Wait….is this ILLEGAL? | APDS 105mm Pen at 1.0 (WarThunder)

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Wait….is this ILLEGAL? | APDS 105mm Pen at 1.0 (WarThunder)



  1. imagine the moment when the Kv-1, M-4 and T-34 player realize they have been killed by a BR 1.0 Swedish tank. WTF!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DeffinitlyNotFBI

    so this is why my b1 just dies randomly now from far away

  3. Every large calibre HE can kill any tank from any range the problem is hitting.

  4. Steffen Mikkelsen

    of the “this is gonna be a camp” game modes I defo prefer battle over conquest, on most maps.

  5. Hehe I think I know what I’m going to was money on hahahaha

  6. How I get girls ?

  7. Wilhelm Stenvall

    Sweden kinda needs the APDS right now. Their other rounds are underperforming, same goes for the tanks. They’re either naturally underperforming, because gaijob can’t do anything right, or they’re overtiered. Strv 122 and the centurions are the exceptions.

  8. Not gunna shot anywere important. Shoots ammo

  9. Comeon.. Sdkfz 221 (95mm pen), M8 Greyhound (87mm pen + 12.7mm ~25mm pen), Pz IV C (80mm Heat) – all have better postpen and overkill pen too and as u said, 20mm German Pz.Gr.40 – there is really no problem with the swedes in this neigbourhood.
    Lowtier is all about speed, mobility and reload – penetration dont count that much. In a Uptier, yeah you do have some advantages, but the mainquestion is, why is the Strv M/42 EH on BR 3.0 with a BR 1.7 gun, bad armor and bad postpen fighting Shermans with stabilizers and APHE?

    5:05 – 37mm APDS with garbage postpen and no armor on BR 3.3? are u serious? Fighting stabilized Shermans with 102mm pen APHE (normalisation + great filler) which onehot everything and have actual armor, more crew and even dont need to kill you with the maingun –> 12.7mm?
    6:05 – “we can kill vehicles at 2000m away” – yet we dont even get maps for hightier to shoot tanks at 2000m at a regular basis. (Hello Frozenpass, Hello Ashriver @ BR 10.3)

  10. Gajoob is really making me angry bqs PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. F had apcbc ammo with 98 mm pen and now it have only apc 62 mm what a fuck is that?! I loved that tank but now it’s useless

  11. Nistor Laurentiu

    they are going to remove it, but after the focus tree becomes free and available to everyone, rn they keep it for more people to buy premiums to unlock the focus tree, which means profit for them

  12. This is a wrong tank

  13. Phly.
    Please, fly out the Nakajima Kikka for air RB.
    I want to understand, I can’t.

  14. What do I want for April Fools?

    Decompress the BR’s and balance the game.

  15. You know that also the reserved vehicle from sweden have apds

  16. 4:00

  17. Andrzej Nowakowski

    they make something wrong in WT 😉

    37 mm sk ptr m/34 slpprj m/49 APDS-T 24 mm dart 1150 m/s –

    70 mm at 0 m

    65 mm at 200 m

    62 mm at 400 m

    58 mm at 600 m

    55 mm at 800 m

    52 mm at 1000 m
    1130 m/s

    1100 m/s

    1060 m/s

    1030 m/s

    1000 m/s

    970 m/s

  18. Maybe it’s just an early April fools joke that you can pay for…

  19. I seriously don’t get those results when I point my APDS at tanks :<

  20. Phily? This is kinda embarrassing. But what’s your advice for having erectile dysfunction. Where my pp is constantly hard and I am my little sisters birthday party. I have no more pills because of the virus. So any advice?

  21. The tank Delat Torn translates to Split Turret

  22. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    Phly, I ride horses but I’ve never touched one’s butt-hole. Do you perhaps have some experience in that? O.o

  23. MinisterOfBetrayal

    I don’t think it’s that bad, the british 40mm has 90-is pen, that is more than enough to kill anything at 1.0 and the ap deals (should deal) more damage than apds.

  24. I just started playing this game in the middle of the last week (confinement and all that). After getting killed with the meme french tanks I went over to Germany and trough sheer number of deaths I got to 5.3. This weekend I learned some basic controls: such as binoculars…how to properly use the camera… So for about three days I might have been the blind guy at 6:17

  25. I think it’s gonna be a drift event with JDM…. cars??

  26. Thanks for the moment of silence… I have learnt to hate the swedish tech tree because of this…

  27. I am new to the game and what jet/plane/tank shuld i start grind for?

  28. Me: *Stuggles to take out a KV-1 with M4A3E2 Jumbo*
    Gaijin: “How about we make a premium 1.0 that could kill KV-1?”

  29. Sir Schamilott xx

    Oh i realised it yesterday and i was wondering why nobody is arguing about it

  30. Sir Schamilott xx

    What comes next? APFSDS-T on BR 3.7?
    Heat-FS on BR 4.7?
    Why not a M4(75) with APFSDS

  31. The Swedish tree shouldn’t even happen in the first place

  32. Again. Pure cancer at low tier are Stuarts and BTs, NOT Panzer IIs.

  33. Phly’s advice: “follow my advice”

  34. PHLYYYYYYY try the Pumaaaaaaaa!!!! top BR side shots is the m… German power. plz phly, try it out. puma hella strong better than the Asu-57, freak that small boi use something that goes vroom vroom thx bae no homo

  35. u killed the drivers and the tank burns out????

  36. where you find these enemies…… i fight in any br vs 2 km shooting people…

  37. AMighty Mongoose

    This is the only Premium tank for Sweden that i plan on getting once the tech tree is out of this stupid locked bs

    F IT!

  39. Well, for fun a friend made me go in an around 10.0 battle with my panzer II DAK and I penned an ennemy tank so I can say there’s worse.


  41. Of course it is legal as long it is premium…

  42. Play the american Wall-E

  43. John Norton Jaugar

    Hey PhlyDaily Gaijin has New game Called Space Thunder so there’s a Trailer

  44. Michael Stankowski

    I dont understand the problem with 1.0 tanks while there is spawncamping going on every game. My brothers quit the game because of spawncamping, not pz. II ^^

  45. Йоан Димитров

    SPACE Thunder

  46. Wait, you’re just now realizing WT OPs a new nation when it first comes out? I thought that was pretty obvious when they boosted .50s to better than 30mms in effectiveness right at the same time italian air launched.

  47. I have one question to Gajin, based on updated that they have been making for recent 1,5 years about a lot of stuff added. Why?

  48. Get us Saab asj 37 vigen ingame ya all👌 youtube the plane.. amazing has trust reverser. Wpuld be fun addition to game

  49. Finally something to counter the B1!

  50. Hey phly for what are those convertible fp

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