Wait I love this tank now? LOVING THE UNLOVED #5 (War Thunder)

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Wait I love this tank now? LOVING THE UNLOVED #5 (War Thunder)



  2. #flamingo

  3. #flamingos

  4. #Flamingo

  5. take out the Crusader out pls

  6. Flamingos

  7. Flamingo

  8. now that everybody is getting the russian m3 lee and using it i don’t think this tank is unloved anymore

  9. plz do a m60a2 video

  10. Loving the unloved: Archer from England. 😀

  11. #flamingo

  12. Flamingoes

  13. flag-mingoes

  14. Attempt 2: Sir Phly it is time to play the definition of an unloved tank, the Independent, the queens land battleship, i think it is really underrated and you are the one to show the world why this tank should be played more often #LovingTheUnloved

  15. #Flamingo

  16. Andrew Cloud!!!

  17. Finnisawesome3 The tank commander


  18. #Flamingoes

    also, love the Chi-Nu
    or, for the added challenge of it…
    love the Ha-Go

  19. #flamingos fucking world is going to shit liberals killing our own history

  20. Daniel Vedberg Sekulic

    Dont underestimate the grandfather sherman

  21. Sir Phly
    The queen would be very satisfied if you show and assure the Empire and Crown power
    Take out the Hurricane Mk.4 with the two 40mm gun and the magnifiaient Matilda to show the queen majesty and wisdom to all these unpure Huns and communists !!!
    God Save The Queen !!!!

  22. Flamingos.
    Also fuck those outright morons for removing valuable history because it doesn’t fit their narrative and world view. What? Are they surprised that people from the american civil war didn’t have the same values as them? And because of that does every memory of those people need go?
    It’s like when ISIS destroyed Palmyra because it was from a time before Islam and so it contradicted their world view and had to go.

    Fucking scum all of them. And YES everyone gets triggered to easily these days, it’s cancerous.

  23. Valentine XI loving the unloved please phly

  24. Do the Stuart next and continue with the confederate theme … trigger those snowflakes phly! ?

  25. To see you kill the T-50 was the highlight of the video. I am a low tier a German Tank player and 8/10 times that i die its by a T-50

  26. Loving the unloved, the german Hetzer with 75mm, show us what 20mm of side plate can stop at 5.7

  27. Do a CZECH COMBO!!! PZ 38 t ausf F

  28. is there a T1 Heavy? or M6 Heavy?


  30. Ha ha, it’s chi-ha time, with the kingfisher, and if that ain’t enough then try the ka-mi. The worlds ugliest tank

  31. #Flamingo #finally

  32. #Flamingo

  33. LOVING THE UNLOVED , take out british butt tank , mighty Archer 🙂

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