War Thunder 1.51 M60 Patton and Super Hellcat Gameplay!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Patch 1.
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK. new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М18 Super Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks for watching!


  1. What tank from 1.51 do you want to see me play next?

  2. Anti first!!!

  3. War Thunder 1.51 ?

  4. The premium SU-100Y or the SU152

  5. Loved the reaction to the snow. Also, BaronVonMad, “30 seconds? Alright,

  6. It was an M48 Patton to

  7. how do you get on warthunder dev server?

  8. GG War Thunder. Just a few more updates until M1 Abrams and reactive-armor.

  9. lel looks like i’m in teh video

  10. Pz 35(t) :D


  12. Nicholas Saunders

    It appears that the British will be coming soon because they are adding
    tanks that are using British guns mostly the L7 105mm
    Maybe they will have the conqueror with the 120mm

  13. Leopard I or T-10 !

  14. You weren’t on realistic it was arcade, only arcade marks the enemy for

  15. 11:56 “aye, stop et”

  16. some ppl you in fact youv got 100% of this game and you dont know if you
    press the mouse wheel it tag the enemy tanks WTF PPL PRESS THE MOUSE WHEEL

  17. Can you play with me?

  18. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  19. Peter Fogh Nielsen

    Leopard 1

  20. If you look in chat at around 7:00 you can see the guy testing the reason
    for the FPS drop, its when lots of ice is destroyed

    • +TheJman1606 ah yes war thunder physics. (jittery tank sex)

    • +TheJman1606 It can’t handle firepower of that magnitude!

    • +Tempest8 I was there this is correct. The coelion and Kuglblitz rip apart
      the Ice and WT can’t handle the physics.

    • I get like 130. Then as soon as im about to fireon a boom and zoom Pass i
      miss my shots because of a 1 second lag spike. And usually end up dieing.
      Only happens in US planes when i get withing 1.5km of an enemy. Its so

    • +Tempest8 War thunder is having problems with FPS, I ran on minimum
      settings goes from 60 to 10-30. WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!??!??!

  21. according to the chat, destroying too much ice caused the FPS drops.

  22. Booger-snapper? BOOGER-SNAPPER?! How dare you?! on my b-day i was called a

  23. take the T34-100

  24. What is the price of the super hellcat?

  25. whats with the UFO commanders hatch? xD

  26. su 100y

  27. Both the m60 + Leopard 1 were saved in RL by better shoot-on-the-move gun
    stabilization and vastly improved optics (thermal imaging) for seeing
    through smoke and night fighting capability. Stand up fight they are weak.

    • +Fiasco3 nice bullshit here mate, M60 has no stabilisation whatsoever, and
      no night vision, night vision = active ir, ambiant ir intensifier or
      thermal. M60A1 RISE had stab and active IR, in very late 60s or early 70s,
      only in 1979 with the M60A3TTS it had thermal. Leopard had active IR since
      the start, but no stabilisation until the A1 model of 1966, we have the
      basic one. M60: 1960, Leopard: 1965

      Soviets had dual axis stabilisation and night vision active IR since 1957
      on the T-54B, 1958 T-55, 1958 T-10M, T-62 and T-64 too of course.

    • marrioman thirteen

      Shame that’s how war thunder works.

  28. Pls try the T-34-100 ;)

  29. Anybody else see that tiger 10.5 was destroyed by a kugelblitz lol wut.

  30. and i though that russains made ugly tanks

  31. That was a cool video

  32. Play the Leopard 1

  33. Do the Leopard and the neubaufahrzeug

  34. Barron you know nothing about tank shells……

  35. There was the M-46, M-47 and M-48 with the 46 and 48 being the main two
    production variants of the three while the 47 served as a stop gap between
    the 46 and the 48 and eventualy the 47 became the training tank for the 48
    which eventualy led to the M-60

  36. Su-100y aka Box tank

  37. hey what it is ? my War thunder can not download this patch yet :/ this is
    preorder or what ?

  38. Take out the box tank! 

  39. E100

  40. Uhhh…. The Panzer II, at 6:30… Not quite cardboard. His track ate your
    shell and that was all the damage.

  41. According to the chat, your FPS drops were caused by the kugelblitz
    breaking the ice quickly!

  42. Still the ever present sinking trees.

  43. Nova Brent (Nova4Games)

    Im waiting for the T-62 🙁 the russian MBT

  44. the M60 Patton is a huge tank in real life, I am 5,11 and my head barely
    goes to the top of the tracks when I stand next to one

  45. That ammo rack on your Patton was freaking gorgeous.

  46. im sorry for this, but. oh my god, you idiot. first you load HESH, which is
    useless, and you shoot at an enemy, it does nothing. so you switch to
    HEATFS and miss, so you load sabot, then you keep aiming way too high on
    enemies that are behind visual cover. There was an M48 patton. and you
    using the word “tits” as much as you do, and in the ways that you do, it
    sounds so dumb (see 2:15)

  47. I’m so glad they changed the plane sounds. They were terrible before. Now
    let’s just hope they change the distance you hear them from and add the
    Doppler effect and stop them from fading out so suddenly.

  48. Finnnnnnlaaaaaaaaaannnnnd

  49. I have a question. Do PS4 users get this patch?

  50. M2A2 :P

  51. baron who do you have so many golden eagles? did you buy them or something?

  52. Figures, Baron plays another top tier tank but doesn’t use it’s best ammo.

  53. m60 is one ugly shit XD

  54. Wp using discarding sabot sht

  55. There should be much more trees

  56. I would love to get the M60 sometime but I never will because k can’t get
    past the Sherman 76mms. All you face is tigers and panthers which have
    every advantage on you. It’s not fucking fair. Something needs to be done 

    • +Gunsight416 Don’t bother arguing with him mate. Wehraboos like him are
      convinced that Germany is underpowered no matter what, even though they
      have some amazingly good tanks at all BR levels.

    • That’s funny, because I have no problem killing IS-2s and M26s with the
      tiger and Panther and they have issues with me. I think the components
      inside of those two tanks are broken. I have used my 76mm Sherman and out 4
      shots in a row into a tiger’s ammo rack with no result…. Then he turned
      his turret around, disabled my tank then finished me off with his second

    • Ever seeb the germans on an other Tier?No cuase they suck there as hell the
      Tigers are the only tanks which can be played uf they patch that i will
      quit Wt…

  57. why can the m60 have the more sloped turret as of now it just looks like
    the m48

  58. HEATFS is the best round, as hush doesn’t do spaced armor

  59. The m48a1 through 4

  60. Leopard 1

  61. Use the sniper in verdun

  62. 11:35 – Voice over by Red Baron from Witcher 3.

  63. I saw u playing!!! today

  64. SU-100Y next pls

  65. Baron do you have to download the update cause i haven’t gotten it yet. 

  66. Frames drop on the finland map when SPAA fire at the ice at the corners of
    the map, some people in custom battles thought it would be fun to make the
    game crash for some people doing this, fucking idiots tbh.

  67. there was m48

  68. When is this being released? Thats wot a wanner no fam

  69. Su-100y

  70. Firebrand pls

  71. +BaronVonGamez I just checked World of Warships and my game client was
    updating for a while and when it was done I found it said 0.40 in the left
    corner,but the servers are down but it’s out!

  72. that tiger at 10:40 got killed by a kugelblitz???

  73. Sorry Baron 24:52 i couldnt stop in time.

  74. actually, hesh rounds are baaadly modeled. cause its a NON penetrating

  75. hellcat in this game have more turret travel speed faster than WOT lol

  76. ehm…what’s the key for the maschinegun for the tanks?


  77. Why did they skip the M48?

  78. The super hellcat is a premium?

  79. Gusti Firza Afrizal

    M-60 Patton, the worse tank in World of tanks

  80. Wat button for freelook

  81. How do you even connect to the dev server?

  82. Feel free to flame me comments but as a person who’s working on his T4 and
    5 American tanks, I am 100% comfortable when I say that I absolutely hate
    the Hellcat in all its iterations.

  83. Play the new Russian T-10m in RB

  84. Im in the video!!!!!!!! YAYAY Im the one in the TIGER 105 MM and somehow i
    bounced your shot 10:20
    When i see Baron im like : OHhh Super hellcat .Then as i was about to press
    the fire button , that freaking kugleblitz took me out from the side ….

  85. How have you got so many eagles? Also how much money have you spent on the

  86. not the SU152. I think this Tankdestroyer was often presented in this game
    by Lets Players.

  87. They added the M-60 Patton? That’s a second generation main battle tank!
    They used M-60s in the 1991 Gulf War. They should add the T-62 and T-72 if
    they’re going down that route.

    • +marrioman thirteen try harder fucking troll, top russian shell in game is
      1967 and was based on a design dating from mid 1950s and developped in

    • marrioman thirteen

      Especially when Russians have access to shells only designed in the 80s and

    • Tyler Brooke-Thomas

      But it was developed in 1960 something, not too sure. Doesn’t matter how
      long it served for.

  88. Baron the reason why your frames dropped twice is because a friendly
    Kugelblitz was shooting at the ice causing major gram drop. XD

  89. Lol frame drop* damn it autocorrect

  90. The R.O.C army( Taiwanese Army) is still using this old grandpa tank (M60)
    And they are still using the M41 light tank too haha
    P.s. I’m from Taiwan

    • Do you know that there are 2 M36 Jackson is still serving for our country
      But they’re for training

    • John “Hammer” Box

      +藺梓堯 well if you get as much use out of those as you did with the m60’s and
      m41’s it’ll be a good investment

    • Yeah our army did upgrade them
      But there are still some problems because of its age for example the engine
      is not working well the cannon can’t fire….
      Why can’t we fix it ? Because we can’t find parts to fix the tank
      So that’s why our army ordered 200 M1A2 tanks from the U.S.

    • John “Hammer” Box

      If it works why change it though I’d imagine the M60’s and M41’s their
      using are no longer stock their probably pretty highly upgraded

  91. Baron, the penetration on the HESH is horrible. You should be using mostly

  92. Herr Baron! Wo ist der Leopard!?

  93. T-34-100 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. +BaronVonGamez did the t-95 and t-28 get their 120mm gun

  95. T34 100 

  96. jimmy overstreet

    Oooooooooh play the churchill

  97. +BaronVonGamez If you check at 7:30, they are talking about a Kugelblitz
    that is breaking the ice, that makse it lag, it wasnt your graphics card at

  98. Leo 1 or final solution !

  99. Hey +BaronVonGamez If you press M to open the map and then you click
    anywhere on the map you highlight a sector, thats the “thing” on the map.
    Also, you can see from the visor of the driver if you check the controls
    and put a key on dat tits, look for it.

  100. Unrelated question: if we can make giant warships why can’t we make a
    giant tank the size of warship?
    we could have an airfield over that tank , a heli landing pad and it will
    have a very think armor
    just give me a budget

  101. M4A1 Sherman op please try it out baron

  102. Hey baron just a suggestion, next time you use the M-60 use the HE thats
    fin stabilized over the hesh rounds they have 400mm of pen and are very
    effective against slopped armor 

  103. how come my version is still 1.49

  104. WOT > wt

  105. baron have u played world of tanks blitz

  106. next t10 m !!!!!!!!!!!

  107. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Baron if u payed attention to chat the kugel blitz in the game was shooting
    all the ice casuarina frame drops he even said it

  108. Robert M. OrtizJohnson

    Omg that lag though

  109. 5:03 It may have happened cause you bombed the Ice witch made the game
    lagggggggg it butt off 

  110. Would be great to see the Leopard 1 !!

  111. Please do J2M5! It’s so long since you tested a Japanese plane on the Dev
    server :'(

  112. Baron look at chat. Its the Ice plates. Destroying a lot of them causes a
    fps drop.

  113. Baron, I can fix your frame problem

  114. Wasn’t this game supposed to be realistic? Why the hell are there M60s
    fighting King Tigers?

  115. Baron when do you think the British will get Tanks ? i cant wait for that
    patch if there is one in the meantime i’m trying to unlock all the Panthers
    to get the Leopard 1when 1.51 comes out as i’m still on 1.49 do you think
    it will compete against the Russians ? any way your my favourite YouTuber
    by far keep them awesome videos coming a fan from Sunny Scotland :)

  116. They always get into bomber or fighters when they either run out of tanks
    or can’t get a kill in a tank

  117. Panzer VI Tiger I H

    hesh shells don’t need to pierce the armor of the tank, because the head
    will squash on the target’s armor ( kinda like dough ) and explode causing
    high pressure making a part of the armor ( from the interior ) to split and
    fly inside the tank ( like normal shell’s fragmentation )

  118. Sup

  119. Fly some more bombers

  120. Did anyone else think of the iron maiden song when he said “run for the

  121. I used to fly with 3-10 fps, those times was interesting because you never
    knew what your plane was gonna do.

    Btw Baron wanna be my friend?

  122. hey baron why why dont u guys do tb-3s vs swordfish for custom game..just
    and idead

  123. *idea

  124. hey can you do a video on what rounds do what? and what rounds to use
    against different tanks?

  125. PyrotechnicMailman

    “He’s hiding in all these trees he’s like Santa Claus” LOL

  126. M4A3!!

  127. #83279 random guy

    Play the Leopard 1

  128. Andrew Critchley

    totally should do a video of using the HE 51

  129. I recommend putting machine gun button on spacebar

  130. Baron I yelled at my screen when U brought more Hesh than the fin

  131. dakilller1515 channel 1

    baron i was just in your world of warships game

  132. When your FPS dropped everyone in the chat mentioned it as well…

  133. Baron read that damn chat and you’d figure out why there was fps drops.

  134. 1:13 more like Russian lumberjack
    American lumberjacks use chainsaws

  135. What? Markers are back in realistic battles? Wtf dude

  136. https://www.facebook.com/BattleOfTheDay?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
    Page dedicated to giving information about battles fought on each day

  137. 2 modern tanks are Leopard 1 and m60

  138. I wish Gaijin would model spalling damage so HESH was even slightly useful.

  139. t-10 soviet power!!!!

  140. Play the Helldiver cuz merica

  141. Try to test tank, dead before anything achieved. Must be a Baron video ;)

  142. how do you see the x-ray of your tank?

  143. Too much freedom! I can’t handle… the FREEDOM!

  144. BARON PLS T34 100

  145. So I’m sitting here in front of my computer screen, and I’m thinking
    “YES!!!! You finally use the M82 APCBC rounds!”.

  146. Baron, just play the game.

  147. when is it going to come out

  148. patch note:


    HESH shells have been added (still under development, and may not work

  149. how can i get the patch ?

  150. Panther G

  151. Baron mate, saying hi from australia. What computer do you have and if it
    is custom, what are the specs? Hope to hear from you mate, keep up the
    great vids

  152. I’m german and I’m excited

  153. Pls pls pls a36

  154. A-36 Apache 

  155. baron fin stabilized heat is best cause its high velocity heat rounds

  156. +BaronVonGamez You need to be in a squad to repair your team mates i’m
    pretty sure.
    Also needs more Leopard :D

  157. Play as the SU 152

  158. Would love to see a T 95 the DOOM TURTLE

  159. Do Pershing or super Pershing 

  160. Pls or gulag

  161. Yup, there was an M48 Patton

  162. Friends are terrible.

  163. +BaronVonGamez The FPS drops were people destroying lots of ice sheets – I
    noticed that in the chat. So no, it’s not you, it’s the game. :P

  164. How do I look at my crew to see who are dead or who are severely injured
    during battle[PS4]

  165. Um baron? T-34-100? why havnt you told us about that

  166. I wish I could get on the Dev Server.. It never connects. :(

  167. SU100Y

  168. When does this come out

  169. ”Tittsin my tits” BaronVonGamez 25 Jun 2015.

  170. Baron, you are correct. HESH doesn’t need high pen because the round
    squashs against the tank armor, but doesn’t pen. Instead then heat created
    by the round causes the armour to heat and almost boil, the force of the
    round pushes that burning metal fragments throughout the tank compartment.

  171. leopard 1

  172. You should play the tiger 2 mien commander

  173. M6a1 anyone also anyone know any br 5.0 american bombers

  174. SU-100y

  175. AngryKolabear50 dove

    Review the M5 Stuart

  176. Simulator is best mod dont know why people dont play it dat much :

  177. 5:15
    M46 Patton, a tank model operational during the Korean War
    M47 Patton, a tank model in service from 1952 through 1959 with the U.S.
    Army, and through the mid-1990s in foreign service
    M48 Patton, a tank model in service from the mid-1950s through the Vietnam
    War with the U.S. Army, and still operational in foreign service
    M60 Patton, the standard main battle tank of the U.S. Army from 1960 until
    it was replaced by the M1 Abrams in the 1980s and 1990s, still extensively
    used worldwide

  178. Pls KV-1

  179. T 54

  180. CaptainBlanche US 7th Special Forces Group

    What hesh rounds do baron is a very cool thing indeed. They squash when
    they hit the tank making strong vibrations that make the interior of the
    tank itself fragment and kill crew. Saddam used it against early abrams
    tanks to decent effect ( if they even got to fire ) but this has been fixed
    with an interior coating that catches these fragments.

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