War Thunder 1.51 – Leopard A1, New Snow Map, Neubaufahrzeug Multi Turret Tank!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

New American Tanks Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
M2a2, 75mm M3 GMC, M18 Hellcat, M10 Wolverine, M36 Jackson, T-28 Super Heavy Tank, T-95 “Doom Turtle”, AD-2 Skyraider, P-51D-10, P-51A 20mm
New Russian Tanks Planes in Patch 1.49 Dev Server:
4M GAZ-AAA, Su-57, Su-122-54, Т-34-85E, Т-34E STZ, IS-2 Avenger, SU-76М of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps, Yak-9M, Il-2 1943, Yak-9T Yak-9K (new models), IL-2 (new Cockpit), IL-2M AM-38 1943
New British Planes:
F.Mk.I, FireFly F.Mk.V, Seafire Mk.XVII, Seafire FR.47, Sea Fury FB.11, Attacker FB.1, Canberra (cockpit), Sea Gladiator Mk1, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib, Sea Hurricane Mk.Ic, Plagis’s Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Prendergast’s Spitfire FR.MK.XIVe
New German Plans Tanks:
Ar.234 C3, Hs.129 (cockpit), Bf-109B, StuH 42G
New Planes: J2M2, Ki-21

Thanks for watching!


  1. Trần Thiên Quốc Nguyên (Michaelverymad)

    Leopard I=paper armour=duck alot.

  2. witch tier will be the neubarfahrzeug ?

  3. +BaronVonGamezi want the TOG II British tank,it is amazing XD

  4. +Gabriel Cooper 77 now 🙂

  5. Tori mainittu Suomella tavataan!!

  6. I checked it man! Also love ya vids!

  7. 200k!

  8. T-10M hype train! 

  9. Was supposed to be 1.51 update. Guessing again it’s put back.

  10. +itsmattymattymatty Leopard 1 basically confirms L7 Centurions!!!!

  11. Jupiter “Lightning” L.P.H.Productions

    Will they add in the m1 abram main battle tank

  12. +Mes You are somewhat right, I meant the first and second try. Barely
    understood “Fahrzeug”.
    But whatever, hope he’ll learn German. 😀

  13. +Jab Ba It was completely off, what are you talking about?
    Cute though. 😀

  14. +Jab Ba Yep ,almost 😉

  15. OMG im from finland

  16. ThaMightyJangles-Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    Hmm… This might make me play War Thunder again.

    • ThaMightyJangles-Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

      +Combatsmithen well then you must not have played against the hellcat.
      1.49 was the patch that finally made me quit, because it made the american
      TDs incredibly over powered.

    • Lol. Same here since russian bias patch ahem*1.49*ahem

  17. +DJ J0SHWA it’s not as wide though

  18. +DJ J0SHWA You see Pyotir, when tonk is on ice is be tonk, when fall
    through into water it is become submarine.

  19. +pryomatic welp turtles are aquatic why should the doom turtle be any

  20. I’d care about the Leopard A1 but its probs gonna be high tier so fuck
    grinding that out.

  21. War Thunder should add the P1000 Ratte :D

  22. +Ostfront 00 hello again there

  23. +Ostfront 00 “I’ve been waiting for a Stalingrad map!”

    You clearly haven’t played any air battles.

    *dear god, Stalingrad is everywhere…*

  24. sargeantgamerful

    ^This, Night witches! Gotta get those PO-2s

  25. gajin nerf flagpole its too op for my bt5 >:( lol

  26. +Illusionary oh look a girl und panzer italy commander

  27. that already happens

  28. what’s the difference between war thunder and world of tanks?

  29. The thing I want to know is….. does it have gyro-stabilization like in
    real life?

  30. TheJackalPhantom

    +DJ J0SHWA tested it ITS FAST and i oneshot everything LOL

  31. +DJ J0SHWA So they DID give the Leopard HESH. Nice.

  32. Finaly a snow map ^^

  33. +CausalBaton01 The leopards upper frontal glacis is sloped at 60 degrees tho

  34. ThermalPredator X

    +CausalBaton01 Yea I don’t care about armour, I play Germany everything can
    penetrate them anyway. I want it for the speed and the gun.

  35. 70mm armor at its thickest part.The Leo will be penned by anything.Haha

  36. I just discovered the “bt-42” a finish BT-7 with a british QF 4.5-inch
    howitzer. I want that.

  37. cant wait for my new computer so i can play this again

  38. Gaijin in 1 forum blog sayd that the Leopard 1 willl be a version without
    the stabilizer

  39. U used the 1.49 patch description in this video, Baron!

  40. +Saixmoon12 Or if the game goes into the 70s, maybe they could add the
    amazing STB-1/Type 74 in the Japanese tree 😉

  41. Am I the only one who thinks Warthunder is going down World of Tank’s path?
    Where have the “historical” elements of the game go? so many paper,
    post-WWII vehicles and prototypes.

  42. Bet people are complaining that Germans get a post-war era tank now.

    • Screw those complain,they can clearly see what Gaijin done to Soviet and
      American lines.Bunch of pussies playing sim battle now and get overkill.

    • From what I’ve seen of the forums, they’d complain about a new German tank
      for just that reason. A new German tank.

  43. Ok gentlemen. We’ll be getting the “Finland” map. So Gaijin plz give us the
    BT42 assault gun or the “Sotka” 🙂

    I Hope they will be a part of 1.51 Hype STORM

    • +Jussi Oikkonen and bt42 would be a nice wonder cannon like zis-30 cuz it
      got 16mm of armor maximum but it got 140mm british cannon but it would be
      much faster cuz its max speed is over 50 km/h 🙂 And I think it would fit
      pretty well to tier 2 as a premium

    • We already have too many T34s

  44. M60 Patton plz

  45. tamatoesofthewest

    hey baron about that Sea Fury mk 10 and it’s pilot here’s some info
    On 8 August 1952, Lieutenant Peter “Hoagy” Carmichael, of 802 Squadron,
    flying Sea Fury WJ232 from HMS Ocean, shot a MiG-15 down, making him one of
    only a few pilots of a propeller driven aircraft to shoot down a jet. The
    engagement occurred when a formation of Sea Furies and Fireflies was
    engaged by eight MiG-15s, during which one Firefly was badly damaged while
    the Sea Furies escaped unharmed.

  46. that company starting with an R that you couldent think of was probably

  47. Go on their Facebook and you’ll see they have the superhellcat coming and
    the t10m and the su 100y

  48. lucasin catwalker

    remember the walkers and the baloon potato tanks on bicicle?
    wolt you like to see them on ice
    the baloon tank wolt just slide on ice xD

  49. When this update will go out?

  50. Kristian čolak-barać

    I would put leopard tank same BR as panther G

  51. Yessssssssssss!!!!!! Leopard 1 the t-54 and is-4 killer.

  52. +E Thao huh i though it was an infrared optic

  53. +Grant Welsh well might come in handy if the night battles ever come ^^

  54. +simongarty APFSDS shot from a 105mm L7 cannon should fix that 😉

  55. It was, though.

  56. Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard

  57. *Winter war mate

  58. Speaking of Panzer 1 turret. They should add the panzer 1 Lynx (Panzer 1
    armed with a cannon and one MG) as a second reserve tank like they’ve done
    with Russia and America. 

  59. Finland is so good place I am from here 

  60. +Mavis But we Soviets pretty much made us their slaves for decades. Not
    that we had any choice, it was better to give up than get raped like

  61. We kinda did.

  62. Congrats on 200k!

  63. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    Leo 1 is so KAWAII

  64. War thunder teir 6 confirm 

  65. Sternenruferin Patchouli

    its a Leopard 1 A1!! its soo old! germans have now leopard 2 a4

  66. Rheinmetall was the other one involved in the Neubaufahrzeug
    Also about the Leopard the HESH shells are already confirmed so oneshots

  67. Leo!!!! when is 1.51 coming out?

  68. Dovakhiin dragonborn (Dovakhiin1515)

    I’m looking forward to playing French tanks 😀
    Amx are soooooo nice :)

  69. No the only thing keeping Russia up is gaijin

  70. +Иосиф Steelin and obtained territory that is 30% of finnish economy,
    maybe, but we still repelled both your attacks and now we are one of world
    least corrupted country, rich country, we don’t have any homeless people
    and everything is better than in russia 😀

  71. Иосиф Steelin

    +Flameshire Soviet Union obtained a territory which was the 30% of
    Finland’s economy, the objective was to take territories near Leningrad
    because such an important city was so close to an hostile country.

  72. Why is every gun starting to sound exactly the same?

  73. marrioman thirteen

    Probably, I mean it’s the equivalent to the t35.

  74. +Arctic Gecko Not if they add the T-64, immune to all NATO guns and ammo at
    the time it was introduced.

  75. +Arctic Gecko Finally. Inb4 Russian armor buff

  76. 1.51 must be huge. The devs have confirmed that British tanks are coming
    out in 1.51. I wonder how that’s going to go. Squire’s gonna be so happy.

  77. So Gaijin is going into the Modern Times now? Or at least Cold War.

  78. The americans already have like 12 differents jets, also nobody cares

  79. +applepie Yeah well i did not ask for them to get that ;3 but tbh i do want
    the f9f 6 it looks so good

  80. Trần Thiên Quốc Nguyên (Michaelverymad)

    T-10=IS-8 and IS-8 is only a fat med. Armour bad. IS-7 more better. True
    soviet ISs.

  81. +solarix656
    Standard power creep.

  82. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    +bryanFDNY IS-7 effective front armor : 250-350 mm
    IS-8 (T-10m) Effective front armor : 190-265 mm

  83. I know the Leo is needed for German high tier balancing but this is T62,
    M60, AMX30 and Chieftain era, not to mention what appears in air combat.

    • +Thomas Edgerley It can still get one shotted and it will probably have to
      do the usual American/German thing of sniping Russian crew members and
      modules one by one. Stop bitching lol give German 8.0 a break. Last couple
      of patches made the Maus not as strong as it was and even now the Leopard
      isn’t going to that much of a game changer in my opinion.

  84. +Combatsmithen The Leopard would act as a balancing force seeing as how
    Russian and American vehicles are superior in most cases.

  85. Alex “Samurai” Cher

    +Bullet Bill388 Well, to be fare, the T-10 (wich is a modified IS-8) was
    kinda waker (in terms of defence) than IS-4. IS-4 was a very expensive &
    not very reliable tank (only 200-300 produced). N-10 It has less armor &
    slightly better mobility. Then remember that this game isn`t historicly
    accurate. They`ll balance it.

  86. +Bullet Bill388 The T-10 should historically have less armor than the IS-4;
    it should be able to get killed easily by what it should face. But expect
    Gaijin to make it OP.

  87. they should just take the Company of Heroes 2 Snow physics for WT

  88. Hellcats on ice should be entertaining..

  89. The Chi-ho, the Chi-ha and the Ha-go are the only Japanese tanks I can
    think of right now

  90. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    they should be the german e100 super heavy tank in with the 150mm gun

  91. John Harms (Harminator)

    There’s going to be so much tking on the Finland map.

  92. what about the wellington with the 40mm turret :3 ????

  93. I want a SU-100Y, Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte 😀
    And T-43.

  94. HYPE HYPE!


    T28 PLS

  96. When will they add British Tanks ;_;

  97. Baron the one legerd one in the game won’t have a. Stabilizer


  98. +jae kay Yes the M60A1 needs to be added.

  99. the one that started with an r might have been rhienmetal maybe

  100. is the hunter getting added this update

  101. *Interesting Fact about the Winter War:* When Finnish soldiers would ambush
    enemy Russians from behind and slit their throats, it would be so cold that
    the Russian bodies would remain upright in the position that they died in.

  102. Lmao, no.

  103. Gaijin needs to add the MBT-70

  104. T62? no? please gaijin senpaiiiiiiii

  105. Plz give Americans M60 Patton 

  106. marrioman thirteen

    Should have been set in a fjord.

  107. I will bet you they’re gonna add the GroBtracktor

  108. I want to see British tanks instead of new tanks being added. Imagine the
    Doom turtle having baby tanks. Like the AT-2 AT-8 AT-7 AT-15 AT-15A and the
    Tortious. All with ridiculous frontal armor, and good guns for their tiers.

    But I want to see the Churchill tanks in the game along side the Matilda
    and Cromwell Comet crusader covenanter and the Challenger.


  110. Johann Thorsteinsson

    T10M is just powercreep in my opinion

  111. A Certain British Otaku

    I’d like to see British tanks, its about high time they were added.

    Maybe a Dunkirk map may be in order too, it would make a change from all
    the eastern front maps we’ve had lately.

    That being said, I am looking forward to the Leopard 1.

  112. TiberiousThe Labrador

    so hyped for the leapord

  113. You need to play world of tanks Baron :p.

  114. lee jones (armyfan566)

    Finland was supported by the Germans only to defend there land from the
    Russian there was not really apart of the war just was force in to it by
    the Russian and only got supported by the German just cuz they was both
    fighting the Russian if they was never attacked by the Russian they would
    of stay out of the war and never join either side 

  115. +achilleas bakis now i have changed my mind i love you

  116. +achilleas bakis fuck you


  118. Will eveyone have the winter camouflage on tanks as stock then?

  119. Nova Brent (Nova4Games)

    Pls i wont me t10 🙂 its cool as hell :)

  120. Treavor McConnell

    also baron there will be an north africa map, sturmpanzers, a nashorn and
    more armored cars.

  121. I would really like to see the Nashorn in future patches

  122. Play 8.0 games and show us the heavy and medium bombers!

  123. if there will be a T-10 what do you think will be its setback to make it
    balanced? :D

  124. They should ad a bt 42 for the fins


  125. Huntenboy_ Gaming

    The leopard will be destroyed the front armor is not that good 

  126. The V 173 should be added to war thunder LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!!

  127. Pelz do fw200 c

  128. somebody knows when they are going to add boats or ships 2 this game?????
    also someone knows if tehy will add english and japanese tanks??

  129. The Neubaufahrzeug is pronounced like “noy-bow-fartzoig”… plese don’t
    laugh pls :p

  130. gun sound is terrible for the leopard 1. I think they should make a new gun
    sound for it. not that lazy t-54 sound.

  131. Drive a Maus over the ice.

  132. its leOpard OOO!! You dont pronunce the O stupid american or britan man man
    man just kidding but it spells leopard :D

  133. Hello you german tankers u upset u dont get goody goodies, here ya go
    leopard 1 and some fancy prototype tank(really dislike that wot here we
    come). but to counter the leopard 1, we will introduce the is8 cause russia
    cant lose

  134. marrioman thirteen

    The Devs seem to add a German tank that can compete with the current
    highest ruskies, just to add a stronger Russian tank to keep on top.

  135. why dont you go whine on forums instead

  136. marrioman thirteen

    No need, they’ll just move to the T10, 3 good 5 everything.

  137. Sadly they’ll never add playable infantry, blood and depictions of visible
    death would require them to get a more mature rating and would restrict
    their target audience/income etc.

  138. honestly that tank looks like a joe

  139. I want to see a SInai map so we can have battles with T-34s and T-54s on
    one side, and M4s and M48s on the other. Six day war man!

  140. They should add the sturmtiger >:D
    14 shots, long ass reload

  141. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    MBT isn’t really a meaningless term considering that the design philosophy
    behind MBT’s means that instead of havning all different kinds of tanks for
    different situation you had one kind of tank that would be good for all
    situations. The T-34 wasn’t at all in this philosophy. The design
    philosophy wasn’t a failure even if they incorporated composite armor into
    future vehicles. Even modern contemporary tanks follow the MBT philosophy
    which is why you don’t see giant 100 ton tanks in modern nations arsenals
    (because they would die fast since they’d be so slow).

    I think you missed the point. MBT’s like the Leopard originally were
    conceived to fight against against the old philosphy of having different
    kinds of tanks for different situations (medium tanks, heavy tanks, etc.).
    In other words they weren’t designed to get hit by Soviet HEAT rounds, they
    were designed to avoid them altogether. Mobility, communication and
    tactics are the strength of MBT’s and by that time piling on armor became a
    weakness. The fact that most countries adopted the MBT design philosophy
    isn’t a testament to its failure but its success. Mobile, well armed tanks
    that are protected against small arms fire while having some protection
    against anti-armor is a cheaper solution and is far more tactically sound.

  142. marrioman thirteen

    But gaijin struggle to put manoeuvrability into the game.

  143. Weren’t they adding British tanks in 1.51?

  144. War thunder isn’t limited to world war 2, if the Sabres and Mig 15s weren’t
    enough of a hint.


  146. Finland was alone in winter war but continue war we was allied with Germany
    for ammo and guns.tanks.planes etc

  147. eläköön Suomi!

  148. Ay baron Finland was not allied with italy we were allied with nazi germany
    just because they gave us war machines. Suomi perkele!!

  149. i think slick has twin turrets of HE ADHD.

  150. It took 3yrs but my snow map is coming. Yay.

  151. If I may add my two cents, I think the British tier 5s will at least
    include the Conqueror, the Centurion with the L7 cannon, maybe even the
    Chieftain if Gaijun goes that far into the 60s. Maybe the Tortoise, but I
    fear it would have the same shortcomings as the T95.

  152. Imagine if a KV-2 shots trough that ice…

  153. Much copy and paste in the discriptions, such wow

  154. 200K SUBSCRIBER HYPEEEEEeE!!!!,!,!,!,!!,!!!!!!

  155. Designer’s of leopard 1 banded idea of heavy armor because the heat shells
    and i don’t think that we will be abel to see spaa based on leopard because
    it had radar quided firing system.

  156. And Baron, it’s new-bow-fair-zoig

  157. Why no british tanks?

  158. Man the Germans really love their cats

  159. T-10 the lenin tank. Have my tank book to hand. D74 122mm/4.8in gun….nice
    for u already op russians!!!! Leapoard wow guys were be zooming around in
    abrams and challys in no time!!! ;)

  160. And the other maker was rheinmetall who built model As (neubaufahrzeuge) 

  161. U.S. Is getting the M60 as well, but I agree they will always pander to the
    soviet tree more.

  162. +Tom Lecuit Russia should also get the T-64 since it was introduced before
    the Leopard.

  163. bernardobiritiki

    *cough*cough*Japanese and britsh tanks*cough*cough*
    Cough*cough*more pasific maps*cough*cough*
    Cough*cough*warships alpha or beta testing*cough*cough*
    Oh sorry gaijin i just have this cough for 500 days now

  164. Love how you Speak German 😀 fucking Helarious 

  165. Franz Baumgartner

    The SPAA based of the Leopard 1 was called the Gepard. Armed with 2x35mm
    cannons and anti air rockets.

  166. The leopard 1 has the L7 105mm cannon, which is actually what the Abrams
    originally had when it was first designed. Then we put some composite armor
    and a 120mm cannon on it and they did the same with the leopard 2.

  167. The term glass cannon is so overused on this damn game, I mean, any tank is
    a glass cannon at a certain angle. And, this tank better be a light tank,
    since that’s what it basically was.

  168. marrioman thirteen

    It was pretty obvious that the desert maps would come with british tanks,
    maps like El alemain (spelling?)… The thing is, they could add air desert
    maps now, with faster overheats etc.

  169. We need the sterm tiger


  170. +marrioman thirteen I believe they said before that British tanks would be
    in 1.51, but if they’ve been pushed back I’d expect them in the next patch.
    I feel like tier 5 is going to be really similar to US tier five, since
    they’ll probably have the conqueror, which is pretty similar to the M103 in
    firepower, and the centurion with a 105, which will probably perform the
    same as the M60 they’re adding.

  171. These are just some of the new things being released, they haven’t put out
    a full list yet. There will be planes as well.

  172. Definitely don’t need anymore hardcore Russian tier 5 tanks… I didn’t
    know Russia was in danger of not totally dominating in top tier tanks…
    apparently they need to dominate even more…

  173. T10 was going to be called IS-10, but Stalin died, so the series of tanks
    that was named after him had to stop, but they had got so far, so they just
    renamed it

  174. I am cute according to Baronet. Day made.

  175. What happened to wows (world of warship)

  176. I don’t think the T-10m will be as well protected as the IS-4m, but the gun
    will be nasty on a whole new level.

  177. To be honest, once we get more into Cold War tanks, where sheer armor was
    already shown to be completely useless compared to mobility and more
    advanced types of armor, just don’t ever bother with Arcade, even for
    modules. Because mobility doesn’t hardly give the same advantage it does on
    Realistic where you don’t just see everyone’s names and everyone on the

  178. give me my he280 already


  180. No infantry, this was confirmed on Facebook. Age-rating/Distribution issues
    are responsible, as WT is rated 12+.

  181. +Darkflue14 Ummmm the Leopard 1 was introduced after the introduction of
    the T-64A which was immune to all NATO guns at the time .

  182. Leo 1… its almost a good reason to step foot in tier 5 longer than a few

  183. Are there British tanks in the game now

  184. good i need is6,is7.

  185. Pixelation Studios

    lol no Brits or jap tanks

  186. Sir Stefan Channel!

    I thought there was only 3 of the Neubaufahrzeug ever made? They were used
    in the disinformation propaganda in Norway. Photographed everywhere to make
    it look like there were tonnes of heavy tanks. Only one ever saw any action
    too, a British 2pndr gun fired at it and blew it’s track off. And the
    Panzer 1 that was behind, drove infront to see what was going on and got
    shot and killed. But the Brits fell back because they couldn’t do anything
    else to the Neubaufahrzeug because of it’s thick armour :p

  187. I can’t wait to cover this thing in Canadian decals.

  188. So they add the Leo 1 but no m60…

  189. weres the brittish tanks

  190. “Oh my god, this will balance it out!”
    “This is so unfair. It’s a postwar tank!”

    *sits in sad tier three corner*

  191. Congrats in 200k dude. Keep up your good work.

  192. Seriously the leapord A1 that tank was made way past world war 2 


    What country is the tank that baron played from and what is it called

  194. I’m terrified of having to see that nightmare on the battlefield

  195. About time, I love alpine/winter maps in war games

  196. i hear slickbee did :/

  197. Haha you pronounced it so funny 🙂 How cute. Ist pronounced like this
    “Noy-bow-far-c(like citrus)-oyg”

  198. Jayden Holzhauser

    T-10 and Super Hellcat confirmed BTW, it was on the dev server, aswell as a
    few other Russian goodies and new planes

  199. Do you know what the penetration values are on that tank?!?!?!!! In real
    life that thing had about 500 ducking armor pen so if gaijin does it right
    that will be a top tank

  200. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    If the Russians get a T-10 then the Germans should get the Ratte P-1000

  201. 殺手, 阿Ching


  202. Sarodore The Dragon

    At this rate may as well Just give the Americans their m1 Abrams the
    Germans the leopard 2 and the Russians their T 90

  203. No problem!

  204. Why would it be a td? Lol. Anyway they’ll probably class it as a medium or
    a main battle tank.

  205. Leopard A1? nope… it’s Leopard 1 A-0

  206. This made my penis hard.


  208. italian tanks..they should put them one day

  209. What time?

  210. This update is prob because of WoT

  211. m60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. world of tanks is better than war thunder only because of TOG-II

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