War Thunder 1.51 New Tanks – Leopard A1, Can it Compete!?

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Patch 1.51
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М1 Super Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , , Т-10М

Thanks watching!


  1. What Tank do you want to see me play next?

  2. marko martti mõttus

    first comment

  3. T34 100 Next plez

  4. Yay
    Do Papa derp 

  5. Anthony Perigault monte

    Great stuff lill boy 

  6. u r gay baron

  7. under 301 club and t 54 next pls

  8. Basharahazarael Stevens

    Baron baby I love you but never rap again please 

  9. The M60 put the USA back at the top of the food chain again. Those HESH
    rounds will kill any tank currently in WT. Don’t let the penetration value
    fool you, they rely on concussion to cause spalling which kills the crew
    inside. No penetration is required, so you can kill tank from anywhere
    aside from the gun mantlet in most cases.

    • Sloped a Armor stops it because Gaijin

    • +alphaprawns Well, I haven’t tried the Leo personally, so I can’t speak on
      the maneuverability, but the HESH rounds can 1 hit an IS-4M from the front,
      through it’s sloped armor, kill the crew and light the ammo racks towards
      the front of it in 1 shot. Same with the T-54 and every other Tier 5 tank,
      with the exception of the Maus. I have been testing it since it’s release
      yesterday. They are pretty sick rounds. I don’t even use the HEATFS rounds
      because I don’t need them unless I encounter a Maus.

    • +Deadeyes Do they actually? I heard during the dev server that the HESH
      rounds were useless against any sloped armour, maybe they changed it?

      Also, the Leopard has exactly the same gun and ammunition in a much more
      maneuverable chassis, I’d argue it’s the better of the two MBTs

  10. Anthony Perigault monte

    M60 next, show them how freedom works!

  11. Steven Steincamp

    M60 and sabre next :)

  12. Korytarz Śmierci


  13. Tiger E???


    hi baron!!!!!

  15. Luciano Cianciulli

    How do you do +BaronVonGames plz?

  16. Hundertzwanzig Millimeter finden keinen wahren Gegner!

  17. T-54 1951

  18. Hey guys i see a lot of rank 5 game play and not many people who watch
    these videos have rank 5. I want to create some hype for some lower rank
    action since a lot of players who watch these videos are looking for some
    sweet game play so hey can learn these tactics and I think it would be
    better if these guys were using the same lower rank vehicles so these new
    players can have confidence in their game play with their >5 rank vehicles.
    Please post you suggestions for these lower ranked game play

  19. Really ? Lederhosen ?! I am German and that’ racist xD

  20. Use the box tank next please baron ☺

  21. cornellius cornwall

    First came the torpedus,then came the fin stabilized heat rounds,then came
    the 420 blaze it musket noscopes dank memes 2k15 dropshot ladderstall y y
    across the map tomahawk faze clan mlg first blood richochet kill decakill
    quickscope m8 u wot??? And on the day this happened,Lord Gaben blessed all
    CS GO players with the INTERNET!!! So ppl could be blessed by the knifes
    and dank memes once again…(Im a shrimp trapped in a mans body,plez send
    help-Day 104-9:54AM)

  22. Miroslav Rosina

    Don’t take so much amunition omg they can easily ammorack u 

  23. can you lease shut up if you can speak real german.

  24. x ImageBreaker x

    This was a funny episode baron.

  25. is-1 next

  26. M60 Patton next!!

  27. When did Baron become so fucking hyper? Is he on Adderall now?

    • +Seth McGehee
      That could definitely be the case,and he probably doesn’t get much sleep

    • Baron’s got some ADD I think, and that’s why he’s so jumpy.
      Don’t say he’s on drugs that’s actually a serious accusation.

    • +Rewind From what I’ve gathered, they do these recordings quite early in
      the morning, and he has mentioned caffeine several times. So I think he
      just over does it with the morning coffee.

    • +Tallahassee
      Saying he’s on drugs is a bit harsh I guess. But on Adderall or something
      similar… Ya I do.

    • +Rewind You think he’s on drugs ? xD

  28. M60 

  29. I want to tell a very bad joke…

    Do you know what is mightier than a sword?

    Did you get it…Pen is…penis…LOL…

    • +opmdevil you have issues

    • +Adam Jacques Why don’t you shut up. Pen is always funny…did you get it?

      I have another one…

      Why does your sister always have a lot of change with her? Well, of course
      because she likes pennies…

      Did you get it…penis…pennies…they sound the same, therefore
      funny…it’s a currency joke, y’see…


  30. whats the point of using sabot then you have better shell?

  31. The Doge Channel

    The new M60 beast 

  32. hahaha still using the blazing reference that i put in the comments over 9
    months ago when the wirbelwind first came out nice

  33. t-54 1951

  34. Ryan Riegb (LionGaming)

    Baron is really fucking high, too much coc aine or the sugars

  35. Play the SU 79

  36. im gonna faust your maus then anshlaus with your momma in your haus

  37. Drive the Panther F please! You never made a video for it (I think).

    • +Flameshire So, your advice is to just go straight for the Panther II?

      I have my shit structured so I’ll allocate the F to my “good” medium crew,
      the II to my shittier medium crew, and then the Leo1 to my “good” crew
      again. Currently researching the F.

    • +Flameshire I know its sucks, but he did a video of the worst tank (T60) in
      War Thunder, so why not? 😀

    • +WEBIG It just sucks too bad to be recognized. To people grinding for
      Leopard 1, just don’t even play the Panther F at all. It sucks, regardless
      if it’s stock or fully researched.

    • +WEBIG no one ever did a video on the panther f

  38. The T-34 100 plz

  39. who actually finds if funny when they go full retard like this 3:20 ?

  40. Your accent was not German XD

  41. M60 

  42. Baron, guess what… I just bought the Ultra Advanced pack. That’s not
    important for you, but I just wanted to let you know XD

  43. T3457 

  44. You went absolutely crazy every now and then, but I like it!

  45. +BaronVonGamez M60 or Guantanamo bay

  46. Leopard is so underpowerd !

  47. Matheus Cavalcante

    You guys are fucking crazy, Baron, trippini all video long

  48. M113

    Downloading update 0.5GB of 5.74 GB
    Speed 900kb/s 2 h 6 min remaining :'(

  49. 10.5 CM Tiger II!

  50. Fireblazer Gaming


  51. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    I think I lost some iq watching the beginging of this vid…

  52. Honestly this was hard to watch… everybody just kept screaming at the top
    of their lungs, peaking the microphones like mad…

  53. Tiger P for German Tank PLEZ

  54. Pls don’t rap it’s cringing

  55. M60 for Murica !

  56. Are HESH rounds accurately portrayed?

  57. TheSlayerofevil3

    Play the panzerbefehlswagen vi (p)!!!

  58. T60 PATTON OR GULAG (that is right it just happened)


    Great video I Can’t wait to try that tank!

  60. 15:28 that was freaking beautiful, taking turns to shoot :)

  61. Public survey: who thinks that baron is high during is videos?

  62. Alexandra Johansson

    Play the T-34 100 next 

  63. M60 Patton with fin rounds!

  64. Galug

  65. Not Kendrick Lamar

    you should play Steel Beast if you like realistic stuff

  66. More realistic, less arcade please 

  67. You and Phly need to go to Air Arcade and take out the new Hurricane Mk IV
    with the 40mm Vickers. It’s insanely fun shooting down biplanes with those.

    • No, it can take out bombers pretty easily, and any plane that is moving
      slow or in a straight line is pretty easy to kill

    • Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer III

      +Dirk Decent theres the key word “biplanes” thats all it can shoot down i
      have it and it can’t take down anything other than that

  68. Play the kv-1 L11

  69. Whats the point of camouflage if you can already see the enemy in red?

  70. Baby Landkreuzer p. 1000 !!!!! Neufbaufahrzeug VI !!

  71. Pz iv c please make it happen


  72. 2:56 when is Slick’s mixtape coming out?

  73. Tiger H1

  74. Baron, I think it’s just the Leopard 1, not the Leopard A1. 🙂

  75. Ilgars Eivazovs

    Yes m60 baron ure best in wt :)

  76. ShipIsLove ShipIsLife


  77. M60 for America!!!

  78. leo 1 in warthunder? goin back to warthunder.

  79. Braiden Robson (BEJR2000)

    Play the suck my ass heavy tank

  80. christie mattingly


  81. M60 patton

  82. Su 100y 

  83. Nedas Kutavicius

    Baron you titi fish you foking what m8?

  84. myinnertaco ftw

    Do the is one

  85. myinnertaco ftw

    Is 1

  86. Tovaris Andrija

    t 54

  87. Ragnar Lothbrok


  88. Why is the M-47 called the Patton? I though the Germans used the M-47
    during the Battle of the Bulge… I saw them in the movie.

    • I know, but I think its funny that they used the M-47 as the King Tiger in
      The Battle of the Bulge movie

    • The Angry Banana

      … No the M47 is a postwar American tank. West Germany’s Bundeswehr used
      them, obviously post war though.

  89. thomas wuijtswinkel

    Panther next


  91. if ther haves to bee more tanks with a cat name

  92. M60 NEXT PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! XD

  93. The Porsche logo is a shield. The Ferrari is a horse.

  94. The KV2 or tower of stallin or refrigerator

  95. Kv-2 please

  96. kelsey strome (The Call of Duty Guys)

    can u plz play M2A2 for obama plzz

  97. mattpez4president

    50,000 of you mfs are not subscribed to Phly

  98. m60 m8

  99. Don’t you love it when the vid has 666 likes?

  100. Russians lost? Op, nerf please.

    Play the t34 100 baron!!! Or else…. 

  101. Phly stuttering when stressed lmao…laughing so hard! Got to dig that guy

  102. Sebastian Brandt

    M60 please

  103. m60 patton IV!!!!!!!

  104. Kill Cam Update

    +BaronVonGamez *cues Imperial March* We have arrived in the Hoth system.

  105. anybody notice he says tits ever 30 seconds?

  106. M4A1 plz

  107. M 60 Patton!For ze freedom!

  108. Byfar the best intro ever xD

  109. M60 or the leo?
    Could someone name the pros and cons of these tanks?

  110. Play the Su- 100y

  111. oPanther F plz

  112. try the new IS-2 rank IV

  113. if you havent

  114. primium

  115. Baron! Dude…how the hell do you have like a billion golden eagles?!

  116. i always refer to “Phly Daily” as “Fried Dilly” because Fried Pickles are

  117. Matthew Sherwood

    Why not make a Leopard rap?

    Here i come in my Leopard.
    Scraping the corner making Soviets hard.

    When you hear about this A1 you’ll bet you’ll run.
    Especially when i ram this L7 up your bum.

    (Lets get a comment chain to complete this?)


  118. How does baron have that many golden eagles?

  119. Anakin Skycancer

    American idiots are loud and annoying.

  120. Play the Su-100Y in this map with winter camo on,

  121. Which version of War thunder do u play? From steam or from the official

  122. Destroyer of Worlds

    I just ammo racked that thing with a panzer iv f2 1 shot 1 kill


  124. Su100y 

  125. M60 Plz!

  126. Niemand Bestimmtes

    whats the reload rate of this tank? The autoreloader was dismissed because
    the follow up shot was faster with a human reloader… so more than 4 secs
    is not realistic!

  127. how do u get 4 tanks??

  128. Niemand Bestimmtes

    is it an american thing to endorse the next episode without finishing the
    original one? do u think this will be so bad that u have to ad ur next vid?
    in germany the next episode is endorsed at the end of a vid. so… is that
    bad or good? or just fucked up like american things are?

  129. Porter Carroll (potomastr)

    most of the first part of the video i was asking my self. how many fistful
    of drugs did they all take

  130. can u do su 100y and tell us about how it is in game want to see u do some
    funny moments with tanks just suprise them! with your wierd stugy look


  132. DUH T 34-100 FOR MUZA RUSHUH

  133. Sir Stefan Channel!

    If you knew how sabot rounds work, you wouldn’t use them. They’re nasty as
    shit. Same with HEAT shells

  134. T-54 maybe?? Wid dat 100mm

  135. Jayden Holzhauser

    Baron reminds me of Speirs…

  136. Hey Baron I wan wondering if you can do the SB2C the “Son of a Bitch Second
    Class” or the “Helldiver”?

  137. BaronVonRhymes, RapDaily, and Slickbeets! The worlds next hip hop
    sensations!! =D oh and you should play the M4a3 76mm EASY EIGHT!

  138. Maus 

  139. Mays

  140. Take out the M60 

  141. M60 plez

  142. crazycakemanflies

    So is the Leo worth it? That ammo rack in the front looks kind of fucked…

    • crazycakemanflies

      +khornne898 Thank god! a german top tier tank that isn’t loud, huge and
      impracticable like the Maus :3

    • +crazycakemanflies it is, your not ment to take a lot of shots with thit
      (the angling of the armor is descent though so you can bounce shots) but
      the gun on the Leo is a monster; you will pen anything and do a lot of dmg
      if you aim correctly. definitely worth grinding!

  143. T20

  144. su 100Y KING DERP

  145. The Leopard 1 was used by the German Postal Service for 45 years. That’s
    why there is a mailbox on it.

  146. lol… you guys talk some shit.

  147. Baron it’s not a mailbox it’s a microwave yout crew gets hungry and drive
    the M15 AAA americ f*** ya

  148. I would love to meet a real German that act’s like baron

  149. TheMagicalPonyBrony

    When he scream “OH SHIT” then he sounded like his voice was being muffled I
    thought for a brief moment he was getting attacked in his home, from
    behind, at his desk

  150. Matthew Jenkins

    Yoooo. Baron listens to TI?!?! When did this start happening

  151. Hey baron i killed the leopard A1 with my kv 2 and the t95 turtle thing
    with twin tracks i killed that ugly thing with my amazing t34 E 😀 .

  152. 10.5cm tigerII

  153. su76m

  154. Pz 35 t what is that I did not see it mentioned in the patch notes?

  155. I have a 81110013.

    Fuck my life.

  156. I wad really suprised after slick said baba had a 260 no one said this.
    Actually she has a 420

  157. Baron, I think you were high during this video, maybe cocaine :P

  158. I guess he should have been playing Mac OS snow leopard.

    I should probably go.

  159. Panther please?

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