War Thunder 1.51 NEW Tanks, New Planes, & New Map Finland. Leopard, Su-100y, M60, More

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Thunder Patch 1.
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М18 Super Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks for watching!


  1. Sebastien de Boisgency

    Hype for the SU-100Y a.k.a the box tank

  2. +BaronVonGamez Leopard 1 FTW, T-10 is an IS-5 witch is the prototype to the

  3. I BallisticRaptor

    +Sabasfury he already said that are you using phone or something

  4. Just letting you know but in the text drive for the Leopard you only took
    sabot rounds not the other two

  5. baron chill this vid was going 9000 mph

  6. bernardobiritiki


  7. bich plz… no AA missiles yet this game suck

    • +Roy Shein No you let other PLANES do it or you let a Coelian do it or
      other kind of AA tank or a AA half-track.

    • Actually those were redeye manpads. Stingers were not out yet. Even then,
      the redeye was farely new, and would have seen limited service in Vietnam.

  8. So, in short, Boxtenk and a bunch of other WoT tanks.

  9. TheJackalPhantom

    +Davi Lu they had alteast 400k as i still remember it when they made a
    video on 500k active people playing daily

  10. Got 10 kills in my M4A3 105 in AB without dying. Only 1354 RP with a 15%
    booster. The ground forces grind is huge compared to air

  11. TheJackalPhantom

    +Tom Berry if you dont care why bloody ask you freaking idiot
    EDIT: i played the game since its closed beta testing and this game went
    from full potential to meh in 2 years time IN 2 years time they went from
    450k active people to barely 55k today do you see the patern here? the game
    gets worse players leave players like me that stay hope that it someday
    will be good again but it still seems with everypatch the russians get more
    OP the economics fucked up and realism nor balance far to fetch

  12. They add the M60 but not the M48 dafuq?

  13. +TheLordOfWar Well. They would have to introduce the A1 version so it can
    have the stabilizer. It looks like the M60 has stabilizer but it isn’t the
    great thing…

  14. +the sniper doesnt matter if 99% of the times you get the same awefull map
    in the rotation.

  15. Ops 522

  16. Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer III

    leopard 1 to op for me also Baron how do i get on a Dev server? do i have
    to be sponsored?

    • +Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer III you check “work in progress” client

    • +Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer III OP? It has to stick to its sabot round until
      it gets HEATFS. Gaijin said that HESH will be ineffective against slopes..
      slopes *wink wink* guess which nation has the most slopes *wink wink*

  17. FINLAND!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Helllllll no!

  19. TheJackalPhantom

    +FunkyStalinCat well since the british also used german tanks after WWII
    and americans all they have to do is a few reskins and redesign’s besides
    for instance getting the conquer and all the other tanks liek the matilda

  20. +ShenanigansAndStuff british tanks should come out before this winter
    (gaijin said so, im not gonna search for the link because its old)

  21. BOX TANK!!!!

  22. Baron, each time you do a test drive you forget to choose the ammo loadout
    you want to test so you always end up with only the default round but then
    assume you have all kinds of ammo, you’re making a fool out of yourself.

  23. When are u starting ur 2nd channel for Fallout 3 & 4

  24. what are the differences between dev server and “normal” server?


  26. It’s a bore evacuator. It helps prevent poisonous gases from venting back
    into the tanks crew compartment.

  27. You only took one ammo in the leopard derpederp.

  28. I don’t know if I am right but I think you used the same ammo type on the
    leopard 1 test, check 17:00 the 3 choises are DM13. As far as I remember It
    happened to you already on others test :3

  29. 1.51 update of the premiums -_-

  30. m6000000000

  31. I hope that they add the do 335 soon

  32. +LordEd21 21 Its not hard to be arty safe…

  33. how did we get from talking about a giant box on wheels with a naval gun to
    arguing about 2 completely different games?

  34. Nice video but how do you get all those golden eagles?

  35. SU100Y hasn’t gotten it’s shells yet..The modification said it’s a 122mm
    gun so it appears they haven’t modeled the gun yet.

  36. Nb.Fz vs t35

  37. Laurence Chapman

    HESH isn’t designed to penetrate, it was made by the British to take out
    tank crew members. Americans call it HEP.

  38. Baron when you were in the Leopard 1 you didn’t select any ammo other than

  39. Has there been ANY news on War Thunder Naval combat?

  40. FYI they said they were adding the leopard without the gun stabilisation

  41. ow the new shells are real i want those for all tank:)

  42. BARON u where shoting apds round in the leopard

  43. I was hoping to see the hawker hunter

  44. 23:22 Baron confirmed dank

  45. Josh Johnson (RogueHitman)


  46. Why do you test tanks in Arcade? Most people would much rather see how they
    drive in Realistic

    • +TBHofficial They don’t have correctly modeled shells. The HESH reacts like
      normal HE shells. The Fin Stabilized shells react like normal APCR rounds.

    • +TBHofficial I tested the HESH and Fin Stabilized shells, they don’t work.

  47. well the leopard 1 was designed for speed and it’s stabilizer cause with
    the cold war and wepon devolpments like ATGM’s armor was shite for
    protection so better to be speedy :P

  48. is the hunter gonna be added this update

  49. The only thing i care about is that Leopard if it’s going to be good in the
    game, i’m coming back to war thunder.

  50. T264 

  51. Did he notice he was actually using ALL of the Sabot rounds that second
    test round in the Leopard 1? xD I know he thought he was using 3 different

  52. they should add the ratte and the monster

  53. +BaronVonGamez Please drive the M60 and EQUIP the new rounds before test
    drive. Thanks you very much sir.

  54. SU-100Y penetration is nothing crazy..? Plz.

  55. o ya what we need mor OP russian tanks

  56. +Comrade Slaine This is dev-server

  57. Pota7o Potato (Pot4to)

    +Ragnar Lothbrok TBH, you wouldn’t have been poor if you’d used the french
    wisely, and demanded that they buy you millions of golden eagles…

  58. peddle to the MEDDLE

    +Ragnar Lothbrok yep

  59. New OP tanks with OP shells! all heavy tanks will be killed easily. O^O

    • +Francis Catipay loool HESH is confirmed to be ineffective against sloped
      armor says Gaijin. Guess which nation has the most sloped armor.. *wink
      wink nudge nudge*

  60. agrobug3000/ Alter Kanal

    I want to see the Neubaufahrzeug vs t35 :D

  61. Again hype shit. Nothing that actually will inprove the game at all.

    Although I like t34 100 

  62. Leopard or m60

  63. +Marius T. … revoloutionary? the leopard 1 ? Nah not realy or do you see
    any uhhh let’s call them ”no armor MBT’s ” strolling around?
    There is a reason why you adopted the leopard 2 that reason was that the
    concept of ”Modern armor won’t stop modern shells ” is totall bollox but
    eh blame the french they were the ones that ”sold ” you that
    concept, that and the nato( read that as america) pushed your armored
    divisions in a supporting role during the cold war.
    Wich is funny given that towards the end of the cold war german armored
    divisions were expected to do the opposite of their old task.

  64. The a36 is a p51 mk1 so it will need to have its be brought up

    • MuffinToast1 -Gaming and more!

      It’s actually a P-51C. As the A and B models had hispanos and didn’t have
      the teardrop cockpit.

  65. Leopard 1a1, SU-100Y, Super Hellcat, M60, T-10….. now they’re just
    copying World of Tanks

  66. dubravko ostic (Conquest)
  67. dubravko ostic (Conquest)

    it was Sabot 😛

  68. dubravko ostic (Conquest)


  69. AbsentMindedSpazz

    leopard 1 !!!!!

  70. Congrats on 200k! You deserve every one of those hard earned subs. Keep
    going and you might not get gulag. 

  71. We have one of the big M60 tanks on display up where I live it’s been there
    a while though

  72. One day man I swear war thunder is gonna add Abrams, leopard 2 and T62s

  73. It’s because they’re adding the leopard. So to avoid balance issues they
    added the m60 first because it has the 105 as well. They’ll probably add in
    the m48 and its variants later on.

  74. We want French, British, Italian tank and French planes! And more jet
    planes so, too much premium vehicule in my opinion 

  75. Hope the fix the BR spread because this leo 1 will be scary against the t32
    and m46.

  76. Probably, he said he’s going to check out the game once they add the m60

  77. SU-100Y: When Stalin forces a KV-2 and ISU-122 to have a child.

  78. Really nice patch, but I’m still hoping for them to implement some kind of
    description for shells. For example HESH shells don’t have good
    penetration, but it still wrecks tanks because of the tank armor itself
    fragmentating so it’s still really good, but if people don’t do research
    themselves they wont know that.

  79. Cold War era tanks.. Wonder if we will see some Cold War era jets too.. 

  80. +dubravko ostic yeah that’s what i thought

  81. pz 35 (t)

  82. A little sad that the SU-100y is premium. I looked forward to using it.
    But, I am that the T-10 isn’t premium.

  83. Leopard❤️❤️

  84. I think that’s an event-won plane because I’ve seen it a few times in the
    past 6 months.

  85. the leopard 1’s reload is 10.8 seconds… that not long at all compared to
    the russian tanks

  86. American PLanes: XF5F….:)

  87. Man I can’t wait for that T90a. :)

  88. When are they adding the B-26 Widow Maker..?

  89. +Kenneth Wang i can’t stand mediocrity.

  90. +Gerard Herrala try harder moron. Desert storm was in january/february
    1991. Try even harder, USMC had 0 M60 in 1991, as did 100% of US armed
    forces. Marines had M60A1RISE passive often fitted with ERA. And probably
    some M60A3TTS even though it’s uncertain. Army had M1A1HA, M1A1, M1IP and
    no M1 at all. The whole US armed forces at this time had M1A1HA, M1A1HC,
    M1A1, M1IP, M1, M60A3TTS, M60A3 as active tanks in europe and elsewhere,
    and M60A1RISE passive, M60A1, M48A5 as second line tanks mostly in the US,
    in the USNG and training centers, or also in remote areas like japan and
    south korea. M48A3 remained in readiness storage at this point, probably
    not the gasoline engine M48,A1,A2.

  91. my favorites are the M60,the leapord, and the super hellcat

  92. Oliver Iivanainen


  93. also i find it funny how baron always forgets you need to actually setup
    your round in the test round so now you only had sabot xD

  94. I meant Sabot, I was distracted. My point still stands.

  95. +Dave Bastin no there are not apcr its APDS

  96. Helldiver Fuck Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. baron, when u tested the leopard you took only sabot rounds, which is why
    you got similar frag every time you shot

  98. Fun fact: The gun on the SU-100Y is the same type you find on the Gremmy in

  99. what time?

  100. anyone see the new UI in the bottum left

  101. Take out leopard 1 

  102. jennacampbell1984

    i’ll be 4 20 blazing anytime

  103. Lol next update: Leopard 2, tier 5.

  104. Leopard I!!!!

  105. I believe in a Dev Q&A they said that the model of the Leopard they are
    using doesn’t have vertical stabilizers, so what you said is highly wrong

  106. +Mavis well I wouldn’t exactly consider that copying cause there’s always
    going to be T34 in every WW2 game cause it’s a famous tank

  107. all those games are copying real life. so why don’t you sue them?

  108. Fox News Wesley Ham

    we need a patch that is just fixing flight models and BRs

  109. +Pixel Byte I wish they would too. The official documentation says that it
    was even the main ammunition for the 105 mm T5 gun.

  110. Plzzz gaijin…. add M1A2 SEP abrams, T-90am tanks, challanger 2s, and
    other modern era shit… screw the ww2-early coldwar limit and go modern as
    well… create competition for modern warfare XD fuck me, they have FIN
    STABILIZED HEAT rounds?!?!?! Might as well add ERA and Armour piercing fin
    stabilized discarding sabot – tracer rounds as well cause why the fuck not
    XD *don’t take what i said seriously as its just a train of thought when i
    saw the FS HEAT round lol

  111. HESH rounds were designed to kill the crew by squashing explosives against
    the target tank, then it blows up and knocks a bit of armour off inside the
    tank that bounces around and kills shit. It will probably be as shit as
    HEAT in War Thunder. Main reason why I really hate war thunder tanks, even
    sabot rounds suck as they do nothing, while IRL a sabot round going through
    your armour would be as horrifying and deadly as a grenade going off in
    your tank.

  112. Why are there rear view mirrors on the leopard? :|

  113. Yes my home finland

  114. BestofShooterGames

    T26-A a tier 1 with APHEBC really?

  115. No KV-3 :(

  116. Anyone notice the black fragmentation that left the tanks the Leopard shot?
    This thing will definitely rock realistic battles with its only competition
    being the is-4 and the new t-10 from the front. This thing wont be a 1 shot
    1 kill tank, it will be a 1 shot 5 kill tank with that fragmentation

  117. IS-7 Doesn’t give shits number one if there is T-95, Maus or any tank in
    front of it. IS-7 will crush…IS-7 doesn’t care if OP. IS-7 is coming to
    War thunder prepare you anuses because your about to be penetrated.

  118. US sloped armor does not work so we are fudged

  119. +Sir Schebling murica needs the t30! make the maus CRUMBLE!

  120. +Sir Schebling I don’t really think that there was a complete need to add
    it, in spite of the M60 and Leopard 1, but it is pretty cool, and it was

  121. Quinten Tielemans

    How can i update to 51.1

  122. Quinten Tielemans

    Sorry 1.51

  123. +jennuel libutan Stock T-10M: fires APCBC to M60 hull => can’t penetrate.
    Epic 93mm at 65º slope

  124. M68 is the same gun on the early Abrams

  125. I WANT THEM I WANT THEEEEEEEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see how the well balanced
    Russian tanks take the Mighty Sturmtiger’s guided rounds

  126. +the gentleman troll I wish they would add it too, as well as the M48A1 and

  127. Doesn’t even use the correct rounds on a test drive….

  128. does somepne know why the best tank in my lineup is a tiger h1 and i keep
    facing ferdinands and tiger 2s

  129. That tank looks more like an M48. The M60 had a lot of armor ! (That’s why
    the americans changed from the M48 to the M60)

    • It’s the pilot model m60, which basically was an m48 with an angled hull,
      diesel engine and bigger gun. Hopefully they add the A1 and so on at some

  130. ilikemachieneguns

    Pls. The t-10m with every round it has. Make it go up against the maus and
    leopard tank.

  131. I hit play on the video, saw the patton and grinned so wide it hurt. I’m so

  132. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    they should add e100 in for the germans with the 150mm gun

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      well the e100 was a real idea….infact the hull was actualy made and it
      was said to have the 15cm gun

  133. who wants modern tanks in warthunder

    • People wouldn’t be able to understand the notion of composite armor and
      would constantly complain though lol

    • No but they should make a separate game for modern era planes & tanks but
      seing in comarisant there are not a great deal production tanks as they
      where just given mods compaired to the developments in 1930 to 1970

  134. there were a new tank model in the down rigth corner ingame, the one who
    shows you where you got hit and how your tank is going!

  135. Cold War tanks are not focused on having sheer armor. It’s more about
    mobility and strong gun, and later on, more advanced composite armor.

  136. More Leo 1!!!

  137. Isaac mcclelland

    R.I.P. germany


  139. Baron, I think it would be funny if a tank was on the ice and a plane or
    tank shot the ice under you and you fell into the water only to die :D

  140. i bet next year there is gonna be m1 Abraham and t90 come on it’s getting
    more modern as we go on

  141. BOX TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. update 1.51:BUY GE

  143. Damn, you have every tank… How long have you been playing WT Baron?

  144. T10-M is the revenge of is 1 that fights against a tiger and cant pen
    anywhere, now deal with it nzi btchs

  145. M8 i live in finland

  146. Herr Halter Credible

    I’m pretty sure that the Leopard I just has the Panther II’s movement model
    right now (speed, accel, maneuverability, etc)

  147. the amount of ads on this video is too damn high!

  148. the sound of the leo1…that epic sound….

  149. over 3 million golden eagles….wtf

  150. Isaac mcclelland

    3:06 that’s a t95 wise person

  151. 3 comercials in one video? well it looks like my addblock is now enabled on
    youtube. i can deal with a comercial at the start and end but in the middle
    of the video is too much…

  152. we need the IS-7 ,the IS-6, the T-44-100, the T-44-122 the super
    pershing(T26E4) de M6A1. M48A3, theT29,the T23E3 the sturmtiger the puma,
    the british tanks the shity japan tanks,the hawker hunter,continue teh
    tempest mark II line,

  153. More Russian OPness yey -_-

  154. i cannot believe that you can play the su 100y please play it sometime soon

  155. Get your ADHD treated retard final solution joke> really? garbage

  156. Black_ReaperBK201

    +Rialto57 its a press account

  157. yo baron, rock the t-10 bro

  158. The Land Bismark! :D

  159. Edward Victor (BrainSmasher)

    Do the Leopard 1

  160. Looking forward to leopard 2

  161. fuck gaijin for making the super hellcat a premium tank..

  162. When the British centurion comes…your all fucked

  163. It’s arcade lol. But its traverse will still be decently quick.

  164. Jacob Kostrzewa (TheNoobBloxxer)

    Baron,do you believe in the thing called sixth mass extinction spread by
    social media to panic us?


  166. Trust gaijin to make u have to pay 4 the neubaufahrzeug 

  167. play m60

  168. +Moist Potato Yes, the drawback of not watching first time on a large
    screen! I didn’t see. My comment is withdrawn.

  169. Dont worry He 177 a-5, u’ll be in the game one day *sniff one day


  171. wtf sooo much pen, armor is usless now

  172. There’s a national guard building in new Jersey, with the m60 patton in
    front of the building, and it painted in the America flag 

  173. HESH and HEAPFS? Bring it, ruskies

  174. 31:35

    THE BABY 2

  175. The tank in the left corner changes for each tank now 

  176. Gonna add it later I think. They just hurried up to add the M60 to keep
    things even with the leopard 1 I guess. It’s the pilot model m60 with the
    m48 style turret, so I guess that’s something xD

  177. How do you see how much ammo you have left at all times?

  178. The M-60 hellcat lol

  179. I say you Men of War vids twice! And the battle of hoth one vary funny so I
    searched up a mod for it and there is!! PWEEZZ PLAY IT!!

  180. ahhh ok, i was like holy shit i wish i had that much lmao

  181. Comrade! The devil Germans have invaded! Send out the dreaded box tank
    (SU-100y) to defend the motherland or face the Gulag!

  182. That’s the first time i have seen a round throw its shrapnel out the other
    side of the tank when shot at.

  183. MisterNaotonemai

    What is the key to make this at 41:13 ?

  184. Nicholas Saunders

    I was really hoping for the Sturer Emil with the 128 because it could take
    out a KV-1 from a mile away 

  185. Im still waiting for My Centurion Mk.3 with 20 pdr and full cast turret
    i wonder if theyll have the ChurchHill, damm imagine the guns from the 75mm
    Vickers to the 17 pdr to the 20 pdr Op m8

  186. i thought the T-34-100 would be the Egyptian Tank Destroyer Variant but i
    guess the Russians Experimented with it.


  188. Sucks for you

  189. 200K HYPE

  190. 18:06 reminds me of the ambush scenes in Out of the Darkness.

  191. Also, someone describe it on the War Thunder forums as “Thats meth on
    KV-2.” XD

  192. Wow baron wow. How did you not realize that all of those rounds looked the
    same……BECAUSE THEY WERE THE SAME they all behaved the same and you
    didn’t realize it

  193. +OfNaught yep, imma get raped so bad

  194. I want to see SU-100y game play. One of my favorite TD’s in world of tanks.

  195. I want to see more of the leopard

  196. Did you buy all those golden eagles, or are you some sort of beta tester?

  197. Domination Finland?

  198. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    Is this patch out yet cus imma come back and research these things cus i
    have researched everything except tier 5 americans

  199. Play that m60!! Also, Do the M60and the Leo 1 have the same gun?

  200. Weren’t they supposed to add the T-62 as well this patch?

  201. Is it just me or is it that WarThunder is becoming World Of Tanks but with
    better planes and realistic?

  202. Finland! Now we have 2 maps from finland 😛 karelia being the other(karelia
    was part of finland)

  203. NikolaiSlapabitch

    Still no puma 🙁 

  204. Jizzing myself as I see those rounds for the M60 SO HYPED!!!! Been waiting
    for this tank FOREVER

  205. YES!!!!
    I hope there’s a T-10M

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