War Thunder 1.55 – Royal Armour

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

British tanks in War Thunder? Tally ho! Pip pip! Jolly good show, old bean, etc, etc….

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If you have a War Thunder or of Warships replay just send the file the same address.

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  1. Am I first?

  2. Alright two videos in one day!!!

  3. Awe I wanted to be first comment

  4. Great video Jingles, looking forward to the Cromwell!

  5. And I am also watching this instead of studying for finals

  6. Cool Jingles before school

  7. Christmas came early this year :)

  8. Say what you like about War Thunder, but the models are pretty damn nice.
    Now, if only my computer could run the game (or any game) at anything
    higher than low graphic settings.

  9. Oh god, it’s that bloody simulator game with tanks and planes.


  10. Wow I don’t think I’ve ever been this early

  11. so early…..

  12. Does jingles like warthunder or WOT more?

  13. Jingles its fucking half 6.

  14. 381 views? NICE!

  15. Jingles, do you prefer the M3 Grant or the M4 Sherman?

  16. Jayce Castial Lauper

    Is that 2 jingles videos in a day? Also war thunder!
    Who are you and what have you done with jingles

  17. 40mm Bofors <3

  18. Is the into new?

  19. Jingles please I need to sleep

  20. Merycristmas
    kljojnihbouhbuihvhigvyguftuyftfydtrydrtrstresarewaerwxrtecftvhjhb jkh

  21. not that bloody tank, plane and boat game again

  22. bendsomemetal is back not irish anymore

    Jingles are you Christian?


  24. just in case you didn’t know Jingles the updates have odd numbers because
    the ones like 1.54 are dev servers and stuff so the official live ones are
    every alternate one

  25. Love your videos Jingles keep up the great work my friend

  26. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    So Jingles, what happened to editing out your new account name?

  27. I like that in the comments for when they asked us what we wanted for War
    Thunder, and I was one of the first to ask for a desert style map, and they

  28. Jingles is certainly one of the most active youtubers , he didnt even sleep

  29. new desert map looks fantastic

  30. Zacarias Recabarren

    Is the bloody plane (?) game again

  31. That bloody plane game again….

    seriously though, Jingles. I need to sleep

  32. Gaijin doesn’t add even patches, only odd, like 1.53 and 1.55, that’s why
    they didn’t add 1.54

    and btw, Jingles, how excited are you for Star Wars 7??

  33. Don’t play War Thunder but appreciated the great history lecture on the
    British tanks in North Africa. Reminds me of the content you get on the
    “Forgotten Weapons” channel here. Great look at old guns but also great
    explanations of the history of the guns, their manufacture and their place
    in the history of war over the last 150 years. Great stuff

  34. Now the only thing needed are Japanese tanks! And of course fixing all of
    the other problems wrong with WT…

  35. British tanks for the win

  36. Hey Jingles, would you consider playing this brilliant game called
    Battlestations Pacific for an episode? I think it would be a cool one off
    episode, and it’s a WW2 Naval and Aerial warfare game.

  37. I’m just fine with the nice 120mm gun on the Conqueror ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  38. OMG yes!! Finally a new version of my fav plane. Ju 88 forever <3

  39. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawx Omega)

    I have a question for the guys and gals:
    Do you want a late Cold War/ Vietnam era game with the War Thunder style?

  40. lol new name jingles?

  41. nowt wrong with abit of casual racism is there jingles

  42. Sigh. Damn it Jingles! I need to get some sleep for a flight in the
    morning! Y U DO DIS?!?

  43. 15:54 I wouldnt complain if WoT added that HEAT eating armor.

  44. 150th like?

    Hi jingles….

  45. Damn it, Jingles, I’m working early on an exam and after watching your IS-3
    auto video I see you now have another one up. What am I going to do with

  46. I can never get over that intro. “Requesting artillery barrage! My

    Im thinking what did you do to get yourself into that situation….

  47. Isaac Rivas (Der Schlächter 1994)

    that german Churchill is a great tank to fight the T-34’s

  48. Secret soviet documents at it’s finest. Eh Jingles?

  49. Jingles wtf? How did you forget the MOST Important thing added to
    Warthunder. The PT-76 is now working as a Amphibious tank and FLOATS!

  50. So I’m probably wrong about this, but I remember reading a while back
    somewhere that the M103’s 120mm M58 gun was an American-built licensed copy
    of the British 120mm L1 gun, is that true?

  51. But no TOG? for shame …

  52. Great start to a great morning :)

  53. I played War Thunder awhile back. It was alright, but my compy at the time
    couldn’t really handle it very well, and I was already loyal to World of
    Tanks. Now that I have a badass compy though, and my love for WoT has
    rather cooled (you can only grind at Tier III & IV for so long before you
    get bored) & its free on Steam, I might be inclined to give War Thunder
    another shot.

    I will admit though, I have 2 concerns about War Thunder:
    1. No artillery. What can I say? I like my Hand of God big guns.
    2. Having tanks be defeated by killing crew rather than killing the tank. I
    know it’s more realistic & all, but I can already foresee myself getting
    pissed off to no end by having a perfectly functional tank that was taken
    out by a lucky shot to the viewport or what have you. I know WoT’s health
    bar system is unrealistic as fuck, but for gameplay purposes it feels more
    satisfying than having your tank “destroyed” because you ran into a wall
    too hard & knocked your crew out (and I have seen WT vids of that very
    thing happening).

    Also, those physics… I think someone has watched Girls und Panzer one too
    many times & thought TANK DRIFTING was an awesome idea. Next thing you
    know, you’ll be telling me you can take out a Maus by parking another tank
    on top of it to stop the turret from turning… Please say you can kill a
    Maus by parking another tank on top of it to stop the turret turning; I
    don’t care what the rivet counters say, that scene was badass.

  54. Hey Jingles for your war stories series may I suggest Oberst Hans von Luck.
    There are a ton of epic stories he tells in his book. Highly recommend it
    for anyone like you with a passion for WW2 history. And he wasn’t a Nazi!

  55. Jingles. WoT Blitz is getting alive now at windows 10, which mean PC
    players could play it. What do you think about that? And would you make
    video about Blitz in the future?

  56. RamJamFurburger… Really?

  57. Man, haven’t caught a jingles video this soon in a long time….. :P


  59. I started today by watching the newest jingles video, I ended today by
    watching…another newest jingles video??? What dark day has befallen us?
    Has the salt mines run a muck? Nooooooo! Loved the new video!

  60. Jingles you forgot to mention the AC IV Thunderbolt (Sentinel) Tank. You
    know the tier 3 Australian Premium tank with a 17 Pounder Gun.

  61. Hype for Japanese tanks!!!

  62. oh no jingles they forgot the tog

  63. PsychoticAztecs "The BadAss"

    Is it still worth playing WT?

  64. Silly Jingles, the Japanese get four new aircraft, not three. 😉
    Ki-44-II hei
    Ki-44-II otsu (Premium)
    Ki-61-I tei

  65. i saw a sentinel in gaijins video… Sooo 1.56??

  66. Jingles, I would just be happy the 17 lb. sabot round is unrealistically
    accurate in War Thunder.

  67. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    The Crusader in WoT is one of the most OP Tier 5’s in existence. That
    little light tank, doesn’t get scout MM but gets all the light tank
    advantages and has a RoF of every 1.65 seconds! I love it! It’s got a
    special place in my heart and in Panzer Corps, I actually was still using
    them when Tigers showed up, quickly had to upgrade.

  68. weapon problem happened in the past before
    panzerwerfer used to have mg3 instead of mg42 or things like that.
    but this got fixed very quickly so shouldn’t be big problem.

  69. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Teamwork = OP

  70. Curses Jingles!
    I was just about to sleep!

  71. Thanks Jingles for the effort of putting out a second video today. I was
    also having fun today in the British tanks.

  72. Just makes me sad only the first row of tanks is available right now

  73. I’m having a hell of a time balancing the real world with video game time
    this month!

    Fallout 4, 7 Days to Die Alpha 13.3 and now a whole new tech tree in WT to
    work down? Ah well…can’t quit my job…wife still needs attention…meh,
    who needs sleep.

  74. Jingles it’s 11:00 wtf I need to get sleep finals uuuughh fuck it its

  75. when they gonna add the T29,T30,T34, etc?

  76. finally. FINALLY. Jangles WT video!

    I thought i might die first before you make a WT video again

  77. jingles, why are you even up at this time lol

  78. you didnt cover the fact that the pt 76 (i think) can now float

  79. jingles the even numbers are for internal testing at gajin. 1.53 is the
    release version. 1.54 is the internal test server for gajin. 1.55 is the
    release version and then 1.56 is another internal Dev server etc.

  80. Morning Jingles! Hope all is well. Glad I have tomorrow off for it is 1 AM
    here in the central States… I gotta get meh Jingles fix!

  81. umm, big thing, crusaders werent issued HE, the british had it, but they
    never issued it

  82. So, RamjamFurburger.
    I shall look for you, Jingles.
    And protect you. u_u

  83. Samuel “Ignatius” Chong

    I thought I heard somewhere (The Chieftain when he went to do the tour on a
    Matilda) and read somewhere (Tanks: 100 years of evolution) that the
    British 2pdr gun wasn’t as great as the German tank guns of the time. The
    AP shell was a solid shot, meaning that if the shell did penetrate the
    vehicle, it wasn’t going to do much damage because it was a solid shot.

    or am I mistaken?

  84. Are those Gaijin fuckers ever going to add the T29?

  85. jingles, i think it better than quite good. Poland map the opposite side
    from the town. Held the entire flank by myself in my crusader against
    bt-7’s and some early pz IV’s total tanks numbered 6. i killed all. my team
    did just mop the town within 5 mins, so it could just be a bad team. but i
    enjoyed it much. for the brit tanks i recommend engaging side on.the amour
    is no protection so it does not really matter. shots through the front will
    kill all crew every time. so if side on they are a bit more spread out.
    most enemies go for ur turret to stop u firing, but the driver is far
    enough away to escape injury and u can then pull back. ur just less likely
    to be 1 shot.

  86. ramjam furburger? what? explain

  87. 2 videos in one day? Jingles you are spoiling us to much. this is the third
    time you have done this In two months. STOP IT!! next thing you know l,
    people will be asking for breaks down here. now then back to
    work….”damned salt gets harder the more you hit it…”

  88. Jingles, “even” patch numbers are dev patches. Every patch available to the
    public has been “odd” number.

  89. Chieftain mark 3 is comfirmed to come in later.

  90. Dear jingles, I’m sorry for your treatment lately I might give you some
    shit games and shit teams sometimes but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

  91. PT76 MEOW FLOATS :3

  92. You’re lucky you didn’t run into any T17E2’s; the twin .50 cal Browning
    machine guns on those things can murder practically any other tier 1
    vehicle they come across, be it on the ground or in the air. Also, I’m
    thinking the Tetrarch might be War Thunder’s answer to the Pz.II Luchs in
    World of Tanks; thing looks like a wind-up toy tank. Two other additional
    things of note with v1.55; aircraft can now perform emergency water
    landings, and the PT-76 can now actually live up to its name.

  93. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Bundeswehr

    Jingles, when do you think more German warships will be added to the German
    Navy tech tree in World of Warships? Maybe even “paper designed
    Kriegsmarine aircraft carriers?

    ….even though that has nothing to do with WarThunder, but oh well.

  94. Russian bias Jingles, nough said

  95. Final minutes of WoT prem time or an unexpected Jingles-video? Easy choice!


    Thx for the upload!

  96. Gaijin screwing up? Nah, thats impossible. The mighty russians are never
    wrong, everyone else is!

  97. Yeah! War Thunder again :D

  98. Dennis “GoldenObject” Henriksson

    wait wuuttt
    11.7 million lionpoints o.o need O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_OO__OOO_O

  99. Jingles I am surprised you didnt make mention that they made the PT-76 able
    to float now since you made a whole stink about it when it first came out

  100. Oh, did they add the German KV-2 in yet?

  101. I was wondering why the stat card said that the Conqueror’s gun could pen
    361mm. Gaijin, you so silly.

  102. Anybody else waiting for the Tog II?

  103. But no TOG2

  104. ABS Defence Systems

    Some nice news for you Jingles: If you head over to the War Thunder website
    and check out the British tech tree, you’ll see that the Chieftain is
    indeed to be added in a upcoming patch.
    Unless of course Gaijin decides to pull a Wargaming on us :D.

    On a separate note, I’ve got a question for you. Do you have relatives that
    you keep in touch and meet up with? I thought I’d ask you due to it being
    the Christmas season, when people tend to celebrate with their families,
    and because I don’t recall you mentioning relations before.
    If I’m delving into a realm that I perhaps should not be, please let me

    That aside, I hope you and Rita have a fantastic day, hopefully with a nice
    dosage of sunlight in the near future :).

    Merry Christmas!


  105. The Knight of Rosen

    They better add the Tog II

  106. Crusaders turrets sloped sides arent spaced. They were angled to keep the
    weight down while maintaining the required effective thickness

  107. jingles i sent u an epic arty clutch replay in wot for good bad ugly hope u
    see it, its a good.

  108. Ugh you still have to research spare parts and the fire extinguisher? Jeez.

  109. Patryk Rozwora (TotallyNotDinky)

    War Thunder has its first amphibious tank with this patch, the russian one
    (forgot its name) floats now!

  110. my only problem with 1.55 is the fact gajin is teasing me……. showing me
    the entire tech tree so far…. but only letting me play the first line of
    tier 1…. without paying them money for the CBT……….. and now i sit
    in my garage in WT waiting……. waiting to grind out to the
    centurion…….. sigh dam you gajin dam you…….. back to waiting…….

  111. Well Actually Jingles, We are getting the Chieftain in 1.57…. **Chuck
    chuck** Jingles? Jingles I said Chieftain!… **BOOM**

  112. If they don’t put in the TOG II I swear

  113. Anyone want to see the TOG II in War Thunder?

  114. jingles I JUST watched your IS3A video and now you release this?! You
    glorious bastard….

  115. 1. Epic intro clip with dramatic music

    2. End Intro Clip

    3.. Queue Jingles’ soothing voice.

    Gets me every time.

  116. Axel Kusanagi (AXELXu7)

    Damnit, I want to play war thunder, but I can’t afford a ps4 yet.

  117. To clarify about your comment on “1.54”, iirc the system Gaijin’s been
    using is that even-numbered patches are for the PS4 version, but it’s still
    the same thing just with a different number.

    Overall, I give the patch a 7/10. Why no higher? The answer’s simple, and
    I’m sure Jingles would agree: it needs more TOG.

  118. C’mon Jingles 152mm’s is 6 inches not 7 you have talked enough about the
    ISU-152’s BL10 152mm gun to know that :)And if the Conqueror’s turret
    armour is supposed to be 10 inches that’s 254mm and is a huge nerf.

  119. Can't think Of A Name

    Yeah suck on that we dutch people have a crusader! …. Wait.. what..

  120. The first reserve tank has an error as well, the turret and front hull are
    listed as 28mm, but they are only 14mm thick in the armour viewer. anyone
    else wanna confirm this?

  121. Jingles, Patch 1.54 is what gaijin use as a dev version on their servers so
    when they go live they call go to the next patch e.g. even ending numbers =
    devs patch, odd ending numbers are live servers :)


    Or, i’m guessing you changed it before you posted? Because that could work.

  123. Haven’t seen one of these for a while

  124. Have you ever been to Overloon?

  125. Your historical talks are more interesting than this particular tank game.
    I really could watch a blank video of you talking through historical
    improvements and battles of this era.

  126. On a completely unrelated topic Jingles…
    Have you ever been to the Museum 40-45 in Arnhem?
    You get a tourguide there , and i honestly don’t know if he is still
    alive… but unlike most tourguides who will just blah blah about an mp 40
    thats in the glass box there….

    He will say, Thats My mp 40 i used it in 1943 on a raid in Deventer, cause
    this tourguide is a Resistance Veteran 😀

    He was awesome.


  128. dragonkingofthestars

    The British should have a mark IV heavy tank at teir one in warthunder,
    they have the multi gun support, so it is possible for us to play this game
    1917 style!

  129. cod2 map :)

  130. Yay more war thunder JINGLES!!!

  131. Bang goes my early start for work!

  132. Up all night making this Jingles? :D

  133. People keep complaining about stuff above the Tier 1’s being incorrect,
    probably because those are the only ones that have been tested and were
    intended for the masses to use. Everything else is technically still in
    development (ergo the CBT disclaimer that gaijin put up) so stuff is
    obviously going to be wrong because they didn’t intend for substantial
    amounts of people to grind too far into the tree.

    Also the Chieftan Mk.3 is probably next major patch, by which point few
    people will have the Conq anyway since the entire tree won’t be available
    unless people complete Gaijin’s ’12 Star Challenge’ or pay (via the Brit
    Premium tanks, Black Prince etc) to unlock the entire thing, and that’ll
    take until the 30th of December anyway because of how it’s set up (5
    victories every day and you get a ‘Star’, only works once a day so it’ll
    take a while, play T-34’s in RB for ease of victories).

  134. Fix those mistakes and add more British vehicles!

  135. Jingles you’re drunk go home

  136. war thunder nameing updates is like british nameing spitfire s

  137. jingles name: RamjamFunburger

  138. that’s quite an interesting name you’ve got there jingles

  139. jingles is still mad at me that one time i said “actually jingles the t34
    is crap” lol

  140. Capt “War Beaver” Canada

    I’m still waiting for my Super Pershing…

  141. jingles starts to bitch about german tanks? do you even know the struggle
    to drive german tanks.. how fun do you think it is to only face tanks
    designed to kill Your precious tiger from 2 miles away? of all countries
    you should bitch about russians cuz those guys are fucking OP.. and last
    thing about new update, its a good update but RUSSIANS IN THE DESERT?!?!?!
    “warthunder is ment to be one of the more realistc ww2 games on the market”
    -Gajin N/A *Puts russians in desert and give s russian tanks and planes
    premium stalin rng “REALISTIC?!”

  142. jingles, pls dont drink and drive(crusader)

  143. The T17E2 AAA is clubbing the reserves with its 28mm penetration .50 cals.
    Hold the trigger for half a second and they die. Aircraft kills are just a

  144. So nothing about the PT-76 finally getting it’s amphibious capabilities? I
    mean it’s the first War Thunder Naval unit right?

  145. L11 gun on the Wrong tank,why?

  146. awesome. even more GBs to download on my poor DSL line ?

  147. Where’s the TOG? XD

  148. But no TOG :(

  149. Jingles, once you get the Tortoise, do you think you’ll be able to convince
    Rita to give it a try, even though she’s not really a fan of War Thunder?

  150. the only reason I play these types of games is because I have an interest
    in this era of warfare. with that in mind in glad to see jingles continues
    to make videos that have as much historical information as this one does.
    keep it up bro, your doing better than any of my history teachers did

  151. Play Sim Battles Jingles, that are 1000 times more fun.

  152. Hey fellas im low tier and i started the game a while ago. So i hv some
    questions cn any of u answer me? I dnt understand why does it tale so long
    to unlock tanks, for now im only doing german tree cause it rly takes quite
    a long time and the only tanks i unlocked (that arent the starters) r the
    pz III E the pz 38t and the flakpanzer, so i dnt get why does it take such
    a long time researching cause i rarely do bad battles and in most i only
    die once or dnt die and get 4 kills before diyn for the first time. My
    other question is how cn i get better in air battles? Most of the times i
    die cause one of my wings gets destroyed. Why does my tank crew dies so
    easily when i crash? Once my pz. II C destroyed a kind of pillar one of the
    guys died and later i kinda drifted and bumped into a tree or a house and
    my entire crew died. And my last question is why do i not get the reqards
    right? Before yesterday i got the first day reward and yesterady i also did
    get tje first day reward. Someone pls answer =D great vid btw :)

  153. Mig 17 really? Good more target practice for the Hunter. (I’m not
    discounting the kill rate of the Mig 17s during the Vietnam War)

  154. The Bofors is a Norwegian designe from Kongsberg Weponsfactory. Not
    sweadish, Jingles you heathen.

  155. is it me or is the crusader fireing twice in the replay?

  156. the chieftain mk 3 is confirmed jingles just look at the tech tree on the

  157. WT is broken. Played beta of air forces, and that is the time I enjoyed the
    most. It’s weird when beta is better than final product… I left it for

  158. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  159. Im just annoyed they’ve stuck all the tanks past reserve behind a paywall
    or 60 wins

  160. please play steelbeast on Esim games.

  161. Yay, i live like 40km from the Tank Museum where the Crusader Mk 3 AA is,
    in France ! :D

  162. Lars Anton Grønningsæter

    Getting seasick

  163. Jingles i just uninstalled this for you after 700+ Hours and then just got
    my IS in World of tanks.. Now you being this to me :(,,,, Makes me cri

  164. jingles i dont want to be all like correcting you and all that but this is
    a beta build all these problems can still be polished out

  165. According to one of Gaijin’s planned tech tree pictures, they are planning
    to add the Chieftain Mk V Jingles!! :D

  166. nice intro jingles

  167. Why are they called pouder gun

  168. Jingles , PLEASE start playing again !!! War thunder has been improved a
    lot !!!

  169. Russia gets a new jet and the US gets a fucking biplane…Stalinist Gaijin

  170. Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System (GLaDOS)

    No Jingles, you see, YOU are wronk.
    IS3 tenk, so superior that it can reliably kill M1A1 Abrams from 6
    kilometres away and could bounce 18.1 inch Yamato round from rear armour.
    That is why Gaijin give you Challenger 1 gun instead of Conqueror gun.
    Better chance.

  171. 152 mm isn’t even 7 inches, it’s only 6 =(

  172. Only issue with this patch is we have to wait anywhere up to a month for
    the full British armor tech tree to be released to us people who aren’t
    stupid enough to put money into Gaijins hands, sure I like collecting
    premium tanks and aircraft from time to time when I have the money left
    over at the end of the week but I ain’t forking out money to gain access to
    something thats clearly finished that they’ve decided to put behind a pay
    wall for a week or more bloody greedy companies !

  173. Damian “Samson” Borson

    Gayjin more greedy than Wargayming confirmed.

  174. Oh. My. God.

    The Brits are coming…

    Okay, that sounded better in my head.

  175. I wish Gaijin had modeled their Africa maps realistically. There were no
    sand dunes or cliffs around El Alamein, it was a nearly totally flat rocky
    desert. Even the train station was in the middle of nowhere. Same deal with
    Tunisia, that place was very flat and open.

  176. Oh well isn’t that great…
    Another fucking premium Russian tank! T-44-122!
    It has the 122mm gun on the IS-3! Yipee!! Looks like another pay to win. :D

  177. Jingles could you show us the sources for the 250mm conqueror armour? It
    would be nice to bug report. Just to say the mantlet is 250mm thick so that
    could be what the sources refer to.

  178. Never ever in my life I am playing War Thunder till it’s fucking fixed
    I used to be a 3 year veteran who was the best in German luftwaffe till
    they fucking added the tanks,the ps4s,the new developers and fucked the old
    ones and RUSSIAN FUCKING BS.

    The game can go in the salt mines and stay there for eternity

  179. 9:27 the mighty RamjamFurburger
    I thought you wanted to keep that hidden jingles. Don’t worry i won’t tell


    I love War Thunder.

  181. I was hoping that the Matilda 2 would be better but they put it so high
    that the armor is shit………GODDAMN IT GAIJIN!!!

  182. …jingles whats up you just don’t seem into it anymore

  183. I have been waiting for the Matilda since I started playing…

  184. there will be chieftain mk. 3 in the game…..they will add it later

  185. Now that’s a intro I’ve not seen in a long time. A long time.

  186. The British made the cylinders for the engine of the crusader out of
    separate bits of aluminium, so when the tank went too fast over rough
    ground, the engine literally fell to pieces. Classic British engineering!

  187. I almost skipped this video because the thumbnail looked like it was just
    another video from Warthunders Youtube channel.

  188. Jingles pls talk about polish mine detector used in Africa

  189. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Jingles, all the even numbered patches are for test versions of the server.
    1.55’s beta version is 1.54, 1.53’s beta version was 1.52, and so on.

  190. Question Jingles… why didn’t you hide your screen name? I thought that
    was why you quit playing because people hunted you.

  191. where’s the tog!?!?

  192. They probably made those mistakes (as shown in the end of video) for the
    purpose of balance.

  193. Mighty jingles if the have the cheiftain then add the Abrams then add the
    leopard2 not fair

  194. Thank you Jingles for been you, I hope for all of us gaijin is watching
    this video. :D

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