WAR THUNDER 1.57 FALCON SPAA – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War 1.57 – Falcon Tier 5 SPAA, Twin 30mm
War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – British SPAA ACE Tanker!

Thanks for watching!


  1. First in whoo hoo

  2. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    well im just the third
    God damn

  3. got here

  4. The click bait is real

  5. The Falcon looks cool, though it was made in the 70s. As long as it’s not
    another ZSU-57-2 I think it’s a good addition. What other SPAA should be
    added to the game?

  6. Am I right baron hype train???

  7. Who things the Do 335 will be good, and who thinks it will be crap?

  8. Russia will rise agen

  9. hey Baron

  10. Never this early lol!

  11. Think the do335 will be a boom and zoom bomber killer

  12. more vehicle yeahhhhhh

    but are they fixing op british tanks or will be the same shit still wait
    for a good fix on the game

  13. Gaijin GIB FlakPz Gepard!

  14. the FV4004 is coming

  15. Maus+Maus=Mäuse

  16. ehh that clickbait tho. baron don’t put the name of a tank in the title and
    then put ‘gameplay’ after it when it’s not even the tank you’re playing

  17. Akaliptos O Megalos

    When I saw it on steam I knew that you will do a video about it

  18. That’s 10 rounds per second…Wow…

  19. baron can you do a tank and plane thing with phly and others

  20. and do live stream with it

  21. zsu-23-4 pls gaijin lol

  22. cant wait for the leopard AA

  23. plural of maus in german is mäuse greetings from germany

  24. Lol 69th like

  25. @BaronVonGamez In german its “eine Maus” and “viele Mäuse” [MOICE]. Have
    fun trying it out ;)

  26. I hope they add some spgs like in world of tanks. It would be cool to have
    a friend rush in and a few spgs on standby and launch a giant barrage.

  27. The last part on the bridge made my day. Thanks for the vids man

  28. Long live the queen

  29. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    its Mauses :DDD

  30. Play next the su 100y with the TB 3 box power!!!

  31. Will we get the Scimitar/Scorpion light tank for Great Britain?

  32. Gaijin should fix the br, mm, unbalanced planes… And then add new
    vehicles, not the other way

  33. Titán Bravo (Wartitan)

    I want the fucking Tachikawa Ki-94!!!!!!

  34. 40mm penetration against 30 degree sloped armour at 1000m

  35. the skink isnt a sherman, its a canadian built ram tank. probably a premium
    tank at some point

  36. Just was in a 3,7 br match with my 4,7 churchill lol

  37. i See it coming a leopard chassi flakpanzer gepard

  38. -What “self-propelled” means? I know that this type of wespons don’t use
    normal ammo,can someone explain? :<

  39. I think the reload on most SPAA/auto cannons in game is to fast, that is
    part of why they are so damn good. Add a longer reload and they are kinda

  40. The Exploding Mushrooms !?


  41. #doomArmy

  42. crusader mk 2 AA!

  43. Baron irs 1 Maus 2 Mäuse :D

  44. well what will interest me is its speed since it has some resemblance from
    the FV101 Scorpion

  45. skink would be amazing

  46. nice undercarrage

  47. the crusader is my favourite

  48. lots of russian heavys were put into the trash beacuse of the size of there

  49. Black black bla

  50. Maximum derp AA possible: T249 Vigilante. 37mm gatling gun from 60′. Pure
    America. I wish they make it.

  51. can you do a video on the crusader aa mk1 and the crusader aa mk2?

  52. maus and more mäuse :D

  53. I heard the F 22 raptor is making an edition to American jets

  54. Dear Baron!
    Will you play the Blackwake or the Napoleonic wars with?

  55. And greetings from Slovakia, you are awesome!!!

  56. Are u fucking kidding me, the Russians get a new op tank and we get this
    piece of shit

  57. Booper dooper !!!!

  58. Nice clickb8 m8 8/8 did not apprici8

  59. OH FOR FUCK SAKE… MORE BRITISH SPAA??… they are already op as fuck

  60. T-34-88, single captured T-34-85 with a Tiger 1 88mm instaled. German
    premium anybody? (It’s not the open topped photoshopped one, it’s in the
    85mm mount fyi*)

  61. they should add spg’s bcuz the maps are large enough, they could have it
    set to have like one or two on each team

  62. Baron are you doing any more forest

  63. Play the ZSU-57, baron. Kill only tanks. Get 5+ kills in a match. How about
    taking this as a challenge?

  64. After patch, i want to see a new custom. Falcon vs Pe-8 ?

  65. LOVE SPAA rigs, you can drive a heavy tank player INSANE running rings
    around them………………….

  66. +BaronVonGomez the plural of Maus is Mäuse in german, hope this helps 🙂
    pay particular attention to the äu sound!

  67. plz m18 hell cat

  68. Phly, what can we do to stop the russian opness?

    I literally got sniped from over 1500m ysterday in my MAUS by a T54-47.

    Other than that, I think the Do-335 will be nice.

  69. Anyone Song please?

  70. flakpanzer

  71. It is possible to kill a tank with torpedo in war thunder?

  72. I just wanna know when the french duck tanks are coming.

  73. Plural of Maus= Mäuse /ˈmɔʏ̯zə/

    Have fun learning!

  74. I love my M19.

  75. Who would think the sturer emil would be cool? Possibly best gun depression
    in WT.

  76. i just got a SPAA buner

  77. i mean the falcon will be in war thunder.

  78. The Raging Stallion

    Braron, what is your favorite nation

  79. Four twenties blazing away? You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

  80. can u only reload ammo at cap points? can u do it in spawn?

  81. richie thach (TitanicMan2)


  82. Can you fly out the ki 102 otsu

  83. Baron the ZHU-57 was a Light Tank destroyer designed to support airborne
    troops. It was later scrapped at the idea and changed to SPAA. So don’t be
    surprised when its decent at both.

    “BRTISH SPAA ACE tanker!”
    “HE’S HOT THO”
    “NO HOMO”

  85. noobinator Simelane

    @BaronVonGamez the plural of maus is like moist but the t is silent. what
    my teacher taught me

  86. the Plural of Maus in german is “Mäuse” put it in Google Translator and you
    can get a taste of it :D

  87. 1300rpm!!!!! thats a 30mm ppsh

  88. Gaijin, please add a Russian MS-1 light tank or a German Fokker triplane!

  89. They should put in Sd.Kfz. 7/1

  90. dont worry we Germasn always find a way LOL

  91. Combined arms, tiger 1 and fw 200

  92. cool video bro! how’s your finger? :-/

  93. Ok i want my gepard now, seriously lol

  94. I want to see them put heavy flak cannons in the game

  95. Plea add ZSU23-4 to op

  96. How long till we get the chieftain do you reckon?

  97. just because it came up briefly in the video:

    plural of “Maus” would be “Mäuse” spoken “moiza”
    (at least according to a random site this spelling is supposed to make
    sense for an english speaker)

    and “Leopard” and “Tiger” in the tank case are german words and should be
    pronounced german. (even though for some reason absolutly no one seems to
    also the plural of “Leopard” is “Leoparden” while “Tiger” stays the same.

  98. Enjoy it, meanwhile I’ll be in my Shilka.

  99. I think the plural of maus is pronounced like “moy ze”

  100. Yay, more Britain OP SPAA incoming… Fuck you Gaijin..

  101. WHAT SONG IS THAT 4.20

  102. the plural of Maus would be Mäuse in german… uhm but how to pronounce it
    . Try Moiseh and it should sound original :D

  103. I think the spaa Have the Same chasis as the Abbot Artillerie

  104. SPGs are in game already

  105. Gentleman's Gaming. A proper channel

    +BaronVonGamez what screen recorder do you use?

  106. Please don’t include arty in this game, isn’t it enough that it is
    “balanced” in WoT? I don’t see any big guns blueprints arty in WT, cuz arty
    wasn’t made to kill tanks.

  107. Play Tiger II (H) in arcade plz.

  108. Do335 will be shit, since it’s climbrate doesnt match game meta.
    Falcon will be pretty okay, but who really cares about SPAA besides
    russians and germans?

  109. war thunder needs the panzer sfl 88mm flak AA. it was a high altitude plane
    killer and in wot its a tank destroyer which can raise its gun 90 degreese
    up…i think it would be excellent in wt

  110. British tanks are lack luster and expensive, they have very little armour
    with only fairly good guns guns, unlike the Germans and Russians who tend
    to get the best of both worlds and the Americans who get amazing late game
    tanks. Brits are very disappointing atm.

  111. For artillery aim from WoT, in war thunder. Sorry no one do that and more
    no too. It should play same as TD but high angle of fire for long range. I
    test on ISU-152 and drop point go out from GF map. I play as plane and
    check it range more than 10+Km. We should have arty tank if we play in
    plane map.

  112. It’s actually built on a Scorpion hull. Hopefully Gaijin doesn’t nerf the
    speed and keep it fast like it was.

  113. where is my lvt1 I want USA amphibious tanks :I

  114. If we have self propelled artilery WT will be realistic WOT

  115. My Question : What you guys think Gaijin is gonna do for April Fool’s Day
    this year?

  116. whats the second song in the backround baron

  117. The plerrel for maus is mause.

  118. the plural of maus is mäuse

  119. SPGs should work like this….
    you can direct line of sight fire with the cannon so if someone gets lucky
    or ballsey you dont have to go though a bunch of stuff to defend yourself ,
    but for long distance you pull up a targeting map like you do normally for
    artillery, and then you can fire the rounds yourself instead of waiting.
    this way it’s not like WOT where you have a satellite in the sky aiming for
    you , so you have to wait for enemies to fire or be spotted on the map
    before you can fire. on top of that they can add a “suggestion” marker for
    any SPGs to fire at those corrdinates, adding something that could be a
    good spotter mechanic for lighter faster tanks that get miss matched in

  120. +BaronVonGamez (
    http://static.warthunder.com/upload/image/TREES/ARM/ger_tank_tree_eng.jpg )
    take a look at the tank destroyers and you can see a tank destroyer named
    the “Elefant”. i think this would be awesome to have.

  121. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    I still don’t think indirect fire SPGs would work on most maps for range
    reasons, unless they are self-propelled mortars, and/or have a few maps
    that traditional non-mortar SPGs can use
    And I must not be a noob seeing on how I complain alot while playing the

  122. Maeuse (because my keyboard has not Umlaut A) is plural in German.

  123. When are ships coming?

  124. 420 BLAZE IT!!

  125. The use of AA in an AT role annoys me. Most of them forget to protect the
    skies because they’re a bit OP with those massive ROFs.

  126. Jan “Treax” Weber

    Could u drive out the maus ,pls? Gute Deutsche Schwere Panzerschweine

  127. here to help you out. mice=mäuse its pronounced as moise. more or less :)

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