War Thunder 1.53 – PT-76, BM-8-24 and Pe-8 w/ 5000 kilo bomb!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thunder New Tanks & Planes – !
War Thunder PT-76, & Pe-8 00 kilo bomber!

Thanks for watching!


  1. First comment, YAY!

  2. I guess ill take third

  3. What do you wanna see next on the dev server? What plane and tank are your
    US Tanks: https://youtu.be/Nxo5zv2X3jc
    1.53 Overview: https://youtu.be/WzXMu4_wM2M
    Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/BaronVonGamez I tweet when the
    dev server is open.

  4. i dont get it when im flying planes i get 120 fps on tanks i get 30 its
    fuck up

  5. Baron they are adding the E-100 to war thunder!

  6. Comment what you think the U.S. And Russia will get to counter the hunter.

  7. Baron, you must play the jadgpanther 4 5, maybe you could also make a video
    about the hawker hunter just like Phyl?

  8. Baron plz do b17 vs rammers they don’t stand a chance against u

  9. R.I.P squad battles, the first tier 4 with heatfs, good job war thunder,
    the game is now completely fucked

  10. The PT stands for Plavajusjtjij Tank (spelling may not be top notch) 76 is
    the caliber of the gun, 76mm

  11. you mean reptilian tanks. (sorry I just had to)

  12. the first tank is a slap of green meat with a cannon on it. seriously that
    thing is as flat as miley cyrus ass

  13. Plz tiger2

  14. Jagdpanzer 4-5 next plz!

  15. Amphibious tanks are all paper thin, they’re gonna rely entirely on stealth
    and mobility to stay alive.

  16. Where are the British tanks

  17. A guy who Likes tanks

    I wish I could get on the test server :(


  19. juan david uran acevedo

    how do u join the dev server?

  20. epileptic_squid_on_lsd

    Now that we have the PE-8 we need the Beriev MBR-2. Look it up if you don’t
    know what it is.

  21. I would want to see specialized tanks, like the tanks with the bulldozers
    on the front, or mine flails, or trench filling tanks/ bridge laying tanks

  22. i think they should add as many tanks as they can. they should also add
    different types of gun for tanks so your tank is not the same as every
    other tanks

  23. play jadgpanther 4-5 plz

  24. +BaronVonGamez Do the british tanks :P

  25. So, if they are adding the inaccuracy of bombs to the game, I hope they
    then remove the “x amount of ground vehicles” killed requirement on bomber
    skins and decals. Otherwise they are literally then forcing bombers to
    ground hug.

  26. The ‘PT’ in the PT-76’s name stands for it’s full name, Swimming Tank-76
    or, Plavayushchiy Tank, (Плавающий Танк) (ПТ-76). While the ’76’ is denoted
    to it’s main armament, the 76mm D-56T.

    (Thanks Wikipedia!)

  27. Baron’s favorite word,”tits”

  28. Charles “The Hammer” Martel

    this game is so awful now.

  29. son of an ass XDD
    Son if a tit XD

  30. how much exp will the bt-76 take to unlock?

  31. baby pershing would be kul

  32. NO NO NO these vehicles don’t belong here. When I’m out with my tiger H1 I
    should meet shermans, t34s, sus NOT 50 60 stuff. I don’t care it has paper
    thin armor. It’s totally ruining character of the game. If they want add
    these vehicles they should add seperate post war tech tree and let it be
    Tier 1 there.

  33. I want amphibious tanks

  34. King tiger

  35. Such a nice community.

    they get a 5ton (10k lb)bomb and the lancaster doesnt get neither the grand
    slam nor
    the dambuster bombs? (or other 22k to 8k lb ordnance)
    -blockbusters, 3 types: 4000lb (currently ingame, as the “cookie”) or
    8000lb or 12000lb

    fuck it thoroughly.

  37. Polish Tank 76 cause we polish make the best tanks :D

  38. Those people got doc hard

  39. Le_Princess_MoonButt

    a lot of there vehicles are already in Armored warfare lol

  40. Do the Germany’s new t5 :D

  41. They should add New Zealand’s “Bob Semple” as a British premium reserve
    I want to feel all the failure.

  42. it would be cool to do big events like the d day. but i know i cant take
    part cuze i dont think my computer could handle it


  44. 8:28 Soon TM

  45. Nice baron

  46. pls play rb ;~;

  47. No, spend the time on things. not amphibious tanks

  48. I want to see ships soon I’d love to be in the battle of midway as a

  49. if war thunder end up coming out Abrams……


  51. the new 109’s

  52. Baron you sound really high when you talk about your different modes.

  53. Amphibious and deep water fording is not the same thing Baron. And FYI, the
    Maus required a second Maus to power the one that would be deep water
    fording, so it would not be possible to implement. Otherwise amphibious
    tanks (they float above the water) would be amazing to have in War Thunder.
    Pelieliu would be so much fun with all amphib vehicles

  54. Christopher Merola

    Christ, that’s over 11000 pounds of explosives in that 5000 kg bomb. That’s
    a Tallboy, for all intents and purposes.

    The British used those to take out battleships, if that helps put it into

  55. So when does the US get Nukes for the B-29?

  56. Aren’t there already events? But it tends that everyone is going to choose
    the stronger side leading no games, because the majority of the players are
    queuing up for the strongest side.

  57. Can you do all the new P38’s?

  58. PT stands for Plavauchii Tank – Swimming Tank. It is supposed to be an
    amphibious vehicle able to cross rivers and other water elements

  59. CB idea 1 BM-8-24 vs tier 1

  60. The need the LVT A and LVT A-4

  61. Yes 5000kg we r one step closer to nuke

  62. I want them to put the D-day amphibious sherman in war thunder!!!!

  63. How is WT’s PT-76 compared to its Armored Warfare counterpart?

  64. PT-76 Stands for “Infantry Transporter – 76mm”

  65. that would be interesting to see tanks fighting in the water and on land

  66. Please stop with saying “tits” for everything my spine almost snapped I
    half from the cringe.

  67. Love to see Range Finder feature on M103 or Panther II

  68. TL;DR: He misses all his bombs, except for one poor AI.

  69. plz baron i want to know if it is worth reseaching the new tier v td for

  70. War thunder+heroes and generals+world of warships=OH MY GOD 100/10!

  71. gib BMP-1

  72. I can get in to the devserver itnsayes thenim not syinked

  73. oh god dont bring up mario that bring up some very repressed memorys i see
    it now oh god that experience just destroyed mario for me entirly and for
    ur safety i wont tell u what its called im so glad they cut it anyone who
    watched it is scarred for life never again will i play mario EVER im so sad
    for the ones who played it they went to the end and after that they said we
    r now broken men and i dont blame them i dont not at all

  74. a7m

  75. WT is going full AW. Since they’ve made rocket work, might as well consider
    adding ATGM. Farewell WoT WT, you won’t be missed.

    -A random WoT player

  76. Wow Warthunder becomes better…

  77. I’m no son of a tit :(

  78. I’m no son of a tit :(

  79. I’m no son of a tit

  80. I wana see the new colgne map!

  81. they add more and more and more tanks and don’t really change the RP
    gain… its like if they want us to grind 100s of hours to get 1-2 tiers up

  82. They might as well add the Abrams and Sturmtiger at this point. Everything
    can kill everything do why play the tiger or KV-1 if armor doesnt matter

  83. Will the British get that massive bomb that capsized the Tirpitz?

  84. The bomb could not of done the damage as it should cause it was the spawn.

  85. Christoper Toh Jun Wei


  86. cool level four cool tenk

  87. burritos is a giant bastard

  88. Did they fix the matchmaking where 9/10 times I go against tier “7.7” (in
    the past was 8.0) with my 6.7 Panther G and Tiger 2? I stopped playing just
    because I got tired to be the practice dummy for IS-3, 4M and 10M. Gayjin

  89. take the hawker hunter out!

  90. show off the new Donier with 7 turrets

  91. 5000 kg bomb headshot and no effect LoL. This is why I dont play War
    Thunder anymore.

  92. But if the amphibious tanks are added, maps like poland where water acts
    like boundaries will be used by the amphibious tanks to camp or hide
    because no one can reach them

  93. Where u from ?

  94. Κωστας Μπαλασκας

    play world of tanks


    You made my day xDD

  96. It is clear that P.T stands for my name … just kiding..

  97. dont wish for change baron at least not from gaijin belive me i played
    other gaijin games and change does not mean good things they are masters of
    destruction when it comes to dlc/patch things

  98. you can go inside the buildings!!!!!!!

  99. plz play berlin i wanna see destruction enviroment in action!!

  100. hey Baron maybe they will add the amphibious logic to certain tanks when
    they release ships
    my theory though

  101. next pe-8

  102. the map looks awesome =O

  103. PT is “plavayushiy tank” – swiming tank
    BM is “boevaya mashina” – combat vehicle
    Pe stands for “Petlyakov”, second name of the chief designer/constructor of
    the plane.

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