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Hunting that 3rd mark down!
Upload your replays here: http://.-record.com/ !


  1. first, this is like my third time being first man you guys are slow, Like circon LOL xD jk jk

  2. uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem Ossas

    Does this mean im first? Wow

  3. That moth is the real Tank Mastermind. It knows all.

  4. This video will get demonetized due to the HEIL in the title. I hate this idiocity.

  5. well, circon seems to be in love with the tiger, I’m happy now.

  6. Under 301 club

  7. are you rammstein fan ?

  8. If I buy the t71 will I get both the single shot and the autoloader when patch hits?

  9. Jajajajajajajajaja

  10. Wow im the 420th viewer :O

  11. Jajajajajaja

    T20 gun btw-ey-ey

  12. Really he is eating in most of his Youtube Highlights, is this the secret trick to be a unicum?

  13. Reporter: Circon, what do you think about tracking shots?
    Circon: What’s that? :O never heard before

  14. I rate this NEIN out of 10

  15. Isn’t it “Waidmanns Heil”? I think the S is at the wrong position. :d

  16. Enjoy dinner! 😀

  17. Circon”Wittmann”flexes

  18. 90k Subscribers!

  19. STERBEN!!! Good hunting, sir. (too bad the song couldn’t be on your video)

  20. Churchill 7 When? / dat 20ROF on 75mm mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  21. So many titles meaning Rammstein :]

  22. I’m so glad I three marked my tiger before you, Circon, ’cause it would have been harder now. Nice job 🙂 .

  23. simples my man 🙂

  24. I see Circon video upload and Rammstein title (even though the S was wrong positioned), I press Like for no reason and start watching the video 🙂
    LE:Edited after correct in the title

  25. Circon been watching the Doc lately? YA YA YA

  26. Waidmann’s Mann’s Mann’s Mann’s Heil! 😀 absolutely love that song….aslo i got 3 mark on tiger too:D (but dunno why):/

  27. circonflexes,,,a good player with, as we say in psychology; “issues” PMSL>

  28. Rammsteinnnnnn

  29. mooi filmpke !! da ge bedankt zeit da witte 🙂

  30. Hey circon, I’m stuck on HT-12 for ages now and the frustration is starting right now. Do you any tips for it. (T55a one)

  31. “Jajajajaja”

    So nice of him commenting in German on Germany’s national day

  32. Gareth Fairclough


  33. That was too easy. Most of the enemies weren’t even aware he was near them. That’s what happens when you dont watch your mini map.

  34. Welcome to the 3-mark Tiger club.

  35. Yolo Panther/M10 is best Panther/M10…. nice game.

  36. Personally i would rather get all the free unlocks i can and just play the tanks when i want. Just me.

  37. How about some soviet tanks? For 3 marking

  38. I just reckon that a lot of players don’t know that you can lock your turret and they always look where their gun is pointing, thus all the turret turning to reverse. It’s a lot more noticeable at low tiers….Might be worth a mention…..
    Peace, Schitzen_Giggelz…

  39. Alexander Stoyanov

    Fuck yea Rammstein song titles as video titles are back 🙂 Thank you circon that you put my second favourite Rammstein song this time…also I wonder if many people know what it means – good luck in hunting

  40. Circon How many tanks have you 3 marked now?

  41. I’m still waiting for what to Nerf the bulldog and t71… With the current MM a t71 being top tier s worst than an e-25 in a map with a lot of cover… Same for a bulldog… Top tier in a bulldog basically means you’re driving the fastest tier 8 medium in the game

  42. Circon is so f good, it’s disgusting. buag. Owning guys up tier like it is breathing. Dang it.

  43. How do you have some of your best games when your eating???

  44. Load the Skill rounds

    T-20 gun by the way… stuck in my head all damn day ay ay ay lol

  45. 3 mark amx m4 45 soon lol

  46. Such a good tank. I kinda wish I could 3-mark it again.


  48. Alexander Sonnenberg

    Bout time you got the 3rd mark

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