War Thunder 1.53 – BM-8-24 – KATYUSHA ROCKET LAUNCHER

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  1. uploaded 56 second ago. Wow

  2. fake

  3. Hi I’m Ali Crome. Syria

  4. 1 minute and I am 34

  5. dani wao (daniwao707)

    When do you guys think will gaijin release 1.53????

  6. Stalin approves “Russian Freedom”

  7. Hi I’m Ali from Syria

  8. Hi I’m Ali from Syria

  9. play the new ussr bomber today please

  10. This does more damage than the panzer werfer. Nice bias gaijin…

  11. 7nth to comment!!

  12. it’s not the katusha the katusha couldn’t fire that low

  13. My only question about 1.53 is this: Do the British tanks have kettles
    modeled in?

  14. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    5:37 *Fences just suck period* And PhlyDaily gets the award for best
    punctuation fail 2015.

  15. honestly this thing doesn’t seem worth it. It doesn’t one shot, no armor

  16. what was that at the beggining, you shot at the ground and the tank at 100m
    away got blown up??

  17. Hugo Fernandez Zapico

    phly can you play the futsuki plz

  18. Your mom has a better penetration than a panzerwerfer XD

  19. anyone know why i can’t join the dev server?
    it says my account does not have access with the error: 8000100B
    how do i get this access?

  20. The katyusha shoots vodka.

  21. Play the jagdpanzer 4-5

  22. I still don’t understand why these rocket artillery pieces were added into
    the game.

  23. that was me phly alex

  24. This is important, there is a chrome extension that lets you see and use
    twitch emotes anywhere! Just search “Kappa Eveywhere” xxxBEAT

  25. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    Nothing like slapping a load of missiles on a T-60

  26. the BM-8-24 got 132mm rockets

  27. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    british tanks in 1.53

  28. paznerwerfer>bm-8-24

  29. Phly advance to the Rhine is cologne

  30. ım sure you kılled those statues for science

  31. PolyDolly 😀 i will name my next Bird PolyDolly that for sure !! :D

  32. Phly at what time is the dwev server up?

  33. Phly, did you make all that footage just in 3 hours when the dev-server was
    on? 0_o

  34. That is not my Katyusha, WHERE IS SHE!!

  35. coincidence will have it that i am currently modelling (1:35) a pz.2 with a
    KATYUSHA mounted on it, as some sort of last defence from the germans in

  36. The Berlin map has the destructible environment

  37. yea right 2.3 bm824 with better pen speed and more rockets and panzerwerfer
    at 4.3 with 8 rockets and worse pen and speed

  38. The Rijn map is awesome especially for me! I live next to it in THE

  39. PS4 1.53????????

  40. Thats not a ”KATYUSHA”…

  41. How do you get it?I can’t see it in the soviet research?

  42. Play in a maus tenk plzzzz

  43. Дмитрий Абдулах

    It is not Katyusha, by the way!

  44. When gayjin will release new shit patch!!!!!?

  45. When’s the Dev server up?

  46. hardcoreminecrafter9

    so they will not add the actual katyusha rocket truck because of the stupid
    reason that it wont be able to hit a tank in front of it, thats the same
    thing with the GAZ truck and i get kills with it, just drive backwards

  47. I’m a visual whore so when I saw the ground on 3:30 I fanted

  48. isnt advance to the rhine and colonge the same ma?

  49. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    I only wish they had the ability to rocket barrage a target like artillery

  50. I bet update 1.53 will be here next week, most likely around Tuesday.

  51. PizzaAndFrenchFries

    the katyusha was the bm-13 not the bm-8 fyi

  52. lets be honest guys, these rockets tanks are shit, and gaijin only wants to
    involve them so we wont bang their gates for a matchmaking that makes

  53. I could reenact the Cologne tank duel on this map :)

  54. i love that guy in the background shouting the achievements

  55. +PhlyDaily you should definitely play some more Train Fever!

  56. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft

    how i can get in? i try to get in and the games says me:
    the game has not been activated for your account
    someone can help me???’

  57. can you try to drive a tiger tank through the building

  58. When will update? (1.53)

  59. only 2 maps have been/will be added to WT:Ground Forces , Advance to the
    Rhine is the cologne map, you can see the cologne cathedral in the

  60. What do you guys all think about the E-100 coming to war thunder?
    Apparently you will have to complete a series of challenges to get it. Tbh
    all these other new vehicles just pale in comparison.

  61. Look at the Cologne Cathedral amazing and this isnt the real cologne map im
    hyped my hometown

  62. you are on the map köln i live there pls dont shoot my pc :D

  63. Kay -Saunders Team Leader

    Phly. People cry that warthunder is gonna have arty like WOT. They already
    have arty In WT the drug = assault gun that could be used as arty, and the
    rocket tanks those were used as rocket artillery and they sent OP

  64. any idea how many eagles this costs

  65. Phly, the E-100 is going to be added in this patch!!!

  66. So when will the brit tanks be added this update?

  67. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    4:22 is that what your penis said to your balls?

  68. Phly, that map *is* already destructible – I’ve seen it on a couple of
    Russian dev server videos. Try taking out something with more hitting power
    and you’ll see…

    This is a Med to long range shooter..
    Can you watch map, then Follow your Shots to target??

  70. Pe-8 or i gonna eat your cat!!!!

  71. David “madindie” Dew

    Lol great vid mate, last map looks great.
    Do you think that Warthunder will do an infantry addition? Then combine all
    three elements? Sounds cool

  72. So russian rockets can shoot threw hills? and really phly? playing by
    yourself with AI?

  73. yo the new graphic engine looks awesome

  74. Seems like the hit detection on shrapnel still needs work. It’s a good idea
    but it doesn’t seem like the tank models are as detailed as they need to be
    in their armor coverage, and the shrapnel seems to do very strange things.

  75. it is going to be so ficking op!

  76. Hi

  77. wow the graphic looks better :).

  78. What I don’t get about the “Rind” map (what I think he said the name was)
    is how is that whole entire city bombed and destroyed except for that
    little park in the middle wtf

  79. this tank is crap

  80. phly could you please show out the destructeble enviroment on Cologne
    (advance to the rhine) or on Berlin
    Because it is allready implemented on the Dev

    Pls take then the King of derp our loved Kv-2 or something else with a lots
    of hitting power to bust Bunkers (Is-2 su152 STuH42 and so on…)

  81. Please please please take out the t32 next do it for Eisenhower democracy
    and other American shit

  82. *КАТЮША*

  83. Hey Phly please play Strike Force Heroes 3 for Free For All FRIDAYS! It is
    a browser game but it is suuuuuuuuuuuuper funny!

  84. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    What is that thing protruding from his rear left wheel? Anyone knows?

  85. TWO POINT THREE? Of course god damn Russian gets 2.3 with more rockets.
    Panzerwerfer gets 4.3 with less rockets.

  86. The kv-2 is like njet to this thing

  87. You need to do a battle of kv1s vs a team of panzerwehrfers. and bm8s
    against tigers. shooting volleys at tanks. would be cool if you did Like
    massive rocket barrages.

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