofT version. For one thing, you can shoot two guns and many machine guns with it. WT did the M3 Lee right while the WoT M3 Lee/Grant is a sorry state of you know what.

    What I do is to configure my right mouse button to shoot the 75mm hull gun and the left mouse button to shoot the 37mm turret gun. Both guns have a different rate of fire. If you don’t do that then you are waiting to shoot the slower 75mm gun. There is nothing like shooting the 37mm gun at a target followed by the 75mm gun.

    The American M2 Medium Tank is also insane. It has many, many machine guns. Nothing like going hells bells at a target shooting your main gun followed by about 4 machine guns at one time.

  17. Don’t forget that you can go to the War Thunder website and you can download customized skins made by various people. There is probably an Estonian Army IS-2 tank skin there (maybe). You have to look.

  18. Imagine if they had an Aus server.

  19. Perhaps_A_Certain_Cunning_Sociopath

    WT or WoT?
    Pfff why not both? Argue, argue blah blah blah, what a pointless fight.

  20. Killgore _Trout

    I also flirt with war thunder…couple games a day. Nice to see you doing other things!

  21. No skycancer in WThunder to be salty with =(

  22. Oh Warthunder ewww. I’ll watch anyway Dez, if it was anyone else I’d skip.

  23. I like that instantaneous 3D structure view when shot or get shot. Something premium WG cannot do.

    • WG for whatever reason doesn’t want you to know where they put the internal modules outside data mining or historical references.

  24. “Tay sexy, stay care”? 😀

  25. Nice video. I do not play Warthunder, but I enjoyed the change of pace from WoT.

  26. Thanks Dez, redeemed my bonus (I chose a plane as I already had the tank), I was pleasantly surprised that these bonuses worked because if Wargaming offered something like this it would be for new players only, very glad Gajin offered something for existing players, thumbs up!

  27. Dez dont u remember the Tiger (P) from World of tanks ? the Vip tank is the same tank

  28. Dez if u press ‘B” it will switch to binoculars and then u can spot for urself easier

  29. [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    Watching Dez placing bushes to the tank is liked watching Bob Ross

  30. yvanthe terrible

    the cool thing with this game is when you shoot something it get killed ,its not like wot for sure

  31. Are you not entertained! that you have no RNG when shooting waht you aim for!

  32. you betrayed my trust 🙁

  33. I play mostly WOT but played this game a few years ago and only recently I’ve joined up again it is a lot of fun and I love the testing ground for vehicles to check them out. The only things its a little more grindy than WOT and it costs so much for a knew crew but doesn’t cost money to put that crew in an older tank you have unlocked previously. The main thing is I did want to play this because of Modern tanks etc but that is going to take me ages. I’m grinding just planes and tanks at stage one coming to stage 2 though for modern tanks Armoured Warfare was good though the PVP went down the drain the PVE that Jingles kept peddling when this game was popular I find a bit boring. I’m hanging for WOT to bring in some Modern tanks etc but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. So I will keep plugging away with Warthunder it is a good game if you need a break from WOT or just in general I recommend giving it a go.

  34. I love both games graphics on maps and model of tanks and sounds are better on WOT but on War thunder you get larger maps you get three vehicles in game and a huge amount of vehicles in a bigger timeline than WOT from 1930’s to 1990’s WOT is from 1918 to to late 1960’s. Driving the tanks on WOT is more pleasing and fun in War thunder they feel like they slide around a bit to much and it has a different feel though can still be fun also and with more classes of vehicles like SPAAG. WOT has Artillery which can be fun to play but we all get the shits when hit by it War thunder doesn’t have Artillery SPG’s that you can drive around but call upon when you are in a tank and air support aircraft that you can fly. You get that in WOT Frontlines mode not the plane bit though. War Thunder is more realistic than WOT and that RNG thing is a different animal in WT where as in WOT it is a pain in the ass. Both games have there pro’s and cons I love them both.

  35. When did you started playy War Thunder??? I like this game a lot but I’m a rank 2 plyer

    But if you want someone to play with my in game nick is C00IEmonster, I can also give you some tips

  36. DezGamez I didn’t know you played War thunder?

  37. If you want to play tanks efectively you should decrease amout of ammo storage. About 20 pcs should do it.

  38. Bionicle Jackson

    Have both, play both. WT definitely has a steeper learning curve and hence more satisfaction when you actually start doing well. As an added bonus shells don’t just disappear into oblivion.

  39. Im glad to see dez having fun, I do feel like you cant compare Wot and War thunder, its like the whole Cod vs BF.

  40. Melonic Randomizer

    I tried playing WT, The learning curve feels way to steep, doesn’t really forgive mistakes, making it very difficult to learn, Idk, I’ll pass this time-

  41. This was freaking hilarious to watch!

    -Armpit action.
    -when the wheelie drow off cliff.

    And you also sounds that you have fun, you don’t sound like that when playing wot

  42. warthunder is just a copy of WoT but they change it to realistic mode..or maybe it was a sister company of wargaming..

  43. 3:54 just like Supremacy mode in WoT blitz

  44. I stopped playing WoT 2 years ago and I played it as a beta..and WT came back because I played it at the same time but not exactly as WoT and since that day my nerves and health are normal again..my life has changed haha

  45. Good and funny bid, Dez. But FYI, you said you are goimg to play French tank, but played British Crusader, then mentioned playing French, not British tanks again near end of video lol

  46. Dez gave himself to the dark side!

  47. Omg pls don’t use the ap on the Jackson you better use the shell called M82 shot

  48. DEZ – I AM FIRST FINALLY ; } ………………….

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