War Thunder 1.53 – DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENT – Update 1.53 ‘Firestorm’!

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War Thunder – DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENT – Update 1.53 ‘Firestorm’!

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  1. 46 seconds ago lol

  2. yayyyy

  3. second

  4. hey phly

  5. I think i might leave WOT now….

  6. Hey Phly, when will you make more DCS vids? great video!

  7. so cool

  8. Just read about this on facebook and thought: “I wonder if Phly has a video
    on this already” Of course he does. Of course fucking does.

  9. Well, the time where you can no-scope noobs through walls with high caliber
    tank guns is here!

  10. Phly/steve every video you post it cheers me up :)


  12. I’d just been re watching the pure glory of Phly’s Schnell Bomber video,
    somehow allowed myself to get sidetracked trawling through John Cena vines
    and r/potato salad before returning to sanity to find a new video

    Master Phly rewards us.

  13. Why no free for all friday :(

  14. *Me watching some youtube video’s*
    *Sees a video called: War Thunder 1.53 – DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENT – Update
    1.53 ‘Firestorm’!*

  15. 37 minutes ago

  16. no 37 second ago sorry :-)

  17. please the news p-38 :'(

  18. 355 club!!!!! such fun such early such destruction. war thunder is GG.

  19. fle do the black prince

  20. Hey Phly, it’s called Frostbite Engine in Battlefield. 🙂 In terms of
    Destruction, Battlefield Bad Company 2 was the best, you could flatten the
    whole map. But BF4 isnt that bad either :D

  21. yeahhhh


  23. im pretty sure its not finished yet but its awesome as f*ck tho :D!

  24. better than “levolution” from battlefield

  25. i hope it applies to houses and stuff so you can shoot through them :P

  26. only a bunch of updates late…..

  27. It would be cool if tanks would get minor damage when hit by a crumbling
    building, for example getting detracked.

  28. you otta do a CB and get alot of bombers and obliterate a city

  29. notice how the assholes are always in allied tanks…..

  30. Will this fuck up my fps?

  31. No idea why people are hyped about it. It looks like shit. It has no
    tactical advantage whatsoever because of these stupid piles of crap below
    the houses. And it makes no sense how it just crumbles from top to bottom.
    Meh, only thing looking forward to in this patch is the, hopefully, ULQ fix
    and the Firefly.

  32. The Panzer of the Werfer variety looks awesome :D

  33. Hey Phly, is the update out yet?

  34. I wonder if your tank take dmg if something fell on it

  35. imagine the 5k lb. bomb! Whops! There goes the neighborhood! :P

  36. So it has nothing to do with physics but a certain amount of hits HP per
    building that starts an animation of a wall falling down. Sooo basically
    it’s the same as battlefield Alright.

  37. I want to see what the 5k bomb would do to a destructible environment

  38. Making my way downtown, walking fast, fast pass and I’m home-bound Lol

  39. dice engine looooooooooollllll!! nice video :D

  40. wow, Gaijin did a great job with this one. I love the affects, even if
    tanks can’t take damage from it.

  41. This patch is also gonna be a big disappointment for a lot of tank players,
    they are nerfing the bino and normal gun sight zoom by nearly 50% i think,
    also the camo visibility shit… gonna be a tough patch for tankers….
    also all digit decals cost 10GE apparently

  42. Pedro “RaMir0” Amaral

    jump on a pe 8, load a 5000 kg bomb, and turn a whole block into rubble!

  43. Been in the video for 1 minute, already had an orgasm lol

  44. Looks kinda scripted with each wall having a health pool. Still hella cool

  45. N4N0_D0G3 ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ


  46. Are machine guns available for all tanks now

  47. sick destruction : D

  48. Did they take the muzzle break out of the gunner view?

  49. Destructible environment is not fully modeled yet, even destructability
    after 1.53 release will be different than on todays dev-server, where it’s
    already looked smooth and realistic.

  50. I just can’t wait to fuse a 4000 (5000kg for you) on ten seconds and drop
    it on buildings

  51. can you show use what happens when rubble falls on a tank or a… PLANE =P

  52. When ever i see a 1.53 video uploaded, I start the wt launcher hoping that
    the patch is released

  53. Remember when World of Tanks promised us destructible environments with the
    9.0 patch? A year ago.

  54. YUSSS finally!!!

  55. phly please use a B25 bomber and a T1 tank pleaseeeeeeeee.

  56. PhlyDaily my god im in love you made my day i love the videos :D

  57. Just imagine a squad Pe -8’s dropping their 5000kg bomb on a fully
    destructible berlin :D

  58. Gets on youtube *see’s title*. THE UPDATE IS HERE *gets on ps4, looks for
    update, see’s nothing*. *tears flow*

  59. they need to work on this its kynda weird

  60. when we will have this patch??

  61. how did it go for laura and ju afther the stream

  62. Oh Gaijin. If you could be a little less russian from time to time you
    could have an awesome product.

  63. Do falling buildings damage vehicles if it falls on them?

  64. Battlefield is the frostbite engine Phly!

  65. I was trying out the A7M earlier when I saw something awesome, aircraft
    carriers now have flight crews on their decks.

  66. Hey Phly was this video recorded today?
    cuz i tried to get a Custom Battle started so i can test the this myself
    but the Custom Battles tab was greyed ot

  67. how do i use the binoculars in war thunder ground forces ?

  68. Oh great there are gonna add more broken physics. You shoot the base of a
    brick wall with a 130mm and it crumbles top to bottom? More bullshit than
    the twin towers falling from a plane crash. Meanwhile back on Normany those
    little black fences flip my M41 70% of the time i try to cross them and
    they even send my Tiger’s front 5ft in the air. FIX THE IMPORTANT SHIT

  69. Dr.Phil is herr

  70. The engine in battlefield is called the Frosbite engine

  71. when will be released the 1.53 ?

  72. cant wait for this patch

  73. the tanks look sooo nice too

  74. angry_mike_riley_26

    great vid phly what r u planning on doing for 200,000 subs?!

  75. Use kv2

  76. What about shooting thru a building to blind shot an enemy tank?

  77. Fucking love that Intro

  78. How to get there?!?!?

  79. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    Does this mean B-29’s can bomb cities to oblivion? 😀 😀 😀 :D

  80. Andreas Theilgaard

    5000kg bombe on the city

  81. Andreas Theilgaard

    5000kg bombe on the city

  82. Evolution bf4 xD

  83. WoT has better destructible environment but we have to wait longer….

  84. only su152 (152mm) !

  85. it looks decent enough for now, kinda reminds me of red faction the way the
    buildings crumble which is kinda cool

  86. RIP My Laggy Comupter

  87. Phly, I read on the forum that the Jungle Map is getting an update.

  88. R.I.P low config

  89. Just asking but ehm, WHERE THE FUCK IS MY KV-21!!!!! HUH BRO WHERE IS
    IT!!!! I hope you read this message. From your dearest and only one -Marc

  90. I hope this isn’t going to be on all maps because this would cause my
    computer to explode.

  91. The fuck when is the damn update, 2 weeks ago they said “Very soon” with
    the trademark at the end, the fuck lmao. tho they should update the damn
    sounds, low passing planes sound shit + jets all sound the same

  92. Matheus Cavalcante

    R.I.P Video Card

  93. “Only Destructible environments in German cities, comrade” – Russian

  94. This will make sim more interesting

  95. Well i need a new Pc now

  96. So these seem to hâve health…how Long will it take for mgs

  97. LolZ, “it was almost fun”

  98. Kinda lame that it just sinks into the ground though :(

  99. How much did it effect the Framerates?

  100. clerkmaxwell does warthunder

    This is gaijin remember that, the destruction won’t be fixed

  101. I have a ps4 I tourney the vibrations off

  102. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    Eat your heart out Frostbite engine! This destruction looks dope as fuq!
    Great vid Phly :)

  103. thank god there are no skyscrapers in war thunder, because the things i
    would recreate would get me put on every watch list is the U.S.

  104. That sound from the Panzerwarfer is scary

  105. Imagine if they have levolution like in battlefield

  106. Those rocket sounds. I found something to fap to tonight

  107. for a free to play game warthunder has really outdone itself :D


  109. LightlySaltedToast

    A year and a half after wargaming showcased the havoc physics in WOT, we
    have still yet to see it in game… Come on Wargaming

  110. I am not impressed… While pretty, this has no impact on gameplay
    whatsoever… you cannot make a new path this way, or blow away somebody’s
    cover, because of the trademark “heaps of rubble” that block you just as
    much as that wall used to…

    Oh and also, see how the rubble that falls down then sinks into the ground
    as if the building was never even there

  111. Looks like Medieval Engineers physics.

  112. *shoots building in Rhineland*
    *building crubles*
    *shoots building in Stalingrad*
    *tank explodes*
    Realism is our first priority, in destruction at least – Gaijin

  113. They don’t add low texture grass for everyone because bad pcs, bur they add
    complex destructable enviorment that create more lag, but add less to the
    gameplay. War thunder…

  114. good bye to my fps

  115. That Leopard 1 at 8:56 was CokeSpray! The forum moderator, or rather
    “Senior Suggestion Helper”. He’s great guy 😉 :D

  116. Maybe 5000 kilo bomb will wipe out some buildings.

  117. are the new maps and British tanks only for the PC for now or is the new
    update for both PC and game consoles? can’t find out any info on the

  118. just eye candy… it does not change any of WT’s problems. :

  119. they should have made it where you could shoot a hole threw building or
    house to shoot or see enemies on other side. shooting already destroyed
    walls is weak especially for a PC.

  120. I feel like this is gonna kill my fps……

  121. take a bomber and level a city ?

  122. *shoots at church* rip Geneva convention

  123. >destructible environments in cities that have already been destroyed

    B R A V O

  124. Phly, you should PE-8 with the 5k for destruction if that’s possible

  125. meanwhile in world of tanks….

  126. can you do a video on the new P-38?

  127. i came several times during this video

  128. War Thunder Logic: (Just picking, I know it’s still WIP) Bomb explodes,
    building is standing, tank shell: The whole building collapses

  129. actually if you notice how whe you shoot the terrain and buildings it
    doesn’t go straight through and make a massive hole. But instead causes one
    of the physics pieces in the building to drop out which creates a chain
    reaction. This creates the illusion of physics… Still fucking cool

  130. u should’ve shot the tower

  131. 100% Kool Aid Man approved

  132. Very cool.

  133. only I play war thunder on the ps4 after I’ve been playing on the pc.
    controllers sucks, use the wireless keyboard and mouse. it’s just like the

  134. Mogras Fel-Fotch Passameer Day Slitheen

    9/11 confirmed Kappa

  135. +PhlyDaily If the bridge can be deatroyed in Eastern Europe. That would be
    awesome xD

  136. Will artillery Fire effect buildings +PhlyDaily

  137. i guess this may help with visibility for planes or from an elevated
    position, but rubble “walls” still seem to remain intact at the bottom of
    these ruins, so not much change with mobility options

  138. i love musuc from the intro

  139. music

  140. Song?

  141. Eduardo Larios (yayo12397)

    Michael Bay would be proud;)

  142. I’m quite disappointed by this to be honest. Not sure what exactly I was
    expecting though.

  143. pls more

  144. Phlydaily for your tank vid you should have a old tank go into the tunnel
    and come out brand new you get to pick what tank for your intro thanks for
    the vid love them

  145. guys, how can i get on the test server like phly ? Its on invite or is
    there some other client to download like from Wargaming ?

  146. Now my tigers can drive through houses! Aha no more is-2’s and m-46 running
    and hiding. I will drive through what ever to get them . >:D

  147. giovanni “giokiller1303” aloia

    When is it going to be released?

  148. War thunder 1.53: Medieval Engineers with buildings and without you
    building and with tanks.

  149. The Totalitarian Cheesecake

    My FPS 🙁


  150. This is really cool! So i hope they will add some more feauters in
    Destructible Enviroment…for example:You can crush everything with bombs
    shells…even with breakthrough with tank.

  151. If there were no graphical settings abuse, I would so love ground forces!!!
    I refure to play in Ultra low graphics in order to be “competetive”. I like
    my pretty damn you Gaijin!

  152. I can allready see my framerate droping :/ :D

  153. “Fucking awesome looks like math” 10/10 Phly

  154. How will older computers handell this?

  155. Tank shells can’t melt steel beams.

  156. PhlyDaily how did you get in a custom battle? on 24th october nobody could
    get in a custom battle on the dev server

  157. its phisycs.. when you will

  158. Reminds me of the physics in medieval engineers wounder if there is any

  159. Phly why are you destroying my Hometown :(

  160. frostbite engine

  161. HE has a use for once lol

  162. Ostwind:))

  163. Oskar Andreas Berg

    Can u drive through the buildings too?

  164. Is I out now

  165. Is It out now

  166. Too bad it looks ugly and uses Gimpworks

  167. the panzerwerfer has t fighter Rocket Sound

  168. Jesus Garcia Lopez

    this go affect fps?

  169. Balázs Szabolcs Nyiri

    It’s good to see this in war thunder but its so unrealistic. You shoot the
    building some parts fall off and it stays, but after it thinks that I
    should fall and it does, and the second thing is building parts just fall
    through each other like ghosts same with trees they just sink into the
    ground. I think they should disappear when you don’t look at them it would
    be much much better.

  170. battlefinder (battlef1nder)


  171. Oh My Gosh… cue music, I knew that was coming… perfect intro, lol.

  172. phily! i will buy one primiom plane. german tempest or dora 13. what will
    you recomand to me?
    ps. i am rb user

  173. just imagine being pinned down by a squad of KV-2’s and they’ll just fire
    on the buildings and block you off :3

  174. Sander Berge Telnes

    some men just wanna ser the world burn

  175. Christian Wolf (TheEpixCrafter)

    R.I.P my grahphics card.

  176. Pedro Rodrigues (pedrocas12345)

    i wish this update 1.53 don`t make much lag

  177. Can we also drive trough those houses?

  178. NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    okay… now they just need to add like 15 times more dust so its more like
    real thing hihi

  179. Pls try kamikaze destructible inviroment pls.

  180. Gaijin we want Dagor Engine 4 to be downloadable

  181. 10:11
    I like trains

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