WAKE UP STEVE – TVP VTU Adventures..

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  1. Nice Round…was there too obviously ^^

  2. I’m so so so happy you decided to upload this game so I could watch it again. 🙂

    I also hope you realize that we need a T-shirt with, “WAKE UP STEVE” on it, with maybe a image of a T-10.

  3. I would watch a Circon bbq stream

  4. I love Circon <3

  5. Maybe Steve is getting better he has the t10 now and be had the kv-3 earlier so maybe hes getting better

  6. lovely stuff

  7. My BBT! (Big Boxy Tank!) 😀 I LOVE THIS TANK

  8. That tortoise did not reach Circon.

  9. never doubt it 😉

  10. I would like this video but it’s at 69, so sorry.

  11. StevenVonWyntar Esquire The Third

    4:15 Well, the section of the video that *’inspired’* the playback’s name/title lasses and chaps *<('-'7)* 😂/😉 Well played Circon, well played. 👋🧐👍🍷

  12. Just asking why you have the stock Turret circon?
    Btw i ‘m the 100 liker

  13. Circon. No matter what you do with this thing. I won’t play it lol. Stop making it look so easy 😛 It’s very rude.

  14. a bbq stream would be amazing

  15. Nice APCR spam

  16. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Fantastic at least…. what a map control and positioning.

  17. Wake up Steve. I resemble that remark.

  18. Unsuspicious Italian Man

    World of BBQ’s

  19. wow, bloody nice shooting Circon !!!

  20. Yes stream barbeque

  21. As a Texan, I vote bbq stream

  22. Now that was fucking funny.

  23. Krystian Olszański

    ffs this scroling mouse like crazy zoom in, zoom out, zoom in its so painful to my eyes, why do you do it Circon

  24. Why do people totally ignore him ? Nobody ever ignores me like the way they ignore one of the best players in the game. This is why I think the matches are rigged. I think War Gaming hand picks the dummies so Circon can clobber them for promotional reasons.

    ( No I don’t really believe this for real before you @me )

  25. 0:45 you are not wrong, i remember it distinctly, because my friend showed it to me.

  26. Hey circjust wondering why u are not using the top turret it even has more gun depression than the stock one. Love these highlights kappa

  27. What gun are you using?

  28. Steve’s brain cells can barely keep his organs working automatically

  29. Dammitnim making that my message tone WAAAKE UP STEEVE

  30. You have to been Circon to save such games like these. FFS

  31. Circon, with the up and coming BIG PATCH. I’m wondering about this. When you get the medals for killing or xping every tank in the countries tier line (Currently)
    When they WG remove those lower tier etc tanks to the “Collectors Bin” How are we supposed to get those medals.
    Are we to rely or hope somebody gets one via credits etc and hope we meet them on the field and hope we kill them ???
    Or is WG going to give us a FREE PASS 😛

  32. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    85% of wot console players are that Steve,

    Just to prove how easy console is.

    I’m yellow on PC and super Unicum on Console. The wot info metric is the same for both games lol

    Also console has this detected feature that warns the player when someone aims at them. Sort of like a discount 6th Sense , but to keep it balanced for us 6th Sense is instant. Instead of a 3 second delay

    We also have some tanks that are buffed like our panther 8.8 it’s been buffed significantly than PC version so when you do 3.5k in the tank you get deep purple stats. I’ve had a basic game in the panther 8.8 worth 10,5k wn8 lol

  33. Wake up Steeeve 😂😂😂

  34. what mod is it the use for keeping track of marks of excellence?

  35. We need more Steve YouTube videos from you! They’re hilarious!

  36. seems that Steve finally grindd through that KV1…

  37. For one shot tracks your damage roll needs to be 250 or higher circoguy

  38. It only took him the 5 minutes to get there but that T95 pulled off a better pincer flank on that Tortoise than those to two brainlet russian tanks ever had a hope of.

  39. That Tortoise *really* likes your content by the way…

  40. I’m trying to Ace this tank before buying the T50 and moving my crew…. but it will take me some time 🙁

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