War Thunder 1.53 – Firestorm

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Source: The Mighty

IÙve put up with a lot of crap from Thunder over the years, but it’s possible that with 1.53, while I’m not going to forgive them for everything, I might forgive them enough to let them come round to my place and sleep with my sister.

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System Specs: Core i7 20-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Three views, aww yeah :D

  2. A jingles at video? What is this 2014? Jk

  3. 1 minute,69 views

  4. Thank you Jingles just in time for my afternoon crap!

  5. It’s that bloody plane game again.

  6. 1.53 premium patch… meh

  7. SPARTAN Ravindra-919

    It took me 11 HOURS for me to download 1.53

  8. Yeah, another slide show… : /

  9. 90th

  10. *sees jingles video. Drops everything to watch right away* :).

  11. Damn I’m early. Well, time to comment first even though I wasn’t and bitch
    about it.

  12. Hello Jingles.

  13. I think when this patch updated so did the community, its more fucking
    toxic than ever.

  14. A word of caution to people about WT’s current state:
    Bombers can crash and horde exp.
    Best wait for a while until they fix that, otherwise I find it great.

  15. WTF 666 view.DEVILL!!! SATAN

  16. Can I just point out the irony in the half of the first “British” tanks to
    be added to War Thunder are actually U.S. designs? Gaijin is just too lazy
    to put in that many completely new tanks.

  17. PT-76 is not an APC, it’s a tank.

  18. 2 games i will never install again: war thunder and world of tanks.

  19. 2:15 the jet only has 1 wing :D

  20. THe PT-76 was not an APC. It was a light tank designed for European river
    crossings in order to establish bridge heads. THe best way to cross a
    river, take both sides at once.

  21. I thought they said it in the devblog that the pt-76 wont be amphibious at

  22. P38L is by far the best plane in it’s BR when spaded. Dive brakes, insane
    climbrate, decent guns, it has it all.

  23. Jingles! Thanks for the awesome gift for my birthday! I have been missing
    your WT content, and what a great time to post some again!


  24. may have to try this again since they fixed the graphic setting “exploit”

  25. PT-76 is a light tank, not an APC. It has no passenger compartment and all
    it carries is its crew of 3 (commander/gunner, driver, loader)

    There is, however, an amphibious APC built on the same chassis; BTR-50, but
    all it has as armament is a pintle-mounted 12.7mm DShK

  26. you have a sister?

  27. This game is unplayable for me after this fcking patch… screw it

  28. WOT can go suck its HAVOK dick!

  29. Sadly nothing good from this update works properly, and everything that is
    a bad idea works well. Wait, did Jingles just say “new visibility is a
    welcome mechanic”? What? Is this a WT video or WoT had a Firestorm update?

  30. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  31. “I might forgive them enough to let them come around to my place and sleep
    with my sister” WHAT??????

  32. So… British tanks get the actually rounds they actually used, yet the
    Russian IS’s and such get rounds that came in well after they were in

  33. War Thunder is (hopefully) back on track! Bring back the good old days,

    And implement commercial airliners for April Fools Day 2016, PLEASE.

  34. Jingles, the destructible buildings thingamajig is probably an immersion
    add-on. You target an enemy tank, fire at it, it either misses or bounces
    and hits the building behind the enemy tank, which collapses and it looks
    awesome! I think that’s mostly what they were going for. Imagine: You’re
    rolling through town and a fighter-bomber sets his sights on you. You
    desperately scramble for cover, the plane drops its bombs, explosions go
    off all around you and buildings start collapsing, adding to the chaos. I
    think it could be awesome for immersion :P

  35. So what has Gaijin been doing to paint over the cracks and shit that has
    become a very forgettable game? lets find out…………..Yeah not much
    changed then just the usual loads of broken content GG.

  36. Wish they would add some Swedish Airplanes in War Thunder really, the j29
    aka the Flying Barrel was probably the best jetplane of that era, easily
    beating mig 15s and the f86.


  37. Destructable terrain + ramming = suprise attacks!

  38. Double A Batteries

    I’ve heard a bit about the Hawker Hunter; I recall those jets took on
    Isreali Mirage IIIs but I can’t remember which conflict it was. (Jordanians
    vs Isrealies)

  39. Johann Thorsteinsson

    on the devblog for the pt-76 they stated that it would be amphibious at
    some point in the near future, just not yet

  40. Jingles. Did the ap penetration of bbs change? With the Kongo I had a game
    with 40 hits and only 31k dmg. Moreover I did only 1k dmg per shot to
    cruisers and got no citadel pen. in 3 games (about 60 hits on cruisers and
    yes most of it hit on side).
    I am looking forward your answer. and keep doing what you do, you do it
    great (:

  41. 28:55 Magztv fixes the same problem by changing his in game name, I have no
    idea how he does it but it seems like it shouldn’t be too hard.

  42. Not that impressed with this patch to be honest. Absolutely hate the
    markers in tank rb’s and still no enduring confrontation….sigh.

  43. I want the T29, T34, and T30

  44. 80 Euros, they are most certainly taking the piss with those prices.

  45. oh no! i’m so dead! there 3 enemy tank coming for me quick load HE fire
    down some ramdom building i bet those scrub have bad computer… (fire at
    the house 3 out of 3 enemy tank fps is dropping like fly ) me just herp a
    derp goes around them while they are lagging and plug their ass with my HE

  46. woooo 1.53 FireStorm and all the GuP skins are outdated…… gr8

  47. Yeah this is bringing me back, that draw distance exploit was the main
    thing that made me stop playing.

  48. Play Simulator, there are a fewer number of window lickers there.

  49. Just make another account and don’t tell people its name.

  50. Thanks War Thunder!couldnt play WT for 2 days and i realized that AFTER me
    and my friends wanted to play WT all together and now i cant…then update
    comes out today and i think yay 😀 but then…19hrs update time (im on ps4)

  51. You can kill Tiger II´s from the spawnpoint in testdrive with this rocket
    pershing. But the biggest issue is that you HAVE to buy the Calliope first
    to even able to get the T99 pershing. That is by far the dirtiest and
    cheekiest way of making money ive ever seen.

  52. Over 9GB patch?

    That’s…. over 9000MB!!!

  53. Jingles is so optimistic that the visibility changes will bring back
    players, for the grand total of around 10 minutes in RB tank battles
    because of the new spotting system that makes it Arcade 2.0. While I’m at
    it, Sim battles for tanks and planes are event-only, so you can only play
    what Gaijin says you can. Not to mention nerfed crews across the board
    (crews that previously had skills that were /100 and could be done up for
    free are now behind the new system, which means either spend GE to Ace them
    or grind out half a million xp so you won’t jam your guns as fast in AB as
    an example or to have a crew that can take some injury.)

    Yes, however, ULQ is fixed at the expense of sanity. You’ll have to forgive
    me for ranting but after months of bs from Gaijin, getting shot in the face
    because I was spotted behind a rock across the map while in cover in RB
    tank games due to a stupid marker that pops up I’m very much done with

    Oh and my Panther F that historically had a rangefinder needs it to be
    unlocked, oh joy…

  54. 5 more patches like this and maybe I regain my interest in this game :)

  55. Of course the most interesting, rocket vehicles that is are premiums.

  56. How to piss of 85 million people, jingles style!

  57. They added a lot of content, maybe i should come back… wait a second…
    it’s just “part” destructible… the new tanks are premium?… Oh war
    thunder, just stop it, before it stops u.

  58. Jingles, why not just go buy another account (or get Gaijin to give you a
    press account)? People aren’t going to stop mobbing you if they know who
    you are in-game. Lol.

  59. you gotta to pay for the brit tanks ?! are u fucking kidding me

  60. Anyone else notice the E-100 (15cm) at the end of the patch trailer?

  61. Hmm, rocket packs blow up if it takes HE damage…I wonder if that include
    ammo rack explosion of the tank parked next to it?

  62. Hi Jingles, totally understand how it’s not much fun getting ganked and at
    the risk of stating the obvious why not have an account not named Jingles?
    it should be possible to edit out the name for reviews etc?. Any way the
    price of fan must suck sometimes :). It was good to meet you at Tank Fest
    you probably won’t remember me your oldest sub. :)

  63. It’s a shame that the Hawker Hunter sucks in it’s current state in War

  64. Getsuga Tsunentaiga

    Massive dick sculptures? Oh Jingles, you so silly~

  65. I’ll just say this. Unless you have an ADM video card it might be
    fantastic. If you do have a AMD video card it is shit. The graphics are all
    washed out and even on movie settings they look like crap. I posted two
    videos that are just a couple of days apart and you can see the difference
    between the looks without adjusting any of the video settings. IMO it looks
    like a bad French impressionist painting with water colors.

  66. the hawker hunter is the leopard in the air that tank was used in Belgium
    until the binning of this year

  67. Wait, what’s War Thunder again?

  68. jingles you lied to me!!!! it’s 10.2 gb worth of data not 9!!! please don’t
    send me to the salt mines :(

  69. oh i do like that sarcasm / whit that you behold and throw upon us now and
    then . lol’d my socks off

  70. they said the pt 76 will hopefully get the ability later on.

  71. 21:00
    Ah so, that’s what we get here in World of.. Wait, what? :P

  72. they need to add the cruiser II with the 3.7 inch howitzer

  73. Argiris “RetroAmateur” Papadopoulos


  74. dat su-152 shot at the start 0.o

  75. you have a sister! ! What a giving brother you are

  76. Gotta loving crashing bombers
    Free 1000 xp everytime

  77. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    Yea, they added a bunch of stuff, but lets not forget to mention that
    Several russian tanks had buff’s to their ammo penetration that they sure
    as shit didn’t need and USA / Germans had Debuffs of up to 15% decrease in
    ammo penetration. Also a decrease in chances of ammo rack on all the Tank
    Destroyers from 122mm – 152mm… Lots of things they added make no sense
    this patch.

  78. You have a sister? :)

  79. So, there was this exploit everybody was complaining about and their fix is
    adjusting the render distances for different kinds of foliage? Could it be
    Gaijin is holding back such things to make sure people with low spec PCs
    can still run it?

  80. what is that song at the bigining?

  81. F***ing games, always making myths about good tank guns, which 17pdr never
    was, it was decent but not good.

  82. wtf are you doing with the premium vehicles WT?!? 80 euros?!?! fucking

  83. Ha haaaaa! Jingles, the rockets CAN knock out a maus, took about 100 of
    them, but i did it!

  84. Ugh. Arcade Battles? Why?!

  85. yay! no more ultra low graphics exploiting?

  86. Yay 9 hours of downloads

  87. Yes Yes yes Jingles and Warthunder “Re-united and it feels so good” lol

  88. There’s so much wrong in War Thunder GF, but still I prefer it because
    graphics and realism. Eventhou I play only arcade battles, I just like it
    being more realistic than WoT with it’s spotting mechanism and the HP
    system. I also like the WTs tech trees better, because less imaginary
    tanks. I don’t say WT isn’t with it’s faults (like recent BR changes which
    made BR 6.7 tank unplayable with putting post-war tanks against clearly
    underpowered WW2-tanks, planes in GF, that you really cannot watch older
    versions replays and so on). I ahven’t touched WoT for something like over
    half-year now, because I got enough of it from YT videos and I really want
    something a little bit better looking and realistic. I would really like to
    see more WT videos from you, because I really like your videos and how you
    make them and Iäm not that good player in WT.

  89. Ground Forces are completely fucked come this patch, I’ve just stopped
    playing them altogether.

  90. of course they make the first brittish tanks fucking premium just to make
    money of the hype bunch of russian money grabbing cunts

  91. just realised that jingles never asks his viewers to like or subscribe to
    him. one of the many reasons to like Jingles :)

  92. Would you make a War Thunder – How To Not Suck video? Also about basics in
    game, I’m confused about everyting in the garage, don’t know how the
    unlocking works, game wants me to play TDs, which I don’t like playing,
    before unlocking better HT and MT

  93. Does that mean they stop nerfing the german tanks? Im not getting my hopes
    up though. Next time I might see a tiger with 1.0 battle rating and a T34
    that can penetrate a maus in the frontal armor from a cross the map.

  94. jingles you fixed the fps issue! nice =)

  95. Personally I would not fight you if I was against you in war thunder,
    mainly that you are a much better pilot in this game than me. But I would
    be your friend and help you get those guys off your tail. :)

  96. Let the hate commence!

  97. 21:00
    “And that’s what you’be got here in World of Tanks”

  98. Jingles, you have a sister!!! Is she as funny as you are!? In bed?….

  99. 15:34 You did not just compare anything in War Thunder to some shit in
    World of Thanks… Omfg Jingles.. Would have expected you to know they are
    2 diffrent games…

  100. havent watched the video yet, but i hope they fixed the game biggest

    Russian UFOs and the fucking BR system.

  101. Sounds interesting, I may actually give this game another go.

  102. i am working on my update for 1.53 and i cant wait for it however i am the
    same way with warthunder i have put up with alot of shit and i hope this
    will fix all of my problems and i hope it will do the same for all of us

  103. P-38s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. The first British tanks being premium isn’t exactly a shock. You had to buy
    your way into the Ground forces closed beta, you had to buy your way into
    the American ground forces or wait as they unlocked the tiers one at a
    time. At least this way free players aren’t punished by being left behind,
    we all grind the tree together.

  105. Changes to visibility, new engine, destructible environments? “i should
    start playing WT again after all this time” (like 1 year)……40 Euros for
    1 tank? “ok, nevermind, you can just go back to fucking yourself gaijin.”

  106. In this patch, texture on tanks looks total ass … even on very high
    (looks really flat, grey and cartoonish, overall worse than previous, IMO).
    And they also screwed up zoom-in in sniper mode. And that stupid nVidia ass
    Wave tech doesn’t work on ATI gpus (well no shit, sherlock). So overall, it
    is 9GB of garbage.

  107. Derp moment in 21:02. “… and that’s what you got here in World of Tanks.”
    Jingles being Jingles.
    Still like your videos Jingles, keep at it.

  108. TBH im mixed with this patch, gaijin seems to sugar coat this patch alot,
    yeah it’s nice they added bunch of new vehicles, new engine and fix on the
    ULQ but there’s BS nerfs and buffs going on, german shells getting pent
    nerf while russia get buff, they decrease zoom range and the new crew skill

    Gaijin why you make it so frustrating :/

  109. Jingles, you actually can destroy the Maus with the rockets. I got a lucky
    shot on the front top. Which killed the coller and fuel tank, and the maus
    burned to death :D

  110. I’ll be back only when they’ll fix the battle rating system, graphics
    change nothing in gameplay compared to battle rating

  111. I guess I will have to fire up WT and take a look. I have mostly been
    playing AW, a lot. WoT and WT have been neglected pretty much. I like AW,
    but a lot of people say the HD tanks in WoT look better than the AW tanks
    and they are right. But some say that the HD tanks put the AW tanks to
    same. Well I am here to say nope, they are wrong. The tanks in WT put both
    games to shame. lol God I forgot how good the models look. I play on max
    settings both in planes and tanks in WT. I haven’t been playing much.

  112. Jingles,change your name in Warthunder and enjoy

  113. All these microtransactions… Where is our free Churchills and shit?

  114. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Jimgles “I play on movie quality that not many people…” I have i3-4170
    CPU + used Geforce 570 bought on eBay for 50 euros and I can play WT on
    movie quality in fullHD. Optimization is not bad at all in WT.

  115. e 100 is coming

  116. ShadoWolf Nightcores ™

    did anyone else pause on the kanon panzer hoping it was the e25?

  117. too bad that Israel kicked the crap out of this aircraft in the six day
    war, I think?

  118. Jingles re-watched full metal jacket, hence the description? (The sister
    thing 🙂 )

  119. Hey Vegeta… What’s the patch info page say about its megabytes?

  120. hi m8

    You looked at the changes to the crew skills yet?

  121. Good to see that Gaijin stick to their favorite strategy “If stuff is
    broken put a new paint on it they won’t notice” Thx jingles now I don’t
    need to bother with the new patch.

  122. Jingles, please do a section regarding bundles in Mingles with Jingles.
    Perhaps something will happen with them if enough people get informed on
    how badly the EU/SEA servers are milked compared to the RU one (WoWs).

  123. Finally!

  124. Jingles, the ultra low settings still takes away the grass, which is the
    main element that hides the tank, I mean half the tank is covered by grass
    so only 20-50% of the tank is only visible, BUT its a much much improvement
    over the last patch.

  125. Jingles… War Thunder… Excuse me while I channel George Takei. Oh my!

    They still didn’t fix the retarded tank BRs

  126. You can use it to open up attack angles for allied attack aircraft by
    lowering the effective height of the cover on their flanks, particularly if
    the primary approaches are covered by AA vehicles that lack an opening to
    engage aircraft coming in from the newly opened up approach.

  127. Well Jingles, it sucks that other players don’t allow you to play WT. SB is
    probably the only mode you can play, it’s a shame that it wont happen.
    Although if you could find someone experienced in SB, who would guide you
    through this mode , it would make a great series on your channel.

  128. 8:00 Bad jingles!
    Stop bombing germany with HE, especially the few things that you brits
    didn’t already bomb! xD

  129. I used to buy shit in war thunder but I gave up when I decided Gaijin are
    shitlords. I can wait for british tanks.

  130. I’d love to play it, but after the patch, I went from 60 fps in Air battles
    to 20-30 fps on the same settings. Even though Gaijin said that the
    requirements would not change. I even lowered alot of settings to try and
    fix it but I still get horrible frames. Ground forces has better frames,
    40-45 same as before the patch, but if I get in a plane in a GF battle, my
    FPS tanks and it gets really jittery.

  131. When I saw the Hawker Hunter I almost jizzed but then I remembered who the
    devs are…

  132. Actually Jingles, I managed to destroy Maus with rockets in Pershing. I
    shot it from the front and the ricochet penetrated ;3

  133. At least nobody has to build any dicks in London when they crush english
    buildings. They already have Big Ben

  134. Surely the practical value of a destructible environment is being able to
    remove cover?

  135. Regarding the building collapse mechanics: my question about it is this.
    Does a collapsing building damage or disable tanks that get hit by rubble?
    If so, then I can imagine all sorts of uses for it against opposing tanks
    and vehicles who might use that building for cover.

  136. If you want some Cruiser IV Skins, I’ve made a bunch 😉

  137. I don’t understand why people talk so much heavy shit about this game. If
    you don’t like it play something else, and if your just passionate about
    the game, why not give constructive criticism instead of just complaining
    like the developers owe you something for letting you play their free game.

  138. About a minute and a half in and it sounds like I’m quitting World of Tanks
    for good.

  139. yeah, nice adds, but the matchmaking is even more broken than before. They
    did not fixed it, they made it worse… And guess what, everyone is
    complaining about it… But they know their religion well, and knows how to
    properly ignore peoples… So yeah, sums it up for me.

  140. Niclas “Clefspeare13” Schwab

    So basically my computer will now be completely incapable of running this
    game. Këwl.

  141. You couldn´t wait to destroy german culture buildings and build dicks out
    of the parts left behind? Is there anything further you want to tell us
    about your love towards your german audience? The Reichstag and the Berlin
    Gate both are not to be associated with Nazis btw. They are common german
    cultural buildings.

  142. No voice?

  143. You know what I can buy with 80 Euros? Other games.

  144. Thanks for the video Jingles!
    Also lol at all the people in the comments telling you to change your name
    in WT. You’ve gone over that multiple times in the past on why you won’t do
    that! It’s like they’ve never seen your videos before.

  145. try changing your name like entak does 🙂 anyway nice video

  146. where I live dowload speeds were below 500kb/s (it had to be on gijin’s end
    my internet peaks out at 20mb/s) it even went down to 30 kb/s 8 hours later
    still not finished downloading

  147. They can upgrade the game as much as they like, but this game will still
    turn people off unless they start respecting their customers and stop
    selling their sick soviet vision of history.

  148. 5:28 – Hold on. is it just me or does the water in ultra low look better
    than that of high?? Bloody hell!

  149. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    Fix of the ULQ at one hand, dissapearing tanks on the other and biased
    visibility ratings. Yeah. Now just everybody is screwed. That is unless you
    play AB.

    That is just a top of the huge mountain of stuff.

  150. They keep ruined my favorite tank and they ruined the BRs. It’s gonna take
    a lot to get me back.

  151. IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!

  152. spawn camping still exist. not going to play it still. one thing i could
    not stand.

  153. Well fair enought, this patch seems amazing enoguht that mi may give war
    thunder another go, so i allow you to do this video… but the next one
    better be abotu the amazing space sim Infinity: Battlescape that is still
    launching it’s Kickstarter. Jingles you will love that game, go look it up
    allready i have been trying to tell you about it for two weeks now, hurry
    the kickstarter is only up for two more weeks^^

  154. I play on movie graphics and get 250fps average

  155. Max “German Knight” Hathaway

    they said it will be amphibious at a later date.

  156. what exploding environment does is lags people’s systems so much that they
    can’t play for 5-6 seconds, making it so you can make a clean getaway

  157. The PT76 isn’t an APC, it’s an amphibious and air portable light tank,
    intended to help the MTLBs which had no anti-armour capability in fighting
    armour until the MBTs could be shipped in.

  158. Hey Jingles! Why don’t you create a secret account on witch to play unseen

  159. wave works? ?? will it be ebola for amd gpus?? in usual gimpowrks fashion

  160. Jingles, Jingles, Jingles, you can not blow up german cultural buildings
    because they are geman, its stronk german engineering! C:

  161. jingles just change youre name and black your tag out when youre doing vids

  162. I’d love to feel comfortable playing this game, but I know I can’t given
    how many times Gaijin has said “people are still playing the game” as a
    conversation-ending retort to any criticism or complaint about a mechanic.
    I get especially mad when they straight up lie to use like we can’t do math.

    When they replaced the daily doubles with the booster system, they said to
    our faces, in plain text “this will actually be faster than the daily
    doubles”, and of course everyone’s progression slowed way down. I think
    there is a big difference between making changes to increase profitability
    (by selling boosters and introducing “roulette wheel” style interfaces to
    go after the gamblers), and making changes to increase profitability while
    simultaneously telling your fans that its for their benefit, not yours.

    Almost every time they’ve “fixed” a system, it was to make it harder. I
    remember when they said they were introducing “vehicle lines” so we
    “wouldn’t have to research vehicles they didn’t like”. But of course people
    got to top tier without premium too fast, so they introduced the 6 vehicle
    per tier requirement.

    I really hope they some day come to their senses, but until then I’ll have
    to sit this one out.

  163. AMD FX 6100 six core …. 16 gig ram …. windows 10 … Nvidia Geforce
    …… i play on max Settings with smooth 60 FPS ^^and my Pc setup is shit

  164. Yeah most of the soviet light tanks already in the game were actually
    semi-amphibious in real life, and should float.

  165. That patch is just too big. I never used the tanks, so all that memory was

  166. Too bad my schools Ethernet go max about 1mb/s

  167. PT 76 is a personel carrier? errm, let me check my tankopedia… deffo a
    light tank, the israelis modified it into a better light tank and the
    soviets modified it into the FROG – 2. it wasn’t a personel carrier

  168. PT-76 is a light tank, Jingles, not an IFV. You’re thinking of the BMP/BMD

  169. Rocket vehicles are prems because Gaijin doesn’t want everyone spamming
    rockets in maps. They’re intended to be fairly limited.

  170. Just stop the 6.7s fighting 8.0s and everything is awesome again!

  171. OMG need to update it now!!!

  172. Eh I wont be going back, War Blunder doesn’t have the Challenger 2

  173. Patch ruined tank Realistic Battles. Not even worth playing any more.
    Sights are basically gone and markers got “imported” from arcade. Devs
    intend to turn WarThunder into WoT 2.0. Idiocy.

  174. “about as amphibious as a brick” who else laughed their ass off of that

  175. i was about to download the 9g but he said the British tanks r gold only
    war thunder still in the dust bin

  176. it could be practical to bury enemy tanks in rubble if you were be unable
    to harm the vehicle in question with direct fire.

  177. also guys, stop killing jingles damn it. I want him to play war thunder. If
    hes on ur team, protect him like the motherfuking president. Ram the enemy
    planes that are coming if u have to, do whatever is necessary to protect

  178. FINALY thank you jingles

  179. i am downloading the patch with 800bytes per second wtf gaijin it says
    218days left that’s almost a year

  180. What’s the name of the music in the first minute ?

  181. A triple A game title for 40 euro, Jingles I think you’re behind the times
    a bit, you won’t get a triple A title for any less then 60 euro now a days

  182. 40e for Black Prince ?? This is World of Warships level of expensive !!
    What’s with those premium Tanks/Ships costing the same or more then whole
    AAA Games ??

  183. The crew skills are a mess, the graphics are ruined, the patch was huge.

    Waste of time.

  184. Nice vid Jingles, glad the TBD Devastator has been added. Glad to hear the
    graphics exploit has been fixed too. I play on ultra low, only because my
    pc can’t handle it otherwise.

  185. PT-76 was an amphibious light tank, not a APC. You are thinking of the BMP,
    which was considered as an “infantry fighting vehicle”

  186. I just realized, they lied about the PT-76, correct me if I’m wrong but
    that’s false advertising. That is literally illegal

  187. 8:40 XD

  188. i imagine the mighty jingles playing lol lol

  189. Can you PLEASE make video for War Thunder- how not to suck please please
    please :)

  190. Michael Glenister (xsvsolja)

    Aww yeeeah, time to beat the other game into the ground. But have explosion
    animations been fixed? Also there has always been an advantage to using
    minimum graphics settings in shooter type games, even my days of CoD4, it’s
    was all about the lowest possible settings

  191. lol Gaijin brought out the havok look alike before War Gaming…

  192. Anyone know how to lock the turret in place?

  193. WTF anyone get banned from last night i dont know what the fuck i did i was
    just flying around trying to dive boom crash into the ground SUCH FUCKING

  194. Joe “Frantish” Kdr

    Dornier 17z’s have bugs and overpriced BR.

    Destructible environments are a GREAT feature!
    If ET hiding behind building, destroy his hiding place.
    Conversely one can blow a hole in wall and use that as sniping point.
    I play a game where taking advantage of holes in buildings is advantageous.

  195. Umm… Actually Jingles…

    Jingles – PT-76 is a light tank, not an APC. Although almost the entire
    soviet Cold War line up of APCs and IFVs were amphibious as well.

  196. does this mean we get war thunder videos back at least once a week as it
    used to be with jingles playing the game himself and not others?

  197. to get the america premium m26 t99 that costs 6k gold eagles you must first
    unlock the sherman calliope which costs about 10k golden eagles. “nice!”

  198. can i still play with AMD GPU and CPU? i heard the new engine doesnt
    support AMD

  199. PanzerKommandant97

    it seems jingles didn’t notice the main reason why many people left…..
    The match making

  200. Jingles, you should just make fake usernames and change it so no one knows
    who you are

  201. Cash Grab! I repeat! Cash Grab!

  202. Hawker Hunter isn’t that good.

  203. i cant hear your voice mighty jingles

  204. yes you can knock the maus out i got lucky with it rocket though the top
    hull plate just in front of the turret strate in to the ammo rack lol but i
    used about 5 reloads on it though

  205. I dunno if anyone said this already, but Gaijin did say before that the
    PT-76 would not be amphibious at first, but it may come at a later date.

  206. No mention of the absolutely MASSIVE bomb nerf. 🙁
    And i´m not saying just bombers, all bombs as far as i can tell.
    Minimum 4.5 second fuse.
    Bombs now not only failing to do damage against light pillboxes and the odd
    ground vehicle, but also against ground bases, the kind that bombers need
    to kill to be of any use to the team.

  207. Sam “Flip” McKay

    Perhaps Gaijin could provide you with an account that changes its shown
    name every time you log on, not your username, but just the name shown in
    the team list and then you could get more enjoyment out of the game, Gaijin
    could get more free publicity, and we would see less time in the salt mines
    for the treacherous actions of those dogs chasing you. Win Win!! It is not
    hard to randomly generate a name is it?

  208. They nerfed the HELL out of my favorite jet, the F9F Panther. They need to
    drop its battle rating AND add the Cougar before unlocking the USN jets
    becomes completely pointless.

  209. Now if only the War Thunder launcher wasn’t so terribly slow. Probably
    gonna just have to re-download the game on steam to stop having to deal
    with it.

  210. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    JINGLES if you can play movie, you should go to costom and turn up all the

  211. Charles Craig-Bennett

    Jesus, I only had to play on ultra low because my laptop can’t take it :(

  212. Well I might come back to ground forces now they’ve fixed the graphics
    exploit…or i might wait until i can play British tanks for free ^^

  213. Im not sure what is going on with this patch, but whenever I try to
    download it through the launcher it kills my PC’s internet connection
    untill I restart my computer.

  214. Yeah fuck that shit. The game and the community in it are just as fucked up
    as it has been for a long time, if not far worse.

    So far today I have, all in RB, watched dozens of bombers suicide, one guy
    TK me and my whole team, and MM give the enemy team 4 extra players cause
    fuck balance. Oh and the whole time I was in american planes and every
    match was either a mixed battle, vs British or vs Soviets, cause we never
    fought any one else in WW2.

  215. Dam Jingles you’ve made me want to redownload now

  216. The only use I can see for the destructible enviroments is dropping rubble
    on a tank around a corner.

  217. why dont u get an pres acount from warthunder and change your name weekly ,
    if baronvongamez and phlydaily can do it why u not?

  218. Change your nickname


  220. i never knew anyone that left because of ULQ lmao, why is it such a big
    issues ?

  221. The youtube recognition thing you mentioned at the end that keeps you from
    playing is partly your fault, jingles, you have to understand that you are
    somewhat famous in the scene. One the one hand, you make a valid point it
    is very annoying, but on the other hand this could’ve been prevented by not
    showing your IGN on youtube. A simple blackbox over where your IGN appears
    in post editing could’ve prevented this But hey, it’s your decision in the

  222. That guy in the hunter replay who said HI YOUTUBE lolololol.

  223. I quit War Thunder due to the visibility exploit, and started playing World
    of Tanks. Since then, I’ve quit playing World of Tanks (various reasons as
    to why). Now with this War Thunder patch… I might actually play that
    again for a while.

  224. This is a welcome change of pace Jingles. I hope you can look past all the
    players who are targeting you and make War Thunder videos again. Keep up
    the good work!

  225. Great, now there will be all kinds of idiots just going into ground forces
    to shoot up the maps instead of fighting the enemy team. Then again I’ll
    probably do it a few times too.
    Can’t wait to try that new british jet though.

  226. Gaijin did state that the amphibious-ness of the pt76 would possibly be
    implemented in a coming patch.

  227. The practical value of the destruction of buildings is immersion. When
    somebody misses an enemy tank with HE and hits a building they are reminded
    that they really are shooting high explosive tank ammunition. No more “i
    hit the building but i know it’s just a painted, indestructable wall. In a
    game that wants to specialise in more realistic combat than the
    competitors, that is a “realism” gain.

  228. Please make more war thunder content, jingles

  229. Jingles I just want to apologise on behalf of all the childish people that
    bug you in games. It really sucks that you can’t just enjoy the game,
    especially because it’s your own fans preventing you.

  230. NOW we can shoot threw buildings and hit the enemy???
    cause damage?? Piss off the person on the other side???

  231. Putting Gold tank first it’s the same way that World of Tanks does it with
    new lines as well.

  232. You forgot to mention the 3D markers they added to RB ground forces.

    Which kinda negates the whole purpose of fixing the ULQ issue.

  233. Not to rain on your parade jingles, but the Hawker Hunter presents a large
    problem. Without the Hawker Hunter mig-15bis pilots were getting pounced on
    repeatedly by f-25 and f-2 sabres and with the hawker hunter, which
    outperforms any aircraft in the game, well you should be able to see the

  234. More KV-2 DERP pls

  235. you may not like the game play but everyone must agree the models look
    fucking amazing!

  236. Ray Maelstrom Archdrake

    You know.. im scared with the introduction of british tanks, I mean I love
    them but gijns match making is… iffy…. I mean… I can see centurions
    VS Tiger 1s ._. and that is by no means fun or fair

  237. THe PT-76 is a light tank, not an APC. It is a shame that it’s not
    amphibious though.

  238. Yay! You’re back (I hope) :)

  239. damn jings, wish you could come back to WT. Change your name and come back!
    I understand. No worries brew.

  240. Lets start reviewing of review
    1 you have 17 GE less than me and i hate to speak with poor people, that is
    why i am usually silent during shaving
    2 you can destroy building over tank when you know tank is there aiming and
    waiting for you but you cant shoot at him behind pile of rubles
    3 rockets can be used when you are reloading gun or if your loader is dead
    and it takes time to reload main gun.
    4 You didnt cover soviet “b 17” with BR 4.0, way OP comparing to B-17
    5 amfibius tank is NOT APC and Gaijin said it will float soon ™ but it has
    retardedly high BR even now for paper tank
    6 Hawker hunter is paper plane, dont like Gs (i dont mean G spot we all
    love them, i mean G forces.)
    7 you did cover calliope well, paper tank, desperate to kill tigers so
    tommys fit big gun on sherman medium tank
    8 76mm is not always same 76mm on that kv-1 you killed is way weaker than
    yours on black prince, check shell speed. Some low caliber guns are in high
    tier because caliber is not all that counts.
    9 i have 2 accounts (dont know why) can give you one to hide in WT, if you
    dont make videos from it you should be fine and nowbody will notice it is
    you, just play game you like to play.

  241. the stronger war thunder is the more wot and armoured WF have to fight

  242. So basically, it’s a huge patch that looks awesome on paper, but when you
    actually dig into it, it’s actually a bunch of fluff & bullshit. Sounds
    like Gaijin & Wargaming have traded rulebooks.

  243. close range rockets are also good for concealment, shoot close to you
    position and bugger off.

  244. Loaded the game after the patch with my usual graphic settings, and I lost
    ten frames a second. PC Master Race ftw.

  245. Well to be honest I don’t want the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag and the
    Kölner Dom to be destructible.

  246. So AW is coming and there’s a new WT patch coming that will take players? I
    see sad days coming for WoT…

  247. dragonkingofthestars

    Would the rockets work best in a platoon? one tank acting as a spotter for
    the other one over skype?

  248. Not even going to bother with it…WT is becomeing more PTW with every
    patch…”Bitch more its still free” Yah well it should STAY free… and it

  249. I love your warthunder videos, would it be possible if you could do more? I
    would love that????

  250. My biggest gripe against Gaijin this patch is the crew skills. One skill
    upgrade? 10 points. The one after that. 150. What the hell Gaijin? Oh yea.
    They also need to put the T-34-100 from 6.3 to 6.7. Tired of my Tiger 1H
    seeing nothing but 1/3 of the other team in those fuckers.

  251. I was hoping jingles would say something about the e-100 ?

  252. Soo I just spent the entire day loading this patch because of all the disk
    writing / reading errors. Gee thx warthunder

  253. 2 months ago, I spent an entire game protecting the overlord… I’m pretty
    sure it’s one of the last games he played without running to the boarder of
    the map and winning the game but getting rid of the enemy players… he
    actually few around shooting down targets and successfully executing
    jingles landings!

    we protected the overlord at all costs!!!
    and we won!

  254. Thanks for the update Jingles. Always a joy. Love the comments like “invite
    them to my house to sleep with my sister” and the like. You continue to be
    a joy to watch and listen to. Please keep up the hard work because we all
    enjoy it.

  255. lol jingles your probably gonna get alot of negative feedback from what you
    said about blowing up German landmarks and making dicks with the ruble! xD
    made me laugh

  256. 9gb patch? bye war thunder…

  257. Boys and girls! So far the winner scores in the fight of best Tank games
    War thunder: 8.1
    World of Tanks: 4.0
    Armored warfare: We do not know what the fuck they are doing….

  258. i love stuff like this on y internet its take over 6 hours to download 6
    gigs of it so i have et to pla this update

  259. The destructible environments could make hidden location for tanks, where
    you can ambush from in a house and relive old war films of tanks driving
    through building.

  260. You know you could just try changing your in-game name every couple of days
    or so if you don’t want people chasing you around. Granted it doesn’t
    always WORK for the entire duration of a couple of days, but it’ll at least
    allow you to enjoy a couple of games without getting swarmed.

  261. a use for destructible buildings could be improvised smoke screen

  262. Well I guess fame is not always a good thing Jingles.They know you, they
    hunt you. The consequence of popularity :D

  263. I seen a german rocket half track basically doing his own artillery
    barrages with his rockets and it was very effective

  264. (warning sarcastic comment incoming) Well Damn it Jingles stop being so
    popular and enticing these idiots to come shoot you down just cuz you’re a
    Youtuber geez.

    But seriously those of us that like you’re channel watch it not just for
    the War Thunder or WoT or even the Armored Warfare (which is so much better
    than WoT impo) but we enjoy watching you cuz you are funny and always bring
    a smile to our faces and that Damn laugh of yours is so freaking contagious
    it’s hard not to come away from your videos with out smiling (usually)
    so Please keep up the good work and hopefully the idiots will at some point
    in time leave you alone and let you have fun with out the douche baggery
    (yes I know it’s not a word). Have a good one and see ya round the galaxy.

  265. Too little too late.

  266. Jingles, I really enjoy the way you explain things. I have had so much fun
    with the museum videos. A heartfelt thank you for what you bring to all of
    us in the salt mine. Thank you also for the remembrance stories, could you
    make them a regular feature please!!!!! Your Mate, Sprog1 in AZ.

  267. alright, you were a sailor right? so i’m a marine. time to go to the
    Listen tf up. Everyone gets tailed to the edge of the map by noobs
    desperate for kills in WT don’t take it so damn personally!
    Granted you get called out but i do believe your sense of being singled out
    is inflated

  268. Jingles do you have shingles?

  269. They are definitely going to have to add the mig-17 and maybe the super
    saber, the hunter is just too fast.

  270. Oh hey, it’s our old friend the PT-76. I forget, is it amphibious in
    Armored Warfare either?

  271. Nice gaishit where are the argentinians flags???

  272. More war Thunder ?

  273. Correct me if I’m wrong, is that the Kanonenjagdpanzer at 1:49?

  274. i pray for the day jingles comes back to war thunder

  275. So to sum up patch 1.53……One step forward two steps back.

  276. So… those “low” quality graphics… still make it stupid easy to spot a
    tank that should in theory be completely hidden! I play on high when I play
    which means I’m still forced to choose graphics that look lovely… or the
    chance at a first shot. I’m also highly dissapointed in the number of
    premium tanks, if I could earn those tanks with RP and lions that would be

  277. I really like this patch so far. Perfect no but I really like it. WOT is bs
    that I uninstalled. This patch has got me excited about playing tanks
    again. Which WOT didn’t. Armed warfare is OK

  278. Actually Jingles. Its the PT-76 Soviet LIGHT tanks, its not a APC.

  279. yea more jingles action :)

  280. It’s taken me almost 2 days to fucking download it…

    Fucking Gaijin… Y u do this?

  281. Matt “Rocketman” Schmelzer

    One way that destruction could be practical is to blow away cover for other
    enemy tanks.

  282. 12:30 Except Gaijin made it so ammo rack explosions are much much rarer in
    this patch.
    28:10 Assuming that you have a press account, just use GE to change your
    name. Presto, no more people going after you like mad dogs.

  283. Edit: Saved my orignal comment… once a fool, always a fool. Yup. Jingles
    is correct… Battle rating is *not* the same as tier, Seb! *facepalm*
    14:15 Battle rating 6? Really, Jingles? Yup, long time since you played WT
    I see 😛
    (Yep I know.. it’s 6 in WoT :D)
    That aside… I may have another go at WT given much good feedback. But
    I’ll probably have to shower afterwards.

  284. Some maps have cul de sacs where one tank is backed in and shoots anything
    coming around the corner, and everybody knows he is there.

    Kelly’s Heroes anybody? Drill through the building to get at him. If the
    debris doesnt create a pile that makes an even thicker wall around him.

  285. Did they remove (or *FIX*) the Air Domination mode yet?

  286. Jingle, you know the solution to your warthunder problem dont
    you?……grow a moustache and go play sim battle!
    I cant wait to see you commenting your OWN warthunder sim battles!

  287. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Jingles could just pay to have his name changed in WT. And censor it out in

  288. Yes thank you Gaijin; I will now reassess your product as to whether it is
    now a functioning game. Hashtag about fucking time what the hell were you

    I’m tentatively returning from a 10 month Hiatus. I hope you have your shit
    together this time. Rules must be constant. That’s rookie 101
    how-to-make-game for christ’s sake. Hope whoever was responsible was
    scalped, skinned, drawn and quartered.

    I’m still slightly bewildered as to how long it has taken.

  289. My first thumbs down for you, for that comment at 8:45. The present
    population of Germany is not guilty for what natzis did in 1940.

  290. hang on Jingles, What Sister ??? lol

  291. 21:00 wait…. Wut.. Lol

  292. Jingles! Today is my birthday. Can you buy me some Golden Eagles or Gold

  293. now im simply curious why the hell that pilots lose control even in
    ARCADE… why?

  294. That day the IS-7 is introduced in War Thunder, I will be applauding with
    my buttocks!
    Fingers crossed.
    Great video Jingles! Many thanks.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  295. I have spent the last few hours just reading the forums for war thunder and
    there is so much hate for this patch, i have noticed a theme as well that
    being that no youtubers i have seen anyway are calling Gajin out on the
    crap that goes on with this game, being that certain German and US ammo was
    nerfed and certain Russian ammo was buffed this patch, not only that the
    separate ammo charges now detonate less then they use to which is the main
    benefit to the Russians, also the T-34 can no longer be set on fire from
    oil tank hits i believe that’s what it said anyway.

  296. Jingles stahp it, the PT-76 is a light amphibious tank not an APC, it can’t
    carry armed soldiers in it’s interior.

  297. “you’re gonna have to be the judge of that” (regarding the price of the
    Black Prince) is a byword for “no”, am I right ?

  298. u have a sister? ;)

  299. update 1.53 LETS REMOVE DOGFIGHTING gg

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