WAR RIG | Swedish Mad Max Truck (War Thunder LVTDGB m/40)

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WAR RIG | Mad Max Truck (War Thunder LVTDGB m/40)



  1. TUUKK4P01K4 TUUKK4P01K4

    Phly can you check that cv90120?
    Did it get the 625mm pen APFSDS?

  2. commit head in microwave

    Those echos from firing when you were inside the cap zone were insane sounding

  3. Hi PhlyDaily just tonight (11:22) I turned my friend into war thunder which is my favorite game and I recommended one of your videos and he loved it just letting you know keep up the good work

  4. Ah, a passengerswede for the passengerseat

  5. I trusted you too not blow my ears out. Thanks for sparing them.

    The new sound fx are nice.

  6. do it do it come on do it

  7. Anyone know the intro music?

  8. my first map of the update was Sweden

  9. Holy damn Phly, if you can do that I’d be impressed!

  10. Fun fact: This gun was mounted on the AC-130 as a secondary one.

  11. Phly: turn volume up
    Me expecting: 5 4 3 2 1… BOOOOOOM HAHA YOUR DEAD!

  12. I can’t do math that doesn’t involve bananas

  13. Messerschmitt 262 A-2a

    imagine being quarantined

    This post was made by the UK gang

  14. Trying to get two vids a day with quality entertainment? Thank you so much for entertaining us during a hard time

  15. the Bofors 44mm is the little brother of the Flak 88, but more people liked the Bofors.

  16. PewDiePie on passenger seat the he will be like

    “Meme review!”

  17. It’s an armored grey tonka truck

  18. Ludwig von Siegfried

    now I’m not so good at math, but, iph I did this correctly, it would take about 0.00130332387 seconds bephor you could hear the sound oph an explosion 1 mile away.

  19. It’s called congruency (kong-roo-ency)

  20. LGBTQ m40 gotcha.

  21. 767 mp/h, 4.7 seconds to hear an impact 1 mile away… realistically in game your going to hear sounds half a second off I guess? What’s a comfortable distance per tier lol

  22. Hi dude… I am your biggest fan… Love from India 😇

  23. Who loves Phly because he will post 2 videos per day, like my comment!! Lov ya Phly, u are so kind Brotha <3

  24. Swedish tanks are damn interesting

  25. I hate the new sound effects

  26. Hey phly, love you man. Love the videos and thanks for putting out the extra effort for multiple videos. Really says a lot about how much you care about fans. Keep doing what you’re doing

  27. I love you dad, thanks for the extra videos 😘

  28. 2 bofors with 0.5 s reload time worth 5.0 BR on an anti-air as seen in the american m19. 1 bofors with 0.5 s reload time worth 3.0 BR on an anti-air as seen on this vehicle. Is that +1 bofors with 0.5 s reload time worth so much that the anti-air becomes so powerful that it is only fair to verse 2.0 BR higher aviation? I think it is definetaly not the case.

  29. Name of music used?

  30. Aw thanks phly!

  31. 2 vidios yeaaaa

  32. Are these stock sound affects now!!!!?

  33. Me: starts playing with American low teir tanks
    War thunder: SWEDEN I CHOOSE YOU

  34. Any warthunder playere?

  35. Thanks for the 2 videos a day! Will make my quaranten much better! Greeting from Slovenia❤

  36. thanx Phly. did pewdie pie or any other
    is there anyone who is voluntary join passanger seat?

  37. when I look around with my plane. my plane goes up or down the same for the machine gunners on the bombers. how to fix this? pls

  38. It's me Taco studios

    Thankyou so much for the two videos a Day phly!♥️ Im sittin here in quarantine at home watching ur vids

  39. Those tire rubbers are the wrong way round :-0

  40. Phly: Turn volume up
    Me: No I don’t think I will.

  41. where do I find your decal after purchase with your code/link?

  42. Azamat Abdurakhimov

    He’ll have t shirts out for my birthday 👀

  43. Will your champion T-shirt and hoodies be available in Europe? (2 vids a day, Phly doing the best he can do during the quarantine!!! )

  44. The vehicle of choice for the modern day minority activist group. Anyone know what the V stands for??
    More crew diversity please Gajin.

  45. Congruency is a word

  46. Rip 122mm russian “clank”

  47. ABS!!

  48. Fire! “bra bra bra bra” !?!

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