WAR THUNDER 1.55 – DESERT MAP & BRITISH TANKS! – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: PhlyDaily

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WAR THUNDER 1.55 – DESERT MAP & BRITISH TANKS! – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay


  1. dani wao (daniwao707)


  2. second bro

  3. 4th :(


  5. how do you get skins 4 ps4

  6. oh my God phly this reminds me of cod 2 too. oh my God tell nostalgia

  7. 5th

  8. Dat map do

  9. now everyone is hyped for the desert map, I want to make an F2H-2 banshee
    Desert camo, because during the ww2 American victory, everytime something
    hit the F2H (like, german Me-262) they would be going so fast and land in
    Tunisia 5 seconds later.

  10. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    How I participate in DevServer ?

  11. so cool :D

  12. “It actually feels like your in a combat zone not white rock dick forest”

  13. i want to take a Stug, with desert camo, use the wreckage of a building as
    “camo” (the blocks are stuck on the tank, that way its harder to find it.
    and just wreck shit

  14. As always nice video phly, keep up with the good work man!

  15. how do you get in the dev server?

  16. +PhlyDaily such gun no pen stronk armor Kappa

  17. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    hell what are they waiting for GAJING ADD THE GERMAN ARMOURED CARS

  18. DAK corps unite!

  19. 14th

  20. Reminds you of Call of Duty 2? Me too aha. Matmata, Toujane and El Alamein
    are the maps that come to mind for me, all so good too!

  21. devserver is the dark place only special ppl can go, the devserver is a
    place where ppl go to sealclubb the shit out of small t1 tonks

  22. Lol, so that was the tretarch bug, funny.

  23. TheBlackdragonnight

    Phly you can test drive them even if there not unlocked…

  24. That desert map gave me Blitzkrieg flashbacks. It’s been 12 years since
    release, damn!

  25. Yup, crusader all day. Gonna relive my COD 2 days.

  26. Imagine flying with two bf 109/g2 trop in formation close above the ground,
    the dust behind them flying around on that desert map… That would be my
    wallpaper :D

  27. I can’t wait to see the bigger tanks!! I do want you to briefly go over the
    normal Firefly, I want to see the differences from normal and premium.

  28. There is it , the 1.55 dev sever video <3

  29. How do we join this server

  30. I still wasnt able to update it how you updated it???

  31. I hope the two pounder bouncing almost every shot is just a dev server bug
    as that was really poor.

  32. Are the dev servers still on?

  33. can you play those tanks right now?

  34. It look like wot map and that tank is a prem ussr tank on wot?

  35. how you open the binoculars!!!?

  36. I think the A13 looks a fair bit like a BT5 or 7. Similar chassis

  37. Next thing after ships they need to add are armoured trains!

  38. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!

  39. How do i get on the dev server? :(

  40. Hmm, maybe now we need Italian tanks in the German tree to complete the
    North Africa feel.

  41. I’m so Jalous that you are such a geek when it comes to war thunder, steel
    ocean, armored warfare you know fucking everything, all the planes tanks,
    all their guns, cal., she’ll types weakness of everything!:)

  42. HYPE!

  43. How i can get on the devserver?

  44. Oh i see Custom Battle British T-1 AA truck vs 4M Gaz

  45. try the PT-76 with Amphibious

  46. hi +PhlyDaily I really love ur videos so much I do love ur Combo videos
    hehe thx for trying the J-29 barrel it’s a proud plane from Sweden keep
    doing videos and just omg man keep doing ur work man I really love your
    videos hehe

  47. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT

    Phly please play Crusader and MK IV hurricane when the Tonks are released

  48. Can you show the British camo if possible?

  49. phly i just watched some of your old funny videos before i sleep but now i
    cant sleep

  50. Any idea when the patch is coming out?


  52. El Alamein is just beautyful!
    I hope they will add Rome in the future.

  53. mos eisley map

  54. ther a map just like this in world of tanks


    I’m a former alpha tester and even I find this shit fucking annoying.

  56. “its not as big a I thought it was”
    thats what she said

  57. to bad they nerfed the leopard 1’s acceleration to the point a tiger II is

  58. 6:36 well that guy was using another tetrarch, dev version and that version
    has 250mm armor all around.

  59. phly how can i get access to the dev server of war thunder plz respond thnx
    you awesome

  60. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar


  61. yes, this game need new maps!

  62. CoD 2 flashbacks!!!!!

  63. when are gonna see the new planes/jets [mig 17] ?

  64. How is 15mm stopping 40mm! wtf war thunder!

  65. i wonder if the HEATFS can pen the tetrach. Hmmmmmmm….

  66. Come on, a few pops and fizzles maybe but hitting .50cal ammo is going to
    do pretty much nothing. Unless the tank is on fire for a while, then it
    would start spitting.

  67. Phly can you show off the Air versions of the Desert Maps once the Dev
    server is up the next time?

  68. !!!!!!!! Dessert!!!!!!


  70. so when is this update coming out?

  71. I love this update tested last night can’t wait to get my home country
    ground forces added! +1 :)

  72. a russian guy in the comment of the second battle said the pt 76 floats now
    phly look a bit in the wat caht as well

  73. a russian guy in the comment of the second battle said the pt 76 floats now
    phly look a bit in the wat caht as well

  74. You can actually drive through all of the buildings on that map with the
    heavier tanks.

  75. Sir Stefan Channel!

    They’re probably less responsive because you’re yet to have any crew points
    for them :)

  76. #Love British tanks

  77. So hyped for the desert map. I hope they release it soon™ enough.

  78. Try the PT-76. It can swim now :)

  79. The pt 76 floats already

  80. how do you get into the dev server?

  81. 6:18 let the hacking begin!!!!!!!

  82. Hey Phly, don’t you have your Press Account anymore?

  83. Biljana Marjanovich

    looks like sniper elite 3

  84. Play zhuckovsky m62 chaika

  85. The intro got me a flashback to COD2

  86. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT


  87. Anything about the E100 ?

  88. japonese tanks?

  89. phly click TEST drive and then select
    the model from current to reference and u will be able to test drive a max
    upgraded vehicle

  90. 200.000 guys 200.000

  91. Would be sick to see the bf1942 intro recreated in WT

  92. I dont think they changed the driving. Your driver must be low skilled lol

  93. Dat map tho…..

  94. Yeah I’m only gonna be playing British tanks on realistic, go face to face
    with a Tiger in my Churchill and knock out its gun… Been waiting for a
    desert map for ages

  95. Stauros Koukouvelas

    your intro song what name it have please tell me i love it

  96. how do you get dev server!!!!!!

  97. Tatooine anyone?

  98. stattrak mk1. factory new

  99. Now we can have Japenese tanks


  101. Tetrarch= baby tank

  102. El Alamein looks like similar in FH2.

  103. So… DO NOT play the crusader in AB. You will have a bad time….

  104. What happened to his main account?

  105. Aww, i wanted to know what happened to jimmy and if he one that duel or


  107. Lol that was the buggiest shit I’ve ever seen

  108. You mention CSGO alot. You have another channel you post other games on?

  109. I got raining jungle map today.. it was too hard to spot or even get
    targeting right..

  110. Please play Wirraway(the most beutiful plane in game and Cruiser Mk I

  111. allready a new patch -_-

  112. phly since I know you own a cessna citation X will you fly up to Boston and
    take me for a ride?

  113. war thunder war thunder good

  114. Desert map is gonna be so awesome. There should be a custom battle panzer 3
    L vs M3 Lee

  115. You pronounce the tetrach as like: Tedridge

  116. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)


  117. hardcoreminecrafter9


  118. When does the full version relase?

  119. I have a good nickname for the Tetrarch, Teddy, just because I’m tired and
    I find it easier to say Teddy than Tetrarch :D

  120. Can’t wait for the Crusader models. I think that they are one of the
    sexiest British tanks. Ps when does 1.55 come out???

  121. Phly got turned on by the desert map

  122. I wish they would add Japanese tanks also the fact that the tetrarch is
    bouncing 2pdr shells when it only has.. 16mm? of armor is most definantly a
    glitch which hopefully will be taken care of

  123. 10:36 someone said that PT-76 now floats. Can you confirm Phleh?

  124. Now i can finally use the German sand camouflage effectively

  125. Bf3 thunder run singleplayer mission

    sorry had to

  126. I hope we get Japanese tanks after this, and soon as well…

  127. when phly cant grind tier 1 tanks.

  128. Pierre Claussnitzer

    why did phly loose his press account? for testing and showing purposes it
    was ideal

  129. reminds me of the first battlefield game

  130. wonder what happens if u shoot the car in the wheels:p detrack? or can u
    continue driving drifting style:D

  131. phly the environment is completely destructible

  132. Anybody know the song?

  133. ethan “BIOHAZZARD” gray

    hey i challenge baron to a dual with the p-36c hawk…..wanna join?

  134. was that dev

  135. Reminds me of Battlefield 1942. the good ol’tank maps of that game

  136. “Baker One Ready, Fox One Ready, Zebra One Ready”, Good old times……

  137. Can we see the German Churchill?

  138. “White Rock Dick Fortress”
    My sides got fucking destroyed

  139. Oh look, I guess the default german camo will actually have its use now

  140. can you please show the Stirling in battle?

  141. Muhammad Ridho Waradana

    how to use the scope mode?

  142. Someone with nice modding knowledge should create a custom user mission to
    recreate “The Crusader Charge” and/or “The 88 Ridge” from CoD2 in War
    I’d never get enough of it.

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