War Thunder 1.51 – Soviet Weapons of Mass Destruction, T-10m, Su-100y, T-34-100

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder 1.51
New aircraft
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М18 Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , SU-100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks for watching!


  1. Oh tits…Soviet Weapons of Mass Destruction coming in 1.51. What tank

  2. 1st comment sway 

  3. Bill Papadopoulos


  4. George bush is coming for your weapons of mass destruction

  5. baron, can you pls play IL-10? btw you will be invincible if you will play
    with the soviet union anthem and Russian tanks such as IL-2 (flying KV-2)

  6. Ruthenius Kastavii

    Looks like Gaijin still hasn’t fixed T-10M’s lower glasis, it must be
    angled at 50 degrees and offer much better protection.

    • Иосиф Steelin

      +TheJackalPhantom From 2500 to 8000 T10Ms were produced (if around 8000 is
      correct then it’s the most produced heavy tank in history), the exact
      number is unknown, so a good amount of them was produced and the T 62
      wasn’t far superior, it was just easier to produce and cheaper, probably
      even more reliable, the T 64 was far superior.

    • Ruthenius Kastavii


      Inaccurate, mass production and modernization were cancelled in 1966 after
      the introduction of T-64 concept (same firepower + greater protection +
      greater mobility + easier maintanence) + analysis of the results of 6 Day

      T-62 was not as superior to T-10M as it may be presumed until the
      introduction of more advanced shots, combined armour and FCS

    • TheJackalPhantom

      +Ruthenius Kastavii i meant mass production it was canceled after the
      superior T-62 was shown to russia

      EDIT: direct quote from wikipedia as you wanted ”It is estimated that some
      6,000 Soviet heavy tanks were built after the end of World War II,
      including IS-2s, IS-3s, and T-10s.” those 6.000 include is-3’s is-2’s and
      the T-10 so basically remove the ammount of is-2’s and is-3’s from those
      6.000 and what is left are the T-10’s

    • Ruthenius Kastavii


      No shit, maybe it’s you who needs some wikipeding?

    • Иосиф Steelin

      +TheJackalPhantom lol wut? 8000 produced.

  7. Boca George alexandru

    T 60,the grounded yak 3

  8. I though HESH was a British thing?

  9. the first battle: like you knifed someone, and he just take the knife out
    of his body and throw it into your face, right between the eyes

  10. new American planes

  11. under 200 views club

  12. did the dev server just close? because i cant get in

  13. if you wanna see the bee on B you need to be XD

  14. where is the T-26-4? its also a Soviet Weapon of Mass Destruction

  15. Baron npc means No Player Controlled

  16. I love the idea of NPC’s running around with rifles, maybe even if each
    country had their own anti-tank weapon? (Germany/Panzerfaust,
    Russia/Anti-Tank Rifle, America /M1A1 Rocket Launcher)

  17. shame stabilized guns aren’t modeled in game.

  18. leopard 1 vs m18? :DD

  19. Npc-non playable character 

  20. Josh Johnson (RogueHitman)

    I’m hurt that you haven’t done the Leopard 1 yet Baron. How could you? ;-;

  21. Box tank is finally in war thunder let the destruction begin 

  22. T-10m looks poo

  23. I just WATCHED the Film Fury How About U give Your respects to this tank
    m4a1 fury FTW

  24. Francisco Ontiveros

    “I got a sub machine gun to asswhole” that was for some reason funny for

  25. baron sounds like Seth Rogen

  26. NPC= non playing character baron!

  27. Anyone plAy war thunder and wanna Skype message me 

  28. +BaronVonGamez the German t35 i forgot the name (narbowfenzburg?)

  29. Imperatore Naselli

    Baron do u know when They re opening The dev server again? 

  30. T-10M is the liitle brother of the IS-4M. IS-4M is still the KING!

  31. +BaronVonGamez When you doing Fallout? Also some mean sons coming to the
    battlefield :/

  32. Pz. IV F2

  33. excellent at tier 1? I bet you haven’t played the Panzer IV C since the
    balistic update, have you? :D

  34. Does anyone have an ETA on the release date on 1.51? I can’t find one
    anywhere, maybe I’m just derping or no-one has released it yet.

  35. ” I got a machine gun too… Asshole!”
    That mse my day;)

  36. Bt 5

  37. new livestream idea! 1x T-10M (machine guns only) VS alot of Tier I tanks!

  38. that’s a damn fast reload on the T10! 10 secs?

  39. T 34 57 pls

  40. The SU-100Y is Premium? DAMN IT ALL!!

  41. NPC= non playable character

  42. Stan “dard” Dart

    What is wrong with Tagged?

  43. Pls pls pls pls do the a36

  44. When exactly is the dev server live?

  45. +BaronVonGamez could u pls fly the SB2C?
    I know this is a tank series but can u fly this plane and give it a review
    in another vid?

  46. Иосиф Steelin

    It looks like the T10M has another 14,5 machine gun on the turret but atm
    it’s not usable for some reason….

  47. im almost sure the T10 has no place in war thunder –unless they start
    adding modern freaking tanks…

  48. the m18 actually asked not to kill him(in russian)

  49. Of course they add things that are op and that you can buy…

  50. Nice video baron, the t34 100 looks really fun. 

  51. Technically Technical

    NPc= non player character

  52. do a custom with the gepard vs bt5s

  53. Su-122 the newbel derper 

  54. #83279 random guy

    Ok, now do the titty…Titting Leopard!

  55. I saw the T-34/85 at the London Imperial War Museum

  56. baron… CHECK YOUR MIC please. I love your vids and you are awesome… but
    sometimes you talk/scream that loud, that your mic can’t handle it and it
    hurts my ears all the time 😛

    but otherwise: keep up the good work and greetings from austria

  57. I know its a plane but… XP-50 plz

  58. No russian bias anymore? T-10m has been used between 1953 to 1993.. Even
    shitties from the 60s for mericans and germans wouldn’t be enough

  59. Can you play with me on WT/WoWs

  60. Imagine a custom game mode where a team of high tier heavy tanks (T-10M,
    Maus, M103, etc.) with 1 respawn fight against a team of reserve tanks with
    infinite respawns.

  61. NPC= Non Player Character

  62. baron is that u? its not good to ignore people or fans

  63. how you do tank bots?

  64. Could someone please explain the difference between HESH and HEAT ammo to

    • +alphaprawns thank you!

    • HESH = High Exolosive Squash Head. It is literally just a lump of plastic
      explosives designed to splat against a wide area of the target’s armour,
      then a split-second later is detonated. The shockwave gives the crew inside
      an extremely bad day, as well as causing spalling (shards of metal flying
      off inside the tank). Modern tanks with spalling and shockwave protection
      are pretty much immune to HESH, but in Iraq it was found to be extremely
      effective against older steel-armoured tanks.

  65. Hey baron can you check if the b24 finally got its cockpit and see if the
    damage model of the bombers are fixed?

  66. 130mm coffin..

  67. You got the SU-152 at the end there with the artillery :D

  68. Fancy “Wandwuff” Man

    You should drive out the T-126(SP) premium. a T-50 with better armour.

  69. For the hell of it why not a tiger tank badass tank

  70. Baron ur fuckin awsome

  71. pls stop saying herp/derp or tits/titsing/what the tits…. it’s
    getting boring..

  72. Gaijin sure do like giving the Russians crazy mega tanks of doom. Then
    again, the Germans do have the Maus.

  73. Baron it is because right now they have it set with a 122mm gun placeholder
    for the su 100 y

  74. 12:18 stronk Russian Stalinium, can deflect round from naval gun

  75. Please do a custom against tier 1, use only the machinegun 


  77. Do a Sim. battle with any tank! Sim battle or Guantanamo!

  78. play with me please i like t every vidieo of you i think your the best lol

  79. play SMK, land ship. very fun. kill enemy with many boolet

  80. Look at that, a winter map, now those winter skins aren’t useless anymore!

  81. Lol, the people in dat custom battle, best thing I’ve seen in any video or
    in game. xD

    Edit: besides that time when I had my smoke on and I was doing acrobatic
    moves around this guy in RB, and then I lagged and then crashed into him…

  82. I would like to see the Ferdinand

  83. tank spleef

  84. Иосиф Steelin

    34:42 hahah you didn’t even notice that you killed him too with artillery

  85. Baron pls play the M18 hellcat or blackcat or the Superhellcat

  86. I hope War Thunder doesn’t end up using modern vehicles… One day we might
    end up with F-16s and t90s

  87. Leopard 1

  88. Stephen Klynowsky

    Hey baron this is my first time commenting but can you use the maus or m26
    again thanks Stephen

  89. Baron is a perfect example of what jingles thinks of Americans.

  90. 8:30 that fragmentation reflected by the back armor! ^^

  91. Titty titting tits on my tits!

  92. how to get free golden eagles

  93. Npc stands for non playable character

  94. Where is the T-62 with 115mm smoothbore cannon for Soviet Union top tier
    medium tank? T-62 is older than M60 & Leo1 ffs!* Since when West still used
    M60’s & Leopard 1’s the USSR had fucking T-72’s! Gaijin has totally sold
    out for their AmeriCan’t audience with their 100% American biased game!
    Also where is the so much praised called “realism” When MAUS exists in WT,
    but NOT a IS-7 or a T-62? The “realism” was left in WoT by Gayijin
    AmeriCan’t cocksuckers!

    • Ruthenius Kastavii

      +CloneD Anon

      It’s not the fault of the USSR that ze West used to design piss poor tanks
      those days. Armour matters, one cannot just circle-jerk only on some HEAT
      shells with OMFG AP value and hope for victory. Britons got this first and
      designed Chieftain.
      There will be a T-62 with a smoothbore cannon for the USSR, Chieftain for
      the UK and modernized variants of M60 and Leopard 1 for the US and FRG
      respectively + some shit for Japs.

      Soviet tanks are doing too great on T5 only due to problems with balance
      and some game design features. The real domination would happen if Gaijin
      introduces T-64, but luckily for you they won’t.

    • Gaijin is a Russian company and T-62 will be in game one day. Like Russian
      are not dominating T5 enough huh ?

  95. TITS MAN!!!

  96. Niemand Bestimmtes

    I love it when he says “Panzerknacker”… that sounds so funny to german.
    (the k is not silent, like in english) rofl

  97. Someone link the Maximus Decimus or whatever 10 hour clip :)

  98. If in war thunder will add soldiers it will be EPIC!!!!imagine it

  99. Baron you make tits have a bad influence, you discrace titties bro

  100. Box Tank vs. Maus Sumo wrestling GO!

  101. 666 LIKES lel

  102. antonis psillakis

    where is my goddamn mount and blade !

  103. Someone please make a tittyfish or fishtit shirt.

  104. NPC meant Non Player Character…. from pen and paper RPG’s

  105. Use the Calliope

  106. why dont u do the pz llln and try to shoot down planes plz

  107. why dont u try out that other type of ammo u had
    it has great pen and it is HEAT would be awsome if it was just like SU-122
    GUN and just wreck tanks

  108. You would have killed the SU-152 in one shot with the SU-100Y if you didn’t
    hit an 80 degree angle. You need to improve your aim.

  109. Will War Thunder ever add french and Italian tanks?

  110. saw a su 100 for sale, only 75000

  111. isn’t the T10 also know as the IS-8?,if they add the IS-7 I think you’ll
    love it

  112. How much gold does SU-100Y cost?

  113. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    Is the T-34-100 just the T-34 with the prototype T-44 100 mm gun and
    prototype turret? Did that even exist?

  114. Ethan Hummel (Derp4L1f3)

    +BaronVonGamez When does 1.51 come out? And where da hood at?

  115. Gamer Saurus Rex

    Anyone know if their gonna add the t29 the Americans need more firepower to
    match the ruskies Germany’s already outta the race

  116. Is there a su-40 if there is you should play it

  117. 26:55 lol you shot the gunner in the balls ouch!

  118. 9:20 what that for a noob hahahaha

  119. Olekisko_57296_PL

    Leo 1 plz

  120. Plz take out the Tiger in Sim

  121. Christopher Dempster

    Hey baron just want to ask a favour of you. I’ve created a British ground
    forces tech tree on the forum and would like to know if when you are free
    if you could have a look at it and maybe give your thoughts and suggestions
    about what you think should be changed or added. The thread is made by

  122. Aw they should’ve added IS-7… because IS-7 looks sexier :'(

  123. Have to admit, *Tagged*’ behavior was so cute..

  124. Baron, why do you load full ammo setup? It makes you easier to destroy

  125. Oh no…. Stronk tank was beaten by a destroyer turret. D:

  126. when is the 1.51 coming?

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