War Thunder 1.53 – PT-76 Russian Amphibious Tank! (DevBlog)

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Source: PhlyDaily

War 1.53 – PT-76 Russian Tank! (DevBlog)

War Dev- PT-76 – https://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/825


  1. lol this tank is in Wargame so are we getting towards Leo 2A6?

  2. This tank looks nice

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. I wonder how the turret rotation will be with those two barrels on the back

  5. When is all this bullshit comming out?

  6. Cant wait to destroy them…. All of them!! 😀 :D

  7. you should take out the T-95 DOOM TURTLE again that was funny shit

  8. Fuck gaijin, let a good ‘ol American company buy the game and fix it.

  9. u noticed now bout the pt76? lol it’s a news from a month ago still nice
    video tho

  10. Inb4 the PT76 bounces L7 APDS due to “extreme hull angling” despites its
    12~15mm armor. Also, it’s BR is 5.7. Tigers, Panthers, and Jumbos rejoice.

  11. Awesome video again phly! And what i think about the PT-76 is similar to
    what you had mentioned, althought, id love to use it, especially once they
    add the amphibious capabilities, as i think it will be good for having a
    unsuspected flanking route…
    It seems like a tank you have to be carefull with, and definetly not too
    brave with.
    Anyway, awesome vid, and off topic here, could i ask if you could perhaps
    fly out the F4U-1a or any corsair for that matter? I havent seen any of
    your vids where you have flown it, and im near done researching mine and
    would like to see you try it 😀
    Keep up the good work man!

  12. Kristian čolak-barać

    U r funny I lk you

  13. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy


  14. boat tank !!

  15. I am not sure why they are introducing this tank to the game. There is so
    much more that they could add. *cough* Japanese & British tanks. Regardless
    very informative video thanks for the insight.

  16. the game would be 10x better if the pz3 had a lower br

  17. if they ever add the US MBT70 with the longer barrel 152mm gun launcher
    then maybe I’ll come back to warthunder


  19. 2 tanks are comming to the coast 1 was destroxed and so they have 1 tank
    form the complete beache
    sry for bad englisch :D

  20. at this phase we will see Leopard 2, T-90, and Abrams, in 2 Years! Kappa

  21. PT 76 the russian leopard ?

  22. +phlydaily I swear war thunder has lost it…

  23. Does this mean the DD Sherman will be added? Lol.


  25. Maybe a setup for naval battles? Kind of like the airplanes in tank battles
    you could switch to tanks and take a land objective?

  26. their is a pt-85 what about that

  27. if they add the M113 FSV I’ll probably kill someone

  28. That’s funny, I never realized that people named key points on Poland off
    of Hobbiton from LoTR

  29. german submarine tank ?!

  30. mr tets finally made a video on this, I think gaijin will put it out and
    then forget about floating it for 2 years

  31. LST Consumable?!

  32. Well at least this confirms most of the Japanese tank tree

  33. if it can float in water…it can drive out to the sea on Jungle map and
    fuck tanks ut from the sea :P

  34. Are you ever going to play some wt planes? I’ve seen enough tanks and
    boats. Thank you

  35. I can imagine the new custom battles: war thunder tan- BOATS?

  36. The PT-76 is ‘Legendary’.. really? You can tell it is a Russian company who
    does the game. In the real world armour piercing 50 cal will kill BMP-1s
    and BMP-2s and almost certainly the PT-76. Most of the American DD
    (amphibious) Sherman tanks sank as they launched them too far from shore.
    The British launched them closer to the shore, and a lot more (certainly
    not all) made it ashore.

  37. Amphibious tanks would be amazing! I hope they implement more crazy stuff
    like that!

  38. OK, so WTF is the point of this tank if they are not going to give it the
    ability to be amphibious? I mean really the only thing it has going for it
    is this fact, they are labeling it as “an amphibious tank”… but (say
    what), it wont be amphibious to start with? What a retarded idea!

    FYI – yes a landing craft is called an LST, I know because my sorry ass was
    assigned to several of these in my days of service…;(

  39. This thing is actually going to be so bad lol

  40. Sorry Germany? First Tiger tanks were able to dive 4,5m deep for 2h…but
    of course THAT wont be added.

  41. 9.00 lol ..American engenieering! xD

  42. More than 10% of the tanks on dday made the shore it was only the Americans
    that suffered heavy losses of the floating tanks because they released them
    at 3miles out instead of 1 mile out with tragic results.

  43. Just wait until we get M113’s and LAV’s. And Japanese tanks, even though
    the only good one is probably the ha-go.

  44. ……really? Okay lets get started. First of all amphibious? War thunder i
    nearly did a backflip in my M41 over a trench. I saw a Tiger 2H flip onto
    its side from a small stone fence. Since the mini patch that came out, im
    now fighting T10Ms M103s and such in my King Tiger line up but somehow i
    never get those matches in my IS-2 1944. Needless to say i can not
    penetrate a T10M unless im extremely lucky. Even a side shot isnt guanteed
    because of the broken bounce mechanics that only seem to affect Russian
    tanks. For example, a T34-85 on flat ground (Poland road) bounced 2 King
    Tiger rounds. Also phly dont get your hopes up on “dynamic” amphibious
    warfare. Remember Finland ice being “dynamic”? The only danger on that ice
    field is getting stuck between the ice plates. Fast firing heat rounds?
    Okay R.I.P. panther front armor. Because IS-2s can pen a panther 100mm
    sliped armor but 88 kwk cant pen a 45mm T34. So in conclusion fix your
    biased game Gaijin before you add even more op russian tanks from the

  45. If pt 76 going to be amphibious, give the maus the snorkel.

  46. Planes…??

  47. Afaik only two of the swimming Shermans made it to the beach out of nearly
    100. Mostly because the testing for them was done on calm, even waters, not
    on the english canal with all the waves and stuff.

  48. Something tells me that thing is still going to bounce an 88

  49. this addition doesnt make any sense to me.. They cant even balance out
    tanks we have atm and they still keep adding new ones..

  50. phly why youre not talking about new br changes for top tier tanks ?

  51. Ok now, THIS I like

    … yet still I won’t play WT that much without improvement on other

  52. They need to fix the bugs, the MMing, and the BR in ground forces before
    they do ships and they really need to fix the damage models before they add
    any more damned tanks!

    In just the past week I’ve killed multiple invisible tanks, killed players
    that never showed up on my radar despite them being clearly in my line of
    sight (one of which was less than 30 feet away) and despite their saying
    MMing limits to a 1.0 BR spread I’m still seeing plenty of matches where
    1.5 higher rated tanks are somehow getting in to supposedly low tier games
    with predictable results.

    Finally the damage model on a lot of Soviet (surprise surprise) tanks is a
    really bad joke, I can post videos here of a tier 2 German 76mm bouncing 8
    fricking shots from point blank range on a T126 while the T126 doesn’t
    bounce a thing despite firing every round on the move while the 76mm is
    completely stationary (I’m sure anybody that knows basic physics will tell
    you a 76mm isn’t gonna bounce at point blank ranges, its gonna have too
    much velocity that close so the penetration value would be insane) and
    another video where I took out the T35 which is as flat nosed as they come
    yet ended up taking out 9 tanks while getting pounded on by no less than 7
    tanks at the same time, we’re talking 20mm autocannon, 37mm,45mm, even an
    arty right into the engine deck and not only does the tank not get knocked
    out but its still able to fire! Anybody wanna guess which tank the prez of
    Gaijin said was his favorite?

    They need to worry about fixing their issues instead of just constantly
    adding shit as IMHO the GF playerbase is dying, all the big YouTubers have
    left because of BS like the low graphics mode cheat, wait times for the
    higher tiers is getting longer and longer as more players get tired of
    being sealclubbed by tanks that are simply too heavily armored for anything
    in their line up to stop and just bail, even on the air side I’m seeing
    longer and longer waits which tells me they are bleeding players. The way
    to fix this is NOT adding vehicles but to fix the BR system by adding a
    couple tiers or lowering the spread, removing the low graphics cheat, and
    by fixing their glitches and damage models so that vehicles and rounds
    behave like they should.

    The fact that their “answer” to their issues is to use moderators (that
    frankly come off more like trolls) to squash any and all discussion and
    just pile more shit into the game? Really doesn’t give me a lot of hope for
    the future of WT, and this is coming from somebody that has spent plenty of
    $$ buying premium time and vehicles to support the game.

  53. ZombieKiller393 Gaming!

    please take the he112 A-0 because you will snipe pilots like no tomorrow

  54. Quite excited about this one. I think it will have to be played in a very
    specific role, pure flanking. Machineguns will really be a problem, but if
    played right its mobility and powerful gun could make short work of its

    EDIT: Some German shells (most of them) have a fuse distance of 25-28mm, so
    this should bring some interesting results.

  55. War Thunder ain’t gonna live very long with the bad choices Gajins been

  56. Because thats what we need…..more russain tanks…..

  57. M551 sheridan tank next?

  58. Phly don’t forget about the Japanese amphibious tanks ;)

  59. I think it was made for sr

  60. you forgot to talk about the japanese floating tanks…
    Japan had A LOT of those kind of tanks. They were adaptations of regular
    tanks. There was the Ka-Mi, the Ka-Chi and many others.
    I think all japanese lights and mediums had some float tank variants

  61. Amphibious landing when navy comes out?

  62. U have any idea when the update is coming phly?

  63. Phly nice points made and also really like the fact you did not instantly
    judge the game and said yourself that you have not played the PT-76 yet so
    can only specualte.
    Too many players instantly judge the game with the slightest change in it
    .Myself been playing for 2 years and always adopted a wait and see if its
    broken work around it till its fixed report it and still enjoying the game

  64. “its sloped a little bit” BOY ITS ALMOST FLAT , a 50 cal will never get
    trough that thing


  66. When they finally make the PT-76s amphibious the first thing you need to do
    is Swordfish vs PT-76s, where the PT-76s swim out into open water and the
    Swordfish have to torpedo them.

  67. Destroyer_of_all_worlds

    Hi Phly, I love your channel. You always make me smile. Greatest YouTuber

  68. phly lst is right lst 105 I think it was. was here in Pittsburgh PA

  69. Now Ivan will stalk you from the seas.
    One shooting ships like the Yamato.

  70. Hey phly, what do you think of gaijin adding an “addon” armro system? Like
    when you are in the garage there’s an option for the player to put on extra
    tracks, sand bags and such on the tank, the con is that it makes the tank
    slower but ofc gives it more protection

  71. To be fair to the .50 cal, it was designed as an anti-vehicle weapon, and
    12.7mm was the common size for WW2 anti-tank rifles. The ability of a .50
    cal to damage and knock out what is essentially a giant armored car just
    means that the .50 cal is working as it was intended to be.

    And to be fair it won’t be the first paper-armored tank in the game, just
    look at the 75mm M3 GMC. It can be killed with rifle caliber MGs from the
    front after all.

  72. You use google to translate mm to inch Iike 304mm=12inch and 20mm is crap

  73. it can be an all out war with ships

  74. Guijin will nerf the 50.cal so it will not be able to penn this thing!
    watch it will happen.

  75. Phly, do you know that Gaijin going to introduce to the game a Global Map
    “World War”? A map where by winning the battles one of the side will cap
    zones and get resources from it. What do you think about it? It’s for clan
    or regiments (don’t remeber how is it called) fights obviously.

  76. Now we just need the Stridsvagn 103 (The S-tank)

  77. Gaijin should really start fixing the major problems of the game before
    adding new things…

  78. Phly comrade, today is my birthday, can you shout to me?

  79. another tank which isnt needed

  80. Phily the pt76 is proof against 7.62 and small artillery fragments but is
    weak against 50cal and large artillery fragments.

  81. Internet numbers on armor can be misleading, the PT-76 front is at a very
    steep angle and the turret would be more than 20mm, turrets are generally
    thicker in there armor than chassis.
    The sides on the other hand… will be fun to .50 cal.

  82. looks pretty cool phly

  83. Well lower tanks have lower depressions, but cover is open to you that is
    not open to bigger tanks. On some maps this can be really helpful on some
    maps, on others not so much.

  84. War Thunder ships would be very nice, but there hasn’t been any talk about
    it :(

  85. The reason the amphib M4’s sunk was they were only rated for a certain
    level of waves and swell. On D-Day the swell coming in was much higher than
    they expected.

  86. yet again a russian tank … when will they ad a german post war tank ffs i
    mean rly .. the leo .. that all tht comes after ww2 …

  87. Phly, your favorite plane in game is screwed…

  88. the chase of this was used by the USSR for anti air and even had a tow
    missile so they could be set up the ground work of it.


  90. Bottomline, it’s not a tank, it’s an armored vehicle.

  91. actually Sherman DDs worked well, the Americans just failed at Utah beach
    and most of their DDs there sunk because they let them out way too far from
    the beach.

  92. OK amphibious vehicles in the future maybe. ….. PREPARE yourselves to
    encounter the japanese amphibious vehicles! Here would be another nice
    point why war thunder would add japanese tech tree to ground forces.

  93. what i am exided for (just speculition) is if there are like 5 friendly
    ships and enemy ships and there are like lets say 2 (oore moore tanks
    depends how mutch players in battle) and like a ship round penetrates and
    the ship is about to sink and you want to get out of the ship with your
    amfibies tank you get out and get to land start to land and keep going and
    if the ship round hits the tank area that it kane pen the tan ass well
    (wich poore jermany will have hard times with it) and if the round
    penetrates AND your tank that you shoud be able t get to spawn on land you

  94. Will they ever put in modern tanks? then this game will never die…

  95. Poor Armored Warfare everyone’s taking stuff from them, Wot is trying to
    take their Arty mechanics and WT is gonna start taking their tanks

  96. I hope this opens up a game mode where it is a island assault. 1 Team is in
    control of the island and has dug in positions and the other team is either
    in amphibious tanks or is being carried through to the beach by landing
    craft. The 2nd team has to try to take control of the island. That would be


  98. I also think they should add a system in the “Test Drive” Where you can
    spawn any tank in the game and put it up to the test with the tank you
    chose. I really enjoy the “Test Drive” as it is what i do when im relaxing
    and dont want to fight other players.

  99. germany needs the panzer kannone 90mm

  100. I can’t wait for the specialized German Schwimmwagen 128 with it’s deadly
    and powerful 2 cm flak.
    That’s 20 mm of pure German innovation coming at you. Fired from a modified
    Volkswagen Beetle. Everyone will fear the deadly devastation that this pure
    death machine will bring. Once you hear it’s powerful 4 cylinder boxer
    engine the Americans and Russians will shit bricks the size of a continent.

  101. Imagine when they add ships noobs taking out the PT and trying to knock out
    other ships in the water with that puny 76.


  103. Ace Michael Wittmann

    Germans actually worked on amphibious tank in 1940. They modified some Pz.
    IIs, Pz. IIIs and Pz. IVs for operation Sea Lion.

  104. Im exited for this tank because I am working on the american light tank
    line and the m22 is amazing (In my opinion) so now I need to work on the
    russian light tank line so I can get this and it wont be a premium so even

  105. please gajin add the canadian modified bren carriar whit a 50mm

  106. well 200 m of penetration wouldv been pretty op xD

  107. War thunder must be having a tough time with ships. Or they just dont care
    about losing players. We have enough tanks ffs we need ships!

  108. Gib schwimmpanzer 4

  109. consider this: it was brought about in 1951. It’s well within the cutoff
    date, its armour is paper and its gun is meh. It’ll be pretty well

  110. War Thunder was promising ships like in World of War ships…..ummm were
    are they…..

  111. Any idea when the mythical patch 1.53 will be coming out? I have been
    looking but have not seen anything promising

  112. What do you think about the crazy repair cost increase? What about the BR
    compression changes?

  113. “Though it has only light, bulletproof armor…”
    Translation: It has armor sufficient to bounce 12cm shells.

  114. bro saying 7.62 mean nothing thats just diameter i can name eleven 7.62s
    right now anyways by light armor i hope thats .50 bmg and below or in that
    range P.S. not trying to be an asshole srry

  115. i love how phly has yet to talk about the SHIT ASS balancing of every
    single plane 6.3 to top tier recently, yet he has ‘concerns’ about one
    fucking tank (granted it will still have problems but nowhere near as much
    as their have been since the jet commpression)

  116. I don’t even play this game anymore. Ima just unsubscribe :3

  117. I just checked the wt wiki and the is2’s he shell has about 40mm of
    penetration…..if a pt76 is hit by one of those its game over wherever its

  118. It’s going to be like the m22 locus

  119. to all of you saying they need to fix br and mm before ships arrive . A aah
    one thing 😀 ships will come in 1.5 years and more :D

  120. Maybe they could make japan called asia and at the beginning just japan and
    then maybe some vietnam shit?????

  121. The Pt-76 got a fire rate of 15 shots per minute…thats really fast

  122. Ok this is one of the reasons I left war thunder because it’s a f’ed up
    game and second because of the shit and overly hating community. Everyone
    is so fuken biased, anything Russian that comes out, everyone starts
    hating. Anything American and we algood. Amd after 2 years people still
    complaining of Russian bias. What do u want from the game? It’s not made by
    an American company which will make all ur shermans and p51 wet dreams come
    to life.
    Soz for essay but this shit has been going on for way to long

  123. Am Phly… mixed tank battle are a thing in WT… whene did america fought
    russia with geemany or whene did germany and russia fought america?!?!
    F**ing never, and this is a thin in every game!

  124. Can I just say its probably cooing to be like a hell cat it’s going to be
    absorbing shots just like the hell cat

  125. Phlydaily, will you be addressing the massive problems Gaijin caused with
    their latest patch? Maybe if you give your opinion Gaijin is more likely to
    fix this abomination.

  126. gaijin said .50 can pen the lower front within 50 meters and the side armor
    within 1k meters

  127. 25.2mm = 1 inch

  128. it would be SUCH bullshit if the barrel will be able to go through the fuel
    tanks beacoe the Tiger H1’s gas canisters on the corners blocks the barrel
    so the barrel has to go up to get past those canisters

  129. This tank blows… Paper armor and it doesn’t even have its amphibious edge
    yet. Why would you waste your time covering this piece of shit tank? It’s
    not going to do anything, but get clubbed.

  130. some1 please tell me or lie to me the t-72 was built after 1970s

  131. the Russian’s depression give me depression.

  132. I can see it now. A small naval force trying to protect a group of
    transport ships from a larger naval force and whatever tanks make it then
    become embroiled in a land battle

  133. WT should concentrate on implementing sea instead of yet another Russian

  134. lets be honest, stop making new tanks, planes etc… and make bomber and
    tank cockpits!!!

  135. Killerbill54 Roblox

    Next’s thing you know the BMP-1 and T-62 come out in war thunder:D

  136. 1 inch = 2,54cm = 25,4mm

  137. It will be able to penetrate 200 meters? goodness phly…

  138. they should add the Sheridan light tank it makes the cut off and is
    amphibious too

  139. >Plays WT 1.53
    >Map : Normandy
    >Plays as PT-76
    >Floats to England

    The end.

  140. Hey, it’s NOT a tank, it’s an armored personnel carrier. The Barrett M82
    with API penetrates this thing at will. That’s why the US fielded the
    Barrett, to kill these things, before they could let out the troops it was

  141. Cant wait for the next ten years when this game will be finished. (thats
    not really a bad thing)

  142. Honestly the US tank tree is kinda lacking in variety.

  143. They definitely need to seperate ww2 stuff from others. I don’t want to
    play against 50s stuff in my tiger 1. Even if it has shitty gun and paper
    thin armor. I started play warthunder because it was ww2 game. Okey if they
    want to add post war stuff. Its great. I will play that too. But it need to
    be seperated.

  144. The Shermans only sank for the Americans, who launched them too far out.
    One made it to the beach at Omaha. For the British and Canadians they just

  145. WoW O_O

  146. I saw the thumbnail and i freaked out, that thing looks like a BMD-4

  147. I honestly think this is gonna play like the pz3 L/ M with its fast firing
    gun and speed except the pz 3s gun is a bit sad with its pen where this has
    high pen 76.

  148. Great now on jungle I’ll get sniped from a Russian siting out in the ocean

  149. He ammo ho

  150. guys it can be killed it’s not invincible , don’t worry

  151. just watch a god dam t90 will be added

  152. soo It will be have at least 7,0 br right?

  153. Honestly if I was using this tank I wouldn’t even play the objective, Id
    just enjoy swimming around the entire time.

  154. So when are they going to add Japanese armored SUVs?

  155. Rubber ducky lake battles, sounds like fun.

  156. Isn’t the Pe-8 coming in 1.53?
    If it is Phly plz talk about it

  157. This could be quite cool, for example in sim you could go to the beach on
    jungle and hide behind the big landing craft then ambush players, Possibly.
    Although it does have a very very very weak gun

  158. You can tell this tank is not even supposed to fight other tanks because
    the typical load of ammunition it carries is (out of 36 shells total) x24
    HE, x4 APCR, x4 AP-T, and x8 HEAT. It carries more HE than it does
    anti-armor rounds combined, which means its an anti-infantry vehicle than

  159. This tank will be god awful. Weak ass armour sure the top is sloped as but
    the lower hull is a big juicy which any tank can get through. The gun is
    more for an infantry suport role and its ap potential is awful and same
    with the HEAT. Plus this tank never carried Sabot nor HEATFS well Soviets
    only got them rounds in 1967. Lets face facts here its going to be awful so
    thats why im not hyped, I’m more disappointed by Gaijin that they put
    pointless tanks in when they should focus on British tanks, you know the
    tanks people want.

  160. This thing is going to suck.

  161. DAM 200 METERS OF PEN lol

  162. lol, pens 200m of armor, lol

  163. imagine when the ships come out! I see amazing custom battles!

  164. armour that thin AP is gonna be useless against it HE only and most heavy
    tank drivers dont roll with HE loaded

  165. Even with its fancy post-war ammo the T-44 and IS-2 still have better
    penetration (why better if you count the round the IS-2 mod 1944 got)

  166. Perhaps rather than deploying tanks at will, player-controlled ships may be
    able to be used as a spawn point OR AI ships are spawn points and pose as
    objectives for both teams – if the ships are destroyed, then they couldn’t
    be used as spawn points. (Of course, you’d need to have secondary spawn
    points where land-based vehicles can spawn, as opposed to amphibious-only).

    Speculating of course, and not really thinking much will come of it, but
    the potential is cool.

  167. Do the t-35

  168. I believe this gun has literally next to no depression. Good luck with

  169. I guess “most successful” is a relative term….

  170. this tank will be a spawn camper!

  171. Haha the only reason i watch videos on Warthunder any more is to see how
    Gaijin continues to screw their game up xD it just reassures me that I made
    the right decision when i completely stopped playing it… 😉 However, in
    all fairness I might come back when they add the British tanks; but I’m not
    sure why because I’m about 90% sure I’ll be hugely disappointed lol

  172. All of these tanks were at least in a prototype stage. There’s a big
    difference between paper and prototype tanks. Prototype tanks did Infact
    exist and were built and paper tanks weren’t. Big difference there. Most of
    these are prototypes due to the lack f resources and due to the lack of

  173. Imagine the flanks you could do. such as on Jungle etc

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