War Thunder 1.51 New Update! LEOPARD 1, T-10M & More – War Thunder 1.51 Dev Server

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Thunder 1.51 New Update! LEOPARD 1, T-10M & More – War Thunder 1.51 Dev


  1. Update HYPE!

  2. just watched barons… whos cares update hype!!

  3. +SGTWarHorse YT Now only for tanks. I don’t think soo with planes (at least
    now, in the future maybe)

  4. We need a new tier boys! Tier 6?

  5. +MrDaytona57 patch 3.74 finally introducing british and japanese ww2 tanks

  6. Why did my computer have to stop working.

  7. [DOGcG]Production

    yeah !! I think I gonna love the leopard 1 <3 and the M60 was so nice, so
    beautiful , 1.51 come quickly plz !

  8. Jefferson Sheng (EXIACXA3740)

    Japs need way more love. ki44 with those 20mm and n1k1 plz…. :(

  9. +TheStevieb94 And that is perfectly fine with me 🙂 I’m sure you know how
    to pronounce “leopard” and I guess every english-speaking person would
    pronounce it like this. But now you also know how a German would pronounce
    leopard 🙂 Is one of them the “wrong” pronounciation? No! Just different
    languages 🙂
    (btw. le-o-pard might be the older pronounciation due to the fact that the
    word’s origin is latin, but who cares 😀 (not me))

    Have a nice day and best wishes, from Germany 😉

  10. +TheStevieb94 Well it is indeed named aber the big cat, but since it is a
    german tank (the german word for leopard is also leopard) and ‘leopard’ is
    “Le-O-pard” in german i guess that’s the way to go 😉

  11. tched barons video first.
    i’m already up 2 date m8

  12. Jack Packet (gaming)

    no surprise there then

  13. M60!!

  14. Phly I think you left out the t34-100

  15. No problem. But have in mind that the dev server is not open for long
    periods of time and there is no notice of when it actually opens for the

  16. +Encrafter You can download the Dev client from this link:
    http://warthunder.com/en/news/527/current It’s an old version but it will
    update to the new one automatically when you start it up.

  17. marrioman thirteen

    +User Name no, I just know that the implementation of a mechanic would need
    to be near perfect otherwise the game would suck.

    When battlefield 3 announced the return of air superiority from 1942
    everyone was overjoyed. Then they played it. People flew round waiting to
    see someone flare and then 7 or 8 guys all launched missiles at once. It

    Like you said about there being times when the Americans did not have guns
    on a few planes, there were times when rocket and missile technology was
    behind for both Russian and Americans.

    Bombers generally have the largest amount of countermeasures to make up for
    their poor manoeuvrability.

  18. +marrioman thirteen Actually, most of the Vietnam War, the communists used
    ZSU-57 as Anti-Air 😀

  19. +Rezz Well actually we might be seeing the Kampfpanzer 70 soon which is
    what the Abrams is directly based off.

  20. +midget manmidge So you’re saying the M1 Abrams was made before 1950? It’s
    a 70s tank. The deadline as of right now to balance stuff out(looking at
    you, Maus.), is late 60s.

  21. +midget manmidge he was being sarcastic

  22. the damage models for tanks in test drive are different to the ones in
    random battles

  23. Phly, the new “models” are actually whole new hull structures! The Buffalos
    are shorter in hull length (The first variant now has 3x 12,7mm!!!) and the
    Bf 109 E variants have a shorter nose now. Also the IL-2 you mentioned had
    something changed too.

  24. conner “Dat gamer”

    Chieftain HYPE can’t wait for the Brits if the tanks that are being added
    are from this time period 

  25. J2m5 plz

  26. The M68 gun is the same gun as the first M1 Abrams and it is also the
    American version of the British L7 tank gun!!!

  27. Cool more OP premium american tanks

  28. Hesh was invented by the British and was effective for its time but spalled
    liners have essentialy made hesh useless against other tanks but still very
    effective against light armored vehicles and buildings

  29. +MadFluffyster Xaines As has been mentioned before, Hesh is what made
    tanksteel useless. It sends a shockwave instead of penetrating and can go
    through up to a meter of tanksteel. That’s the reason why the Leo 1 was
    constucted without heavy armor. Today you use composite armor to counter
    that threat, they have different layers with different material, which will
    absorbe the shockwave.

  30. +MadFluffyster Xaines They’re used against anti tank armor and buildings.
    What they basically do is the fuse is deylayed they squash up against the
    target then explode splintering the other side.

  31. +Markus Nutt Goddamn it Markus stahp time travelling.

  32. +Philippus Maximus day 2, still waiting for the f-4 Phantom II

  33. +Philippus Maximus I feel ya brudda

  34. Wow. Gaijin loves to murder ze germans definitely.. theirs no point on
    driving the maus if this was the case.. its slow, loud and big. Its armor
    was the only thing it has and now this?? Screw it. Im gonna cancel my
    research on the maus and just focus on grinding the panther 2 in
    preperation for the leopard

    • +Alberto_X No… You’re thinking very unrealistic. This would never work.
      It’s not gonna be easy to cover the lower plate, it’s fucking huge. No
      Ferdinands die from the lower plate, they only die from the cheeks, hull,
      and encasement. I’ve never seen a Ferdinand get killed through the lower
      plate once. You don’t think right about this stuff what-so-ever and you
      should just stop with the “cover your lower plate” bullshit. No one is
      gonna sit there for hours and hours with their lower plate covered getting
      no kills. It’s never gonna fucking happen. There’s also hardly any spots on
      most of the maps where you can cover your lower plate.

    • +Johnny Skinner Yes, but a smart T-10M driver will not show his lower
      plate, is like fighting in a Ferdinand, if u show your lower plate you are
      dead, the T-10M have only -4º depression so it will be difficult but a good
      T-10M driver covering the lower plate will be inmune to the Maus. Also the
      T-10M is far more agile than the Maus, so you can flank it easily in RB.

      Not a problem at all in AB because the aim help that makes easy to hit the
      lower plate and 90% of people in arcade drive the tanks like cars, without
      covering the weakspots.

      Anyway im not sure if the T-10M is good modeled, when i look at the real
      T-10M the lower plate looks better angled, maybe is just my imagination.

  35. ‘im gonna penetrate him from the side from this angle.’ THAT SOUNDED WRONG

  36. Mr. Whiskers da cat

    I would like to see some world war 1 biplanes!

  37. Brendan Raistrick (Zesphr)

    The firebrand isn’t a firefly or fulmar, it’s a completely different

  38. at least the armor on WT’s IS-8 isn’t a joke like the one in WoT…

  39. +Puse like the HEAT on the M103 is pretty bad. isnt like that on the T-10M
    to? its the same shell as the su-122054 has

  40. +Ace Archangel where exactly? The T-10 has worse armor than the IS4, and
    the IS4 is already an easy kill if you have HEAT.

  41. +nuttyjunior kek

  42. evan hunterlinville

    It’s interesting because the leopard 1 is west German cold war tank built
    closely with the US/ UK, for example the cannon it’s has is a British gun

  43. How do I get gold faster in game with tanks plz tell me

  44. M60? really gaijin? why dont you put the M735A1 depleted uranium round in
    it then, even the T-10M is gonna get rekt.

  45. Fuck the germans, fuck the russians, This is when America starts to show
    how fuckin awesome we can make the Maus look like a mouse. If only it was a
    Abrams though

  46. Germany will get the Ratte Im sure

  47. +Phil Becker I want to hear a sorry for invading Europe! They the damn
    shall stay on their continent.

  48. Press account

  49. There is no need for the m-60 or Leopard 1. But here they are. Since they
    got added they will be adding the T-62 and you all know damn well people
    are going to scream “omg russian bias omg herp derp!” Also I like how you
    mentioned the br of the the T-10m and not of the lower br on the m-60 and
    Leopard 1. Because ya know tanks that are much more modern need a lower br.

    • Hey brosky get your head out of your ass and realize it’s a heavy with
      armor mess like that are a lower be for a good reason

    • +Jack Van Hooser No you need relearn soviet tank history. The first tank to
      have was the T-64. while the T-72 did have composite amour, it came after
      the T-64.

  50. omg, how can Gaijin be stupid enough to add a Hellcat with the Jackson’s

  51. Admrial of the sea

    Stalin has a new snowplow

  52. +Mauricio Ramos
    well they always said that this game would go from the spanish civil war to
    the korea war era … just an accident that WW II also is in there 😛

  53. I know how to kill them but thanks anyway. 🙂

  54. +Alaskafish right you are my friend

  55. phly why no firebrand 🙁 … have you seen it yet it looks nothing like the
    firefly , more like a sea fury !

  56. The Mighty GamerFTW

    Mother Russia why you give IS3 steroids?!

  57. Fucking Russians Dev’…

  58. Omg Phly you made my day LOL you such a funny guy xD great video 

  59. When you talked about the M60, if you put it that way, you can also say
    that the T-54 is also still used

  60. Super Hellcat has the Jacksons turret so it can field the 90mm.

  61. 40 Fucking minutes and you didn’t look at the Ki-44, Do 17, or the

    They’re completely new planes with new models Phly plz take another look,
    at least for yourself because they’re all super sexy looking!

  62. Coming up in War Thunder patch 1.53, Smoothbore tank barrels and Sidewinder

  63. “RIP maus

    1.51’d to death.”

  64. +Beck Rockriver Then the T-10…

  65. Hey Phly! I figured out why they are adding all of these tanks even though
    they’ve said it was only going to be up to korean war era… You see, the
    Korean war is actually still going on. North and South have never
    officially signed a peace treaty…

  66. Soon there will be abrams and t90s in this game

  67. The GUI on the bottom left corner looks very helpful.

  68. Not enough new aircraft :(

  69. Maybe if we wait longer we will get mig-21. M60 is from 1957, mig-21 1959.
    what do u think about it guys?

  70. Wizl The Blonde Alien

    +Nicolas Crittenden oh thx

  71. Wizl The Blonde Alien

    +FireWarrior2013 you’re not a good tier two british pilot then… ever head
    of spitfire mk IIb?

  72. Wizl The Blonde Alien

    +FireWarrior2013 what the fuck does that mean

  73. the IS8 is gonna rek shit up

  74. Hey +PhlyDaily , you were right about the A36. The A36 Apache was indeed a
    ground strike variant of the P51A Mustang. It had dive brakes and could
    carry more bombs and rockets in wing pylons.
    Those two 50 cals were moved under the nose to lighten the wings and allow
    them to carry more ordnance.

    Dunno why this aircraft doesn’t have bombs in WT. Maybe they will add it

  75. Connor The Chopper

    I’m still hyped for when they finally give Italy some love.

  76. They *MIGHT* as well make a new fuckin game. Vietnam Thunder? Cold War
    Although i do like the sound of “Vietnam Thunder”

    Too Be Honest, I Kind’ve Like The New Tanks. Just Need A Higher B.R Like…
    Idk? 20? lol. maybe 10.
    and since we got all this shit anyway. might aswell add the B-52
    Stratofortress, The U-2 Bomber, The Super Sabre, F5 Freedom Fighter, The
    Thunder Chief! SO ON AND SO FORTH

  77. New model means new visual model, ie. the plane just looks more high res
    EDIT2 for better visibility: Fly out the Firebrand, it’s not a Firefly and
    it’s a really cool and effective ground attacker.

    EDIT: The new tanks just break the game because the tank BRs end at 8.0.
    I’d be fine if the IS-3 was at 8.0, IS-4 at 9.0 and T-10M at 10.0 or
    something like that and other tanks balanced according to that. But now
    it’s pretty fucked up.

  78. Man….the T10M gave me an orgasm…..ohhhhh…

  79. RIP is-4 ?

  80. Fucking love the dorky mirrors on the Leopard

  81. The SB2C sucked in real life

  82. super hellcat prem only… lol fuck off gaijin

  83. Well, there are still t3485s serving today, so that means little

  84. soo… Hurricane with 40mm cannons at BR 2.3 and Ju87 G with 37 mm at BR
    3.3.. dunno, but that feels very very wrong..
    But it’s dev server BRs, so let’s wait what it will be when released

    • The hurricanes 40’s only have AP ammo while the Ju87 has the capability to
      fire the minengedhoß

    • The BR system is based on the year of active service, I don’t see a reason
      why it shouldn’t be at such a low BR as an aircraft with 40mm canons are
      never good dogfighters due to the slow rate of fire.

  85. i just want my hawker hunter

  86. I’m surprised I don’t have to pay for it haha.

  87. They just added Leoprad 1, M60 and T-10 so Dear Gaijin you have no reason
    not to give us the Hawker Hunter

  88. Marcus Langeström

    “You invaded Poland, Imma invade your side armour” AHAHAHA

  89. Common just add the T-14 Armata then

  90. The t-10m had a monacle its fancy

  91. Xander B (x5parkyx)


  92. You should play some more with the M60

  93. Coolbabycookie cs

    I think that warthunder should stay in the 1935-1955 range

  94. .30 Calibre is 7.62mm

  95. shoots HESH at Maus’ spaced armor “HESH seems to be useless

    • only bug with HESH is that the shrapnel produces not enough damage. but it
      produces spalling very well when i tested it yesterday.

  96. Also M60 is in use with 19 nations in many forms to this day

  97. PyrotechnicMailman

    It’s here it’s here it’s here 

  98. I just want to ask everyone, why are you all pissed off at the new date
    limit? It’s called WAR Thunder, why can’t it expand out of WW2, there were
    wars after 1955 y’know?

  99. we should have F-22 next update
    dam right .. dad!

  100. well rest in peace to my m103

  101. Going to wonder about the balance with tanks like the maus, m103 t95 etc.
    The T95 should never see a Leo. It’s only good point is armor. If you get
    shot at by a 400mm penning shell even that will be useless.

  102. Coolbabycookie cs

    talk more about the new T-34-100 please

  103. And the HEATFS round with 400mm of penetration are there to counter the
    Leopard 1 and the new Russian tanks

  104. You forgot the t34 100

  105. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    A36? Oh my god, finally. FINALLY. The Divestang is here :DDDDDDDDDD
    Helldiver? Oh man, it just gets better. New bomber hunter for sure.

    Including the Su100Y is questionable because it was only ever a prototype.

  106. yep because we need another soviet heavy tank in the game. cause god knows
    we are running out of those..

    • +Jayden Holzhauser Which is the reason why heavy tanks dissappeared, and
      which lead to the development of the Leopard with focus on speed and
      firepower. If heavys become partly obsolete in the highest BRs, that is
      historicly accurate. >_>

    • *op soviet tank

  107. Bosnian army uses M60 tank

  108. PyrotechnicMailman


  109. yes he does you can choose how the ads appear on your videos, many other
    youtubers put ads at the start or the end or at both with one in the
    middle. or if its a podcast then on the hour or during something like the
    Co-Optional podcast the ads are placed during the time in the show they do
    their in stream ads, phly has more ads per video than anyother person im
    subscribed too.

  110. Am I the only one who noticed that the SU-100Y shoots 122mm Shells from a
    130mm canon? xDD

    greetings from Switzerland :D

  111. May aswell just add F22’s and M1A2’s.

  112. Calm down Phly… Look at the 2 fragments on the M60 shells. You’re gonna
    have to snipe ammo multiple times to do any real dmg at all with that.

  113. OMFG you missed the Firebrand Q-Q… or didn’t show it atleast

  114. +ustinodj You seen the lower Glacis.

  115. iiro yli-salomäki


  116. Sebastiano Branca

    1.51 = RIP germany

  117. Benjamin Elkins-Green

    With the new British 40mm cannons…. Is this one step closer to the
    hunter, that thing does have 4 x 40mm raden cannons right?

  118. Tiger :D (Tigertamer8)


  119. I have this dev server thing, but dosen’t found any serever 🙁 HELP !

  120. Day 390. Still no British tanks.

  121. +PhlyDaily the Firebrand and the Firefly and completely different aircraft,
    so you missed it out.

  122. I’m still waiting on the British tanks simply because some of the British
    tanks look really cool

  123. How did your stats carry over to dev server mines didn’t and I’ve been
    playing since round 1.37. It’s a snapshot of 1.49 right? How do you carry
    stats on dev server?
    Only if you had a lot of conv rp and ge on dev server so anyone can test.

  124. +Sebastian Faber I killed a B-17 from 2.3km away once in my KV-2.

  125. when shooting HESH at the maus you was shooting the spaced armour so its
    ineffective :)

    • ok i stand corrected, but even if the hesh penned the outer plate its the
      plate, tracks then hull armour so technically spaced armour
      i think

  126. And, so, in the next patch, we’ll be getting the Leopard 2, the MiG-29
    Fulcrum, F-22 Raptor, the M1 Abrams, and the T-80 MBT.
    Seriously, who thought these things belonged in War Thunder? I mean, the
    Leo needed to be there, I guess, but the T-FUCKING-10?! How much crack
    does one have to smoke to make sense of this?
    Sure, put nukes on the B-29. At this rate, it’ll still be underpowered.

  127. Dimitri Zdrovski

    I am a little bit afraid of war thunder putting in all these ridiculous
    tanks. It scares me. I also feel that if they keep putting in these tanks
    and planes…Then the game might get a little bit bloated and not everyone
    can pay to get planes…So we might experience some player loss at higher
    tiers and other things like that… I mean, it already takes a long time to
    research these things… But maybe..I might be hungry…The leopard was
    enough for me.

  128. was it just me or was jurassic park music playing in the back

  129. wekk my German friends i time of ruleing as come to a end as you can see
    with that American tank. were al fucked now LOL

  130. +Moist Potato Well, the T95 has had that sound for 2 months now. I’m not
    sure how they’re gonna come up with a better sound. They got one for the
    SU-100Y, my beloved Box Tonk. That’s a plus. The L7 sound is underwhelming,

  131. +Moist Potato Yeah. When it comes to tanks, Gaijin is very lazy for gun
    sounds. I was really hoping for an awesome sound on the L7, M68, and T5E1

  132. +Undertaker The 105 L7 has the same sound as the Russian 100mm.

  133. all the guns sound the same

  134. 3 years later and still no Do335 “sigh”

  135. A-36 was Allison powered dive bomber

  136. Dont think hesh is properly made in the test server yet. that shit should
    destroy every flat service it comes in contact with.
    also su 100y. less br than the jagdpanther. bet it gets 2 spawns aswell in

  137. HESH is cool but not unexpected since the M68 cannon is an american copy of
    the British L7A1 cannon famously fitted to the later models of the
    Centurion tank

  138. And the leopard 2, the best tank in the world

  139. Gaijin is terrible. just terrible

  140. Leopard 2A7, M1 Abrams, and T-90 in 1.53 

  141. Series deedMouse

    just amazing.. :FF WoT people nervously shaking in a corner

  142. Gaijin,fucking over German players since 2012!

    • +Johnny Skinner

      Good for you,I only have…20 games in arcade? The rest of my games are
      either Simulator or Realistic battles.I’m usually in the top 3 as well,with
      any tanks I play.

      Marcel Ebert,ok,I’m a disgrace to every German that ever lived because why?
      I didn’t say that the German tanks were shit,hell,I think they’re fucking
      great! I love them,but I think that the Russian tanks are better.

      It’s up to common sense!

      Gaijin is a Russian company,War Thunder was first available in Russia,most
      of it’s players,are most likely Russian.Which demographic are they going to
      be a little biased towards?

      I’m not saying that Gaijin is making it impossible to play the game,I’m
      just saying that the Germans should get some love,as the Leopard 1 now has
      a competitor,the M60.

      While the T10 WITH BETTER ARMOR ( try hitting the lower plate at combat
      ranges,or penning the front of the T10 when it’s hull down )

      Is at the same BR as the IS-3 ( which need’s a BR change,as it’s impossible
      to pen from the front unless you get lucky and somehow get the shot trap )

      So another reason why I’m starting to hate War Thunder,the shitty community!

    • +Paladin Yogi Jesus Christ, could you please *SHUT UP*? I see your whiny
      crap everywhere I look and it’s starting to royally piss me off! You are an
      embarassment to every german, everywhere, alive or dead.

  143. M60 looks like M24 Chaffee on steriods XD

  144. Matheus Cavalcante

    +BBPINEAPPLE Such modesty, much humble

  145. If they ever add Vietnam era aircraft, they better add an F4 phantom

  146. On behalf of EVERY single German tank player we say FUCK YOU GAIJIN this
    patch was suppose to be ours but no the russians had to give themselves
    something to “balance” the fight(towards them) so russia gets a heavy tank
    and more domination in lower tiers and america gets a 2nd Generation heavy
    tank and germany gets a light tank……also will someone tell me if i can
    get a 380k RP refund i spent on my Maus? Cuz that was a waste of time cuz
    greedy russian devs

  147. If you like the Leopard 1 you should check out the Leopard 2 A5. It’s the
    best Tank in the world and a beauty ;)

  148. HEATFS is just a HEAT round that doesnt spin, Phly. The M68 is a licensed
    version of the british ROQF L7 gun, which is also used in the Leopard 1.
    The T-34 is still in use in some african countries, so WT is already in the
    21st century

  149. No doubt the m60, leopard and T10m will be 9.0br tanks, so I wouldn’t worry
    to much. For those complaining about the T10M it’s quite easy to kill if
    you aim for lower glacias and won’t be OP, bearing in mind America and
    Germany will be recieving 9.0 heavy tanks in future there isn’t much to
    worry about.

  150. IRL the Helldiver was shit.

  151. helldiver = american b7a2

  152. 9:42 …..

  153. SouthJerseyRaiders

    Still waiting for the M1 Abrams

  154. Where do you go to find a shit-ton of WhineWaffes that have either not
    gotten a single tier 5 or have 1 tier 5 who think Germany sucks and every
    other nation is overpowered? PhlyDaily or BaronVonGamez comment section of
    a new War Thunder update dev server that doesn’t have any new ridiculously
    overpowered German vehicles like le Maus. That’s the sad truth.

  155. you can play that new hurricane in dynamic campaign……

  156. Btw can you take out the leo 1?

  157. Still waiting for f22 raptor…

  158. I bet they will add the obj 279 soon 

  159. hey phly ive seen an m60 in real life at the aaf tank museum in daneville
    virginia you might want to consider going.

  160. I believe british tanks was estimated sometime during the fall.


  162. anyone else watching him shoot hesh at spaced armor and wanting to punch
    themselves? :P

  163. Marcus Washington

    M60 Patton & Leopard 1 are modern tanks 

  164. Burt the conqueror

    Id shit my pants if War Thunder got an f-100

  165. A36 Apache, Allison engined p51 designed for ground attack, has badass dive
    flaps. SB2C was a DOG, on my fathers carrier the USS Bennington. SB2C
    nothing but problems in development and use.

  166. Did phly say 130 for freaking tier 3 fucku gaijin and your fucking op

  167. Hurricane MK IV: I came

  168. …..M-60 The hawker Hunter WILL be in the Game….

  169. Well.. time to grind some panthers

  170. I’m just waiting for British tanks. I know they are not in 1.51. but I have
    high hopes for the patch after.

  171. Also Phly, 8.0 is the highest BR. The Maus has 8.0. You should be happy
    because the IS3 went from a 7.0 (or 6.7) BR to 8.0

  172. raggedsolution21

    the A-36 was a ground attacker/divebomber making it weird for Gaijin not to
    give it a bomb loadout, understandably its an early iteration so I hope
    they add bombs and the like

  173. All of those L7 variant 105mms… and still no British tanks in sight!
    and i bet they’ll probably only get a 20pdr Centurion mk2 because ‘balance’

  174. I wouldn’t be suprised if Gaijin called this patch super OP super weapons
    that will kill evarytang. I feel bad for those tigers, mice, and M46 and 47

  175. good shit on this vid buddy! mad in depth!

  176. Imagine an F4F Phantom O.o

  177. I have war thunder and it good and I a newbie

  178. Hi phly. I saw a pic of french line(tanks) on WT community center. The
    French line has AMX 50 120 AND 50 100 AMX 13. Seems so bad ass, do u think
    that’s possible?

  179. Geminijets NewMexico

    M60s, Leopard 1s, and many vietnam era tanks… yet no F-100

  180. A-36 is the original designation for the P-51. It’s got an Allison engine
    inside of it and oh my god, THE HELL DIVER!!!! (posting while watching) THe
    A-36 was a ground attacker P-51 before the Brits said to put the Merlin
    inside of it.

  181. Jonathan Szymczak

    YES Leopard 1 let’s go boys

  182. It’s Gaijin we are getting the Japanese Tank line next patch LOL. Also nice
    choice on the Mossberg 500 there very solid platforms and just tip Zip ties
    make good breach flags just use thick ones. *Edited original post because
    it was a little to critical and it was meant to be funny.

  183. SFB official channel -SFB- Kommandant_37

    Fucking russia ALWAYS getting the unneeded vehicles and ammo…

  184. thats probably why they didnt add the sabo round for the leapard, that ammo
    would be the most overpowered tank in the game if it had it!!!

  185. FieldMarshallEspi

    M60 was needed and hopefully does well against the t-54s and IS-4 and 3s. 

  186. 殺手, 阿Ching

    ‘The next update we should have F-22s!’ PhlyDaily 2k15.
    And thus, in Patch 1.53 GaiJin added F-22s, T-50s and…….nothing for
    Germans. The End

  187. The next update after this one the germans will get leopard 2s lol and
    russia will have t14 armatas

  188. +The Warty Report Don’t want adds every 2 second? Use Magic Actions for

  189. I thought gaijin said they were stopping at the korean war (1953), why are
    there 60s war machines? does this mean we’ll see the B-52 and it’s
    terrifying payload of 70,000lbs?

  190. They need to fix the BR matchup system first :/

  191. Why’d they add the IS-4M in the first place? Now they have to add post
    Korean War tanks because of that LOL sigh I really really don’t understand

  192. Stug Thug Stug for life.

    Wheres my churchhill one warthunder Where is it tell me. Where is she!
    Where is she!

  193. Axle Charleston (AxleMC131)

    That fin-stabilized shell is just dirty! O.o

  194. KV-85!!!!

  195. M-109 howtizer should be added with its 155mm

  196. the m60 is still service in my country. so yeah….

  197. really phly, leo…pard

  198. I want a F4 and i mean a Phantom

  199. KeybladeMaster9913


  200. is this how it works?
    1 high tier german vehicle and 100000000 high tiers for USA and USSR
    whats the fucking point of playing germany anyway?
    i think im gonna switch to USA with my tank research since germany is just
    a target practice

  201. NikolaiSlapabitch

    Still no puma 🙁 

  202. +phlydaily I wonder if we will see MBTs in the future :P

  203. A-36 is NOT using a Merlin engine, its using the standard Allison engine
    also found in the P-51(blank). It was a divebomber modification of said
    P-51, and should have ground attack ordnance available… why it doesn’t is
    a mystery.

  204. Just wait till the British tanks get added the chieftain here I come

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